List of members of the Chamber of Representatives of Belgium, 2007–10

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This is a list of members of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives during the 52nd legislature (2007–2010).

Election results (10 June 2007)[edit]

e • d Summary of the 10 June 2007 Belgian Chamber of Representatives election results
← 200320072010 →
Party Main ideology Leader(s) Votes  % +/– E.c. % Seats +/–
Christian Democratic & Flemish (CD&V) + New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) Christian democracy Johan Vandeurzen 1,234,950 18.51 * 2.20 Increase 29.6 30 * 8 Increase
Reformist Movement (MR) Liberalism Didier Reynders 835,073 12.52 1.12 Increase 31.2 23 1 Decrease
Flemish Interest (VB) Nationalism Frank Vanhecke 799,844 11.99 0.40 Increase 19 17 1 Decrease
Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (OPEN VLD) Liberalism Bart Somers 789,455 11.83 3.53 Decrease 18.8 18 7 Decrease
Socialist Party (PS) Social democracy Elio Di Rupo 724,787 10.86 2.16 Decrease 29.5 20 5 Decrease
Socialist Party – Differently (SP.A) + Spirit (SPIRIT) Social democracy Johan Vande Lanotte 684,390 10.26 4.65 Decrease 16.3 14 9 Decrease
Humanist Democratic Centre (CDH) Christian democracy Joëlle Milquet 404,077 6.06 0.59 Increase 15.8 10 2 Increase
Ecolo Green politics 340,378 5.10 2.04 Increase 12.8 8 4 Increase
List Dedecker (LDD) Libertarianism Jean-Marie Dedecker 268,648 4.03 4.03 Increase 6.5 5 5 Increase
Green! (GROEN!) Green politics Vera Dua 265,828 3.98 1.51 Increase 6.3 4 4 Increase
National Front (FN) Nationalism Patrick Cocriamont 131,385 1.97 0.01 Decrease 5.6 1 0 Steady
Others (parties that received less than 1% of the national vote) 192,555 2.89 0
Valid votes 6,671,360 94.87
Blank and invalid votes 360,717 5.13
Totals 7,032,077 100.00 150
Electorate and voter turnout 7,720,796 91.08
Source: Federal Portal − Chamber Elections 2007.

Notes: E.c. = electoral college (Dutch- and French-speaking) / * The 2003 data are resp. CD&V and N-VA instead of CD&V/N-VA alliance.


Presidents and Vice-Presidents[edit]

Office Representative Party/Fraction Office entered Office left
President Patrick Dewael Open VLD 31 December 2008 13 June 2010
First Vice-President Olivier Chastel MR
Second Vice-President Colette Burgeon PS
Vice-President Herman De Croo Open VLD
Vice-President Filip De Man VB
Vice-President Bart De Wever CD&VN-VA


Representative Party/Fraction
Corinne De Permentier MR
Dirk Van der Maelen SP.ASpirit
Maggie De Block Open VLD
Tinne Van der Straeten Ecolo-Groen!

College of Quaestors[edit]

Quaestor Party/Fraction
Claude Eerdekens PS
Luc Goutry CD&VN-VA
Olivier Maingain MR
Rik Daems Open VLD
Stefaan De Clerck CD&V/N-VA
Guy D'haeseleer VB


Representative Party/Fraction Constituency Language group
Meyrem Almaci Ecolo-Groen! Antwerp Dutch
Gerolf Annemans Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch
Josy Arens CDH Luxembourg French
Yolande Avontroodt Open VLD Antwerp Dutch
Daniel Bacquelaine MR Liège French
Sonja Becq CD&V/N-VA Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch
François Bellot MR Namur French
Hendrik Bogaert CD&V/N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Hans Bonte SP.A-Spirit Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch
Juliette Boulet Ecolo-Groen! Hainaut French
Christian Brotcorne CDH Hainaut French
Koen Bultinck Vlaams Belang West Flanders Dutch
Colette Burgeon PS Hainaut French
Olivier Chastel MR Hainaut French
David Clarinval MR Namur French
Bernard Clerfayt MR Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Patrick Cocriamont FN Hainaut French
Guy Coëme PS Liège French
Alexandra Colen Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch
Philippe Collard MR Luxembourg French
Jean Cornil PS Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Jean-Luc Crucke MR Hainaut French
Rik Daems Open VLD Leuven Dutch
Maggie De Block Open VLD Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch
Rita De Bont Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch
Valérie De Bue MR Walloon Brabant French
Stefaan De Clerck CD&V/N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Mathias De Clercq Open VLD East Flanders Dutch
Herman De Croo Open VLD East Flanders Dutch
Jean-Marie Dedecker LDD West Flanders Dutch
François-Xavier de Donnea MR Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Jean-Marc Delizée PS Namur French
Katia della Faille-de Limburg Stirum Open VLD Leuven Dutch
Martine De Maght LDD East Flanders Dutch
Filip De Man Vlaams Belang Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch
Guido De Padt Open VLD East Flanders Dutch
Corinne De Permentier MR Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Jenne De Potter CD&V/N-VA East Flanders Dutch
Els De Rammelaere CD&V/N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Mia De Schamphelaere CD&V/N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Roel Deseyn CD&V/N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Maya Detiège SP.A-Spirit Antwerp Dutch
Carl Devlies CD&V/N-VA Leuven Dutch
Wouter De Vriendt Ecolo-Groen! West Flanders Dutch
Bart De Wever CD&V/N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Guy D'haeseleer Vlaams Belang East Flanders Dutch
Leen Dierick CD&V/N-VA East Flanders Dutch
Camille Dieu PS Hainaut French
Elio Di Rupo PS Hainaut French
Michel Doomst CD&V/N-VA Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch
Dalila Douifi SP.A-Spirit West Flanders Dutch
Daniel Ducarme MR Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Denis Ducarme MR Hainaut French
Claude Eerdekens PS Namur French
André Flahaut PS Walloon Brabant French
Jean-Jacques Flahaux MR Hainaut French
André Frédéric PS Liège French
Jacqueline Galant MR Hainaut French
David Geerts SP.A-Spirit Antwerp Dutch
Zoé Genot Ecolo-Groen! Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Joseph George CDH Liège French
Muriel Gerkens Ecolo-Groen! Liège French
Thierry Giet PS Liège French
Georges Gilkinet Ecolo-Groen! Namur French
Luc Goutry CD&V/N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Hagen Goyvaerts Vlaams Belang Leuven Dutch
Olivier Hamal MR Liège French
Philippe Henry Ecolo-Groen! Liège French
Kattrin Jadin MR Liège French
Jan Jambon CD&V/N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Pierre-Yves Jeholet MR Liège French
Gerald Kindermans CD&V/N-VA Limburg Dutch
Meryame Kitir SP.A-Spirit Limburg Dutch
Bart Laeremans Vlaams Belang Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch
Sabien Lahaye-Battheu Open VLD West Flanders Dutch
Fouad Lahssaini Ecolo-Groen! Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Karine Lalieux PS Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Marie-Claire Lambert PS Liège French
Renaat Landuyt SP.A-Spirit West Flanders Dutch
David Lavaux CDH Hainaut French
Carine Lecomte MR Luxembourg French
Josée Lejeune MR Liège French
Peter Logghe Vlaams Belang West Flanders Dutch
Peter Luykx CD&V/N-VA Limburg Dutch
Olivier Maingain MR Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Marie-Christine Marghem MR Hainaut French
Alain Mathot PS Liège French
Yvan Mayeur PS Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Joëlle Milquet CDH Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Patrick Moriau PS Hainaut French
Jan Mortelmans Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch
Linda Musin PS Liège French
Nathalie Muylle CD&V/N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Jean-Marc Nollet Ecolo-Groen! Hainaut French
Clothilde Nyssens CDH Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Jacques Otlet MR Walloon Brabant French
Sophie Pécriaux PS Hainaut French
Katrien Partyka CD&V/N-VA Leuven Dutch
Barbara Pas Vlaams Belang East Flanders Dutch
Jan Peeters SP.A-Spirit Antwerp Dutch
André Perpète PS Luxembourg French
Maxime Prévot CDH Namur French
Florence Reuter MR Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde French
Véronique Salvi CDH Hainaut French
Willem-Frederik Schiltz Open VLD Antwerp Dutch
Bert Schoofs Vlaams Belang Limburg Dutch
Katrien Schryvers CD&V/N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Luc Sevenhans Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch
Sarah Smeyers CD&V/N-VA East Flanders Dutch
Thérèse Snoy et d'Oppuers Ecolo-Groen! Walloon Brabant French
Bart Somers Open VLD Antwerp Dutch
Bruno Steegen Open VLD Limburg Dutch
Bruno Stevenheydens Vlaams Belang East Flanders Dutch
Raf Terwingen CD&V/N-VA Limburg Dutch
Eric Thiébaut PS Hainaut French
Bruno Tobback SP.A-Spirit Leuven Dutch
Bart Tommelein Open VLD West Flanders Dutch
Bruno Tuybens SP.A-Spirit East Flanders Dutch
Ilse Uyttersprot CD&V/N-VA East Flanders Dutch
Bruno Valkeniers Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch
Luc Van Biesen Open VLD Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch
Christine Van Broeckhoven SP.A-Spirit Antwerp Dutch
Ludo Van Campenhout Open VLD Antwerp Dutch
Carina Van Cauter Open VLD East Flanders Dutch
Lieve Van Daele CD&V/N-VA East Flanders Dutch
Robert Van de Velde LDD Antwerp Dutch
Jef Van den Bergh CD&V/N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Freya Van den Bossche SP.A-Spirit East Flanders Dutch
Francis Van den Eynde Vlaams Belang East Flanders Dutch
Ludwig Vandenhove SP.A-Spirit Limburg Dutch
Liesbeth Van der Auwera CD&V/N-VA Limburg Dutch
Dirk Van der Maelen SP.A-Spirit East Flanders Dutch
Tinne Van der Straeten Ecolo-Groen! Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch
Bruno Van Grootenbrulle PS Hainaut French
Stefaan Van Hecke Ecolo-Groen! East Flanders Dutch
Flor Van Noppen CD&V/N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Vincent Van Quickenborne Open VLD West Flanders Dutch
Herman Van Rompuy CD&V/N-VA Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde Dutch
Peter Vanvelthoven SP.A-Spirit Limburg Dutch
Hilde Vautmans Open VLD Limburg Dutch
Stefaan Vercamer CD&V/N-VA East Flanders Dutch
Mark Verhaegen CD&V/N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Servais Verherstraeten CD&V/N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Geert Versnick Open VLD East Flanders Dutch
Dirk Vijnck LDD Leuven Dutch
Linda Vissers Vlaams Belang Limburg Dutch
Melchior Wathelet CDH Liège French
Ulla Werbrouck LDD West Flanders Dutch
Brigitte Wiaux CDH Walloon Brabant French
Hilâl Yalçin CD&V/N-VA Limburg Dutch

By electoral district[edit]

Dutch- and French-speaking electorate[edit]

Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde (22)[edit]

Representative Party
Sonja Becq CD&V/N-VA
Hans Bonte SP.A/Spirit
Bernard Clerfayt MR
Jean Cornil PS
Maggie De Block Open VLD
François-Xavier de Donnea MR
Filip De Man VB
Corinne De Permentier MR
Michel Doomst CD&V/N-VA
Daniel Ducarme MR
Zoé Genot Ecolo
Bart Laeremans VB
Fouad Lahssaini Ecolo
Karine Lalieux PS
Olivier Maingain MR
Yvan Mayeur PS
Joëlle Milquet cdH
Nyssens, ClothildeClothilde Nyssens cdH
Reuter, FlorenceFlorence Reuter MR
Van Biesen, LucLuc Van Biesen Open VLD
Van der Straeten, TinneTinne Van der Straeten Groen!
Weyts, BenBen Weyts Van Rompuy CD&V/N-VA

By party[edit]