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Since the inauguration of Nobel Prize in 1901, till 2019 only three Bengali persons and one Bengali origin person -- four in all, have won this award. The first Bengali to be awarded the Nobel Prize in 1913, was Rabindranath Tagore (born in British India, now India), in literature. Later in 1998, Amartya Sen (born in British India, now India) in Economics, in 2006 Muhammad Yunus (born in British India, now Bangladesh) in Peace, and in 2019 Abhijit Banerjee (born in India to Marathi mother - Nirmala Patankar and Bengali father - Dipak Banerjee), won this award in Economics.

Year Picture Name Country The reason for the award is
1913 Rabindranath Tagore in 1909.jpg Rabindranath Tagore Flag of Imperial India.svg
British India
For his extremely sensitive, refined, and well-written line of poetry, through which he has been able to express his poetic thinking in his own English words, which has become a part of Western literature.
1998 Amartya Sen 20071128 cologne.jpg Amartya Sen Flag of India.svg
For fundamental contribution to the welfare economy
2006 Grameen Yunus Dec 04.jpg Muhammad Yunus Flag of Bangladesh.svg

Muhammad Yunus and his founding Grameen Bank jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for the contribution of the concept of the Microcredit concept.
2019 Abhijit Banerjee FT Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award 2011 (cropped) Abhijit Banerjee

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Flag of the United States.svg

(Born in Mumbai brought up in Kolkata)

Awarded for his outstanding work to eradicate poverty in the field of Economics