List of Beovoz stations

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Underground station Vukov spomenik
Underground station Vukov spomenik
Underground station Karađorđev park
Station Beograd-Centar

There are six lines in Belgrade Beovoz City Railway System:

  1. Stara Pazova-Batajnica-Beograd Centar-Pančevo Vojlovica
  2. Ripanj-Resnik-Rakovica-Pančevo Vojlovica
  3. Stara Pazova-Batajnica-Beograd Centar-Rakovica-Resnik-Ripanj
  4. Zemun-Beograd Centar-Rakovica-Valjevo
  5. Nova Pazova-Batajnica-Beograd Centar-Rakovica-Resnik-Mladenovac
  6. Stara Pazova-Batajnica-Beograd Centar-Rakovica-Mala Krsna

List of stations (Note that two lines can have same stations in some parts):

Line 1:

Line 2:

Line 3:

Line 4 (Zemun branch):

Line 4 (Pančevo branch):

Line 5:

Line 6:

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