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This is a list of famous Berber people.

In ancient times[edit]


Kings of Numidia[edit]

Kings of Mauretania[edit]

Roman Emperors and Generals[edit]


  • Terence (Berber: Tirines), (Publius Terentius Afer), Roman writer
  • Apuleius (Berber: Afulay), Roman writer ("half-Numidian, half-Gaetulian")
  • Priscian, Latin grammarian of the 5th Century, born in modern Algeria



In medieval times[edit]

In modern times[edit]


Figures of the Algerian resistance and revolution[edit]




  • Mohammad Albansir'Damseri' Singer, Composer & Poet
  • Ammouri Mbarek Singer and Songwriter (Considered to be the John Lennon/Beatles of the Berber World, singing since the early 1960s and now), from Morocco
  • Fatima Tabaamrant – singer, songwriter from Morocco
  • Lhaj Belaid – singer, songwriter, poet from Morocco
  • Hamed Amentague singer, Poet from Morocco
  • Usman (Ousmane) – Music Band 1960s and 1970s (They are considered to be like the Beatles in the Berber World. Ammouri Mbarek, Said Bijaaden, Tarik El-maarufi, Belaid el-Akkaf, Lyazid Qorfi, Said Butrufin) from Morocco
  • Omar Boutmazought - singer
  • Ali Chouhad – Singer, songwriter, Writer from Morocco
  • Najat Aatabou – singer from Morocco
  • Fatima Tachtoukt – singer from Morocco
  • Fatima Tihihit singer from Morocco
  • Hindi Zahra singer from Morocco
  • Yuba – singer from Morocco
  • Cherifa – singer from Morocco
  • Mohamed Rouicha – singer from Morocco
  • Saïda Titrit – singer from Morocco
  • Cheikh Zaid Oubjna – Singer, poet from Morocco
  • Khalid Izri – Singer from Rif
  • Izenzaren Chamkh Band from Morocco
  • Oudaden Band from Morocco
  • Tislatin Onzar singer from Morocco
  • Med Demsiri Singer from Morocco
  • Rkya Talbensirt Singer from Morocco
  • Youness Kazti
  • Omar Ait Ulahyan
  • Amaray
  • El Houcine El Baz
  • Omar Wahrouch
  • Mohamed Demciri
  • Houicne AlMarrakchi
  • Elarbi Ihihi
  • Hadj Aarab Atiqui
  • Khalid Ayour
  • Al Assala
  • Hadat Ouaaki
  • Miouda
  • Houssa Mansouri
  • El Haddioui
  • Abouzane Lahcen
  • Ahouzer
  • Ochtaine Lahcen
  • Izenzarn Band
  • Archach Band
  • Laryach Band
  • Oudaden Band
  • Iaacheken Band
  • Inzaf L`Familia
  • Zack Raghibou


  • El Hadj M'Hamed El Anka, He was born on May 20, 1907, under the name Aît Ouarab Mohamed Idir Halo, on 4 Rue Tombouctou in the Casbah of Algiers. ( died November 23, 1978, in Algiers) also known as Hadj Muhammed Al Anka, was considered The Grand Master of Andalusian classical music and creator of Algerian chaâbi music. His family was originally from Béni Djennad (Tizi Ouzou Province); his father was Mohamed Ben HadJ Saîd, and his mother was Fatma Bent Boudjemaâ.

The popular music he promoted from 1946 became "chaâbi". In 1955 he began teaching chaâbi as a professor at the municipal Academy of Algiers. His first pupils all became sheiks in their turn, including Amar Lâachab, Hassen Said, and Rachid Souki. In total, El Hadj El Anka wrote nearly 360 songs ( qaca' id ) and produced approximately 130 records. Notable works included "Lahmam lirabitou", "ltif Sebhan ellah ya" and "Win saâdi win". He died on November 23, 1978, in Algiers, and was buried in the cemetery of El-Kettar.




Famous people who were either Berber or Punic[edit]

French people who have some Berber ancestors[edit]

Nearly all North Africans – and many Andalusi Moors – fall and fell into this category, but do not in general identify themselves as Berber. For lists of them, look under the respective countries.