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The following is a list of chapters and colonies of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. As of August 2016, the organization lists 137 active groups, of which 27 are colonies, and 96 are chapters in good standing.[1] Additionally, many chapters have become dormant since the fraternity was founded in 1839.

Active Chapters[edit]

University Chapter Year founded (year granted charter and years of activity)
Miami University Alpha 1839-1998,[2] 1999–2014,[3] recolonized 2016[4]
University of Cincinnati Beta Nu 1840
Case Western Reserve University Lambda Kappa-Beta 1841 (Gamma chapter at Western Reserve founded 1841;[5] Expelled 1868;[6] Reestablished 1880-81 as Beta chapter;[5] Lambda Kappa chapter at Case Institute of Applied Science founded in 1905; The schools merged in 1967 and the separate chapters merged in 1979)[5]
Ohio University Beta Kappa 1841 (recolonized 2012; rechartered 2015)[7]
Washington & Jefferson College Gamma 1842
DePauw University Delta 1845
University of Michigan Lambda 1845 (recolonized 2010)
Indiana University Pi 1845 (revoked 2001; recolonized 2003)
Wabash College Tau 1846
Centre College Epsilon 1848 (revoked 2006; recolonized 2011; rechartered 2014)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eta 1852
Knox College Xi 1855
University of Virginia Omicron 1855 (rechartered 2010)
Washington and Lee University Alpha Rho 1856-1861, 1865-1898, 1917–2004 (recolonized 2007)
University of South Carolina Upsilon 1858 (revoked 1861, 2000; recolonized 1991, 2010; rechartered 2012)
Bethany College Psi 1860 (recolonized 2009)
University of Iowa Alpha Beta 1866 (revoked 2002; recolonized 2005)
Wittenberg University Alpha Gamma 1867
Westminster College Alpha Delta 1868
Denison University Alpha Eta 1868 (revoked 2001; recolonized 2004; rechartered 2008)
Washington University in St. Louis Alpha Iota 1869-1879, 1901-1992, 1997 to present
University of Kansas Alpha Nu 1873
Northwestern University Rho 1873
University of Wisconsin–Madison Alpha Pi 1873
The College of William & Mary Zeta Upsilon 1876 (recolonized 2001[8])
Johns Hopkins University Alpha Chi 1877
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Alpha Phi 1877-1880, 1972-2002 (recolonized 2003)
Cornell University Beta Delta 1879
Kenyon College Beta Alpha 1879
University of Maine Beta Eta 1879
University of Mississippi Beta Beta 1879
Stevens Institute of Technology Sigma 1879
St. Lawrence University Beta Zeta 1879 (suspended 2005; recolonized 2009)
Colgate University Beta Theta 1880
University of Pennsylvania Phi 1880
Columbia University Alpha Alpha 1881 (closed due to behavioral problems 2000, reopened 2003)[9]
Ohio State University Theta Delta Colony 1885 (recolonized 2014)
The University of Texas at Austin Beta Omicron Colony 1886–2009; recolonized Fall 2015
University of Nebraska–Lincoln Alpha Tau 1888
University of Minnesota Beta Pi 1889
University of Denver Alpha Zeta 1889 (revoked 2007; recolonized 2011, rechartered 2014)
University of Missouri Zeta Phi 1890 joined Beta Theta Pi, founded independently in 1870
University of Washington Beta Omega 1901
University of Illinois Sigma Rho 1902 (revoked 2009; recolonized 2013; rechartered 2016[10])
Purdue University Beta Mu 1903–2012 (revoked 2012; recolonized 2014)
Iowa State University Tau Sigma 1905 (recolonized 2006; rechartered 2012)
University of Toronto Theta Zeta 1906
University of Oklahoma Gamma Phi 1907
Colorado School of Mines Beta Phi 1908
University of South Dakota Gamma Alpha 1912
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Beta Upsilon 1913 (disbanded 2011; recolonized 2012)[11][12]
University of Utah Gamma Beta 1913 (revoked 2010; recolonized 2011)
University of Idaho Gamma Gamma 1914
Kansas State University Gamma Epsilon 1914
Georgia Tech Gamma Eta 1916
Whitman College Gamma Zeta 1916
Washington State University Gamma Theta 1919
University of North Dakota Gamma Kappa 1922
Oklahoma State University Gamma Lambda 1923
University of California, Los Angeles Gamma Nu 1926
University of Florida Gamma Xi 1930
University of British Columbia Gamma Omicron 1936
Lawrence University Gamma Pi 1936
Duke University Gamma Rho 1939
University of Southern California Gamma Tau 1947
Emory University Gamma Upsilon 1948 (recolonized 2017)
Michigan State University Gamma Psi 1950 (revoked 2007; recolonized 2011)
Southern Methodist University Gamma Omega 1951 (closed 2005; recolonized 2009; rechartered 2011)
Wichita State University Delta Gamma 1959
University of Arizona Delta Beta 1959-1970 (recolonized 1986)(rechartered 1988)
University of Puget Sound Delta Epsilon 1962[13] (colonized 1961[14])
University of Alabama Delta Theta 1964
Auburn University Delta Zeta 1964
Kettering University Delta Eta 1964
The University of Tennessee Delta Kappa 1967
Florida State University Delta Lambda Colony 1969-1984; 1986-1999; 2013 – present // Closed in January 1984 due to organizational issues; recolonized Summer 1986. Closed in January 1999 due to inactivity/inability to recruit. Recolonized in Fall 2013.
Clemson University Delta Nu 1970
Texas Tech University Delta Mu 1970 (recolonized 2015)
University of Louisville Delta Pi 1971
The University of Texas at Arlington Delta Rho 1971
Eastern Kentucky University Delta Xi 1971 (recolonized 2006; rechartered 2010)
University of California, Irvine Delta Sigma 1975
Baylor University Delta Psi 1980 (recolonized 2012; rechartered 2016[10])
University of Maryland Delta Omega 1982 (recolonized 2008; rechartered 2012)
East Carolina University Epsilon Alpha 1983 (recolonized 2004; rechartered 2005)
Central Michigan University Epsilon Gamma 1985
California Polytechnic State University Epsilon Delta 1986
University of Georgia Epsilon Epsilon 1986
Texas A&M University Epsilon Eta 1987
University of Missouri–Kansas City Epsilon Lambda 1989
George Mason University Epsilon Mu 1989 (disbanded 1998;[15][16] recolonized 2016[17])
University of Kentucky Epsilon Omicron 1990 (recolonized 2010; rechartered 2013)
Carleton University Epsilon Upsilon 1991
Eastern Washington University Epsilon Omega 1993
University of California, San Diego Zeta Gamma 1995 (revoked 1999; recolonized 2013; rechartered 2016[10])
San Jose State University Zeta Eta 1995
Truman State University Zeta Xi 1995
Villanova University Zeta Epsilon 1995
University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh Zeta Zeta 1995
George Washington University Zeta Nu 1997
Nova Southeastern University Zeta Mu 1997
Southern Illinois University Zeta Omicron 1998
Furman University Zeta Lambda 1998 (closed 2006; recolonized 2008; rechartered 2013)[18]
University of Connecticut Zeta Chi 1999
Saint Louis University Zeta Tau 1999
University of Central Florida Zeta Psi 2000
Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi Zeta Rho 2001
Florida International University Eta Gamma 2010
University of Miami Eta Beta 2006
John Carroll University Eta Epsilon 2007
Loyola Marymount University Eta Alpha 2007
University of San Diego Zeta Omega 2007
University of Dayton Eta Delta 2009
Northeastern University Eta Zeta 2009 (chartered 2013)
Texas Christian University Eta Eta 2011 (chartered 2014)
Chapman University Eta Theta 2011
University of Arkansas Eta Mu 2012 (chartered 2015)
Creighton University Eta Iota 2012
University of the Pacific Eta Kappa 2012
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Colony 2012
High Point University Eta Xi 2012 (chartered 2016[10])
Quinnipiac University Colony 2012
Drexel University Eta Omicron 2013 (chartered 2016[10])
University of Pittsburgh Eta Nu 2013 (chartered 2015)
College of Charleston Eta Lambda 2014
American University Eta Pi 2014 (chartered 2016[10])
North Carolina State University Eta Rho 2014 (chartered 2016[10])
University of California: Davis Colony 2014
Louisiana State University Colony 2015
Elon University Colony 2016
Rockhurst University Colony 2016
University of Rochester Colony 2016
The College of New Jersey Colony 2016


University Chapter Years in existence Reason for inactivity
Transylvania University Epsilon Prime 1842–1847 Unknown
Harvard University Eta Prime 1843–1844, 1880-1901 "1900-1901...returned its charter, the chapter being degenerated into a local."[6]
Princeton University Theta Epsilon[19] 1843-1845,[20] 1875-1879 (underground)[6] Reason for closure unknown.
Williams College Zeta Prime 1847-1851, 1914-1963[6] "...Brown and Williams chapters deserted Beta to join Alpha Delta Phi" in 1851.[6] In 1966, "(T)he Williams charter was returned, due to the imposition of conflicting membership rules at the school."[6] Dates conflict within the source.
Brown University Kappa 1848–1851,[6] 1880-1973[6] "...Brown and Williams chapters deserted Beta to join Alpha Delta Phi" in 1851.[6]
Hampden-Sydney College Zeta 1850–Unknown, 2005–2012 Unknown
Ohio Wesleyan University Theta 1853–2000 Chapter suspended
Hanover College Iota 1853, recolonized 2011 Closed 2014 due to low membership numbers. All members put on Alumni Status
Cumberland College Mu 1854-1872 (inactive during Civil War), 1880-1888[6] "...Cumberland surrendered its charter."[6]
Davidson College Phi Alpha 1858–1971 Charter revoked due to change in university administration policy of self-selection[21]
Beloit College Chi 1860–1988 Unknown
United States Naval Academy Omega Prime 1863–1865 Disestablished; active during Civil War when USNA temporarily relocated to Newport, RI[22][23]
Monmouth College Alpha Alpha Prime 1865–1877/78 Chapter surrendered "...its charter rather than reveal its existence as a sub rosa chapter."[6]
Iowa Wesleyan University Alpha Epsilon 1868–1915[24] "...because of discontent within the institution."[6]
Virginia Military Institute Alpha Theta 1869–1880[6] Unknown
University of Chicago Lambda Rho 1869–unknown Unknown
University of Richmond Alpha Kappa 1871–1896[6] Unknown
The College of Wooster Alpha Lambda 1872–1913 Inactive due to a ban by the Board of Trustees in 1913.
Howard College Alpha Mu 1872–1881 Went underground in 1877, reason for closure unknown[6]
Randolph–Macon College Alpha Xi 1873–1893 Unknown
Trinity University (Texas) Alpha Omicron 1873–1881[6] Charter revoked
Dickinson College Alpha Sigma 1874–2000 Low numbers, lack of alumni support[25][26]
Butler University Alpha Psi 1878–1881 Charter revoked
University of California, Berkeley Omega 1879-2013; 2016 Omega colony closed because "...the colony has displayed a lack of self-governance, leadership and enthusiasm...."[27]
Rutgers University Beta Gamma 1879–2000 Charter revoked
Union College Nu 1881[28]-1997 Unknown
Amherst College Beta Iota 1884-1969 Charter revoked[6]
Vanderbilt University Beta Lambda 1884-2016 "...risk management concerns and a deep sense of entitlement have continued to exist within the chapter's culture which are incongruent with the values of Beta Theta Pi and Vanderbilt University."[29]
The Pennsylvania State University Alpha Upsilon 1888 (closed 2009, recolonized 2010, rechartered 2012, closed 2017)[30][31][32] University revoked recognition for minimum of 5 years[32] and General Fraternity jointly closed chapter.[33]
Dartmouth College Alpha Omega 1889–1996 Violations of college and fraternity policies[34]
Syracuse University Beta Epsilon 1889–1956, 1960–2000 Unknown
Wesleyan University Mu Epsilon 1890–2014 Suspended by university due to unsafe activity[35]
Lehigh University Beta Chi 1891–2008 Chapter suspended
Yale University Phi Chi 1892–1966, 1990–2007 Went inactive, recolonized 1990, disbanded
Stanford University Lambda Sigma 1894–1997 Charter suspended
Bowdoin College Beta Sigma 1900-1989 Charter revoked
West Virginia University Beta Psi 1900-2014 Charter suspended due to "...alcohol, controlled substances and hazing."[36]
Tulane University Beta Xi 1908–1993 Charter revoked
University of Oregon Beta Rho 1909-2016 Disbanded by National Chapter of Beta Theta Pi
Colorado College Gamma Delta 1914–1990 Charter revoked
Carnegie Mellon University Gamma Iota 1920–2013 Unknown
Oregon State University Gamma Mu 1923–1998, 2000–2003 Financial difficulties
Willamette University Gamma Sigma 1947–2011 Suspended
Sewanee: The University of the South Gamma Chi 1949-2016 Charter suspended for hazing culture[37]
University of Western Ontario Delta Alpha 1952–2007 Charter revoked[38]
Bowling Green State University Delta Delta 1959–1962, local fraternity Beta Gamma; 1962–2004, Beta Theta Pi chapter Charter revoked
Ball State University Delta Iota 1965–2003 Charter revoked
Weber State University Delta Omicron 1971–1995 Charter returned to general fraternity
University of Houston Delta Upsilon 1976[39]–2002[40] Unknown
Arizona State University Delta Tau 1977–1992 Chapter ceased to communicate with General Fraternity[41]
Wright State University Delta Phi 1977–2009 Disbanded
Western Michigan University Delta Chi 1978–1984 Disbanded; Charter revoked at 145th General Convention[42]
San Diego State University Epsilon Beta 1984–2000 Disbanded
Lynchburg College Zeta Alpha 1985–2002 Colony status from "Provisional" to "Full Colony" in 1985;[43] Chartered as Zeta Alpha in 1993;[44] Disbanded 2002[45]
University of Guelph Epsilon Zeta 1986–2000 Disbanded due to decreasing membership attributed to tuition increases and other financial pressures placed on extracurricular activities, a low male/female student ratio, a weak Greek system, lack of university support, and a shortage of involved alumni[46]
Tennessee Technological University Epsilon Phi 1986–2006 Chapter went inactive due to low membership
Chico State Epsilon Iota 1987–2007 Charter revoked
Bishop's University Epsilon Xi 1987–2005 Charter revoked due to low membership and risk management problems[47]
Middle Tennessee State University Epsilon Theta 1988–2010 Chapter suspended
Colorado State University Epsilon Kappa 1989–Unknown, 2004–2012 Chapter voted to suspend charter and disband due to recruitment and financial difficulties.[48]
McGill University Epsilon Nu 1989[49]–1996[38] Colonized 1986. Suspended/disbanded, largely for financial reasons.[38]
UC Santa Barbara Epsilon Pi 1989–2014 Charter revoked due to alcohol violations[50]
University of Hawaii Epsilon Rho 1989[51]–1999[52] Leadership and Recruitment Problems[53]
Binghamton University Epsilon Psi 1991–2008 Chapter went inactive due to low membership
UC Riverside Epsilon Sigma 1992[54]–2002[55] Disbanded
University of Toledo Epsilon Tau 1992[56]-2005[57] Disbanded
University of Rhode Island Epsilon Chi 1992[58]–2009[59] Charter revoked for "Hazing; alcohol abuse; financial delinquency; poor chapter operations"[59]
University of South Florida Zeta Beta 1993[44]–2009 Disbanded
University of Nevada Las Vegas Zeta Kappa 1994–2002 Disbanded
Florida Atlantic University Zeta Delta 1995–2009 Disbanded
Bryant University Zeta Theta 1995[60]–2002[61] Disbanded
Utah State University Zeta Iota 1996[62]–2000[61] "Zeta Iota was closed Feb. 5 due to a lack of membership."[63]
Pepperdine University Zeta Pi 2000–2007 Charter revoked
West Chester University Zeta Sigma 2002 – 2011 Charter suspended; Culture of drug and alcohol abuse[64]
Eastern Illinois University Colony 2007-2013

Colony closed; "...the colony consistently struggled with member recruitment, which created difficulties in sustaining a membership size large enough to remain viable on campus."[65]


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