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The cover of the first DVD compilation released by Sony Pictures Entertainment

Beyblade: Metal Fusion, known in Japan as Metal Fight Beyblade, is a 2009 Japanese anime television series based on Takafumi Adachi's manga series of the same name, which itself is based on the Beyblade spinning top game from Takara Tomy. The 51-episode series was produced by d-rights and Nelvana under the direction of Kunihisa Sugishima.[1]

The series was first broadcast on TV Tokyo in Japan between April 5, 2009 and March 28, 2010. Nelvana announced that it will air in Canada's on May 15, 2010 on YTV.[2] In the United States, Cartoon Network premiere the show on June 26, 2010[3] on the United Kingdom premiered in September 2010, in Australia premiered on Network Ten on 10 November 2010 and Latin America premiered on April 18, 2011 on Disney XD.[4]

Two pieces of theme music were used for the opening and closing themes. The opening theme is "Metal Fight Beyblade" (メタルファイト ベイブレード) by performed Yu+Ki and the ending theme is "Boys ~Hikari Kagayaku Ashita e~" (Boys~光り輝く明日へ~) performed by MASH.[1] The first 23 episodes were released on six DVD compilations of three to four episodes each by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The first compilation was released on July 15, 2009[5] while the sixth compilation was released on December 9, 2009.[6] The remaining 28 episodes were released on seven DVD compilations under the title Metal Fight Beyblade: Battle Bladers (メタルファイト ベイブレード バトルブレーダーズ編, Metarufaito Beiburēdo - Batoruburēdāzu-hen). The first compilation was released on January 13, 2010[7] while the seventh compilation was released on July 14, 2010.[8] Beyblade: Metal Fusion was followed by a second series titled Beyblade: Metal Masters.

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "Pegasus Has Landed!"
"Maiorita Tenba(Pegashisu)!" (舞い降りた天馬(ペガシス)!) 
April 5, 2009 May 15, 2010
Kenta, a young boy after winning a beyblade (metal spinning tops), Sagitarrio runs into a band of bullies called 'The Face Hunters' who bully him to play an unfair match. Kenta unexpexctedly is saved by Ginga, the main protagonist with his beyblade Pegasus and wipes out the beys of The Face Hunters easily. Benkei, who is second in command of the gang challenges Ginga that he is going to regret this and runs away. Later, Ginga and Kenta become friends and Ginga tells Kenta that he is exploring the country to find challenging opponents and improve his bey powers. Next morning, Benkai invites Ginga to The Face Hunters and accepts it readily and is challenged by 100 bladers but he defeats them with equal ease. Soon, Kyoya steps up revealing that he is the Face Hunters leader and would like to have Ginga as an opponent and challenges him to battle. 
02 "Leone's Roar!"
"Shishi(Reoone) no kiba!" (獅子(レオーネ) の牙!) 
April 12, 2009 May 15, 2010
Kyoya, leader of the Face Hunters, has challenged Gingka. Gingka and Kenta discuss this challenge. Kenta even introduces Ginga to his fiends and tells them about his feat to defeat the Face Hunters. Outside, Madoka a young girl announces that Ginga's bey Pegasus is in need of repair. She expians that dust, scratchers and other things damage a bey and it cannot be used to its fullest and proposes to repair the beyblade of Ginga for free. Ginga worries about the match between him and Kyoya and if he should give his beyblade Pegasus to Madoka for repair. But eventually he does and Madoka repairs it but on the day of Battle with Kyoya Madoka says that the balance of the bey remains unrepaired but Ginga takes the bey and battles Kyoya crushing his wind storm and defeating him with his special move . Later a silhoutted figure appears and claims he can defeat Ginga. 
03 "The Wolf's Ambition!"
"Ookami(Uorufu) no yabou!" (狼(ヴォルフ) の野望!) 
April 19, 2009 May 15, 2010
Doji takes Kyoya away from the city to make a deal. If Kyoya loses a battle against him then he must go with him. Meanwhile Kenta is worried Gingka is getting bored with having no strong opponents to battle and challenges him to prove his worth. 
04 "Charge! Bull Power!"
"Tosshin! Ushi(Buru) pawaa!" (突進!牡牛(ブル)パワー!) 
April 26, 2009 May 15, 2010
Doji gives Benkei a new bey, Dark Bull, with which he can defeat Gingka. Excited, Benkei sends Kenta off with a challenge for Gingka. Upon arriving, Gingka and co realised strange holes have been made at the battle location, and then a bey appears. Gingka and co follow the bey, to Benkei where a heated battle ensues. As the battle continues the warehouse begins to fall apart, and soon the ceiling above Gingka collapses, but Bennie selflessly saves Gingka, as well as providing comic relief due to his lack of reasons on why he did that. 
05 "Vengeful Gasher"
"Fukushuu no Kyansaa" (復讐のキャンサー) 
May 3, 2009 May 22, 2010
There is a new blader in town, Tetsuya, who is destroying the beys of the bladers he defeats. Angered by this, Madoka sets off to find him with Gingka and Kenta in pursuit. After splitting up, Kenta realises one of his friends is a new victim of Tetsuya he battles him, thankfully saved by the arrival of Gingka. But Tetsuya has kidnapped Madoka, and unless Gingka defeats him she'll remain missing. 
06 "Aquario's Challenge"
"Akuario no chousen" (アクアリオの挑戦) 
May 10, 2009 May 29, 2010
Hikaru Hasama, a strong blader from afar, arrives in town and is asked by Benkei to defeat Gingka. Meanwhile Kenta wonders whether Sagittario could have a special move, Madoka explaining it's possible. Hikaru accepts Benkei's offer, but Gingka is sick and so Kenta battles in his place, unbeknown to Hikaru. 
07 "It's Our Special Move! Sagittario"
"Hissatsu Tengi da! Sajitario" (必殺転技だ!サジタリオ) 
May 17, 2009 June 5, 2010
Kenta is trained by Benkei to defeat Hikaru whilst Madoka gives Kenta a new bey part to help him with his special move. Meanwhile Hikaru has been told by Tetsuya who her real opponent was and is on the prowl for the real Gingka Hagane, though is interrupted by Kenta. 
08 "Merci's Dangerous Trap"
"Merushii no kiken na wana" (メルシーの危険な罠) 
May 24, 2009 June 12, 2010
Kyoya is sent to Wolf Canyon by Doji to test his skills. Meanwhile Merci kidnaps Gingka and convinces him he's on a TV show while its really he testing his skills. 
09 "Leone's Counterattack"
"Shishiou(Reoone) no gyakushuu" (獅子王(レオーネ) の逆襲) 
May 31, 2009 June 19, 2010
Kyoya has returned from Wolf Canyon and Benkei is excited to see his old friend again, with encouragement from Kenta. But Kyoya has changed, revealed in a battle, and even with Kenta at his side Benkei loses as Leone destroys the warehouse they're in. 
10 "Heated Battle! Gingka Versus Kyoya"
"Gekitou! Ginga VS Kyouya" (激闘!銀河VSキョウヤ) 
June 7, 2009 June 26, 2010
Kenta returns with an injured Benkei and tells Gingka what Kyoya did to them. Furious, Gingka challenges Kyoya who is now out of control, bent on destroying Gingka and Pegasus. During the battle, a tornado rips through the city, involuntarily summoning his friends to cheer him on. The battle is a fierce one, but Gingka wins, bringing Kyoya back to his senses. Suddenly, they all spot a conspicuous-looking helicopter bearing the seal of Gingka's sworn enemy, the Dark Nebula, led by Doji. 
11 "Chase The Wolf!"
"Ookami(Uorufu) o oe!" (狼(ヴォルフ) を追え!) 
June 14, 2009 July 31, 2010
Gingka returns and explains to his friends that Doji has a forbidden bey: Lightning L-Drago. Tipped off by Kyoya, they arrive at the Dark Nebula castle and are ambushed by many beys. With help once again from Kyoya, they break down the doors and head inside, for what will be a long battle to the top. 
12 "Infiltrate The Dark Nebula's Castle!"
"Sennyuu! Daaku Nebyura no shiro" (潜入!ダークネビュラの城) 
June 21, 2009 August 1, 2010
After many challenges, Gingka is the only one to reach Doji. They battle which causes one of the walls to collapse. But their challenge isn't over yet... 
13 "L-Drago Awakens!"
"Ryuuou (Eru Dorago), kakusei!" (竜皇(エルドラゴ) 、覚醒!) 
June 28, 2009 August 7, 2010
Ryuga, an old rival of Gingka's and the new owner of L-Drago. As he and Gingka battle, Gingka is determined to win L-Drago back, but his anger, purposely provoked by Ryuga, stops him from winning, and as a result, loses devastatingly. 
14 "Memories of Ryo"
"Ryuusei no kioku" (流星の記憶) 
July 5, 2009 August 8, 2010

Gingka has a nightmare that he is fighting Ryuga again, but he is still as powerless as before, and he has to watch as his Storm Pegasus gets completely annihilated by Lightning L-Drago. He wakes up with a start, hand extended towards the window through which the sun is shining, as if to reach desperately for the remains of Pegasus. After a few seconds, he calms down and stares at the table beside him; he grabs Pegasus and lays back down on the couch to try to sleep some more. In the morning, Madoka, Kenta and Benkei notice that Gingka has not even touched the triple-beef burger and fries that were prepared for him. Together, they recall the latest events and reckon that Gingka is not the same anymore: he does not seem half as lively as he used to be. Unknown to them, Gingka listens to their conversation from the top of the stairs. Finally, he decides to come down and make his presence known by yelling at Benkei not to eat his burger, which he takes back from him in a comical way. Then, Osamu, Takashi and, Akira enter the B-Pit and Osamu shows his Beyblade to Gingka. He would like to have a match with him because he thinks he stands a better chance now that he slightly improved his bey. With a weary smile, Gingka accepts his challenge. However, as they start the countdown to the match, Gingka has a flash of Ryuga in front of him, instead of seeing Osamu. This vision makes him extremely nervous, which considerably weakens his launch. Osamu easily takes the win; his friends hesitantly congratulate him, almost saying that he is better than Gingka, but they are unable to believe Pegasus' performance. Benkei yells at them before they got to talk further, so they hurry outside, once again in a comical way. Gingka picks up his Beyblade and acts as if nothing important had happened, but Kenta obviously saw through his fake joy and he tries to get his friend to talk, yet he ends up leaving. Kyoya appears, leaning on a wall; he says Gingka needs time on his own. Kenta decides to follow Gingka to the riverside anyway, and he succeeds in getting him to open up by expressing how he hates seeing Gingka so helpless, and also almost insane, like at the end of his battle against Ryuga. Not too reluctantly, Gingka tells his story: On a beautiful day in his home village named Koma, Gingka wakes up to find that his father is not in the other bed beside his own. He gets up, dresses up, and walks out of the small house to the river nearby; he splashes some water on his face, then walks around the village to find his father. He asks a man who sells fish, as well as some kids who are playing Beyblade if they have seen him. Both their answers lead him to the forest, where he finally meets his father. However, a bear is tackling him and both are more or less wrestling, since Ryo simply smiles at his son, as if there was nothing wrong with the situation. As a matter of fact, he takes his launcher and bey out and destroys the branch that was stuck in the bear's back, and the latter walks away, not threatening at all anymore. Ryo gets back to the village with his son, where they both start Beyblading. Ryo gives Storm Pegasus to Gingka while he uses a random Bey, yet he still wins the game. However, they had fun battling, and Ryo reminds his son that this is all that matters in a match. Later, Gingka's father takes him to the ceremony they have to the Pegasus. At first, all of the villagers are just standing in front of the mountain Mount Hagane, dedicated to it but, upon their arrival, Ryo launches Storm Pegasus forward and it lights up all the torches atop the pillars that lead to the sanctuary inside the mountain, which is also a volcano. Storm Pegasus finishes its path by going up into the sky and, coincidentally, the Pegasus constellation becomes more visible. Everybody is overwhelmed by all of this. Shortly after though, a helicopter flies past them and lands right outside the entrance to the volcano. Ryo immediately knows that those invaders are dangerous; therefore he runs towards the mountain as well. Inside the mountain, Ryuga and Doji avoid all the traps set up against eventual intruders, such as arrows. Just beside the crystal that holds Lightning L-Drago, there is also a trap which could have impaled Ryuga, but he swiftly avoids it by sacrificing his white coat instead. Now in possession of L-Drago, Ryuga breaks the crystal single-handedly while Ryo appears to attempt to stop them. At first, L-Drago's power seems to be too much for the white-haired BeyBlader to handle, but he soon gets addicted to its immense power. He shoots it onto one of the high rocks that slightly pave the lava underneath them. Lightning L-Drago sculpts the rock to make a Beystadium, and Ryo's Storm Pegasus meets it there. Both start a tough battle during which Ryuga appears to struggle with his new power still, but they quickly embrace each other and he makes a blinding attack that leaves Ryo lying on the ground, too weak to be capable to get back up. Ryuga steps onto his rock, bends down, and rips off his Pegasus bandana, which he uses to clean his new Bey. While Ryo tries to stop him from leaving with Lightning L-Drago, Ryuga throws the bandana before him, yet Gingka's father is still unable to even pick it up. As rocks fall from the roof of the volcano, Doji and Ryuga exit with L-Drago, Doji having to support the other Blader with an arm around his shoulder. Gingka, who had been watching the whole battle and who can only stand on his own rock, screams with despair at his father, torn between the urgency of an exit and helping him. Unfortunately, there is no way Ryo could jump to safety, so all he does is send Storm Pegasus to Gingka, officially giving it to him. Gingka sadly watches his father reassuring him with a thumb up that everything is OK, while rocks keep falling, eventually forcing Gingka out of the mountain. Outside, he slides down to sit, resting his back against the volcano and he start to cry. As soon as the situation sinks in, he shouts his dad's name, having just lost his only other family member.

Back in the city, Kenta is crying from hearing this tragedy, and he understands why Gingka passionately hates Ryuga. However, they both agree to try to have fun anyway, but they will definitely try to make Ryuga pay for all he has done sooner or later. 
15 "Mysterious Hyoma"
"Nazo no Hyouma" (謎の氷魔(ひょうま)) 
July 12, 2009 August 14, 2010
Gingka has run away, possibly to his home town. Kenta, Madoka, Kyoya and Benkei follow him but after many calamities part ways. Then a strange man appears and saves Kenta and Madoka. 
16 "The Magnificent Aries"
"Karei naru Ariesu" (華麗なるアリエス) 
July 19, 2009 August 15, 2010
The man's name is Hyoma, whom Kyoya has his doubts about. Hyoma says he'll guide them to Koma Village, but Kyoya proves he's walking him in circles. Then Hyoma reveals a secret, and the fact he's an old friend of Gingka's. Meanwhile Gingka, en route to Koma Village, meets an old friend. 
17 "The Silver Pegasus"
"hakugin no Tenba(Pegashisu)" (白銀の天馬(ペガシス)) 
July 26, 2009 August 21, 2010
The gang arrive in Koma Village and are greeted by a talking dog called Hokuto. Hokuto tells them Gingka is climbing Mt. Hagane, seeking a scroll written by an old bearer of Pegasus. But then Gingka learns who the old bearer was and learns a valuable lesson. 
18 "The Green Hades"
"Midori no jigoku" (緑の地獄) 
August 2, 2009 August 22, 2010
Gingka takes friends to the bey forest where they are immediately excited. Meanwhile Hyoma, who is already jealous of Gingka's friends, challenges Gingka at a stadium called the Green Hades and reveals that as Gingka's true rival has never lost to Gingka in all their childhood. 
19 "Conquer the Tag-Team Battle!"
"Taggu Batoru wo kouryaku seyo!" (タッグバトルを攻略せよ!) 
August 9, 2009 August 28, 2010
Returning from Koma Village, Benkei and Kenta are furious with Madoka when she experiments with their beys without telling them. But then they learn how to switch parts, and that comes in handy at the Aquatic Tag-Team Tournament they've just entered. 
20 "Begin! The Survival Battle!"
"Kaimaku! Sabaibaru Batoru" (開幕!サバイバルバトル) 
August 16, 2009 August 29, 2010
The survival battle has begun, the winner being granted one wish. Everyone is entering, even Hyoma, Hikaru and Madoka. But despite everyone's enthusiasm there is a mysterious blader who has been defeating all his opponents... 
21 "Warriors on a Deserted Island"
"Kotou no senshi-tachi" (孤島の戦士たち) 
August 23, 2009 September 4, 2010
Kenta and Benkei are aided by a new battler, Yu Tendo and his bey Flame Libra. Kyoya, after not finishing his battle with Hikaru, challenges Hyoma, who has been watching everyone but not battling. Kyoya wins, but at a price. Meanwhile Yu is upset the tournament is drawing to an end, and is challenged by Kenta, Benkei and Hikaru all at once. But as the battle goes on, Yu reveals himself to be the one who has knocked many of the 1000 competitors out of the competition with ease, and refuses to be taken down. 
22 "The Fearsome Libra"
"Senritsu no Ribura" (戦慄のリブラ) 
August 30, 2009 September 5, 2010
Gingka, Kyoya, Yu and Madoka are the final four left in the survival battle. Kyoya, after being aided by Madoka, drops out leaving Gingka and Yu left to battle. They both launch their special moves, but in the end Yu is victorious. 
23 "The Road to the Battle Bladers"
"Batoru Bureedaazu he no michi" (バトルブレーダーズへの道) 
September 6, 2009 September 11, 2010
As winner of the survival battle, Yu is granted his wish to hold a tournament to decide the strongest blader in the country. Then he reveals he's a member of the Dark Nebula, before leaving with Doji and Ryuga who showed up to taunt Gingka. After all agreeing to try to earn the 50000 points needed to qualify for Battle Bladers, Gingka and his friends meet up at a stadium outside town to battle one last time. 
24 "The Beautiful Eagle"
"Utsukushiki Washi(Akuira)" (美しき鷲(アクイラ)) 
September 13, 2009 September 12, 2010
Kenta, a young boy after winning a local beyblade match cheers and leaves back to go homeAs Gingka travels the country with Pegasus, he is challenged by many point hunters. He is saved by a mysterious blader, Tsubasa Otori, and his bey Earth Eagle. As they are entering the same tournament, the two bladers hang out together, Tsubasa giving Gingka some beyblade tips along the way. But as the tournament progresses, Gingka learns Tsubasa is hiding more secrets than he expected. 
25 "The Sniper Capricorne"
"Sogekishu(sunaipaa) Kapurikoone" (狙撃手(スナイパー)カプリコーネ) 
September 20, 2009 September 18, 2010
Kyoya is tired of the weak battles he is forced to battle in, until he learns of a strong blader nearby: Tobio, nicknamed Captain Capri, and his bey Storm Capricorn. 
26 "Tsubasa Flies Into The Dark"
"Yami ni mau Tsubasa" (闇に舞う翼) 
September 27, 2009 September 19, 2010
The Dark Nebula get a shock as Tsubasa, whom they have been watching, appears at their headquarters demanding to join. Doji agrees, but only if Tsubasa can pass a series of tests. 
27 "Intruders in the Challenge Match"
"Rannyuu! Charenji Macchi" (乱入!チャレンジマッチ) 
October 4, 2009 September 25, 2010
Kenta and Hyoma meet up at a duel tournament, Kenta battling in the forest stadium and Hyoma in the river stadium. But Hyoma is interrupted when Yu intrudes, demanding to battle. Then Kenta, who has already won his tournament, is challenged by Tsubasa. However, both Kenta and Hyoma are defeated by their opponents. 
28 "Dark Gasher's Big, Crabby-Crabby Operation"
"Daaku Kyansaa no kani kani daisakusen" (ダークキャンサーのカニカニ大作戦) 
October 11, 2009 September 26, 2010
The fiendish Tetsuya follows Yu back to the Dark Nebula Headquarters. Doji though makes use of this and upgrades Tetsuya's bey as an experiment to Dark Gasher. At a tournament, Tetsuya defeats Benkei by cheating but loses to Gingka. 
29 "Kenta and Sora"
"Kenta to Sora" (ケンタと宇宙(ソラ)) 
October 18, 2009 October 2, 2010
Kenta, whilst competing in a tournament, meets Sora, an impatient battler with amazing skills. Sora claims to be Gingka's apprentice with his bey Cyber Pegasus and attempts to copy Pegasus's special move, but cannot pull it off. At another tournament, Sora creates his own move, Avalanche Boost, but still loses the tournament to Kenta. 
30 "The Bewitching Pisces"
"Ayashiki Paishiizu" (妖しきパイシーズ) 
October 25, 2009 October 3, 2010
Gingka and the gang meet up at a tournament. But there is a mysterious atmosphere in one corner of the stadium as a mysterious blader Ryutaro tells fortunes... Gingka battles Ryutaro and creates a new move to defeat him and his Thermal Pisces. 
31 "The Twin Gemios"
"Futago no Jiemiosu" (双子のジェミオス) 
November 1, 2009 October 9, 2010
Four matches are going on in the tournament. As Hikaru and Kyoya's match begins, the others, who were busy congratulating Gingka, realise they're last and in their haste bump into Yu. Then Tsubasa turns up and Yu explains they're both part of the Dark Nebula. Despite the others' shock, Tsubasa leaves barely saying a word, ordering Yu to follow him away. Kyouya wins his match against Hikaru as Tsubasa wins his against Benkei. Kenta takes on the twins: Dan and Reiki, that Kyoya faced at Dark Nebula's original base with their new bey Evil Gemios. They are on the verge of winning when the two start bickering and Kenta defeats them. Finally Yu wins his battle, but spends most of the time complaining about how only Tsubasa and Kenta appear to have good opponents. 
32 "The Stormy Battle Royal"
"Arashi no Batoru Roiyaru" (嵐のバトルロイヤル) 
November 8, 2009 October 16, 2010
The final six bladers of the tournament are: Gingka, Kenta, Kyoya, Yu, Tsubasa and Hyoma. Doji suggests they all battle against each other in a battle royal, mainly to see how well Tsubasa and Yu will get on batting together. Unfortunately, their hating of each other gets in the way and after taking out Hyoma, mainly by accident so they could get to Gingka, they start fighting each other. Pegasus plunders into the battle and all three lose. Finally Kyoya, who protected Saggitario whilst Yu and Tsubasa battled, defeats Kenta with a single hit and wins the tournament. 
33 "The Oath of the Phoenix"
"Fushichou(Fenikkusu) no chikai" (不死鳥(フェニックス)の誓い) 
November 15, 2009 October 23, 2010
After the tournament, all the friends part ways. The Dark Nebula members head back to base, Yu though is still furious with Tsubasa. But without warning, the sneaky Tetsuya steals Gingka's point counter. It is rescued by a new and mysterious blader: Phoenix, who only agrees to give it back if Gingka can defeat him in a battle. Gingka loses to Phoenix, and Phoenix crushes his pointer. 
34 "Shine, Virgo!"
"Kagayake Otome(Birugo)!" (輝け乙女(ビルゴ)!) 
November 22, 2009 October 30, 2010
Starting at square one, Gingka enters a tournament where he is challenged by a fan of his: Teru. Teru is a former dancer who suffered from an injury during one of his performances. When he was in hospital, he entertained himself by watching Gingka's battles. After a friend gave his Virgo, he has vowed to become a blader as strong as Gingka. 
35 "L-Drago, on the Move"
"Eru Dorago shidou" (エルドラゴ始動) 
November 29, 2009 November 6, 2010
Ryuga has set out to obtain the 50000 points to gain entry to Battle Bladers. He takes part in a 100 bey battle Benkei is entering and wins with ease and also beats Tobio and Ryutaro in the finals of a tournament he interrupted. Tsubasa and Yu, who have finally stopped bickering, are supposed to be guarding him, but Tsubasa gets fed up and leaves whilst Yu heads back to base to cause trouble for him. Falling into a trap set by Doji, Tsubasa sees his chance to swipe information from the Dark Nebula database. Though just as he is leaving, he is intercepted by Doji and many bladers Yu summoned to help out. Then Ryuga turns up... 
36 "Broken Wings"
"Hikisakareta Tsubasa" (引き裂かれた翼) 
December 6, 2009 November 13, 2010
Tsubasa almost loses to Ryuga but Eagle is saved by the sudden arrival of Phoenix. Taking pity on the young blader, Phoenix grabs Tsubasa and the two escape. Yu is at first really annoyed, but then explains the Doji he has already sent a Dark Nebula member to keep an eye on Gingka. Tobio interrupts a tournament where Gingka has entered where the stadium has moving walls. Tobio had an early advantage, but in the end Gingka triumphs with his special move. 
37 "Rock Scorpio's Deadly Poison"
"Moudoku Esukorupio" (猛毒エスコルピオ) 
December 13, 2009 November 20, 2010
Kenta arrives in a town where the kids are forbidden to battle in their stadium as it has been overrun by Busujima and a gang of bladers. Then Kenta's friend Sora turns up and they begin secret training to beat Busujima. Then one of their number vanishes and it's up to Sora to win her back. Sora battles Busujima, who creates a fire in the stadium. Gingka appears and puts out the fire with Storm Bringer and tells Sora to finish it. Sora calls on a new special move, O.V. Drive, and Cyber Pegasus knocks Rock Scorpio out of the stadium. The town has their stadium back and Sora celebrates with his idol Gingka. 
38 "Run, Gingka!"
"Hashire! Ginga" (走れ!銀河) 
December 20, 2009 November 27, 2010
Everyone has gained 50000 points apart from Gingka who is only 3000 off. After learning of a nearby tournament, they all head there but are intercepted by Tsubasa. The others send Gingka on ahead whilst they distract Tsubasa, but this turns out to be what he wants. After Phoenix saved him, Tsubasa vowed to defeat Ryuga, but he was told to get to know Gingka's friends first. Kenta is willing to sacrifice everything for Gingka, but then the latter turns up, claiming he couldn't leave his friends behind. Tsuabsa becomes confused, but then Phoenix appears... 
39 "Clash! The Phoenix vs The Pegasus"
"Gekitotsu! Fushichou (Fenikkusu) VS Tenba (Pegashisu)" (激突!不死鳥(フェニックス)VS天馬(ペガシス)) 
December 27, 2009 December 4, 2010
After Tsubasa is easily defeated by Phoenix, Gingka is also challenged. The rules are simple: if he wins he gets his lost points back, if he loses he is forced to quit beyblade. Everyone comes to show support for Gingka, even Kyoya. Finally Tsubasa understands what Phoenix had tried to tell him. 
40 "GO! Battle Bladers!"
"GO! Batoru Bureidaazu!" (GO!バトルブレーダーズ!) 
January 10, 2010 December 11, 2010
Battler Bladers has begun and everyone is winning their battles with ease. Benkei defeats Tobio and Kenta defeats Tetsuya. But Gingka's first opponent is Yu, the only person besides Ryuga and Phoenix who has ever defeated him. In the end, Gingka defeats Yu. 
41 "The Serpent's Terror"
"Saapento no kyoufu" (サーペントの恐怖) 
January 17, 2010 December 18, 2010
Hyoma's next opponent is Regi, a blader who believes in fear and sadness being an important matter in bey battling. The others become worried about Hikaru's match against Ryuga that puts her in a coma. 
42 "The Dragon's Punishment"
"Doragon no seisai" (ドラゴンの制裁) 
January 24, 2010 January 8, 2011
Yu and Ryutaro learn of the horrors of the Dark Nebula as Ryutaro watches as his defeated friends are taken down by Ryuga.Yu is forced to battle Reiji he loses and Libra becomes badly damaged. Meanwhile Tsubasa considers taking Ryuga on himself in order to stop Kyoya from having to battle him, but Kyoya stops him. 
43 "The Deck is Stacked"
"Shikumareta kaado" (仕組まれた対戦) 
January 31, 2010 January 15, 2011
After a switch in the pairings Kyoya is now battling Benkei, much to Tsubasa's delight as he now is battling Ryuga. Kyoya wins his battle but Benkei is pleased to have shown his old master his true strength. Meanwhile Gingka battles Ryutaro who, after watching the other Dark Nebula members fall at the hands of Ryuga, knows he is battling for his life. Ryutaro predicts a dark future for the world at the mercy of L-Drago, but after Gingka wins his prediction changes and he accepts his fate. After the battle, the others discuss the prediction Ryutaro mentioned to Gingka when an injured Yu stumbles in looking for Kenta and Gingka. 
44 "Entrusted Emotions"
"Takusareta omoi" (託された想い) 
February 7, 2010 January 22, 2011
Yu explains what has been happening within the Dark Nebula Organization, showing his broken Libra as proof. Gingka is furious, but not so much as Kenta who, after swapping performance tips, storms off to find and battle Regi. The battle is intense, but Reiji defeats Kenta by breaking the claws off of Saggittario's Spin Track. 
45 "Eagle Counterattacks"
"Gyakushuu no Akuira" (逆襲のアクイラ) 
February 14, 2010 January 29, 2011
After Kenta and Yu's battle of will, everyone is looking for Tsubasa who has gone missing. He eventually shows up for his battle after some backup from Kyoya. The odds are stacked against Tsubasa, but after battling Ryuga once before, is there a chance he could win? However, Tsubasa loses to Ryuga who infects Tsubasa with L-Drago's Dark Power, causing the Dark Eagle events in Metal Masters. 
46 "Libra Disappears"
"Kieta Ribura" (消えたリブラ) 
February 21, 2010 February 5, 2011
Gingka prepares to battle Reji who is stronger than in his first two battles. Meanwhile Yu is kidnapped and Kenta and Hyoma, who have both recovered from their battles with Reji, race into the Dark Nebula Organisation's HQ to get him back. 
47 "Bonds of Steel"
"Hagane no kizuna" (鋼の絆) 
February 28, 2010 February 12, 2011
Gingka finally defeats Reiji, avenging the losses of Hyoma, Yu and Kenta. Phoenix appears to protect Kenta and Hyoma, beating Doji. Madoka tells Gingka about Yu, Kenta and Hyoma and the two rush after them. All of them regroup as shards fall from the ceiling, trapping Doji and shattering Phoenix's mask. 
48 "The Truth About Light and Darkness"
"Hikari to yami no shinjitsu" (光と闇の真実) 
March 7, 2010 February 19, 2011
Phoenix, who is really Ryo Hagane, helps to rescue Yu. Then he explains to everyone about why he hid his identity, starting with the origin of beys, starting with Pegasus and L-Drago. Meanwhile Doji comes across Ryuga who is anxious for more power and knows where to get it. He therefore takes all of Doji's power and stores it in L-Drago. 
49 "Fierce Battle! Lion VS Dragon"
"Gekisen! Shishi tai Ryuu" (激戦!獅子対竜) 
March 14, 2010 February 26, 2011
Kyoya finally gets to battle Ryuga, determined to avenge Tsubasa who had become a close friend. After persuading Ryuga not to use his special move, it really looked like Kyoya could win. But L-Drago had appeared to take too much battering from Leone, adding to its already brimming power, pouring it into Ryuga as the dragon spirits physically enter his body, mutating him partially into a dragon-like monster, overpowering Ryuga to rampage. Kyoya tries to hold his ground, but in the end he devastatingly loses, in a massive turn of events, and suffers the same fate as Hikaru and Tsubasa. 
50 "The Furious Final Battle!"
"Ikari no saishuukessen!" (怒りの最終決戦(ファイナルバトル)!) 
March 21, 2010 March 5, 2011
Upset at the fate of his friends, Gingka goes alone to the final battle. Ryuga battles him on a stage in the air where Gingka struggles at first to defeat Ryuga. As L-Drago siphons the power from Pegasus and into Ryuga, Gingka's friends come to help, giving him more strength for beating back Ryuga. However, as Gingka is ready to complete the "final retaliation," L-Drago, by then still connected to Ryuga, again pours all its power into Ryuga, mutating him partially into a dragon, nothing like himself, but more masculine, and with glowing red eyes without pupils, and two purple trickles of fumes from his mouth, as well as a ripped vest, no cape, pointier nose, pointy teeth, lots of popping out veins, darker hair, and his voice combined with L-Drago's, showing that Ryuga was not himself. 
51 "Blader's Spirit"
"Bureedaa no tamashii" (ブレーダーの心) 
March 28, 2010 March 12, 2011
Ryuga is first completely agonized and tries to fight back L-Drago from conquering him, fading in and out and trying to talk. In the end he gets more pained and agonized as he collapses forward with a big explosion, jolting back with each of the dragons entering and re-entering him, then lunging forwards again after each one, screaming in agony, as Gingka and his friends watch in muted horror. Ryo then appears and explains to Gingka's friends that since L-Drago didn't belong to any one person in the first place, it consumed and destroyed that person since its power was too much for that one person alone, as is visible when Ryuga violently struggles with headache caused by L-Drago. L-Drago then manipulates Ryuga's mind once more, bringing him to L-Drago's senses, syncing him with his bey, and then rampages, laughing out purple dark energy, sending Gingka flying for its sheer amusement. Despite Gingka's initial efforts to fight the situation, Hyoma tells him that the one standing there isn't Ryuga any longer, which 'L-Drago' delights in, trying to absorb Gingka as sustainance. However, when L-Drago tries to destroy Gingka himself, Gingka is protected by the spirits of Kyoya, Hikaru, and Tsubasa, forming a wall. They tell him to use his Blader's Spirit and protect theirs. With the help of their spirits, Gingka manages to survive L-Drago's attacks with support from his friends. Finally he realizes he can win with his greatest special move - Galaxy Nova, as well as his friends' and his own Blader's Spirit. This fractures L-Drago, and is so powerful that both Bladers lose their balance and fall to the ground from 500 feet up. Gingka is rescued by his bey Pegasus, and they rescue Ryuga, back to his normal self, as the Dark Power drained out of him during freefall. But Pegasus disappears soon after landing, having over-exerted itself in the battle. Ryo reassures him that Pegasus will return again, and spread its wings once more. 


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