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This list includes characters from the original Beyblade series.

Bladebreakers / BBA Revolution / G Revolution[edit]

The Bladebreakers, known in Japan as BBA Team Yoyo are a team comprising the main protagonists of the first three Beyblade series. The team includes Tyson Granger, Kai Hiwatari, Max Tate, Ray Kon, Kenny, Daichi, Hilary Tachibana, Tyson's elder brother Hiro Granger as well as Xander. During G-Revolution, the team undergoes two new name changes: the BBA Revolution, and then later G-Revolutions.

Tyson Granger[edit]

Voiced by: Motoko Kumai (Japanese); Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin (English)[1]

Bit-Beast: Dragoon
Tyson Used: Spin Dragoon → Dragoon S (Storm) → Dragoon F (Fantom) → Dragoon V (Victory) → Dragoon V2 → Dragoon G (Galaxy) → Dragoon GT (Galaxy Turbo) → Dragoon MS (Metal Storm) → Dragoon MS Ultimate Version

Tyson Granger (木ノ宮タカオ, Kinomiya Takao), is the main character of Beyblade. His trademark features are his wing-like bangs, his small mullet, his brown eyes, and the baseball cap he always wears backwards. His father is an archaeologist who is usually away on business, and his mother died at an early age. Tyson's older brother, Hiro, also not doing well closely with their love for father, leaving Tyson to live with his grandfather; his lone adult figure.

Initially, Tyson enjoys Beyblading with his close friends for fun, but through the encounters of strong rivals such as Kai, Ray and Max, he enters the Japanese preliminary tournament and goes on to compete at the World Championships, experiencing battles with formidable opponents, and growing as a Blader and a person. At the final stage of the Championships, the overwhelming power of his opponent, the Demolition Boys' Tala, sinks both Bladers into a world of despair that is encapsulated in ice. Tyson manages to pull off the win as the only Blader who can smile and just enjoy the game; an unappreciated talent.

In Beyblade V-Force, Tyson's Dragoon Bit-Beast is targeted by a group of scientists known as "Psykick" and the mysterious Beyblade team, the Saint Shields. The pressure causes the World Champion to enter a slump; he fails to call out Dragoon numerous times and struggles with mastering the new MG Core system. It is only after rigorous training and facing strong opponents such as Kane, Ozuma, and Zeo that Tyson overcomes this.

In Beyblade G-Revolution, The Bladebreakers do not compete in the World Championships as Tyson's team falls apart; one after another joining rival teams for a chance to challenge Tyson themselves. This forces Tyson to find a new partner in a young, wild Blader named Daichi, who Tyson can't seem to stop fighting with. Furthermore, the pressures of being a two-time champion take an emotional toll on him, especially when his brother and coach, Hiro, benches him for the match against the Blitzkrieg Boys. But after much encouragement and criticism from his old team members and learning to trust Daichi, Tyson pulls off a third consecutive win for the title of World Champion. Soon after, the BEGA League (Boris' Team) is set up, and Tyson believes he can begin a professional Beyblading career, but not after learning the mastermind behind the league is Boris Balkov, and witnessing Tala's brutal defeat against BEGA ace Garland. Tyson challenges Boris to a Justice 5 match, which he agrees to. However, without a fifth member in play, Tyson attempts to battle two opponents himself until Kai re-emerges. He takes on Garland's Apollon and engages in the fierce tiebreaker against Brooklyn and his Zeus, both times achieving stunning victories and displaying an inspiring Beyblade spirit to all of BEGA.

At the end of the manga he has a son named Makoto Kinomilla (Makoto Granger).

Kai Hiwatari[edit]

Voiced by: Urara Takano (Japanese); David Reale (English)[1]

Bit-Beast: Dranzer
Beyblades Used: Dranzer S (Spiral) → Dranzer F (Flame) → Black Dranzer → Dranzer V (Volcano) → Dranzer V2 → Dranzer G (Gigs) → Dranzer GT (Gigs Turbo) → Dranzer MS (Metal Spiral)

Kai's bit beast is one of the 4 sacred bit beasts

Etymology: His surname refers to the fire-walking festivals (火渡り祭) of Japanese temples where participants walk barefoot over hot coals. Contrary to popular attempt by fans to find a meaning of his first name, his first name's meaning and origins cannot be definitively determined due to being written in katakana even in the source materials.

Kai (火渡カイ, Hiwatari Kai), is Tyson's fated rival, and through many hardships and Beyblading, they eventually develop a strong friendship and respect for each other. His trademark features are his wing-like bangs, his two-tone hair with gray in the front and black in the back, and his shark fin face paint. He was originally the leader of a dangerous Beyblade street gang, the Blade Sharks, despite being Voltaire's grandson, who himself was president of the military enterprise Biovolt. Kai has a tendency to be cold towards others, but his discipline has allowed him to master Beyblading at the highest level. He is never too keen on teamwork or helping others, a sharp contrast with Tyson's friendly-rooted personality. His level of pride as a Beyblader and a person has been known to rankle others; particularly Johnny McGregor when Kai initially refuses his challenge. He is the eldest of the group and probably has the longest beyblade in history.

Kai grew up in the Balkov Abbey in Russia, which was owned by Voltaire, and he subsequently lost his memories of the time due to the influence of Black Dranzer. He returned to his grandfather's side at the tournament finals in Russia, now with enough strength and skill to control Black Dranzer. It was only after Tyson's use of the original Dranzer against Kai at Lake Baikal was he able to reconcile with the Bladebreakers. Voltaire offers Kai one last chance to aid him, with the help of Black Dranzer's Bit Chip, but Kai ultimately decides to solely battle with Dranzer. Kai loses the subsequent match against Spencer, but he was proud to no longer be Voltaire's puppet.

In Beyblade V-Force, Kai temporarily enrolls into the prestigious Whitney Prep School, where he meets Wyatt Smithright, an underclassman and long-time admirer of Kai. Kai's passion for Beyblading has died down, but meeting Wyatt and being the only Bladebreaker to tie his match against the Saint Shields reinvigorated him. Wyatt is utilized by Team Psykick in an attempt to steal Dranzer, but ends up severely crippled in the process (Wyatt dies in the original version). This results in Kai experiencing hallucinations during his battle with Goki, but encouragement from Tyson, Hilary, and Goki's loud boasting gave Kai the strength to pull of a splendid victory for his friend.

In Beyblade G-Revolution, Kai is undecided on which path he should choose during the World Championships. After seeing Max and Ray defect the Bladebreakers, he ultimately decides to enter the tournament as a member of the Blitzkrieg Boys. With his usual high skill level, he rarely experiences a loss and has somehow even disciplined himself further. When going up against BBA Revolution, Kai intentionally loses his match against Daichi; disappointed that he would not be facing Tyson. He finally gets that exhilarating battle in the final rounds, but once again comes up short against his oldest rival.

When the BEGA League accepts Tyson's challenge for a Justice 5 match, Kai sides with BEGA in an attempt to challenge Tyson again. However, his hopes are dashed after a crushing defeat by BEGA's prodigy, Brooklyn, which leaves Kai a broken man. His fighting spirit was put to the test by F-Dynasty's coach, Romero, who needed Kai to master his new Dranzer MS that had been left by Tala's bedside at the hospital. Kai manages to recover and compete as the fifth member of G-Revolutions. Once again, he faces off against Brooklyn, and despite suffering severe injuries, he continued to press on until a career-defining turn-around victory is secured with a final attack from Dranzer. He walks away satisfied with the results, even at the cost of Dranzer exhausting all of its power and shattering, along with collapsing himself. Kai returns for Tyson's and Brooklyn's final battle to give words of encouragement. In the end he has a battle with Tyson; simple, back-to-basics Beyblading.

At the end of the Beyblade manga he has a son named Gou.

Max Tate[edit]

Voiced by: Ai Orikasa (Japanese); Gage Knox (English)[1]

Max Tate is a happy, good-natured kid who always sees the best in everything and everyone. He is like a brother to Tyson and loves to laugh at whatever life throws at him. Max is a highly skilled beyblader specializing in a defensive style. He lives with his dad, who runs a local hobby shop specializing in beyblades. His mother, Judy, is a research scientist at a top-secret BBA facility and coaches the American beyblade team the All Starz. After the end of the Beyblade World Championships, Max moves back to America with his mother to help her with beyblade research.
Etymology: the name 'Max' can be an abbreviation of 'Maxium' and the surname 'Mizuhara' can be broken into two Kanjis 'Mizu' and 'Hara' which respectively means 'Water' and 'Raw or Original'. so his name can be summed up as 'maxium original water', going well with his aquatic bit-beast Draciel.

His bit-beast is Draciel, the water turtle. Draciel is one of the 4 sacred bit beast. Max uses four beyblades in Season 1: Draciel Max, Draciel Metal Ball, Draciel Shield and Draciel Fortess. He has three beyblades in Season 2: Draciel Fortress, Draciel Viper and Draciel Viper 2. In Season 3, his beyblades are: Draciel Viper 2, Draciel Gravity, and Draciel Metal Shield.

Ray Kon[edit]

Voiced by: Aya Hisakawa (Japanese); Daniel DeSanto (English)[1]

Raymond Kon, more commonly known as Ray Kon, is generally calm and open-minded. Many comparatives can be made between his personality and the metaphysical concept of yin and yang, of which he appropriately wears the symbol, the Taijitu.

Ray's bit-beast is Driger, which resembles a white tiger. Driger is one of the four sacred bit-beasts.

Ray's beyblades and their attacks in this season are Driger Slash (Tiger Claw) and Driger Fang (Tiger Fang). In the second season, he uses Driger Vulcan and Driger Vulcan 2 (Vulcan Power Claw). He uses Driger Gatling (Gatling Claw), and Driger Metal Slash (Thunder Slash) in the third season.

In the last chapter of the Beyblade manga, Ray is married to Mariah Wong, and they have a daughter together.


Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima (Japanese); Alex Hood (English)[1]

Kenny, also known as the Chief, is the brains of the Bladebreakers team, a self-described nerd due to his advanced expertise on beyblading and computer technology, as well as an expert on every aspect of the sport. Kenny created the HMS series in the anime. This is, for the first two seasons, the sole reason for his involvement in the Bladebreakers team. However, in G-Revolution, Kenny begins to come into his own as a blader, and becomes an official competing member of the team upon the departure of Max and Ray from the Bladebreakers.

In the English dub of the first two seasons of the anime, Kenny's laptop has a female bit-beast inside, called Dizzi, who was added to the show in replacement of Kenny's normal laptop screen.


Voiced by: Shiho Kikuchi (Japanese); Caitriona Murphy (English)[1]

Hilary Tachibana, known as Hiromi Tachibana (立花 ヒロミ, Tachibana Hiromi) in the original version, is introduced in the second season of the series. She only appears in the anime and not in the manga. Hilary is Tyson's classmate who appears to be in love with him, as well as the class president, often frustrated with trying to get Tyson to do his work. As a result, she tends to be very loud, bossy, and over-reactive, but is still intelligent, kindhearted, and unrelentingly stubborn. Although she is not a beyblader, she becomes a member of the Bladebreakers as their manager and coach, and usually works alongside Kenny. As her position on the team solidifies, she becomes less excitable and exhibits a more responsible and mature attitude. A running gag in the show is that her cooking is terrible, which both Tyson and Daichi constantly state, and she is usually the comic relief throughout the series.

Because Hilary is not a beyblader, she is initially seen as a nuisance by the Bladebreakers, and Tyson dubs her the "Wicked Witch of Eighth Grade" for her tenacity. She is accepted by Kai after she provides the team with an effective training schedule, and the rest of the team eventually warms up to her presence. However, Hilary is frustrated with her inability to see Bit-beasts, and she initially believes the boys are tricking her so they can exclude her from their activities. After she gains the power to see Bit-beasts, the team fully accepts her as one of their members and she becomes a loyal and reliable friend. Because she is less familiar with beyblading and does not beyblade herself, Hilary often uses her head to help solve problems the Bladebreakers encounter.

During the third season, Hilary remains with Tyson and Kenny, as they are forced to reform the Bladebreakers into the BBA Revolution with Daichi Sumeragi and without Ray, Max and Kai. She becomes the assistant coach and manager of the team, along with Tyson's older brother, Hiro. After a few weeks, the BEGA appear and demolish the entire BBA company and the building, putting the sport of beyblading on a different playing field. The whole team is forced out from buying beyblade parts from shops since each shop required a BEGA identification card, another one of Boris's schemes to force Tyson out of beyblading unless Tyson joins the BEGA League, like Kai already has. Hilary tries, but fails, to buy parts. She lends a hand to help the team build their own beyblading parts as the BEGA team prepares for them. Later, after the BBA is saved, Hilary looks for Tyson and Kai, as always, and finds them both about to start a Beybattle, the end.


Voiced by: Naomi Nagasawa (Japanese); Mary Long (English)

Daichi Sumeragi (皇 大地, Sumeragi Daichi) is a beyblader who joins Tyson's team in Beyblade G-Revolution after the Bladebreakers are dissolved. He appears in the third season, Beyblade: The Movie – Fierce Battle, and the manga. A young hyperactive blader with a blade called Strata Dragoon (Gaia Dragoon in the original Japanese version), he becomes tag team partner of Tyson during the BBA Tournament. With his flaming red hair and mismatching shorts, Daichi is most well known for having a huge advantage in outdoor bey-dishes, as he has trained close to nature and has perfected his style of beyblading. His hot-headed personality is reminiscent of Tyson's, which causes the two to clash as much as they get along. His weakness is over-confidence, as demonstrated by his two defeats—once to Kai and later to Ming-Ming. Daichi gets under Hilary's skin

Etymology: 'Sumeragi' is an original Japanese Kanji meaning 'Emperor', and the name can be divided into two Kanjis- 'Dai' and 'Chi' which respectively means 'Big' and 'Ground'. So his name can be summed up as 'Emperor of the big Ground' or 'Supreme Emperor'

Daichi is categorized as one of the strongest beybladers in G-Revolution, because he is able to beat Rick of the PPB All Starz. He provides comic relief in the series with his fear of flying, constant eating and heckling Tyson. He is finally beaten by the BEGA League blader, Ming-Ming, but tells her that he will win the next time they battle. Daichi is a major character in the film Beyblade: The Movie – Fierce Battle, in which his Gaia Dragoon is the bit-beast used to release the Dark Beasts that are locked up on Demon Rock island.

At the beginning of the third season, Tyson is shocked to find out that Daichi has a variant of Dragoon, and claims that his own is the only one. Tyson and Daichi's bit-beasts can use a combination attack, called the Twin Tornado Attack, which may be the first time this happens in the series. When Daichi's father died, he inherited the bit-beast, so Daichi, like Tyson, always seeks solace in it. Daichi is a hard-working blader because of his father, who worked as a forest wood cutter and was very strong. He lives in the forest from where he came, and challenges Tyson for a battle at the start of the third session.

During the battle, Kenny notices that Daichi has an advantage with natural playing fields, and Tyson has an advantage in a regular Bey dish. Daichi impresses Max and Ray at first, but not Kai, as he thinks that Tyson is much more skilled than Daichi. Tyson and Daichi often do not get along very well with Tyson, calling him "monkeyboy," Daichi's nickname by which Tyson calls him throughout the third series. Although they often have meaningless fights and eating contests, they still remain good friends. In the manga, he has a mother named Orin and he stars in his own sidestory. He meets several rivals including Hikaru Tomonji and Kennosuke Shishi.

Daichi was a popular character in the manga, and also appeared in many of the Beyblade video games. His personality resembles Tyson's. The similarities include their "never give up" attitudes, eating habits and constantly re-challenging people even after winning or losing. In the Japanese version of G-revolution, Daichi's nickname in the American arc was "Wild Monkey". Takao's nickname is "The Champ". At the end of the manga (vol.14), Daichi becomes the new referee in place of Blader D.J./D.J. Jazzman. Gaia Dragoon is the beyblade version of the Huang Long, the occasional fifth sacred beast in the myths of the Four Sacred Beasts, represented by the original four members of the Bladebreakers.

Hiro Granger[edit]

Hiro Granger, known in the Japanese versions as Hitoshi Kinomiya (木ノ宮仁, Kinomiya Hitoshi) is Tyson's older brother and an extremely strong beyblader. He only appears in the third season of the anime, Beyblade G-Revolution, but appears throughout the manga from the beginning. His bit-beast is Metal Driger. In the manga, his Holy Monster is Metal Driger. He is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa in the original Japanese version. He is voiced by Tim Hamaguchi in the English dub, and is one of three characters to reappear after the first Beyblade game on the GBC, the others being Kai and Tyson.

Hiro appears in Volume 1 as a rival/villain and confronts Tyson on his skills. He later brings Ray to the Japanese tournament to compete. After the tournament, he reveals his true identity to his younger brother, who has returned to Japan. Later, as part of the world championships, the Japanese team of Tyson, Ray, Max and Kai travel to China, along with Kenny, to compete against the White Tigers. Before they enter the tournament, Hiro introduces them to a site at which his father and he had worked before he had returned to Japan. There, he explains the importance of the four sacred bit-beasts, which are incorporated into the beyblades, and how other sacred spirits will now appear. Hiro follows the team throughout the championships until the end. When the championship is won, he once again disappears, returning to the second tournament to aid Tyson and his team in the World Championships. After the team splits up into their individual countries' teams, Hiro aids Tyson, Kenny and now Daichi, until the last volume, where the final battle of Tyson and Kai is left unfinished.

In the anime, Hiro first appears as his alter-ego, "Jin of the Gale (Shippu no Jin). He seems to be another ordinary villain. However, Tyson feels that he is somehow familiar, like a foreshadowing. When "Jin of the Gale" sends a battle invitation to Tyson, Ray intercepts it and challenges him. During their battle, Ray gives everything he has, but eventually admits his inability to surpass Jin, who resorts to his final attack. Hiro emerges victorious despite being caught off-guard. Even though Jin wins, he has no desire to battle Tyson anymore. When Jin finally reveals himself to be Tyson's brother, Hiro Granger, they share a brief reunion, which doesn't last long.

Hiro reveals himself to be a strict coach who doesn't care about anything but the team, thus making him an anti-hero throughout the world tournament. The truth is that he wants to prepare Tyson to be the best he can for whatever comes his way. After the world tournament in the first half of the season, Hiro surprises everyone by joining the BEGA League, which angers Tyson. At first, his reason is to help Tyson by to training a strong blader in BEGA so that Tyson would have to become stronger through them. However, when Hiro sees Brooklyn's talent, he seeks to create a strong rival for him to defeat and leaves BBA Revolution. Through the Justice 5 tournament, he stands by Brooklyn but, at the very end, he expresses his pride in Tyson through his thoughts and leaves to train.

Kai appears to hate Hiro, though no real reason is given. Tension is very thick between them when they talk, and later Kai clearly orders Hiro to stay out of his way. During the World Championship, Hiro chooses Daichi and Kenny to battle with Kai and Tala of the Blitzkrieg Boys, meaning that Tyson wouldn't fight Kai. When Kai starts his game with Daichi, his Dranzer hits Daichi's Strata Dragoon in the air, then hits the wall very close to Hiro. Kai stares very angrily at Hiro, showing his anger at not being able to battle Tyson. During Kai's first confrontation with Brooklyn, Hiro speaks to Kai in a very condescending tone to the point of insulting Kai's ability as a beyblader, and states that he will never match Brooklyn's talent.

Although it is never fully proven, Hiro is implied to be the strongest and most powerful blader in the series. He defeats Ray with relative ease, and is able to successfully predict victory at the beginning of a match. He is able to manipulate elemental objects to his own benefit, which is only one of his many tricks. He is able to change his strategy based on an opponent's strengths, as well as weaknesses, which makes him invincible and unpredictable.


Season One[edit]

White Tigers / White Tiger X[edit]

The White Tigers beybladers team consists of Lee Wong, Mariah Wong, Kevin Cheng, Gary Tan, and (in the third season of Beyblade G-Revolution only) Ray Kon and Master Tao. In G-Revolution, the White Tigers are renamed White Tiger X

, and Ray and Lee are tag team partners. The White Tigers do not make an appearance in the second season. All members of the White Tigers have cat-like expressions and features, except for Gary, who has more similarities to a bear.

Lee (Rao)
Lee Wong, known in the Japanese version as Chen Rai (チェン・ライ) is a fierce competitor in Series One. He holds grudges for years and uses that as his advantage in battle. He is well-respected and, in turn, respects his village and its people. However, because he is an emotional character, it causes him to lose his cool and even break down. He's quick to anger and speaks his mind, and has a tendency to push himself a little too hard. Lee can often harness his passion for beyblading into the strength and resolve required to win, and is also able to predict and follow his opponent's every move.
Lee is voiced by Koichi Nagano in the original version, and by Peter Cugno in the English dub.
Mariah (Mao)
Mariah is the first girl blader to appear in the series. Although it's hardly mentioned in the dub, Mariah is revealed to be Lee's sister. She has catlike features and a fierce bit-beast. She is completely loyal to the White Tiger team and always tries to keep the peace within it. She enjoys taunting other bladers who think she can't beat them and, because of her speed, she can knock bladers off-guard. She also has a friendship with Ray. Despite the team's distrust of Ray when he left in Series 1, she still believes he will return and remain a member of the team. Mariah has a playful attitude and supports the idea of "girl-power". At times, she can become very aggressive, but she gets along very well with the other girls. In the BEGA League and Justice Five Tournament sagas, Mariah appeared again after the World Championships, but this time to support Tyson and the G-Revolutions and join their quest in taking down Boris and terminating his BEGA organization.
In the Japanese version of the anime, her name is Chen Mao (チェン・マオ) and she is voiced by Niina Kumagaya. In the English dub, she is voiced by Julie Lemieux.
Kevin (Kiki)
Kevin, known in the original Japanese version as Kiki (キキ), has a wild and unpredictable style. His bit-beast is Galman, a monkey that appears to produce more copies of itself to confuse his opponent. Kevin Tan loses to Tyson twice, and is never able to get revenge in the finals of the Asian tournament. His special attacks are the Crazy Monkey attack and Monkey Claw attack. When Ray left the team, this makes Kevin angry, though he ends up forgiving him after the Asian Tournament. He's somewhat selfish, and a bit of a prankster. He has a somewhat brotherly relationship with Gary, and he is good friends with Mariah. He may be small, but Kevin is one nimble character. His taunting tactics not only annoy, but also provoke his rivals. When facing off against another team, Kevin is the one who provides both physical and verbal distractions from the battle at hand. Kevin also appears to be realistic in terms of battling, especially against the Demolition Boys when everyone saw Kai and Black Dranzer stealing the All Starz's bit-beasts after defeating them, and as a result, did not wish to battle them.
He is voiced by Junko Shimakata in the original version, and by Ari-Paul Saunders & Lyon Smith in the English dub. He shares the same English voice actor with Michael and DJ Jazzman (V-Force only).
His beyblades are Galman with the Crazy Monkey attack and Galman 2 with the Illusion Confusion attack.
Gary (Gaou)
Gary, known in the Japanese version as Gaou (ガオゥ), has a special bond with his bit-beast Galzzly, which allows Galzzly to take in Gary's emotion and use it for power. In the Asian tournament finals, Gary thrashes Max's blade and destroys the arena with it, proving that Gary is one of the strongest bladers around. However, his mind tends to turn to thoughts of food, rather than the actual beybattles. Gary is more of a gentle giant than a competitor who seeks to destroy his opponents. His attacks are Bear Axe Attack and Bear Stomp Attack. He has a somewhat brotherly relationship with Kevin. In the BEGA arc, along with his teammates, he helps Tyson and his gang control the HMS blades, and actually tries to join the team.
Gary is voiced by Kazuyuki Ishikawa in the original version, and by Craig Lauzon in the English dub. He shares the same English voice actor with Bryan, Joseph, Goki, Dr. Zagart, Gordo, and Claude.
His beyblades are Galzzy with the Bear Axe attack and Galzzy 2 with the Bear Stomp attack.
Master Tao
Master Tao is the coach (or "sensei") of White Tiger X. He makes his first and only appearance in G-Revolution though, according to Ray and his teammates, he was their teacher long beforehand. Tao is something of an oddity. While he clearly knows a great deal more than he lets on, his strange "words of wisdom" leave much to be desired, and his odd and somewhat perverted nature often conceals how wise he truly is. Tao is voiced by Masaaki Tsukada in the original Japanese version. Tao is voiced by John McGrath in the English dub.

All Starz / PPB All Starz[edit]

The All Starz (later known as PPB All Starz) beybladers team consists of Michael, Steven, Eddy and Emily in the first season, and Max and Rick in the third season, with Michael, Eddy and Emily as supporting members. They come from the United States and, except for Max and Rick, they enjoy sports apart from beyblading. Several members of the team use sports themed Beyblade launchers. Steven kicks a football, Eddy dunks a basketball, and Emily uses a tennis racquet to strike a tennis ball.

In the original version, the All Starz are known as the PPB All Stars. The dub removed the PPB portion of the team name, restoring it for G-Revolution, and they replaced the last "s" with "z". The All Starz are the only team in Season 1 in which all of its members keep their original names.

Michael Parker (voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi, and Lyon Smith in English Dub)
Michael is the team captain of the All-Starz, an arrogant, overconfident showoff. During G-Revolution, he has a new haircut (long, straight blonde hair, with his right eye covered by his bangs). He is defeated by Rick during the American eliminations of the Beyblade Championship. He is 16 years old in the first season and 18 in the third. In the first season, his beyblade is Trygle with the Fast Ball Attack, Maximum Cannon Ball Flame Attack and Talon Attack. In the third, it's upgraded to Trygle 2, which has the Super Cannon Attack.
Rick Anderson (voiced by Takehiro Murozono, and Tony Daniels in English Dub)
Rick is a bull-like strong blader, but he doesn't have respect for the game. He first appears in G-Revolution, where he teams up with Max and forms the PPB All Starz. His bit-beast is Rock Bison and his finishing move is the Drop Rock attack. He is dominant in the first couple of matches, where he physically destroys the left arm of Claude of the Barthez Battalion, and in his second match, where he manhandles Raul of the F-Dynasty. During the fight against the White Tiger X, he is forced to fight together with Max against Ray and Lee. During this fight, Rick learns how to work within a team. However, his dreams of becoming the world champion end when he and Max are defeated by the BBA Revolution. After the championship ends, he supports the G-Revolution team as they get ready to fight the BEGA League. In the final scenes of Beyblade G-Revolution, Rick is beyblading with Carlos in an alley.
Emily York (voiced by Yukari Honma, and Julie Zwillich in English Dub)
Emily is quite snobby and stuck up. She does not like trash talk, and she jumps to the challenge when Tyson claims that he is just as good as those trained in the PPB corporation. She beats Max in a small beyblade match, showing the strength of the All Starz in that match. She is the only girl of the All Starz team. Emily relies solely on science to help her team beat their opponents. She uses a tennis racket for a launcher in the first season. During the third season, she loses to Max during the American eliminations of the Beyblade Championship, and rejects his words of encouragement. On occasion, she shows affection towards Max and Kenny. In the first season, she is 15 years old, and 17 in the third. In the first season, her beyblade is Trygator with the Water Smash attack. In the third, it's upgraded to Trygator 2 with the Alligator Bites attack.
Eddy Wheeler (voiced by Hisayoshi Suganuma, and Tim Grimes in English Dub)
Eddy fits in perfectly with the All-Starz due to his love for basketball. He has grey/black hair, is African American, and an all-round easygoing character, but will step up to fight if his team is being trash-talked. Eddy is seen multiple times during the American Tournament and, at the very end of the Tournament, he battles Bladebreakers teammate, Ray. During the Russian Championships, along with his team, he faces the Demolition Boys' captain, Tala. He loses the battle easily, shocking his team and himself. He is 17 years old in the first season and 19 in the third. In the first season, his beyblade is Trypio with the Sting Shoot attack. In the third, it's Trypio 2 with the Scorpio Sting attack.
Steven Jones (voiced by Kenichi Suzumura, and Vincent Corazza in English Dub)
Steve was a pro football player before being kicked off his team for unsportmanlike conduct, after which he takes up beyblading. He uses a beyblade with more powerful attack rings in an attempt to do more damage in battle. Steven is seen multiple times leading up to the final American Tournament Battle against Tyson, then again during the Russian Championships, battling the Demolition Boys' Ian. Ian beats him with ease, leaving Steven annoyed. Steven is 17 years old in the first season. His beyblade is Tryhorn with the Stampede Rush attack. Steven is absent in G-Revolution with Rick Anderson taking his place. In the Japanese ending, it's discovered that he was in the hospital for an injured foot.
Judy Tate (voiced by Judy Mizuhara, and Susan Roman in English Dub)
A researcher and scientist of the BBA, and the All Starz coach, Judy is also Max's mother. She does beyblade research at an American BBA facility. During the First World Championship, when she assists the All Starz against her own son and the Bladebreakers, she and her team learn that technology isn't everything one needs to be the best.

Dark Bladers[edit]

The Dark Bladers (Team WHO in the Japanese version) beyblade team appears only in the first season. The team is composed by four monsters: Sanguinex (a vampire), Lupinex (a werewolf), Cenotaph (a mummy), and Zomb (a Frankenstein creation). They were turned into monsters by their hatred of the Majestics. Their agenda was to capture more bit-beasts to reach their goal of becoming better bladers. The Bladebreakers first encounter them in England, then on their way to France, then finally defeated them in Paris. The Dark Bladers kidnap Kenny (Kyouju) during the Bladebreakers match against the Majestics, and say they were the Bladebreakers' "personal monster cheering squad".

The Dark Bladers (or, rather, Sanguinex and Lupinex), reappear in the third season's epilogue (original version only). Lupinex is only seen from the face down, distinctive by his telltale grin, hairy wrists and the fact that he is with his brother.

Sanguinex (voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya in the Japanese version and Chris Marron in the American version)
Sanguinex is the unofficial leader of the team and Lupinex's older brother. He was turned into a vampire by Robert. His bit-beast, called Drac-Attack, is also a vampire. He has endless patience when handling his little brother, and is usually the one to calm Lupinex's nerves. Though he is polite and mannered, he is also sinister and creepy. He only loses his temper when he loses a match, thinks about Robert, or when people won't let him finish his sentences.
Lupinex (voiced by Tsutomu Takayama)
Lupinex is the hot-headed werewolf of the team and Sanguinex's little brother. He was turned into a werewolf after being defeated by Johnny. Ironically, he is short-tempered and sharp-tongued like Johnny. His bit-beast is Wolf Storm.
Cenotaph (voiced by Kenichi Sakaguchi in the Japanese version and Robert Tinkler in the American version)
He became a mummy after being defeated by Enrique. He was the first one to appear in the anime, and is supposed to be the brains of the team, since he does all the dirty work. He has a creepy voice and enjoys scaring people (especially Kenny). Cenotaph's bit-beast, Sarcophagon/Sarcophalon, is also a mummy.
Zomb (voiced by Yuka Imai)
Zomb is the "Frankenstein's monster" of the team, becoming such after his defeat by Oliver. Despite his size, he is not very strong, but rather is very quiet and gentle (considering the fact that he is "humanly challenged"). His bit-beast, named shamblor, is also a zombie/Frankenstein's monster.


The Majestics team is composed of top bladers and wealthy knights from different countries in Europe. They use weapons to launch their beyblades. At first, they are very arrogant showoffs, not functioning properly as a team. However, they later learn the importance of teamwork.

Robert Jürgens (Ralf Jürgens)
Robert, the leader of the Majestics, came from Germany. He despises anything "uncouth," and is very haughty. He believes that, once he defeats an enemy in a beyblade match, they are trash and no longer exist and, henceforth, a rematch is impossible. However, he eventually competes in a rematch with Tyson, which he loses, changing his mind about the quality of his opponents.
In the manga, his beyblade is a "Hidden Spirits" model that transforms into his beyblade like the Takara/Hasbro version. His beyblade launcher is in the shape of a flail, and his special attack is Wing Dagger. Robert's bit-beast, Griffolyon, is rumored to be set in armor and is very large in size, making it very hard to defeat.
Enrique Giancarlo (Giancarlo Tornatore)
The playful Enrique is the champion of Rome, but appears to be a rich, bored Italian kid, preferring to spend his time with his many girlfriends. He is often seen with Oliver, the two are believed to be best friends, despite their differences.
He comes from a long line of gladiators, and is seen beyblading in his family armor. His beyblade launcher is in the shape of a sword and shield. He acts uncaring towards his bit-beast Amphilyon, which is a huge Amphisbaena. While it is incredibly powerful, it is weak at high altitudes. During Enrique's match with Tyson, Amphilyon turns on Enrique and attempts to attack him, but Enrique is saved by Tyson's Dragoon.
Johnny McGregor
The sarcastic Johnny is a true Scotsman and plays tennis and golf as side sports to beyblading. He takes no prisoners in battle, both in and out of the beystadium. Although he acts like a big tough guy, he has a heart of gold, but with a very short temper.
Johnny is supposedly known as "The Gladiator of Glasgow" due to his phenomenal beyblading skills. His beyblade launcher is in the shape of an axe, and his bit-beast is Salamalyon. In the third season, he makes a cameo appearance when he discovers that the Barthez Battalion was cheating. He informs Tyson, but tells him that it is too late to report them, because, if they were disqualified, it would unbalance the entire championships too late in the game.
Oliver Polanski (Olivier Poulange)
Oliver met the Bladebreakers in the Eiffel Tower and is the national champion of France. His beyblading style includes very graceful and beautiful movements and attacks, artistic in nature. He is not only an amazing beyblader, but is also the son of a French millionaire and is an amazing chef. He is well-mannered, polite and graceful, and very well known in Paris. His beyblade launcher is in the shape of a rapier. Oliver is a big fan of art, and often does some painting himself. He sometimes spends his whole days at the Louvre, after reserving it entirely for himself. However, he appears to be dense in some situations, and usually speaks his mind. His bit-beast is Unicolyon, and takes the form of a unicorn. He is not mentioned in the second season, but a picture is shown of him and Robert beyblading in the series finale of the Japanese version.

Demolition Boys / Blizkrieg Boys[edit]

The Demolition Boys (Neo Borg in the Japanese version, later known as the Blitzkrieg Boys in the dub of the third season) are a team of Russian characters. The term "Blitzkrieg" is a German World War 2 tactic that translates to "Lightning war". In the first Beyblade series, Tala is the captain of the Demolition Boys with the group trained by Boris Balkov and sponsored by the Biovolt company under Voltaire. The other members are Ian, Spencer, and Bryan (and Kai later on, towards the end of the season). In the third season, after they reappear (without Ian) and invite Kai to join them, Kai accepts. Kai later disbanded the Blitzkrieg Boys in favor for BEGA, which he later lost easily to Brooklyn Masefield in a qualifying battle. Kai then went on to join his original team, the G Revolutions (previously the Bladebreakers).

All of the Demolition Boys' beyblade launchers are modified after various firearms.

Tala Valkov (Yuriy Ivanov)
Voiced by: Chiaki Morita (Japanese); Jamie Haydon Devlin (English)
Tala first appears as a Russian beyblader obsessed with power. Boris and his scientists use Tala to connect with his mutated bit-beast, and experiment on him in order to upgrade his battling skills. They hyper-strengthen his nerve and musculature system and hardwire his cranial cerebrospinal fluid, causing him to be genetically modified. He loses Voltaire's chance for world domination and his own chance of becoming a World Champion by losing to Tyson.
Although he was trained not to show any emotion, Tala is easily angered. He is a natural-born leader with a fiery personality. In the manga, he will do anything to win, and he is less loyal to Boris. Although Tala acts grumpy on the outside, he is very caring and will protect the tradition of beyblading. He is very patriotic. In the Volume 4 of the manga, he says "for mother Russia".
Tala has relationships with very few characters. His relationship with Bryan is that of a brother. Tala has always seen potential in Kai and, although he is not very close with Tyson, he is secretly grateful to him for various reasons.
Tala's beyblades are Wolborg with the Blizzalog attack, Wolborg 2 with the Botalog attack, Wolborg 3 with the Icy Blizzard attack, Wolborg 4 G with the Novae Rog attack, and Wolborg Metal Snow (HMS) with the Snow Meteor attack.[reflected]
Ian (Ivan Papov)
Voiced by: Aya Sakaguchi
Ian (Ivan Papov in the Japanese version) only appears in Series One. He is a mischievous and smart-mouthed blader who works for Boris. However, in G-Revolution, he remains in Russia after he loses to Kai in the preliminary rounds. He is still very much a part of the Blitzkrieg Boys team and is very loyal to his teammates. In the Japanese exclusive epilogue, he is seen together with the rest of the Blitzkrieg Boys, having rejoined the team.
Ian is the shortest member of the Blitzkrieg/Demolition Boys. He has a magenta red eyes, a long nose, wears goggles and is typically cool and cold, like Kai. He is often seen with Tala, although the two never really talk much. His Launcher is shaped after a AK-47.
Ian's beyblades are Wyborg with the Wy Crusher attack and Wyborg 2 with the Sand Bind and Dive Bomb attacks.
Spencer (Sergei
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita
Like Tala, Spencer (Sergei in the Japanese version) has been trained from a young age to be a beyblader. He is large in stature, but is a very quiet person. However, when he speaks during his battles, he speaks volumes. He is known as a competitive player who doesn't like to lose. His launcher is shaped after a rifle.
Spencer was trained in the Abbey like the other Demolition Boys. He is the only blader physically strong enough to harness the power of Seaborg. He remains loyal to the Blitzkrieg Boys and, like the others, despises Boris. In G-Revolution, Spencer's beyblade, Seaborg, is upgraded to the powerful Seaborg 2.
His beyblades are Seaborg with the Voda Impact and Wave Impact attacks, and Seaborg 2 with the Stramolyu attack.
Bryan Kuznetsov (Boris Kuznetsov)
Voiced by: Wasabi Mizuta
Bryan is an emotionless blader, ruthless and unrestrained to immobilize his opponent to a critical point. Bryan was raised at the Abbey from a young age. The scientists who trained him worked on turning him into an ultimate fighter. They taught him to attack the blader as well as the blade. After losing in Season One, his personality changed. He remained on the Demolition Boys team and planned to seek revenge on Boris. In Beyblade G-Revolution, he is not as vicious as he once was, and he only trusts his teammates.
His beyblades are Falborg with the Blitz Bomb attack and Falborg 2 G with the Stroblitz attack.
Boris Balkov (Vladimir Volkov)
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese); Tony Daniels (English)

A criminal mastermind who is the overall series antagonist seeking world dominion through the Beyblade game. He appears in the first season as Voltaire's accomplice under the cover of the Demolition Boys' trainer, running an Abbey as a front to select ideal beybladers while disposing of those who fail to live up to his standards while also utilizing unorthodox enhancements on them and their bit beasts. Boris escapes capture after Voltaire's criminal activities were exposed. Boris resurfaces during the events of G-Revolution, claiming to have reformed while establishing the BEGA League for his agenda before his plans were ultimately ruined.

Season Two[edit]

Saint Shields[edit]

The Saint Shields beybladers team is formed by four mysterious teenagers whose intentions remain unclear until halfway through the second season, when they reveal that they wish to capture the four sacred bit-beasts in order to prevent them from falling into wrong hands. All members wear similar clothing and their bit-beasts are invisible at first to the Bladebreakers.

Ozuma (voiced by Alex House in the American version)
Ozuma, the leader of the Saint Shields, is the first to appear. His bit-beast is Flash Leopard. In the manga, he owns a Flash Leopard during his first encounter with Tyson and a Flash Leopard II during the second. Ozuma is also known as "Mr. X" during the tournament when he first encounters Tyson. During his final battle with Tyson, they draw and later Ozuma battles Zeo, but lost along with his teammate, Dunga, whom lost to Gordo prior to Ozuma and Zeo's match.Ozuma is a character in the beyblade Original Series ( Beyblade: V-Force). [2] His Bit-Beast and Beyblade are Flash Leopard.He is the leader of the Saint Shields.
Joseph (voiced by Jason Barr in the American version)
A 14-year-old kid, Joseph is Mariam's very sneaky younger brother. He is the chosen one to sneak into and out of the Psykick hideouts to see what they are up to. During his fights, he uses “hit and run” tactics to disorient his opponents. However, he is mercilessly defeated by King and Queen, the notorious Parts Hunters.
His beyblade is Vanishing Moot with the Great Rock attack.
Mariam (voiced by Shannon Perreault in the American version)
Mariam is as skillful and dangerous as her teammates. Her sense of humor often gets under Dunga's skin, and she rarely passes up an opportunity to give him a jab, especially when he's fighting a battle. During her fights, she tends to be unpredictable, and her ability to confuse her opponents leaves them vulnerable for attack. She often teams up with her little brother Joseph to take on their more difficult opponents. Together, they are a formidable pair. However, they lose to the King & Queen during the World Championship. She is so absorbed in her destiny to seal the sacred bit-beasts that she forgets about the beyblading spirit. Only after her battle with Max does she realize the true spirit of a beyblader.
Her beyblade is Sharkrash with the Abyss Fire attack.
Mariam has shown some feelings for Max, though she usually turns him down because of her loyalty to the Saint Shields. They're often portrayed as a couple.
Dunga (voiced by Tony Daniels in the American version)
Dunga is the muscle of the Saint Shields. His strength is rivaled only by his temper. He uses his fury and anger during fights to provide maximum power for his beyblade. However, once he loses his temper, he may be easily defeated. However Dunga loses to Kai and Ray in a match for Ray to gain back his captured Driger, and later in the series he was easily defeated by Gordo and his blade Orthrus.
His bit-beast is Vortex Ape (a gorilla), the perfect bit-beast for such a strong and short-tempered blader. His beyblade is Vortex Ape with the Spark Hammer attack.

King and Queen[edit]

King and Queen, blade part collectors, are twins who always work together when collecting blade parts. King's beyblade is Ariel and Queen's beyblade is Gabriel. When they first appear in Beyblade V-Force, King challenges Kai Hiwatari to a battle. During the battle, King reveals his bit-beast Ariel. However, Kai uses Dranzer and almost defeats him, until Queen suddenly joins the battle using her bit-beast Gabriel to help King defeat Kai and shatter Dranzer into pieces. Seeing no use in a broken beyblade, they simply walk away.

Dr. K appears by the World Championship and invites them to join her so they can gain the power of the sacred bit-beasts. However, at first they do not accept the offer. They later attack a boy, but Kai challenges them before they can destroy the boy's beyblade. After a fight between King and Kai, both escape, leaving the battle undecided. King and Queen later accept Dr. K's offer to join her. They challenge Kane and Jim on a beach and destroy their beyblades, leading to their disqualification from the championship.

During the championship, King and Queen have their first fight against Joseph and Mariam. Even though they play against the rules (both teammates in the stadium at the same time), Mr. Dickenson allows the fight to proceed. In the end, both Joseph and Mariam's beyblades are destroyed (except for the attack rings, which are stolen by their adversaries), and King and Queen win. They are defeated in their next fight, against Tyson and Max. Queen's beyblade is destroyed, and King joins Tyson in an attempt to stop Dr. K (who is shooting flash lights on Dragoon). At the end of the battle, both King and Queen admit they've been wrong and announce they are now travelling around the world to acquire experience.

In Beyblade G-Revolution, King and Queen have what appears to be a championship two-on-two battle with Julia Fernandez and Raul Fernandez from F-Dynasty in the series finale. This scene was cut from the dub.

King and Queen are voiced by Hirofumi Nojima and Mie Sonozaki in the original version. In the English version, King and Queen are voiced by David Berni and Susan Laney Dalton.

Team Psykick[edit]

Team Psykick beybladers team only appears in Beyblade V-Force. Some of its members are also seen at the end of G-Revolution. The team is owned by a beyblading corporation called Zagart Industries, owned by Dr. Zagart. A member of Team Psykick is usually referred to as a Psykick, and a group of bladers Psykicks. The main antagonists are led by Gideon and Doctor B as their main instructors. The goal of Team Psykick is to capture the four sacred spirits, or "bit-beasts" from the world champion beyblading team, the Bladebreakers.

Core Members

Dr. Zagart (voiced by Lawrence Bayne in the English dub)
Zeo's father and the CEO of Zagart Industries, he is trying to steal the four sacred beasts of the Bladebreakers in order to convert Zeo into a real boy. He is introduced only after Gideon's death.
Gideon (voiced by Len Carlson in the English dub)
Gideon is the overseer of Team Psykick and the one who thought of the Cyber Bit-Beast project. He hires Dr. B to do most of his work and lead the other scientists. Unbeknownst to the others, he actually answers to a man named Dr. Zagart. After Tyson defeats Kane and the Battle Tower collapses, Gideon is crushed underneath the debris and dies (in Episode 3–27).
Dr. B (voiced by Tony Daniels in the English dub)
Dr. B is the head scientist of Team Psykick and is called in when Gideon's normal henchmen aren't able to capture Tyson's Dragoon. He is the primary reason the Bladebreakers reunite, as he calls for a match between chosen Psykick members and the Bladebreakers. He is extremely arrogant, almost to the point of insanity. When his plans fail, he tends to scream and act out like a child. In the end, laughing manically, he attempts to kill everyone in the Battle Tower by pressing a button that is presumed to be an explosive. However, Gideon stops him and pushes him away, putting him under the falling debris of the collapsing building. Dr. B dies by electrocution on the computer screen (in Episode 6–27).
Doctor K (voiced by Joanne Vannicola in the English dub)
The beautiful scientist that worked for Dr. Zagart, she manages to steal the sacred rock containing the power of multiple bit-beasts for Zagart. However, for disloyalty in handing over the extracted bit-beasts from the rock, she is fired by him before the World Championships. She then goes on to coach King and Queen in the World Championships.
Slim and Fatso (voiced by Chris Marren and Peter Cugno in English dub)
The men-in-black agents of Psykick HQ as Gideon's henchmen.

The Psykicks

The Psykicks are the group of beybladers chosen to wield the Cyber Bit-Beasts and defeat the Bladebreakers. The bladers have changed over time, until Gideon finally settles on the main four. Unlike normal Psykicks, who wear green uniforms, these bladers wear lavender and black.
Kane Yamashita
Kane is the leader of the Psykicks and the blader chosen to control Cyber Dragoon. Kane is very calm and collected in nature, making him a born leader and an inspiration to his team. Salima may have feelings for him. Kane and the other Psykicks have been involved with Gideon before, but their past remains unexplored. He is voiced by Yuuki Tai in the original version, and by Peter Cugno in the English dub.
Salima is the beyblader chosen to use Cyber Driger. She is very kindhearted and truly believes in her team's goal: to learn everything they possibly can about beyblading. She, like Kane, is skeptical about using the Cyber Bit-beasts in battle, but her lust for power gets the better of her. Salima develops a close bond with Ray because they both want to have fair fights, since Tyson is considering breaking the rules to protect their bit-beasts. Though Ray is profoundly affected by Salima's influence, she mostly shows romantic feelings for Kane. Salima is voiced by Hikaru Ikeda in the original version, and by Susan Roman in the English dub.
Jim is the beyblader chosen to use Cyber Draciel. He is a tactical genius, almost to the point of being cocky, and is able to figure out a beyblade's RPM rating and a beyblader's attack pattern simply by watching them. He is the first to be introduced to the Cyber Bit-Beasts. The test puts a physical and mental strain on Jim and, after he passes, he immediately starts craving more power. He is the only Psykick to beat a Bladebreaker (Max) and capture his bit-beast. Even though he is rather smart, he seems to have confidence issues, such as when he runs to the table crying after King and Queen destroy his beyblade. Jim is voiced by Ayaka Yamashita in the original version, and by Mary Long in the English dub.
Goki is the beyblader chosen to use Cyber Dranzer. His main resolve is his raw power, although he seems to share Kane's and Salima's values. Like Jim, severe mental stress is put on Goki due to the Cyber Bit-beasts' influence, and he breaks down in tears after losing to Kai. Goki is voiced by Yasuhiro Fujiwara in the original version, and by Craig Lauzon in the English dub.

Original Team

This team is the team that the Bladebreakers are forced to face on an island located on the east side of Japan.
Daryl is the beyblader who fights Tyson on Dr. B's island. His beyblade is able to blade on water due to a vacuum that takes in the water and pumps it back out. He is voiced by Tony Daniels in the English dub.
Chameleon is the beyblader who fights Max on Dr. B's island. His beyblade is able to blend in with its surroundings. However, Draciel breaks the bit-beast capture system and beats Chameleon. He is voiced by Lyon Smith in the English dub.
Dark Emperor Bat
Bat, usually referring to himself as the "Dark Emperor Bat," fights Ray in the dark cave of Dr. B's island. He wears night vision goggles in order to see, but Ray is victorious in the end.
Figel challenges Kai on the bridge to the lighthouse on Dr. B's island. He fails to make Kai call out Dranzer. He is voiced by Lyon Smith in the English dub.

Harassment Team

These five beybladers are hired by Dr. K to defeat the Bladebreakers and steal their bit-beasts. They wear different uniforms and have visor-like eye monitors.
Foxy is an undefeated former champion beyblader and the first one to wield a rock bit-beast, Wildfox. He lures Ray into the woods and almost beats him when his bit-beast is able to use the wind to make illusional copies of itself. However, Ray eventually defeats him when he manages to stop the wind.

Foxy was voiced by Jonathan Potts.

Net is a young reject, chosen to wield a spider bit-beast, Phantom Spider. He is sent to steal Tyson's Dragoon, but is soon defeated.

Net was voiced by Phil DeWilde.

Jack is an underground beyblader, chosen to wield the invisible wind bit-beast, Sickle Weasel. He challenges Kai and severely beats him, as Kai is unable to see his bit-beast. Once Kai is able to see his bit-beast, he summons Dranzer and destroys Sickle Weasel at the cost of damaging his own blade.
Dennis is a dinosaur fanatic. He is chosen to wield a rock bit-beast named Tyranno. He challenges Max to a battle, but only toys with him for a while before calling back his bit-beast. He then ulures Max into a warehouse, where Dr. K uses an energy injection to make Tyranno stronger. He almost defeats Max, until Tyranno overloads on energy and is destroyed.
Like Jack, Denny is an underground beyblader who cheats to win. He is chosen to wield the rock bit-beast Klarken. He challenges Ray, who manages to hold his own against him, until Denny launches another beyblade containing another Klarken. Zeo then joins the battle and, inspired by his courage and determination, Ray vanquishes the two Clarkens.

Team Zagart

Zeo (voiced by Hisayo Yanai in the Japanese version, and Tim Hamaguchi in the American version)
This robotic replicant of Zagart's son (who died in an accident) has developed strong beyblading skills through vigorous training methods and a strong desire to be the best. Zeo temporarily joins the Bladebreakers after helping Tyson out of a jam. When his father reveals his true identity, he throws his beyblading morals away in the hopes of defeating Tyson and his friends and becoming a real boy. His bit-beast is Cerberus. In the manga, Zeo is actually a boy named Leon, Zeo's younger brother, who is tricked to thinking that he is Zeo. The real Zeo is hit by a truck and killed shortly thereafter. Zagart is saddened and wants to use the power of the sacred beasts to revive Zeo, though it does not work out. After Leon's and Tyson's match in the manga, he goes off to live his true life with his father. In the anime, his blade (before Cerberus) is called Xeronix (pronounced "zeronix"). In G-Revolution, there is a short scene that shows a short-haired Zeo standing by the window. His beyblade is Burning Cerberus with the Chain Storm attack. He takes both Draciel and Dranzer away from Kai and Max, but the bit-beasts are returned to them after Tyson defeats Zeo.
This blader is chosen by Zagart to be the teammate for Zeo. He is a skillful beyblader, able to control a rock bit-beast, Orthrus. Gordo's performance at the World Championship is a descendant line. He first beats up Dunga very easily, then ties with Ray, and is then defeated by Tyson in the final match. He is voiced by Hisayoshi Suganuma in the Japanese version and Craig Lauzon in the American version. His beyblade is Orthrus with the Twin Spire attack.

Other Members

The following are the other members that make up Team Psykick, although there are many more blader grunts and scientists.
Snakey is the first beyblader chosen to wield Gideon's new Magtram (the anime's version of the South-Polarity Magnacore). His beyblade is able to cut through steel. Snakey is defeated by Tyson. He is voiced by Eric Woolfe in the English dub.
Wyatt is a student at Whitney Prep School and is one of Kai's biggest fans. He dreams of one day being a world champion like Kai, and asks Kai to train him on multiple occasions, but is turned down. As a result, he joins Team Psykick and uses the prototype Cyber Dranzer. His battle with Dunga puts an enormous amount of stress on him, as he is trying not to show any weakness in front of Kai. He falls to the ground, unable to handle the immense power, and dies. His death is watered down in the dub: although they don't explicitly say he is dead, they do not say he is alive, either. Kai's words about Wyatt are "he was never the same again." He is voiced by Edward Glen in the American version.
Gerry is the very first beyblader chosen to wield the prototype Cyber Dragoon. He uses it in a local beyblade tournament and nearly destroys the building. He collapses, falling under the pressure. He is voiced by Craig Lauzon in the English dub.

Season Three[edit]


F-Dynasty (F-sangre in the Japanese version) beyblading team features Raul and Julia Fernandez, who are the twin beybladers representing Spain. When beyblading together, they can combine their attacks to Gemini Grash and Gemini Attack. They were born and raised into a circus, and specialise in tag team beyblade matches. Their coach is Romero. In the manga version of Beyblade, Raul and Julia come from "the noble Fernandez family," instead of a circus. F-Dynasty only appears during season three of Beyblade, Beyblade G-Revolution.

Julia Fernandez (voiced by Kumiko Watanabe)
Julia is the older twin by a few minutes, and seems to take control over her brother Raul. Not only is she a strong tag team beyblader, but she is also pretty powerful on her own. Julia has a very short temper, and often gets angry at Raul. She is very confident although, in Episode 22 of G-revolution, it is revealed that this is mainly due to her brother's presence. Julia is often very bossy and seems to nearly always take control of situations. Her beyblade is Thunder Pegasus with the Toda la Fuerza attack, and her beyblade style is a combination of attack, endurance and defence.
Raul Fernandez (voiced by Akiko Kimura)
Raul is the younger twin. He is usually not as aggressive as his sister, and is not very confident most of the time. He relies on his sister's support. In Episode 22, Raul wants to participate in a beyblade match on his own during the Beyblade World Championships (since he is known for his teamwork with Julia), because he feels he needs to prove to himself that he is just as strong as Julia, and that he isn't bringing the team down. With his sister backing him up, he wins the match, proving that he is a strong blader, though he will still fight side-by-side with Julia. His beyblade is Torch Pegasus with the Fuerza Valiente attack.
Romero (voiced by Hidefumi Takemoto in the Japanese version, and Lyon Smith in the American version)
Romero is the F-Dynasty's coach, and the one who taught Raul and Julia how to beyblade. He found the twins in a travelling circus, and taught them how to incorporate the various tricks they learned (or had attempted to learn) into beyblading. He is something of a womanizer, and when he isn't giving the women that flock to him the time of day, he shows an almost equal love for food of all kinds. He also seems to enjoy fishing as a recreational activity. Romero seems to be rather calm and easygoing, and frets over very little. At one stage, he is snoozing while Raul and Julia are bickering, clearly unconcerned about their petty squabbling. He also seems to be a great deal more cunning than he appears, easily swaying Mr. Dickenson into allowing a tag team match between F-Dynasty and White Tiger X. During the BEGA arc, he helps Kai Hiwatari learn to control his new heavy metal system Dranzer Blade.

Barthez Battalion[edit]

The Barthez Battalion team consists of Miguel, Mathilda, Aaron, Claude and their coach Barthez. The team only appears during the third season, Beyblade G-Revolution.

The Barthez Battalion is introduced to the Bladebreakers through the television, when it is announced that they have knocked the Majestics out of the championship. Tyson finds it very strange that the Majestics are defeated by such a new, unknown team. Although the members of the team are well-intentioned, they blindly follow the orders of Barthez, who forces them to cheat in order to win. After Miguel battles Tyson, they realize that cheating is wrong and they do not need to follow Barthez's orders any longer.

On their last fight, and following their own strategies, they face the F-Dynasty. The first match between Julia and Miguel ends with Julia's victory. For the next round, they ask Mathilda to fight, using a beyblade made with parts from all of the other members' beyblades. Raul, on the other side of the beystadium, needs to prove to himself and his sister that he can do well all by himself, without his sister's assistance. He wins, and the Barthez Battalion leaves the championship proud of having played according to the rules and to their own strategies, rather than resorting to cheating. The Barthez Battalion then ditches their coach and fights the rest of the tournament fairly. Although they are knocked out of the tournament, they accept their defeat gracefully. It is later revealed in the series that, according to Tala, the team was merely a demonstration put together by BEGA in order to cause a splash at the world tournament with their coach, Barthez, being Boris' agent. However, thanks to Tyson's efforts, Miguel realizes that Barthez could not be trusted. The Barthez Battalion represents Europe during the Beyblade World Championships.

Miguel (voiced by Chris Marren in the American version)
Miguel is the main player on the team. He cares for his teammates and will do anything for them. Miguel is often teamed with Claude, and the two are great battle partners and close friends. As team leader, he is put under the most pressure by Coach Barthez, and is very conflicted about cheating in order to win. This boils to a point where he rebels against Barthez's orders completely in his match against Tyson and, though it ends in his defeat, Miguel is proud to have fought honorably. After admitting his faults and fighting fairly for the remainder of his matches, Miguel and his team gain new-found respect from the other teams and from the fans. While beyblading, he grows devil wings. His bit-beast is Dark Gargoyle with the Fire Execution attack. Miguel and Mathilda appear occasionally to support the G-Revolutions team as they fight against the BEGA League, with Miguel helping Kenny and Emily with the development of the Hard Metal System.
Mathilda Alster (voiced by Katie Griffin in the American version)
Mathilda is the only female member of the Barthez Battalion. She is a quiet, good-natured girl who lacks confidence, and she fears her coach Barthez. Mathilda looks up to Miguel as the leader and shows respect for him. While she is generally quiet with a mousy voice, she puts her all into her beyblade matches. She is very good friends with Mariah and Julia in the end of series G-Revolution. Mathilda's bit-beast is Pierce Hedgehog. Her beyblade is destroyed when Coach Barthez destroys it during her beyblade match against Daichi. Her attack is Poison Needle, and her beyblade still is a combination of Attack, Defence and Endurance. During her bit-beast matches, when she launches her Poison Needle, she seems to grow butterfly wings, despite the fact that her bit-beast takes the form of a porcupine. She and Miguel make sporadic appearances supporting the G-Revolutions team against BEGA.
Claude Tavares (voiced by Jason Barr in the American version)
Claude is personally trained by Barthez himself. He usually never questions Barthez to his face, but often wonders if what he is doing is the right thing. Claude shows respect for Miguel and his skills. Claude is injured during his battle with Rick. Although he could have moved out of the way of the attack, Barthez orders him to stay where he is so that the crowd will favour Barthez Battalion over the All Starz. Claude follows Miguel's example and stands up to Barthez. His bit-beast is Rapid Eagle (originally called "Killer Eagle"), and when he launches his Twin Sabre attack, he grows angel-like wings. Claude became a minor character after his battle with Rick Anderson of the PPB All Starz. During that battle Claude was injured in his shoulder after Rick's Rock Bison Beyblade sends a stadium needle flying into Claude's shoulder. Coach Barthez and the other team members forfeit from the match and during this episode Claude was thought to have "faked" the injury as Coach Barthez cheated during some battles of the series. Aaron and Claude aren't seen until the Japanese epilogue of the series. Claude resembles Bryan in appearance.
Aaron Silva (voiced by Dan Warry-Smith in the American version)
Aaron usually does what he is told, like Claude. He seems to lack confidence and doesn't stand up for himself. He is a quite powerful beyblader. Not very quick to get angry, he is usually fine with following Coach Barthez's orders, regardless of the consequences. However, the more he finds himself acting against his morals, the more he seems to question this practice. He does not have the nerve to go up against Barthez on his own. Although his bit-beast is Rushing Boar with the attack Spin Charge, Aaron had lost every battle he had faced, one with Max and another with Tala, and oddly enough, he was never seen using his attack, Spin Charge. Aaron and Claude aren't seen until the Japanese epilogue of the series.
Coach Barthez (voiced by Edward Glen in the American version)
Jean-Paul Barthez is the coach of the Barthez Battalion. He is an abusive coach, who is only interested in showing off his beybladers, using whatever methods it takes to make them, and ultimately him, look good. His team in the Japanese version is called the "Barthez Soldiers". He is Boris' agent. Cheating and using tricks, Barthez enters his team in high-level competitions. Later, Miguel and his team begin to stand up to Coach Barthez, ending with them firing him as their coach and ruining him.

BEGA League[edit]

The BEGA League/Justice 5 beybladers team (BEGA stands for Beyblade Entertainment Global Association) only appears during the third season, and is seen by fans as enemies for aiding Boris. The team consists of Garland, Brooklyn, Ming-Ming, Mystel and Crusher. Their bit-beasts are named after the Greek and Roman gods.

Ming-Ming (voiced by Sugar Lyn Beard in the English version and Aya Hirano in the original Japanese version)
Ming-Ming only appears in the third season, Beyblade G-Revolution. She is a new singing pop diva rising to fame as both a singer and a beyblader. Her beyblade is called Venus, and she works for Boris in the BEGA League.
Usually, she appears to be a sweet, young girl. However, she has another, tougher side when she blades, which becomes evident from her size and her eyes. Tough Ming-Ming (called Queen Form in the original) is taller and has a serious look in her eyes, while innocent Ming-Ming (called Loli Form) is shorter and has a typical anime cute set of eyes. Her attitude depends on her form, but generally she is a very confident girl with a lot of pride. During and after the episode Runaway Daichi, a running gag throughout the season is Kenny's uncontrollable crush on Ming-Ming.
Brooklyn Masefield (voiced by Soichiro Hoshi in the Japanese version and Robert Tinkler in the American version)

There are two sides to his personality. First, the calm and seemingly gentle and very kind side and then the psychotic,dark and aggressive side.

Brooklyn being a fervent admirer of nature, he would rather spend all his time outside, lying in the grass and taking care of any bug or animal around him, than staying inside a building with next to no view of the environment, learning strategies or simply training. During this time, he has 'visions' of how an upcoming battle is going to end. For instance, he predicted how Mystel's fight against Max was going to happen, and therefore saw no reason to assist to such repetition.

Brooklyn's childhood reflected strongly in his personality. Because he always won, the other children did not want to play with him so he was often left alone- his genius isolating him.

Brooklyn is the strongest competitor which Kai and Tyson have to face in the series. He is a naturally gifted beyblader and wins almost effortlessly. There are two sides to his personality: the calm and seemingly gentle side and the psychotic, aggressive side. He defeats Kai easily in their first match, though he loses dramatically in their second match when Kai unleashes his true potential. He has always thought no one could beat him, so he does not put any hard work into battling because of his "natural ability". Like Tyson, he is at one with his bit-beast, but Brooklyn forms physical traits of his bit-beast, such as when wings form on his back that reflect his bit-beast Zeus' wings).
His childhood reflects strongly in his personality. Because he always won, the other children did not want to play with him, so he was often left alone. During Brooklyn's beyblade match with Tyson, because of Kai's defeat of him, he has turned insane. Brooklyn has always beybladed using only his natural abilities and, because that has been good enough to win, he has never put much energy into his matches. He realizes that, by using the combined powers of his emotions and abilities, he can create much more damage. Eventually, all his negative emotions reach their apex, especially his annoyance, frustration and sadness. These mix with the evil darkness of his demonic bit-beast, Zeus, and, using King of Darkness attack, he creates a black hole that proceeds to ravage and devour the entire world and everyone in it into his soul.

Brooklyn declares himself a god. He only calms down once Tyson explains to him the true meaning of beyblading, using the power of the bit-beasts of his teammates (Kai, Ray, Max and Daichi) and Tala's Wolborg (Tala has woken up from his coma and sends Wolborg with his special ice attack to help Tyson) to dispel Zeus's darkness and return the world to normal, albeit heavily ravaged. Once the chaos has passed, Tyson and Brooklyn continue their battle as it should be, a friendly competition, free from the machinations of the now disgraced Boris. Tyson wins in the end due to Dragoon absorbing other bit-beasts' powers, then attacks and defeats Zeus. Although both bladers take their beyblades and battle again, the victor is never actually shown.

Garland Siebald (voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya in the Japanese version and David Berni in the American version)
Garland is a confident blader and the leader of the BEGA Team who aims to be a champion of Beyblading. As he mentioned during his battle with Tala Valkov, he comes from a family of sports players. All of his brothers and sisters have been champions in their sports except him: Jessie (baseball), Todd (soccer), Kayla (tennis), Britt (golf) and Jamie (Formula One racing). He chooses beyblading to follow his dream of becoming a champion like them, proud of his Siebald family name and fighting for it. His confidence maeks him arrogant at times, and he underestimates bladers such as Tyson. His blading style is much like the style used in regular and kickboxing, and similar to that of Bruce Lee's. He lets his opponent get worn out, then goes in for the kill. In most of his battles, he usually finishes a regular battle with a roundhouse kick.
He first appeared after defeating both Bryan and Spencer of the Blitzkrieg Boys at once, indicating his powerful beyblade. He is so strong and aggressive during his beyblade match against Tala of the Blitzkrieg Boys that he sends him to the hospital. His means of winning is to not only hit his opponent's beyblade, but to launch a physical martial arts attack on the bladers themselves. Garland follows his family's principles of winning during his beyblade match against Tyson, but he realizes that he has been acting according to his family's principles, and not his own. During Tyson's match against Brooklyn, he realizes that, although the BEGA members work together, they are not a true team.
His beyblade is Appolon with the Radiant Thunder attack.
Mystel (voiced by Kouki Miyata and Edward Glen in the American version)
Mystel is a mysterious character by nature, such as in the Beyblade episode "The Mysterious Mystel," and is quite quirky. He spends his time in high places, lurking around his teammates whenever they need to meet. He has strange abilities that make it seem like he can float in mid-air. Water is his element and he uses it well.
Mystel is a nice guy all round, if sometimes blunt with his words and seeming to somewhat offend the White Tiger X team when they find him in their camp. However, he has a very free spirit, and is a very happy person. He appears to befriend Ray and the White Tigers when he first appears. Mystel nearly persuades Ray to join BEGA.
His beyblade attacks are unpredictable. He uses a 360-degree attack, using a bit-beast named Poseidon. Even though he is small, he's proven to be a strong blader when he easily defeats Lee of the White Tiger X team, holding his own against Ray before an accident occurs that ends the battle without deciding a winner.
His beyblade is Poseidon with the Ocean Javelin attack.
Crusher (Moses) (voiced by Masachika Takatsuka in the Japanese version, and Chris Marron in the American version)
Even though Crusher only starts to beyblade later in his life, he is a very strong and skillful player. He is quickly trained by Boris. Crusher is large with strange markings on his face. Although Crusher can seem intimidating, he is actually a nice person, and proves this when he tells Boris that he does not want to cheat by destroying Tyson's beyblade before his match with Brooklyn, which would force Tyson to forfeit and BEGA would win. He is soft-hearted, such as when his ill sister gives him a doll she made of him, and Crusher cries, saying that he will win his beyblade match against Ray for her. Crusher wins the match, destroying his beyblade in the process (though it is later repaired). His reason for being a pro blader is to earn enough money to help his little sister, Monica, receive the medical attention she needs. His Bit-Beast, Gigars takes the form of a Girallon; a four-armed gorilla with a dinosaur's tail and bat wings.
Unfortunately, the night before the Justice 5's tiebreaker match, Boris blackmails Crusher, along with Ming-Ming, to destroy Tyson's Dragoon to ensure Boris' success, using the fact that it was Boris who funded Monica's medical expenses. While doing this, Crusher realizes how wrong it is and pulls back before he can do any damage.
His beyblade is Gigars with the Demolition Axe attack.
The BEGA Band
The BEGA Band is BEGA's mascots. The team consists of Ming-Ming, the Leader and lead singer, Jelly, the guitar player, Killy, the drummer, and Hikaru, the bass player.
BEGA's Water Bladers
BEGA's Water Bladers are Boris's training squad that are used to battle the Blitzkrieg Boys when they confront Boris. The team consists of Billy, Gray and Hawk. Their bit-beasts are Crab Diver, Orca Diver and Manta Diver, and their attacks are Snapping Claw, tube Rider and Poison Scorpion Sting.

Manga-only characters[edit]

Mr. B
Mr. B is the black scientist that Kenny meets after watching Ray train for his battle with Kinomiya Takao in Volume 2. He and Jin create the Spin-Gear system, which is first used by Ray Kon, and he makes Kenny create a left-spin gear in order to create Dragoon S. During the "Bakuten Shoot V Saga" in the manga, he gives Ray and Max the "Magnacore". His rival is Takao's brother Hiro, as they are both into the deep secrets of beyblading and the Holy Monster series. However, they work together quite well. It is unknown why he was not in the anime.
Kennosuke Shishi
Kennosuke is a skilled beyblader and swordsman. He has a younger brother named Tenmaru and his bit-beast is Guardian Driger. Tenmaru usually helps Kennosuke train in swordsmanship. After an encounter with Daichi and a thief, Daichi desires to battle Kennosuke, who refuses. However, after Daichi's Gaia Dragoon almost injures him in a training accident, Kennosuke quickly accepts the challenge and he easily overpowers Daichi. After some harsh training, Daichi demands a rematch, which Kennosuke initially refuses, but later accepts after seeing the blisters on Daichi's hands, a result of his rigorous training. Kennosuke is defeated and resolves to work more on developing his beyblading skills.
During the qualifications of the GBC, Kennosuke battles against Takao, but loses. When Daichi partakes in a 100-battle challenge, Kennosuke returns, not as Daichi's opponent, but to support Tenmaru in his battle as Daichi's 100th opponent. When Daichi becomes annoyed at Tenmaru for constantly asking for rematches, Daichi becomes the "Kennosuke" of the Daichi-Kennosuke relationship when they first meet. Kennosuke returns a final time to support Daichi in his and Tyson's match against the Demolition Boys. He also appears briefly in the series-ending slideshow ("Kaze No Fuku Basho").
Tenmaru Shishi
Tenmaru is Kennosuke's little brother, who helps him train in beyblading and swordsmanship. His beyblade is Thunder Dragon and he is first seen battling against Daichi as his 100th opponent. Angered by his loss, Tenmaru eagerly looks forward to a rematch, but Daichi refuses, with Tenmaru becoming the "Daichi" of the Daichi-Kennosuke relationship. He appears in the series-ending slideshow with Kennosuke.
Hikaru Tomonji
Hikaru is a young beyblader who comes from a wealthy family. His bit-beast is Spike Lizard and his beyblade is equipped with rollers for evasiveness and camouflage paint. He often has a group of fangirls that follow him around and cheer him on. He first meets Daichi when his little brother borrows his beyblade and then has it stolen by a Daichi impersonator. Hikaru witnesses Daichi's battle with the impersonator and stops him from running away with all the stolen beyblades. Afterward, he invites Daichi back to his mansion for a battle.
During his battle with Daichi, Hikaru loses, but the wings of Daichi's Gaia Dragoon break off. It turns out that Hikaru knows the Chief through the Internet. After Daichi repairs his beyblade, but is unable to activate the wings, Hikaru challenges Daichi to another match.
During the GBC qualifications, Hikaru loses to Kai Hiwatari. Hikaru returns to cheer Daichi on in the final match. He appears in the series-ending slideshow with Kennosuke and Tenmaru.
Makoto Kinomiya
He is Takao's son, mother unknown.
Goh Hiwatari
He is Kai's son, mother unknown.
Rin Kon
She is Ray's daughter. Her mother is Mao.

Other characters[edit]

DJ Jazzman[edit]

DJ Jazzman (known as Blader DJ in the Japanese version) is the referee of the anime and manga. He is the BBA's top announcer and gives the signal to start every battle. He introduces the players and announces where the next tournament will take place.

Blader DJ[edit]

Blader DJ is second referee of the original series in Beyblade: V-Force and Beyblade G-Revolution. He replaces DJ Jazzman and announces every match for the BBA and BEGA.


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