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NRA Bianchi Cup
Official Site
Tournament Information
LocationColumbia, MO  USA
FormatMulti-day, multi-stage Tournament
Purse$500,000 in 2014
VenueGreen Valley Rifle & Pistol Club
Month ShotMay
Current Champion
 USA Bruce Piatt
National Rifle Association
Pictured above are several former NRA Bianchi Cup champions at the 2010 World Action Pistol Championship in Australia. From l. to r. Jerry Miculek, Carl Bernosky, Julie Goloski-Golob, Bruce Piatt, and 2010 NRA Bianchi Cup Champion and World Action Pistol Champion Doug Koenig.

The NRA Bianchi Cup is the National Action Pistol Championship, the most prestigious event in Action Shooting. Since its inception in 1979, the match has been utilized as a proving ground for high-tech, cutting-edge firearm technology that competitors are encouraged to exploit due to the relatively unrestricted equipment rules in hopes that insights gained can be practically applied to law enforcement applications. It is the richest handgun shooting tournament in the world, drawing skilled pistol shooters from all over the globe. They come for glory, and the prize money. In 2014, there was $500,000 worth of cash and prizes up for grabs.[1]

Match History[edit]

The Bianchi Cup was created in 1979 by John Bianchi, Bianchi International, and awarded to the winner of the Bianchi Cup International Pistol Tournament. NRA designated the Bianchi Cup as the National Action Pistol Championship in 1984 and assumed operational control of the tournament the next year. Bianchi International presented the Bianchi Cup to the NRA in 1985. The Cup is awarded annually to the National Action Pistol Champion.

Match Conditions

1979: An aggregate of 192 shots fired in four 48 shot matches: The Practical Event, The Barricade Event, The Falling Plate Event and the Moving Target Event (modified). Possible score of 1920-192X.

1985: An aggregate of 204 shots consisting of three 48 shot matches (The Barricade Event, The Falling Plate Event, The Moving Target Event (mod.) plus a 60 shot International Rapid Fire Event. Possible score 2040-204X.

1986: Returned to the conditions of 1979.



^ Tournament winner
denotes high score
* first perfect score fired

NRA Action Pistol Bianchi Cup Champions[edit]

Year Country Champion Score Gun Runner up Score Notes
1979  USA Ron Lerch 1816-062x Colt 1911 Mickey Fowler 1799-071x [2][3]
1980  USA Mickey Fowler 1879-085x Colt 1911 David Bates 1851-047x [2][4]
1981  USA Mickey Fowler 1890-088x Colt 1911 Mark Duncan 1882-083x [2][4]
1982  USA Mickey Fowler 1903-145x Colt 1911 Brian Enos 1902-168x [2][4]
1983  USA Brian Enos 1903-612x S&W Model 10 John Pride 1902-407x [2]
1984  USA Brian Enos 1910-257x S&W Model 10 John Shaw 1910-214x [2]
1985  USA Rob Leatham 2034-155x S&W Model 10 Tom Campbell 2019-135x [2]
1986  USA W. Riley Gilmore 1916-144x S&W Model 15 Tom Campbell 1914-144x [2]
1987  USA John Pride 1912-151x S&W Model 686 John Shaw 1912-147x [2]
1988  USA John Pride 1918-163x S&W Model 686 Brian Enos 1916-149x [2]
1989  USA Lemoine Wright 1914-152x S&W Model 586 Gib Niswander 1914-145x [2]
1990  USA Doug Koenig * 1920-157x S&W Model 10 Mario DiPaolo 1918-158x [2]
1991  USA W. Riley Gilmore 1920-166x S&W Model 10 Curtis Shipley 1918-172x [2]
1992  USA Doug Koenig 1920-169x ? Mario DiPaolo 1918-172x [2]
1993  USA Bruce Piatt 1920-170x Caspian 1911 [2]
1993  AUS Brian Kilpatrick ^ 1920-173x S&W Revolver [2]
1994  USA John Pride 1920-174x ? Mickey Fowler 1920-174x [2]
1995  USA John Pride 1920-179x ? Bruce Piatt 1920-168x [2]
1996  USA Mickey Fowler 1918-184x ? [2]
1996  AUS Ross G. Newell ^ 1920-163x ? [2]
1997  USA Bruce Piatt 1920-181x Caspian 1911 Mickey Fowler 1920-176x [2]
1998  USA Doug Koenig 1920-180x ? Ken Tapp 1920-173x [2]
1999  USA Bruce Piatt 1920-185x Caspian 1911 [2]
2000  USA Doug Koenig 1920-185x ? Bruce Piatt 1920-175x [2]
2001  USA Doug Koenig 1920-184x ? Bruce Piatt 1920-180x [2]
2002  USA Doug Koenig 1920-184x ? Michael Voigt 1920-174x [2]
2003  USA Doug Koenig 1920-183x ? Bruce Piatt 1920-183x [2]
2004  USA Doug Koenig 1920-177x ? Bruce Piatt 1920-181x [2]
2005  USA Doug Koenig 1920-185x ? Bruce Piatt 1920-179x [2]
2006  USA Bruce Piatt 1920-177x Caspian 1911 Doug Koenig 1920-174x [2]
2007  USA Doug Koenig 1920-185x ? Bruce Piatt 1920-183x [2]
2008  USA Doug Koenig 1918-185x ? Bruce Piatt 1918-182x [2]
2009  USA Bruce Piatt 1920-181x Caspian 1911 Doug Koenig 1920-177x [2][5]
2010  USA Doug Koenig 1920-179x ? Bruce Piatt 1918-183x [6]
2011  USA Doug Koenig 1920-187x ? Bruce Piatt 1920-177x [2][7]
2012  USA Doug Koenig 1920-182x Richard Siebert 1920-159
2013  USA Doug Koenig 1920-183x Carl Bernosky 1920-178 [8][9]
2014  USA Kevin Angstadt 1920-171x Doug Koenig 1918-182x [10]
2015  USA Doug Koenig 1920-180x S&W 1911 Jeremy Newell 1920-166x [11]
2016  USA Doug Koenig 1920-183x S&W 1911 Kyle Schmidt 1920-164x
2017  USA Doug Koenig 1920-184x S&W 1911 Bruce Piatt 1920-181x
2018  USA Adam Sokolowski 1920-176x Doug Koenig & Mark Blake (tied) 1920-172x
2019  USA Bruce Piatt 1920-179x Caspian 1911 Adam Sokolowski 1920-178x

NRA Action Pistol Metallic Division Champions[edit]

The Metallic Division was instituted with the 1998 Bianchi Cup.

Year Country Champion Score
1998  USA Chad Dietrich 1905-125x
1999  USA Fred Craig 1863-127x
2000  USA Rob Leatham 1897-145x
2001  USA Vance Schmid 1896-130x
2002  USA Rob Leatham 1884-136x
2003  USA Frederick Craig 1886-128x
2004  USA Rob Leatham 1905-144x
2005  USA Rob Leatham 1910-153x
2006  USA Rob Leatham 1902-145x
2007  USA Rob Leatham 1902-153x
2008  USA Rob Vadasz 1902-138x
2009  USA Rob Leatham 1909-145x
2010  USA Rob Vadasz 1904-146x
2011  USA Rob Vadasz 1908-143x
2012  USA Rob Vadasz 1878-135x
2013  USA Rob Vadasz 1892-132x
2014  USA Kevin Worrell 1907-127x
2015  USA Patrick Franks 1902-140x
2016  USA Patrick Franks 1901-140x
2017  USA Adam Sokolowski 1920-143x
2018  USA Rob Vadasz 1912-155x
2019  USA Kyle Schmidt 1905-137x

NRA Action Pistol Women's Division Champions[edit]

The Women's Division was instituted with the 1980 Bianchi Cup.

Year Country Champion Score
1980  RSA Edith Almeida 1821-073x
1981  RSA Edith Almeida 1652-045x
1982  RSA Edith Almeida 1304-077x
1983  USA Sally Van Valzah 1765-091x
1984  USA Lee Cole 1761-096x
1985  USA Lee Cole 1957-119x
1986  USA Christie Rogers 1759-096x
1987  CAN Lorna Pavelka 1787-088x
1988  USA Christie Rogers 1836-111x
1989  JPN Yoko Shimomura 1882-129x
1990  USA Christie Rogers 1885-124x
1991  AUS Janina Tenace 1888-134x
1992  CAN Lorna Pavelka 1899-142x
1993  USA Judy Woolley 1898-148x
1994  USA Judy Woolley 1906-148x
1995  AUS Dewi Hazeltine 1908-150x
1996  USA Sharon Edington 1899-140x
1997  USA Sharon Edington 1906-142x
1998  AUS Anita Mackiewicz 1914-148x
1999  USA Vera Koo 1894-137x
2000  AUS Robyn Estreich 1902-157x
2001  USA Vera Koo 1910-137x
2002  USA Vera Koo 1905-151x
2003  USA Vera Koo 1894-141x
2004  USA Vera Koo 1886-136x
2005  USA Vera Koo 1894-149x
2006  USA Vera Koo 1897-143x
2007  USA Julie Goloski 1903-139x
2008  USA Vera Koo 1870-136x
2009  USA Julie Goloski Golob 1907-138x
2010  USA Jessie Harrison 1906-163x
2011  USA Jessie Harrison 1912-153x
2012  USA Julie Golob 1907-144x
2013  USA Jessie Duff 1893-142x[9]
2014  USA Jessie Duff 1893-135x
2015  AUS Anita Mackiewicz 1916-166x
2016  NZ Tiffany Piper 1904-154x
2017  AUS Cherie Blake 1904-145x
2018  AUS Anita Mackiewicz 1911-153x
2019  AUS Cherie Blake 1904-145x


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