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Craig Phillips won the first series of the programme in 2000.
A dark haired woman smiling
Jade Goody who was a housemate in Big Brother 3, Big Brother Panto, Celebrity Big Brother 5 and Bigg Boss 2 died in 2009. She was featured on Ultimate Big Brother as the ultimate housemate.

Since the start of Big Brother in 2000 there have been a total of 253 civilian, ten Panto, eight teen, 12 Celebrity Hijack and 14 ultimate housemates; 151 men and 170 women. There have been 19 winners of Big Brother; eleven men and eight women. The youngest winner is Cameron Cole, who was 19 at the time of winning Big Brother 19, and the oldest is Jason Burrill, who was 45 when he won Big Brother 17. Winners Nadia Almada and Luke Anderson have both had gender correcting surgery.

The average age of the winners of Big Brother is 25 years old. 16 housemates from Big Brother have been housemates twice, in their own series and Big Brother Panto or Ultimate Big Brother. A total of 177 housemates have been evicted, 15 have been ejected, one left due to injury and 23 have walked from the Big Brother House. Only one housemate, Nikki Grahame, has been voted back into the house after being evicted. Nick Bateman and Victor Ebuwa are the only people to have been housemates in three series; Big Brother, Big Brother Panto and Ultimate Big Brother. Jade Goody had also been in three different series and is to date the only civilian housemate to have been a housemate in Celebrity Big Brother, as well as appearing in Big Brother and Big Brother Panto. Furthermore, Nikki Grahame has appeared in 4 series of the show in total, Big Brother 7, Ultimate Big Brother, Big Brother 16 and Big Brother Canada. In 2010, Big Brother 2 winner Brian Dowling was crowned Ultimate Champion over the first 11 series of Big Brother on Channel 4.

The best placed housemate of all time is Brian Belo, placing first out of a record 23 housemates in Big Brother 8. The worst placed housemate is Emily Parr, also of Big Brother 8, who came 23rd after being ejected from the house.

There have been 40 housemates born outside of the United Kingdom, originating from countries such as Ireland, Somalia, Morocco, Portugal, South Africa, Turkey, Poland, Zimbabwe, Italy, China, Canada, Nigeria, Greece, India, Uganda, Thailand, Egypt, Australia, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Brazil, Iran, Georgia, Singapore and the United States. Nadia Almada from Portugal, Brian Dowling from Ireland, Brian Belo from Nigeria and most recently Luke Anderson from South Africa have all become winners.



     Third place
Series Name Age[1] Nationality Hometown Occupation[2] Status
BB1 Craig Phillips 28 England Liverpool Builder 1st - Winner
BB1 Anna Nolan 29 Republic of Ireland Dublin Office manager 2nd - Runner-up
BB1 Darren Ramsay 23 England London Millennium Dome assistant 3rd - Third place
BB1 Melanie Hill 26 England London Computer saleswoman 4th - Evicted
BB1 Claire Strutton 25 England Buckinghamshire Florist 5th - Evicted
BB1 Tom McDermott 31 Northern Ireland County Tyrone Farmer 6th - Evicted
BB1 Nichola Holt 29 England Bolton Teacher 7th - Evicted
BB1 Nick Bateman 32 England Kent Broker 8th - Ejected
BB1 Caroline O'Shea 31 England Birmingham Marital aids seller 9th - Evicted
BB1 Andrew Davidson 23 England Hertfordshire Marketing product manager 10th - Evicted
BB1 Sada Walkington 28 England Edinburgh Writer 11th - Evicted
BB2 Brian Dowling 22 Republic of Ireland County Kildare Air steward 1st - Winner
BB2 Helen Adams 22 Wales South Wales Hairdresser 2nd - Runner-up
BB2 Dean O'Loughlin 37 England Birmingham Self-employed internet company manager 3rd - Third Place
BB2 Elizabeth Woodcock 26 England Cumbria Website designer 4th - Evicted
BB2 Paul Clarke 25 England Reading CAD designer 5th - Evicted
BB2 Josh Rafter 32 England London Property manager 6th - Evicted
BB2 Amma Antwi-Agyei 23 England London Table dancer 7th - Evicted
BB2 Bubble (Paul) Ferguson 24 England Surrey Warehouse operative 8th - Evicted
BB2 Narinder Kaur 28 England Leicester Medical rep 9th - Evicted
BB2 Stuart Hosking 36 England Oxford Director of communications company 10th - Evicted
BB2 Penny Ellis 33 England London Teacher 11th - Evicted
BB3 Kate Lawler 22 England London Technical support administrator 1st - Winner
BB3 Jonny Regan 29 England County Durham Firefighter 2nd - Runner-up
BB3 Alex Sibley 23 England London Model 3rd - Third Place
BB3 Jade Goody 20 England London Dental nurse 4th - Evicted
BB3 Tim Culley 23 England Worcester Tennis coach 5th - Evicted
BB3 PJ (Peter) Ellis 22 England Birmingham Student 6th - Evicted
BB3 Adele Roberts 23 England Southport PA/DJ 7th - Evicted
BB3 Sophie Pritchard 24 England Buckinghamshire Recruitment consultant 8th - Evicted
BB3 Spencer Smith 22 England Cambridge Ski shop assistant 9th - Evicted
BB3 Lee Davey 21 England Leicester Fitness instructor 10th - Evicted
BB3 Sandy Cumming 43 Scotland London Personal shopper/stylist 11th - Walked
BB3 Alison Hammond 27 England Birmingham Cinema team leader 12th - Evicted
BB3 Lynne Moncrieff 36 Scotland Aberdeen Student 13th - Evicted
BB3 Sunita Sharma 25 England London Trainee barrister 14th - Walked
BB4 Cameron Stout 32 Scotland Orkney Fish trader 1st - Winner
BB4 Ray Shah 25 Republic of Ireland Dublin IT systems administrator 2nd - Runner-up
BB4 Scott Turner 27 England Liverpool Waiter 3rd - Third Place
BB4 Steph Coldicott 28 England Worcester Visual merchandiser 4th - Evicted
BB4 Nush (Annuszka) Nowak 23 England Worcester Fine art student 5th - Evicted
BB4 Lisa Jeynes 35 Wales South Wales Shop manager 6th - Evicted
BB4 Herjendar "Gos" Gosal 31 England London Chef 7th - Evicted
BB4 Tania do Nascimento 22 England London Shop assistant 8th - Evicted
BB4 Jon Tickle 29 England Surrey Unemployed 9th - Evicted
BB4 Federico Martone 23 Scotland Glasgow Waiter 10th - Evicted
BB4 Sissy (Joanne) Rooney 26 England Liverpool Store assistant 11th - Evicted
BB4 Justine Sellman 27 England Leeds Sales assistant 12th - Evicted
BB4 Anouska Golebiewski 20 England Manchester Nursery assistant 13th - Evicted
BB5 Nadia Almada 27 Portugal London Store assistant 1st - Winner
BB5 Jason Cowan 30 Scotland South Lanarkshire Air steward 2nd - Runner-up
BB5 Daniel Bryan 30 England Hull Hairdresser 3rd - Third Place
BB5 Shell (Michelle) Jubin 22 England Glasgow Student 4th - Evicted
BB5 Stuart Wilson 20 England Cheshire Student 5th - Evicted
BB5 Michelle Bass 23 England Newcastle Mortgage advisor 6th - Evicted
BB5 Victor Ebuwa 23 England London Singer/songwriter 7th - Evicted
BB5 Ahmed Aghil 44 Somalia Liverpool Property developer 8th - Evicted
BB5 Becki Seddiki 33 Morocco London Singer/songwriter 9th - Evicted
BB5 Marco Sabba 21 England Middlesex Student 10th - Evicted
BB5 Vanessa Nimmo 26 South Africa Leeds Archery champion 11th - Evicted
BB5 Emma Greenwood 20 England Manchester Administrative assistant 12th - Ejected
BB5 Kitten Pinder 24 England Brighton Anarchist/human and animal rights activist 13th - Ejected
BB6 Anthony Hutton 23 England Newcastle 70s dancer 1st - Winner
BB6 Eugene Sully 27 England Crawley Student 2nd - Runner-up
BB6 Makosi Musambasi 24 Zimbabwe Buckinghamshire Cardiac nurse 3rd - Third Place
BB6 Kinga Karolczak 20 Poland London Market researcher 4th - Evicted
BB6 Craig Coates 20 England Norfolk Hair stylist 5th - Evicted
BB6 Derek Laud 40 England London Speech writer 6th - Evicted
BB6 Orlaith McAllister 26 Northern Ireland Belfast Student/model 7th - Walked
BB6 Kemal Shahin 19 Turkey London Student/male belly dancer 8th - Evicted
BB6 Science (Kieron) Harvey 22 England Leeds Entertainment entrepreneur 9th - Evicted
BB6 Vanessa Layton-McIntosh 19 England London Student 10th - Evicted
BB6 Maxwell Ward 24 England London Maintenance engineer 11th - Evicted
BB6 Saskia Howard-Clarke 23 England London Promotions girl 12th - Evicted
BB6 Roberto Conte 32 Italy Liverpool Teacher 13th - Evicted
BB6 Sam Heuston 23 England London Student 14th - Evicted
BB6 Lesley Sanderson 19 England Huddersfield Sales assistant 15th - Evicted
BB6 Mary O'Leary 30 Republic of Ireland Dublin Psychic advisor/writer/white witch 16th - Evicted
BB7 Pete Bennett 24 England Brighton Singer 1st - Winner
BB7 Glyn Wise 18 Wales North Wales Student/lifeguard 2nd - Runner-up
BB7 Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace 27 England London Model/promotions girl 3rd - Third Place
BB7 Richard Newman 33 Canada Northampton Waiter 4th - Evicted
BB7 Nikki Grahame 24 England London Model/dancer 5th - Evicted
BB7 Jennie Corner 18 England Liverpool Barmaid/student 6th - Evicted
BB7 Imogen Thomas 23 Wales Llanelli Bar hostess 7th - Evicted
BB7 Susie Verrico 43 England Kent Model 8th - Evicted
BB7 Mikey Dalton 22 England Liverpool Software developer/model 9th - Evicted
BB7 Spiral (Glen) Coroner 22 Republic of Ireland Dublin DJ/rapper 10th - Evicted
BB7 Michael Cheshire 23 England Manchester Student 11th - Evicted
BB7 Jayne Kitt 36 England Berkshire Recruitment adviser 12th - Evicted
BB7 Lea Walker 35 England Nottingham Porn star/model 13th - Evicted
BB7 Jonathan Leonard 24 England Cumbria Doorman 14th - Evicted
BB7 Lisa Huo 27 China Manchester Upholsterer 15th - Evicted
BB7 Grace Adams-Short 20 England London Dance teacher 16th - Evicted
BB7 Sam Brodie 19 Scotland Ayr Nail technician 17th - Evicted
BB7 Sezer Yurtseven 26 Northern Cyprus London Stock broker/property developer 18th - Evicted
BB7 George Askew 19 England London Student 19th - Walked
BB7 Bonnie Holt 19 England Loughborough Care worker 20th - Evicted
BB7 Dawn Blake 38 England Birmingham Exercise scientist 21st - Ejected
BB7 Shahbaz Chauhdry 37 Scotland Glasgow Unemployed 22nd - Walked
BB8 Brian (Olawale) Belo 19 Nigeria Essex Data clerk 1st - Winner
BB8 Amanda Marchant 18 England Stoke-on-Trent Student 2nd - Runner-up
Sam Marchant
BB8 Liam McGough 22 England County Durham Tree surgeon 3rd - Third Place
BB8 Ziggy (Zac) Lichman 26 England London Model 4th - Evicted
BB8 Carole Vincent 53 England London Sexual health worker 5th - Evicted
BB8 Jonty Stern 36 England London Museum assistant 6th - Evicted
BB8 Kara-Louise Horne 22 England London Student 7th - Evicted
BB8 Tracey Barnard 36 England Cambridge Cleaner 8th - Evicted
BB8 Gerry Stergiopoulos 31 Greece London Gallery researcher 9th - Evicted
BB8 Amy Alexandra 21 England Grimsby Glamour model 10th - Evicted
BB8 David Parnaby 25 Scotland Ayr Visual manager 11th - Evicted
BB8 Shanessa Reilly 26 Wales Cardiff Care assistant/stripper 12th - Evicted
BB8 Chanelle Hayes 19 England Wakefield Student 13th - Walked
BB8 Charley Uchea 21 England London Unemployed 14th - Evicted
BB8 Nicky Maxwell 27 India Hertfordshire Bank worker 15th - Evicted
BB8 Laura Williams 23 Wales South Wales Nanny 16th - Evicted
BB8 Jonathan Durden 49 England London Entrepreneur 17th - Walked
BB8 Billi Bhatti 25 England London Model 18th - Evicted
BB8 Seány O'Kane 25 Northern Ireland Derry Charity worker 19th - Evicted
BB8 Shabnam Paryani 22 England London Receptionist 20th - Evicted
BB8 Lesley Brain 60 England Gloucestershire Retired 21st - Walked
BB8 Emily Parr 19 England Bristol Student 22nd - Ejected
BB9 Rachel Rice 24 Wales Torfaen Trainee teacher/actress 1st - Winner
BB9 Michael Hughes 33 Scotland Glasgow Radio producer 2nd - Runner-up
BB9 Sara Folino 27 Australia London Personal assistant 3rd - Third Place
BB9 Rex Newmark 24 England London Chef 4th - Evicted
BB9 Darnell Swallow 26 United States Suffolk Songwriter 5th - Evicted
BB9 Kathreya Kasisopa 30 Thailand Kent Massage therapist 6th - Evicted
BB9 Mohamed Mohamed 23 Somalia London Toy demonstrator 7th - Evicted
BB9 Lisa Appleton 40 England Cheshire Beauty and tanning sales rep 8th - Evicted
BB9 Nicole Cammack 19 England Surrey Student 9th - Evicted
BB9 Stuart Pilkington 25 England Manchester Personal trainer/property developer 10th - Evicted
BB9 Dale Howard 21 England Liverpool Student/part time DJ 11th - Evicted
BB9 Luke Marsden 20 England Bolton Student 12th - Evicted
BB9 Maysoon Shaladi 28 Syria Hertfordshire Model 13th - Walked
BB9 Rebecca Shiner 21 England Coventry Nursery nurse 14th - Evicted
BB9 Belinda Harris-Reid 44 Uganda Exeter Theatre director 15th - Evicted
BB9 Mario Marconi (Shaun Astbury) 43 England Cheshire Civil servant 16th - Evicted
BB9 Jennifer Clark 22 England County Durham Model 17th - Evicted
BB9 Sylvia Barrie 21 Sierra Leone London Student 18th - Evicted
BB9 Dennis McHugh 23 Scotland Edinburgh Dance teacher 19th - Ejected
BB9 Alexandra De-Gale 23 England Surrey Accounts clerk 20th - Ejected
BB9 Stephanie McMichael 19 England Liverpool Student 21st - Evicted
BB10 Sophie Reade 20 England Cheshire Model 1st - Winner
BB10 Siavash Sabbaghpour 23 Iran London Event organiser/stylist/model 2nd - Runner-up
BB10 David Ramsden 28 England Dewsbury Clothing recycler 3rd - Third Place
BB10 Charlie Drummond 22 England Newcastle Employment agency advisor 4th - Evicted
BB10 Rodrigo Lopes 23 Brazil Manchester Student 5th - Evicted
BB10 Lisa Wallace 41 England Birmingham Unemployed 6th - Evicted
BB10 Marcus Akin 35 England London Carpenter/glazier 7th - Evicted
BB10 Bea Hamill 24 England Bristol Recruitment consultant 8th - Evicted
BB10 Freddie Fisher 23 England Shropshire Web programmer 9th - Evicted
BB10 Hira Habibshah 25 Pakistan Dublin Fashion designer 10th - Evicted
BB10 Isaac Stout 23 United States Ohio, United States Bar manager 11th - Walked
BB10 Noirin Kelly 25 Republic of Ireland Dublin Retail manager 12th - Evicted
BB10 Tom Oliver 27 England Northampton Yacht importer 13th - Walked
BB10 Kenneth Tong 24 Canada Edinburgh Self-employed 14th - Walked
BB10 Karly Ashworth 21 Scotland Fife Unemployed/model 15th - Evicted
BB10 Kris Donnelly 24 England Manchester Visual merchandiser 16th - Evicted
BB10 Sree Desari 25 India Hertfordshire Student union president 17th - Evicted
BB10 Angel McKenzie 35 Russia London Professional boxer 18th - Evicted
BB10 Cairon Austin-Hill 18 United States London Student 19th - Evicted
BB10 Sophia Brown 26 England London Private banking assistant 20th - Evicted
BB10 Saffia Corden 27 England Nottingham Dental nurse 21st - Walked
BB10 Beinazir Lasharie 28 Pakistan London Receptionist 22nd - Evicted
BB11 Josie Gibson 25 England Bristol Financial sales rep 1st - Winner
BB11 Dave Vaughan 39 Wales Torfaen Minister 2nd - Runner-up
BB11 Mario Mugan 28 Italy Essex Unemployed 3rd - Third Place
BB11 JJ Bird 23 England London Professional boxer/barman 4th - Evicted
BB11 Andrew Edmonds 19 England Dorset Student 5th - Evicted
BB11 John James Parton 24 Australia Melbourne, Australia Vehicle bodybuilder 6th - Evicted
BB11 Sam Pepper 21 England Kent Graffiti artist 7th - Evicted
BB11 Corin Forshaw 29 England Manchester Retail worker 8th - Evicted
BB11 Steve Gill 40 England Leicester Unemployed 9th - Evicted
BB11 Jo Butler 41 England Luton Makeup artist 10th - Evicted
BB11 Rachel Ifon 28 England Liverpool Flight attendant 11th - Evicted
BB11 Ben Duncan 30 England London Writer and broadcaster 12th - Evicted
BB11 Laura McAdam 20 England Warwickshire Sales assistant 13th - Walked
BB11 Keeley Johnson 30 England Manchester Travel agency manager 14th - Walked
BB11 Caoimhe Guilfoyle 22 Republic of Ireland Dublin DJ 15th - Walked
BB11 Ife Kuku 25 England Milton Keynes Dancer 16th - Evicted
BB11 Nathan Dunn 25 England Bradford Joiner 17th - Evicted
BB11 Shabby Katchadourian 24 England London Film maker 18th - Walked
BB11 Sunshine Martyn 24 England Peterborough Medical student 19th - Evicted
BB11 Govan Hinds 21 England Leicester Voluntary worker 20th - Evicted
BB11 Rachael White 25 England Nottingham Hair stylist 21st - Evicted
BB12 Aaron Allard-Morgan 30 England Weston-super-Mare Contract manager 1st - Winner
BB12 Jay McKray 27 England Newcastle Plumber/fitness instructor/DJ/barber 2nd - Runner-up
BB12 Alex Lee 18 England Newcastle McDonald's staff member 3rd - Third Place
BB12 Louise Cliffe 25 England Manchester Model/actress 4th - Evicted
BB12 Tom O'Connell 20 England Birmingham Sales assistant 5th - Evicted
BB12 Faye Palmer 20 England Tamworth Professional wrestler 6th - Evicted
BB12 Harry Blake 23 England Cheshire Marketing director/business investor 7th - Evicted
BB12 Jem Palmer 28 England Tamworth Professional wrestler 8th - Walked
BB12 Anton Murphy 23 England London Musician 9th - Evicted
BB12 Aden Theobald 19 England London Student 10th - Evicted
BB12 Maisy James 19 England Kent Store assistant 11th - Evicted
BB12 Mark Henderson 28 England London Sales 12th - Walked
BB12 Heaven Afrika 30 England London Model/holistic healer 13th - Evicted
BB12 Rebeckah Vaughan 28 England Wirral Hostess/entrepreneur 14th - Evicted
BB12 Tashie Jackson 21 England Oxford Singer/actress 15th - Evicted
BB13 Luke Anderson 31 South Africa North Wales Development chef 1st - Winner
BB13 Adam Kelly 27 United States Dudley Unemployed 2nd - Runner-up
BB13 Deana Uppal 23 India Sandwell Model 3rd - Third Place
BB13 Sara McLean 22 Scotland Edinburgh Student/model 4th - Evicted
BB13 Luke Scrase 24 England Stoke-on-Trent Nightclub promoter 5th - Evicted
BB13 Ashleigh Hughes 20 England Essex Retail sales supervisor 6th - Evicted
BB13 Scott Mason 21 England Cheshire Student 7th - Evicted
BB13 Conor McIntyre 24 Northern Ireland Derry Personal trainer 8th - Walked
BB13 Becky Hannon 19 England Blackburn Student 9th - Evicted
BB13 Caroline Wharram 20 England London Unemployed 10th - Evicted
BB13 Lauren Carre 20 Jersey Jersey Student 11th - Evicted
BB13 Shievonne Robinson 28 England London Shop assistant manager 12th - Evicted
BB13 Arron Lowe 23 England Manchester Model 13th - Evicted
BB13 Lydia Louisa 25 England Cheshire Dancer 14th - Evicted
BB13 Benedict Garrett 32 England Manchester Stripper/porn star 15th - Evicted
BB13 Chris James 21 England Luton Doorman 16th - Evicted
BB13 Victoria Eisermann 41 England Reading Model/animal rights campaigner 17th - Evicted
BB14 Sam Evans 23 Wales Llanelli Stockroom assistant 1st - Winner
BB14 Dexter Koh 28 Singapore London Celebrity publicist 2nd - Runner-up
BB14 Gina Rio 24 England London Socialite 3rd - Third Place
BB14 Jack and Joe Glenny 18 England Hertfordshire Supermarket checkout assistants 4th - Evicted
BB14 Charlie Travers 26 England Hertfordshire Receptionist 5th - Evicted
BB14 Sophie Lawrence 20 England London Dental nurse 6th - Evicted
BB14 Hazel O'Sullivan 24 Republic of Ireland Dublin Glamour model 7th - Evicted
BB14 Callum Knell 28 England Kent Sports coach 8th - Evicted
BB14 Dan Neal 33 England London Unemployed 9th - Evicted
BB14 Jackie Travers 59 England Hertfordshire Dance instructor 10th - Evicted
BB14 Daley Ojuederie 28 England London Professional boxer 11th - Ejected
BB14 Wolfy Millington 20 England Bolton Student 12th - Evicted
BB14 Jemima Slade 41 England London Dating website owner 13th - Evicted
BB14 Sallie Axl 26 England Wirral Glamour model 14th - Evicted
BB15 Helen Wood 27 England Bolton Beautician 1st - Winner
BB15 Ashleigh Coyle 18 Northern Ireland Derry Boutique shop worker 2nd - Runner-up
BB15 Christopher Hall 23 Northern Ireland Enniskillen Journalist 3rd - Third place
BB15 Ash Harrison 26 England Manchester Model 4th - Evicted
BB15 Chris Wright 33 England New Forest Actor 5th - Evicted
BB15 Pavandeep "Pav" Paul 22 England Ilford Property business manager 6th - Evicted
BB15 Winston Showan 27 England Brentwood Development manager 7th - Evicted
BB15 Mark Byron 24 England Liverpool Visual merchandiser 8th - Evicted
BB15 Zoe Birkett 29 England Durham Musical theatre singer 9th - Evicted
BB15 Steven Goode 23 England Bushey Managing director 10th - Evicted
BB15 Kimberly Kisselovich 23 United States California Businesswoman 11th - Walked
BB15 Danielle McMahon 25 Scotland Glasgow Model 12th - Evicted
BB15 Biannca Lake 31 England Chigwell Stripper/exotic dancer 13th - Evicted
BB15 Marlon Wallen 22 England Croydon Optics worker 14th - Evicted
BB15 Jale Karaturp 33 England Surrey Customer adviser 15th - Evicted
BB15 Matthew Davies 23 England Hertfordshire Media graduate 16th - Evicted
BB15 Toya Washington 29 Nigeria London Blogger 17th - Evicted
BB15 Pauline Bennett 49 England Wolverhampton Dance teacher 18th - Evicted
BB15 Tamara Stewart-Wood 24 England London Oil and gas headhunter 19th - Evicted
BB16 Chloe Wilburn 25 England Doncaster Office administrator 1st - Winner
BB16 Joel Williams 19 Wales Cardiff Student 2nd - Runner-up
BB16 Danny Wisker 29 England Margate Demolition man 3rd - Third place
BB16 Jack McDermott 23 England Plymouth Floor manager 4th - Evicted
BB16 Nick Henderson 19 England Hertford Unemployed 5th - Evicted
BB16 Cristian (Matthew Clarkson) MJC 20 England London Model and student 6th - Evicted
BB16 Sam Kay 27 Scotland Cardiff Personal trainer 7th - Evicted
BB16 Harry Amelia Martin 22 England Loughborough Model 8th - Evicted
BB16 Marc O'Neill 29 Republic of Ireland Kildare Stripper and student 9th - Evicted
BB16 Simon Gross 46 England Kent Theatre company owner 10th - Evicted
BB16 Jade Lynch 24 Republic of Ireland Dublin Model and student 11th - Evicted
BB16 Eileen Daly 51 England London Singer 12th - Evicted
BB16 Sarah Greenwood 24 England Manchester Student 13th - Evicted
BB16 Kieran McLeod 30 England Birmingham Radio presenter 14th - Evicted
BB16 Harriet Jackson 22 England London Café worker 15th - Evicted
BB16 Amy and Sally Broadbent 27 England Manchester Nightclub host and personal trainer 16th - Evicted
BB16 Aaron Frew 24 England Northampton Model 17th - Ejected
BB16 Adjoa Mensah 22 Netherlands Manchester Student 18th - Evicted
BB17 Jason Burrill 45 England Brighton Property developer and salon owner 1st - Winner
BB17 Hughie Maughan 21 Republic of Ireland Dublin Traveller and youth worker 2nd - Runner-up
BB17 Jackson Blyton 24 England Nottingham Model 3rd - Third place
BB17 Andy West 34 England Milton Keynes Journalist 4th - Evicted
BB17 Evelyn Ellis 20 Australia Sydney Nightclub hostess 5th - Evicted
BB17 Jayne Connery 49 England Buckinghamshire Private investigator 6th - Evicted
BB17 Sam Giffen 23 England Lytham Hair stylist 7th - Evicted
BB17 Alex Cannon 27 England Liverpool Model and personal trainer 8th - Evicted
BB17 Laura Carter 30 England London Model and club hostess 9th - Evicted
BB17 Ryan Ruckledge 24 England Blackpool Energy broker 10th - Evicted
BB17 Lateysha Grace 23 Wales Port Talbot Model and singer 11th - Evicted
BB17 Chelsea Singh 48 England Chelsea Entrepreneur 12th - Evicted
BB17 Charlie Doherty 31 England Folkestone Dancer and entertainer 13th - Evicted
BB17 Emma Jensen 30 England Chigwell Model and DJ 14th - Ejected
BB17 Georgina Cantwell 24 England Kent Unemployed 15th - Evicted
BB17 Natalie Rowe 52 England London Unknown 16th - Evicted
BB17 Marco White 21 England London Model 17th - Evicted
BB17 Andrew Tate 29 United States Chicago Professional kickboxer 18th - Ejected
BB17 Victoria Jensen 30 England Chigwell Model and DJ 19th - Walked
BB18 Isabelle Warburton 21 England Warrington Unemployed 1st - Winner
BB18 Raph Korine 22 United States Exeter Student 2nd - Runner-up
BB18 Deborah Agboola 25 Nigeria London Digital analyst 3rd - Third place
BB18 Tom Barber 21 Wales Swansea Nightclub worker 4th - Evicted
BB18 Andrew Cruickshanks 25 Scotland Glasgow Hairdresser 5th - Left
BB18 Kieran Lee 25 England Lancashire CCTV installation engineer 6th - Evicted
BB18 Hannah Agboola 23 Nigeria London Make-up store host 7th - Evicted
BB18 Charlotte Keys 24 England Doncaster Estate agent 8th - Evicted
BB18 Ellie Young 23 England Castleford Till assistant 9th - Evicted
BB18 Chanelle McCleary 24 England Manchester Model and carer 10th - Evicted
BB18 Sam Chaloner 24 England Derbyshire Construction worker 11th - Evicted
BB18 Sue Evans 48 England Bedfordshire Television producer 12th - Evicted
BB18 Simone Reed 28 England Teesside Unemployed 13th - Evicted
BB18 Joe Quaranta 56 England London Nightclub owner 14th - Evicted
BB18 Savannah O'Reilly 26 Republic of Ireland The Liberties Singer 15th - Evicted
BB18 Lotan Carter 28 England Essex Stripper and dancer 16th - Ejected
BB18 Rebecca Jane 32 England Clitheroe Detective agency owner 17th - Evicted
BB18 Kayleigh Morris 28 Wales Port Talbot Clothing concession manager 18th - Ejected
BB18 Sukhvinder Javeed 38 England Leeds Entrepreneur 19th - Walked
BB18 Imran Javeed 39 England Leeds Entrepreneur 20th - Evicted
BB18 Arthur Fulford 24 England Exeter Unemployed 21st - Walked
BB18 Mandy Longworth 51 England Doncaster Antiques dealer 22nd - Evicted
BB19 Cameron Cole 18 England Norwich Vlogger 1st - Winner
BB19 Akeem Griffiths 26 Wales Rhondda Valley Consultant 2nd - Runner-up
BB19 Zoe Jones 31 England Halifax Carer 3rd - Third Place
BB19 Cian Carrigan 23 Republic of Ireland County Tipperary Farmer 4th - Evicted
BB19 Sîan Hamshaw 25 England Barnsley Waitress 5th - Evicted
BB19 Brooke Berry 21 England London Graphics designer 6th - Evicted
BB19 Tomasz Wania 31 Poland London Cleaner 7th - Evicted
BB19 Lewis Flanagan 27 England Stockton-on-Tees Bartender 8th - Ejected
BB19 Isabella Farnese 23 England Great Yarmouth Race horse jockey 9th - Evicted
BB19 Hussain Ahmed 25 England Birmingham Physiotherapist 10th - Evicted
BB19 Kenaley Amos-Sissons 24 England Nottingham Call centre worker 11th - Evicted
BB19 Isaac Jagroop 23 England Suffolk Semi-pro footballer 12th - Evicted
BB19 Kay Lovelle 32 Georgia (country) London Artist 13th - Walked
BB19 Lewis Gregory 26 England London Bricklayer 14th - Evicted
BB19 Anamélia Silva 31 Brazil London Spiritual advisor 15th - Evicted
BB19 Ellis Hillon 19 Scotland Glasgow Fast food worker 16th - Ejected

Notable housemates[edit]

  • Sada Walkington becomes the first housemate and woman to be evicted in Big Brother 1.
  • Nicholas Bateman becomes the first housemate to be ejected in Big Brother 1.
  • Claire Strutton becomes the first housemate to enter after Day 1 in Big Brother 1.
  • Craig Phillips becomes the first person and man to win in Big Brother in Big Brother 1.
  • Brian Dowling becomes the first openly homosexual man to enter and win in Big Brother in Big Brother 2.9
  • Helen Adams and Paul Clarke become the first housemates to start a relationship inside the house in Big Brother 2.
  • Sunita Sharma becomes the first housemate to walk in Big Brother 3.
  • Lynne Moncrieff becomes the first housemate to not be evicted by the public in Big Brother 3.
  • Kate Lawler becomes the first woman to win Big Brother in Big Brother 3.
  • Jon Tickle becomes the first evicted housemate to be voted back into the house as a guest in Big Brother 4.
  • Paul Brennan becomes the first winner of Teen Big Brother.
  • Ahmed Aghil becomes the first Muslim to enter in Big Brother 5.
  • Nadia Almada becomes the first transgender person to win in Big Brother 5.
  • Nicholas Bateman, Melanie Hill, Kitten Pinder, Spencer Smith, Jade Goody, Narinder Kaur, Victor Ebuwa, Anouska Golebiewski, Tim Culley and Marco Sabba become the first housemates to enter the house twice in Big Brother Panto.
  • Nikki Grahame becomes the first evicted housemate to be voted back into the house and was eligible to win in Big Brother 7.
  • Jade Goody becomes the first housemate to enter the house three times in Celebrity Big Brother 5.
  • Amanda and Sam Marchant become the first set of twins to enter the house in Big Brother 8.
  • Lesley Brain becomes the oldest housemate ever in Big Brother 8.
  • Charley Uchea becomes the first housemate to be fake evicted and return to the house in Big Brother 8.
  • Brian Belo becomes the first black man to win Big Brother in Big Brother 8, as well as the first winner who had not entered the House on Day 1.
  • Michael Hughes becomes the first housemate with a disability in Big Brother 9.
  • Darnell Earl Swallow becomes the first Head of House in Big Brother 9.
  • Keeley Johnson becomes the first housemate to leave due to injury in Big Brother 11.
  • Brian Dowling becomes Ultimate Champion in Ultimate Big Brother.
  • Charlie and Jackie Travers become the first mother and daughter to enter the house in Big Brother 14.
  • Pauline Bennett becomes the first Power Housemate in Big Brother 15.
  • Jale Karaturp becomes the first housemate to receive a Killer Nomination, meaning that she will face eviction every week she remains in the house, in Big Brother 15.
  • Kimberly Kisselovich becomes the first housemate to leave due to an illness in Big Brother 15.
  • Simon Gross becomes the first male housemate to be evicted first and the first housemate to be evicted on launch night in Big Brother 16 (though he did later return to the House).
  • Marco Pierre White Jr becomes the first male housemate to be evicted first by public vote in Big Brother 17.
  • Jason Burrill becomes the oldest housemate to win Big Brother in Big Brother 17.
  • Imran and Sukhvinder Javeed become the first married couple to enter in Big Brother 18.
  • Sukhvinder Javeed becomes the first housemate to voluntarily exit the house through the front doors, live on eviction night in Big Brother 18.
  • Sam Chaloner becomes the first housemate who is evicted but remained in the house for a further three days, nominated and participated in tasks in Big Brother 18.
  • Isabelle Warburton becomes the first female winner who had not entered the house on Day 1 in Big Brother 18.
  • Ellis Hillon becomes the first housemate to last less than 24 hours as she was ejected on Day 2 in Big Brother 19.
  • Hussain Ahmed becomes the final housemate to enter the house in Big Brother 19.
  • Lewis Flanagan becomes the housemate to have lasted the longest in the competition, before being ejected on Day 43 in Big Brother 19.
  • Sîan Hamshaw becomes the final person to be evicted from the house in Big Brother 19.
  • Cameron Cole becomes the final and youngest person to win Big Brother in Big Brother 19.


  • ^ Ages at the time the housemate entered the house
  • ^ Occupation at the time the housemate entered the house


* Sam and Amanda Marchant (Big Brother 8) are not included in this as they began the series as two separate housemates, but Emma and Victoria (Big Brother 17) are included as they started as one Housemate, despite Victoria voluntarily leaving on Day 5 and Emma remaining as a sole Housemate.
** Helen Wood (Big Brother 15) received 0 nominations but received a pass to the final in Week 1 meaning she was exempt from nominations every week.



     Third place
Series Name Age[3] Nationality Hometown Occupation[4] Status
TBB Paul Brennan 18 Northern Ireland Belfast Student 1st - Winner
TBB Caroline Cloke 18 England Kent Student 2nd - Runner-up
TBB Tracey Fowler 18 England Cheshire Student 3rd - Third Place
TBB Tommy Wright 18 England Dorset Student 4th - Evicted
TBB Jade Dyer 18 England Suffolk Student 5th - Evicted
TBB James Kelly 18 Scotland Glasgow Student 6th - Ejected
TBB Shaneen Dawkins 18 England Leeds Student 7th - Evicted
TBB Hasan Shah 18 England London Student 8th - Evicted
BBP Anouska Golebiewski 22 England Manchester Participated in BB4 Not competing
BBP Jade Goody 23 England London Participated in BB3 Not competing
BBP Kitten Pinder 25 England Brighton Participated in BB5 Not competing
BBP Marco Sabba 21 England Middlesex Participated in BB5 Not competing
BBP Mel (Melanie) Hill 30 England London Participated in BB1 Not competing
BBP Narinder Kaur 23 England Leicester Participated in BB2 Not competing
BBP Nick Bateman 37 England Kent Participated in BB1 Not competing
BBP Spencer Smith 25 England Cambridge Participated in BB3 Not competing
BBP Tim Culley 22 England Worcester Participated in BB3 Not competing
BBP Victor Ebuwa 23 England London Participated in BB5 Not competing
BB:CH John Loughton 20 Scotland Edinburgh Politician 1st - Winner
BB:CH Emilia Arata 18 England Birmingham Circus performer 2nd - Runner-up
BB:CH Amy Jackson 21 England Oxford Conceptual artist 3rd - Third Place
BB:CH Anthony Ogogo 19 England Suffolk Boxer 4th - Evicted
BB:CH Jeremy Metcalfe 19 England Hampshire Racing driver 5th - Evicted
BB:CH Nathan Fagan-Gayle 21 England London Singer/songwriter 6th - Evicted
BB:CH Calista Robertson 19 England London Classical musician 7th - Evicted
BB:CH Jay Wilson 19 England London Fashion designer 8th - Evicted
BB:CH Latoya Satnarine 19 England London Dancer 9th - Evicted
BB:CH Victor Arata 19 England Birmingham Circus performer 10th - Evicted
BB:CH Liam Young 19 England Liverpool Entrepreneur 11th - Evicted
BB:CH Jade Eden 21 England London Beauty queen 12th - Evicted
UBB Brian Dowling 32 Republic of Ireland County Kildare Participated in BB2 1st - Winner
UBB Nikki Grahame 28 England London Participated in BB7 2nd - Runner-up
UBB Chantelle Houghton 27 England Essex Participated in CBB4 3rd - Third Place
UBB Victor Ebuwa 29 England London Participated in BB5 4th - Evicted
UBB Nick Bateman 42 England Kent Participated in BB1 5th - Evicted
UBB Preston 28 England Brighton Participated in CBB4 6th - Evicted
UBB Ulrika Jonsson 43 Sweden Buckinghamshire Participated in CBB6 7th - Evicted
UBB Vanessa Feltz 48 England London Participated in CBB1 8th - Evicted
UBB Michelle Bass 29 England Newcastle Participated in BB5 9th - Evicted
UBB Nadia Almada 33 Portugal London Participated in BB5 10th - Evicted
UBB Makosi Musambasi 29 Zimbabwe Buckinghamshire Participated in BB6 11th - Evicted
UBB Coolio 47 United States Pennsylvania, United States Participated in CBB6 12th - Ejected
UBB John McCririck 70 England London Participated in CBB3 13th - Evicted
UBB Josie Gibson 25 England Bristol Participated in BB11 14th - Walked

International versions[edit]

Name Big Brother UK history Big Brother International history
Series Status Country Series Season(s) Status
Jade Goody Big Brother 3 Finalist – 4th place India India Bigg Boss Bigg Boss 2 Walked - 15th place
Celebrity Big Brother 5 Evicted – 9th place
Nikki Grahame Big Brother 7 Finalist – 5th place Canada Canada Big Brother Canada Big Brother 4 Evicted – 6th place
Ultimate Big Brother Runner up – 2nd place





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