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The following is a list of housemates who were contestants on 2007's Australian Big Brother:


The starting Big Brother Australia 2007 housemates. From left to right, back row to front row: Jamie, Kate, Aleisha, Thomas, Hayley, Rebecca, Joel, Emma, Bodie, TJ, Andrew and Travis, on the announcement that the prize money for the 2007 series stood at zero.

During the first week of the season, 15 housemates were added to the house. 12 went into the house on opening night while viewers could vote in two extra housemates, one male and one female from a group of six. The following night, Susannah and Zoran entered the house along with an extra housemate, Billy who was added to put Hayley and Andrew's secret relationship challenge into jeopardy. On Day 11, Demet entered the house after being voted in by the existing housemates. Nick entered the house on Day 18 as the winner of the Starburst Golden Key promotion. A further two female housemates, Daniela and Laura, later entered as Intruders on Day 31. Two further Intruders Michelle and Zach, entered on Day 50. On Day 84, a Celebrity guest known officially as a Housemate: Kyle Sandilands entered the house with a mission from Big Brother. The total number of housemates to enter the house is 24.


Aleisha Cowcher[1] (born 22 May 1986) is a hairdresser from Cobram, Victoria and grew up in the country with seven other siblings. The popular housemate describes herself as hyperactive, energetic and modest. She claims that she often day-dreams about men.[2] Aleisha celebrated her 21st birthday in the house on 22 May 2007, and requested a "country" theme. She was the longest lasting original housemate yet to be nominated until Big Brother nominated her after the housemates failed the Police Academy weekly task in Week 9. Aleisha was announced finalist against Zach on Sunday 29 July 2007. On Monday 30 July 2007, she was announced winner of Big Brother 2007, in the closest voting result in a finale yet, with 51% of the vote.[3] She is the second female housemate to have won the Australian series. She has since moved to Sydney with former housemate Emma and appeared in Australian men's magazine Zoo Weekly. She later moved to Melbourne with Billy and owns a hairdressing business "Telleleish" with her sister. She is no longer with Billy and has since married with one daughter Brighton in 2013.

Preceded by
Jamie Brooksby
Big Brother Australia winner
Series 7 (2007)
Succeeded by
Terri Munro


Andrew Halas[4] is an MFB Firefighter from Victoria. Andrew cannot stand messy, lazy and irresponsible people. He describes himself as happy, confident and tidy.[5] He was in a relationship with Hayley which was being kept secret from the other housemates as a week one challenge set by Big Brother. Andrew was involved in a heated argument with Bodie stemming from Bodie's claims that Hayley was "playing the game". He currently holds the title of the best ever housemate in the Friday Night Games, with three victories to his credit, and also runner-up once. Andrew claimed in Week 9 that his Big Brother contract only lasted until early July, while all other housemates' contracts last until mid-August, since Andrew could only take leave from his job for two months, and that if he was not evicted he would be willing to walk out.[6] He became the eleventh housemate to be evicted on Day 64 by public voting with 24% of the merged vote, along with Thomas in a double eviction. After Big Brother 2007, Hayley and Andrew have ended their relationship.


Kris William "Billy" Bentley[7] (born 1983) (also known in publicity as Mr. X prior to entering the house) was a former boyfriend of housemate Hayley. He was brought into the house to stir up the hidden relationship of Andrew and Hayley.[8] Billy states his occupation as being an insurance broker. He was travelling in Canada when approached by Big Brother producers to enter the house. Billy was not originally a legitimate housemate however was granted this position on Day 16 for the success of his task in challenging Andrew and Hayley's secret couple task. On Day 99, Billy was evicted with 14% of the merged vote, finishing in fourth place. In 2015, Bentley began co-hosting Channel 11's Couch Time.


Bodie Czeladka[9] (born 1983) was an electrical designer from Western Australia and is of Polish-Croatian heritage. He is an underwear model and describes himself as grateful, abundant woman wants and is a ladies' man.[citation needed] He described himself as an "undiagnosed ADHD sufferer".[10] In an unprecedented step, he was designated by Big Brother as a "non-housemate" because he broke rules about discussing nominations. He was not permitted to make contact with the rest of the housemates and was to be separated from them at all times. He was reinstated by Big Brother as a "housemate" before the end of Day 10. He became the third housemate to be evicted on Day 22 by public voting with 7% of the merged vote, along with on-again off-again girlfriend TJ, in a double eviction. He was given a stern talking to by executive producer Kris Noble and host Gretel Killeen after throwing a rubber chicken prop at her head whilst on air during the finale.[11] Bodie was dating ex-housemate and Friday Night Live host Bree Amer.[12]


Daniela Da Silva Pola[13] (born 1982) was a journalism student[13] from Western Australia. She is an Intruder who entered the house on Day 31 on a special Intruder Alert! show.[14] Daniela was born in Brazil and moved to Australia in her childhood. She describes herself as charismatic, sincere and emotional.[15] She was evicted by her fellow housemates on Day 85, and was the fifteenth evictee.


Demet Sahan[16] (born 1981) is a belly dancer from Victoria with a Turkish background. She turned 26 during her time in the White Room. On Day 11, Demet entered the house officially after she was voted in by the Big Brother housemates. Demet was seen as being hypocritical for lying during a heated argument involving her, Hayley, Andrew, Emma, Nick, Zoran and (briefly) Susannah on Day 22.[17] She became the fourth housemate to be evicted by public voting on Day 29 with 65% of the merged vote.


Emma Cornell[18] (born 1983) is a personal trainer from South Australia. Emma is the second eldest of seven children, and describes herself as the black sheep of her family. Emma also describes herself as daring, stubborn and vivacious.[19] Emma is a former Adelaide-based model and was winner of the South Australian section of the Ralph Swimsuit Model of the Year competition in 2005.[20] Emma underwent breast enlargement surgery more than six months before entering the Big Brother House to enhance her modelling career.[18] She was the subject of a nude pictorial for Zoo Weekly, photographed before she entered the Big Brother House, in the 14 May edition.[21] Emma has an English-born partner Tim Stanton, also a personal trainer, and they had lived together in Sydney prior to Emma entering the Big Brother House.

Emma's father died on 16 May 2007[22] whilst Emma was still in the Big Brother House and she was not advised of his death.[23] Emma and her father had been estranged for six years although they had recently been communicating through text messages.[24] Her father's dying wish was that Emma not be informed of his death until after she had left the Big Brother house. He had hoped that his death would not receive publicity, however news of his passing was leaked to the news media. Emma's brother Matt reported that their father had endured a long illness and the family had had some time to prepare themselves.[25] In an open letter to the Australian public, which was posted on the official Big Brother website, Matt Cornell explained that he and Emma had "discussed the possibility of dad’s death thoroughly. I can confirm with absolute confidence that Emma has prepared herself and her views have been considered in the family’s decision-making process."[26] This news has been reported internationally.[27][28] The producers of the series confirmed that, on her eviction from the house, Emma would be advised of her father's death in private and away from television cameras.[29]

On 28 May Big Brother producer Kris Noble wrote to the press saying that "we were not aware that Emma's father had died until it was disclosed to the press by persons unknown. This took place after the funeral service. This in turn led to media speculation that the producers of Big Brother chose not to tell Emma about her father's death and would somehow use the tragedy as a grab for ratings, causing further distress for the family who wanted to keep their sad news private."[30][31] On the evening of 28 May, during the staging of the live Nominations show two audience members held up a sign reading "Emma, Your Dad Is Dead", presumably hoping a housemate would see it during a live cross between host Gretel Killeen and the housemates during the program. However, the Nomination show features no live crosses; these are in fact a feature of Eviction shows. They were discovered and ejected from the audience.[32]

Emma became the eighth housemate to be evicted on Day 50 by public voting with 76% of the merged vote, along with Rebecca in a double eviction. Emma had been informed of her father's death during a meeting with her brother Matt and a psychologist, 24 hours prior to her eviction. The issue of her father's death was only briefly mentioned when Emma appeared on the stage during the eviction show. Emma stated that "I want to leave it alone tonight as was my father's wish."[33][34] After two weeks of doing public appearances for Big Brother she cancelled all future appearances.[35] Journalist Amy Harris opined that, with the knowledge that her father was gravely ill at the time, Cornell "should not have been included in this series. Period." Harris reported that Cornell later refused to discuss the matter with the free press, but later sold the story to a "tabloid magazine".[36]


Hayley Luscott[37] (born 22 February 1983) is a law graduate from Victoria and was a body sculpture champion.[38] She describes herself as intelligent, fun and compassionate.[39] She was in a relationship with housemate Andrew which was being kept secret from the other housemates as a week one challenge set by Big Brother. In week five Big Brother decided that it was time to remove a member of the couple, and Andrew and Hayley were required by Big Brother to decide between them which of them should leave. She chose to leave and so was evicted by Big Brother on Day 31, becoming the fifth evictee.[4] After Big Brother 2007, Hayley and Andrew have ended their relationship. Hayley blamed Big Brother for their breakup.


Jamie McDonald[40] (born 27 March 1978) was a karaoke host and self-proclaimed nerd originally from Ballarat, Victoria. He grew up in an orphanage until the age of six. Jamie has had over 30 different jobs in his life including singing waiter, adult bookshop manager, magician's assistant, trench digger, opera singer, pizza delivery driver, karaoke host, loss prevention officer (store detective). He used to be a host on Channel 31 Melbourne video game show Level 3.[40] Jamie became the thirteenth housemate to be evicted on Day 71 by public voting with 25% of the merged vote. Jamie now works as a radio personality hosting a network shift and has been connected to Southern Cross/Austereo, Fairfax Media and Super Radio Network stations.


Joel Scalzi[41] (born 16 July 1983) is a restaurant manager from South Australia and is of Italian heritage. He is the son of teacher and former politician Joe Scalzi[37] and describes himself as charismatic and hilarious. Joel claims to have never had a girlfriend in his life. Joel has an undecided future and has been thinking of both his tennis and political careers in the house. Statistically, he had also been the worst player on Friday Night Live, and was constantly reminded of this fact by Big Brother, until he won the event in Week 11.[42] He became the seventeenth housemate to be evicted on Day 92 with 7% of the vote, along with Zoran in a double eviction.


Kate Gladman[43] (born 1981) is an enquiry officer and law graduate from Geelong, Victoria, and was once offered a position at Oxford University in Britain. She describes her perfect relationship as "being single" and describes herself as heavenly and fabulous.[44] On Day 11, 2 May 2007, Kate revealed that she had a child who died in birth, eighteen months before this series started, as a result of the rare disease pre-eclampsia.[45] The revelation came after the house mates were assigned a task involving the care of artificial babies. The task was cancelled due to Kate's evidently traumatic reaction to it where she asked to leave the house. As a result of this Big Brother cancelled the task, and Kate chose to stay. The producers knew about the death of Kate's baby. In a press release, Producer Kris Noble stated the producers had discussed it with Kate before she entered the competition, and she had said she was over it. However, he later admitted that it had nevertheless been a misjudgment to assign such a task and that, despite her claims, they should have been more sensitive.[46] Kate became the first housemate to be evicted on Day 15 by public voting with 55% of the merged vote.


Laura Clare[47] (born 1987) is a receptionist from Tasmania. She is an Intruder who entered the house on Day 31 on a special Intruder Alert! show.[14] She describes herself as down to earth, and claims Al Gore as her hero.[48] She is a self-described conservationist and composed a 30-second song to ensure she only spends 30 seconds daily in the shower. She became the tenth housemate to be evicted on Day 57 by public voting with 43% of the merged vote. On 28 July 2007 Laura appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court where she was fined $600 after pleading guilty to several charges including headbutting and eating hotdogs in front of a police officer. She was charged but not convicted. Due to the incident Laura was not invited to attend and participate in the Big Brother 2007 closing show while all other former Big Brother housemates, wildcards and intruders were in attendance.[47] Since then Laura has successfully pursued a modelling and singing career.


Michelle Olsen[49] is a retailer from Western Australia. She describes herself as loud, outspoken and honest.[50] She entered the house on Day 50 as an Intruder, alongside Zach during the Double Eviction / Double Intruder special.[51] She was involved in an allegedly abusive two-hour long argument with Aleisha, which led to her being named 2007's "most hated housemate" and a bogan.[52] The odds given for her eviction on 8 July (Day 78) were the lowest ever for any reality television event worldwide, being placed at A$1.01.[53] She became the fourteenth housemate to be evicted on Day 78 by public voting with 73% of the merged vote, and a series record of 92% of the total evict vote which she received the name of the most percentage of votes ever recorded. Before Michelle's landslide eviction, Jo from series 3 held the record with 86% of the total evict vote. After Michelle's eviction she was shown on television hugging then Prime Minister John Howard. She now is a Zumba teacher


Nick Sady[54] (born 1981) is a nurse who entered the house on Day 18 via the Starburst Golden Key promotion. Nick is openly gay and admits being arachnophobic. He was randomly selected from the five chosen finalists taken from the pool of 100 Starburst Golden Key winners. He became the sixth housemate to be evicted on Day 36 with 51% of the merged vote.


Rebecca Dent[55] (born 1983) is an events manager from Queensland. She is a Mormon, who has said that she has not ever consumed alcohol or worn a bikini. She describes herself as vibrant, bubbly and open.[56] Rebecca's mother expressed her angst over her daughter being excluded from some housemate activities because of her religious choices. She became the ninth housemate to be evicted on Day 50 by public voting with 4% of the merged vote, along with Emma in a double eviction. Since her time in the house, Rebecca has found success in radio, initially in Gladstone. She was part of Hot FM's "Marty & Bec Breakfast Show" in Cairns, hosted Southern Cross Ten's "Landed Music" and was part of the breakfast team at hot fm in townsville. In 2013 "Bec" moved to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and became the co-host of "The Big Breakfast Show" on Big105 FM.[57]


Susannah Murray[58] (born 1977) was a fraud analyst from Toorak, Victoria (originally from Brisbane). According to the Big Brother website, she used to work in several dating agencies, has arachnophobia, and fears getting trapped in large bodies of water. She is one of the two housemates voted into the house by public SMS vote, along with Zoran.[59] She became the seventh housemate to be evicted on Day 43 by public voting with 47% of the merged vote. During the series she went through a type of mid-life crisis, having turned 30, and thinking her life was over.[60]


Thomas Haynes[61] (born 1980) is a real estate agent from Western Australia. He is a former professional basketballer who holds degrees in chemistry and human biology. Thomas is 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm) tall. He describes himself as fun, confused and genuine.[62] At the time he entered the house, he was separated from his wife. He became the twelfth housemate to be evicted on Day 64 by public voting with 22% of the merged vote, along with Andrew in a double eviction.


Theresa Jane "TJ" Whitlock[63] (born 1 July 1985) was a bar attendant from Darwin, Northern Territory. She describes herself as "unique, bizarre, and complex".[64] TJ had a tempestuous relationship with fellow housemate Bodie while in the house.[65] She became the second housemate to be evicted on Day 22 by public voting with 54% of the merged vote, along with on-again off-again boyfriend Bodie, in a double eviction. TJ had a friendly personality, but with a fiery temper, particularly towards Bodie and Thomas.[66]


Travis Perkins[67] (born 1975) is a truck driver from Pakenham, Victoria, who works for Safeway. He describes himself as straight-up, honest and caring.[68] He was a child model and is currently married with a son named Jesse, who was born with a rare condition in which he cannot grow teeth. Travis missed Jesse's third birthday on Day 84. Travis was chosen for the 2004 Big Brother house but chose not to enter as his wife was pregnant at the time.[69] He had long been considered a favourite to win this series of Big Brother, however, two weeks before the finale, there was a lot of backlash with speculation as to whether his "ocker" character was genuine.[70] On Day 99, Travis was evicted with 18% of the merged save votes, finishing in third place.


Zach Douglas[7] (age 24) is a corsetiere from Echuca, Victoria. He entered the house on Day 50 as an Intruder alongside Michelle during the Double Eviction / Double Intruder special. He is openly gay[51] and describes himself as compassionate, loveable and one-in-a-million.[71] As a corsetiere he works for his own label, Zach Douglas Designs.[72] He was the first Intruder to make the final two in Big Brother Australia. He was announced runner-up to Aleisha with 49% of the vote, making it the closest Big Brother Australian finale ever. His achievement as runner-up has been supported by the gay community.[73][74]


Zoran Vidinovski[75] (born 1984) is a club coordinator from Queensland and is of Macedonian heritage. He says that the best feature about his body is his eyes. He is one of the two housemates voted into the house by public SMS vote. He lost 15 kilograms prior to entering the house.[76] He became the eighteenth housemate to be evicted on Day 92 with 1% of the merged vote, along with Joel in a double eviction.

White Room Wild Cards[edit]


Travers "Cruz" Chue[77] (born 1984) is a fashion designer from Queensland. He was the first wildcard to press the red button and leave the White Room on Day 8, after being tempted by Big Brother to leave for A$750. Gretel Killeen later hinted that the money would have greatly increased if he had delayed.[78]


Harrison Rhoades is a carpenter and scuba diving instructor from Sydney. He was the third housemate to be eliminated from the White Room through voting by the current housemates.


Kara Otter is a retail assistant from New South Wales. She was the second person to be eliminated from the White Room, by nomination from Demet and Harrison.

Celebrity Intruder[edit]

Kyle Sandilands, former Celebrity Big Brother Australia contestant and radio host, entered the house on Day 84[79] and was supposed to stay as an "intruder" until Day 87, but left the house after only a day due to a severe migraine. He was set a secret task by Big Brother during a special show before the Live Eviction 12 show on Day 83, to challenge the housemates to speak up and stop flying under the radar. He was supposed to broadcast his radio show, The Kyle and Jackie O Show, from the house on Day 87.[80] During his short stay in the house he had a short showdown with Big Brother after being asked to remove his hat whilst in the Diary Room. Big Brother refused to speak to him until he did, causing Kyle to swear at Big Brother and eventually force his way out of the room using a microphone stand. His stated reason for leaving was having a severe migraine.[81] It has been speculated that his real reasons for leaving were that he was not given the star treatment he had expected, and that Big Brother had lied to him.[82]


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