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Here is a listing of some referenced bioacoustics software.

Bioacoustic software
Name License Platform Details Comments
Audacity GPL v2 Linux, Macintosh, Windows General purpose audio editing tool. To extend the analysis capabilities within Audacity, look at VAMP plugins.
Anabat Insight Proprietary Windows, Macintosh Designed for bat call analysis; allows users to view, listen to, manage, search, analyse, and report on recordings in full spectrum or zero crossing. Includes a plugin to Bat Classify. Developed by Titley Scientific. New features regularly added. Free version available.
Avisoft SASLab Pro Proprietary Windows Contains tools for automatically measuring parameters such as duration and freqeuncy
BCID Proprietary Windows Identification software for zero-crossing and full-spectrum bat calls. Fast, flexible and easy to use. Eastern US and most of Canada. More regions are under development
Luscinia GPL v2 Linux, Macintosh, Windows File recorder, editor, and manager. Displays spectrograms of sound; allows database archiving of wildlife sound recordings; computational comparison of sound using dynamic time warping; clustering analysis; syntactical analysis of animal vocal signals; visual comparison of spectrograms. Written in JAVA. Since Luscinia can be configured with a database, it's well suited for large projects, where file management can be an issue.
Praat GPL v2 Linux, Macintosh, Windows Functions: Speech analysis (spectrograms, pitch, formant, and intensity analysis, and other metrics), labelling and segmentation of signal (ex. using the phonetic alphabet), learning algorithms (feedforward neural networks and discrete and stochastic Optimality Theory), graphics (produce PNG, PDF, and EPS files), speech synthesis, listening experiments, speech manipulation (change pitch and duration contours and filtering), statistics (multidimensional scaling, principle components analysis, discriminant analysis), and programmability (uses an "easy programmable scripting language")
Raven Proprietary Linux, Macintosh, Windows Program for the acquisition, visualization, measurement, and analysis of sounds. Developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. JAVA application.
SeaWave & SeaPro Proprietary Windows Software for sound recording with real-time high resolution spectrographic display - File Analysis and replay at different speed - up to 192 kHz with standard audio boards - time aligned file splitting to record continuously for days and weeks. The research version supports up to 16 channels. Compatible with Dodotronic UltraMic 200k and 250k ultrasonic USB microphones. SeaWave is freeware - Developed by G.Pavan / CIBRA / AEST
Sonobat Proprietary Macintosh, Windows Provides a comprehensive tool for analyzing and comparing high-resolution full-spectrum sonogram of bat echolocation calls recorded from time-expansion bat detectors. Customized for bat songrams. Can identify species based on sonogram. SonoBat development received a grant

from SERDP (see page 19 Where’s SonoBat?)

Sound Analysis Pro 2011 GPL v2 Windows Performs automated recording and analysis of animal vocalization. It can record, analyze and manage sound data over prolonged periods. Windows only. Has great documentation on how to use the program.
SoundRuler GPL v2 Linux, Macintosh, Windows Focused on teaching acoustics. Can record and edit.
Syrinx-PC Freeware Windows Program is specifically designed for field use for recording bioacoustics. Has basic analysis capabilities. Can be used to record/edit/analyze/manage. The software is no longer under active development—which should not necessarily deter its use. License is not clear.
Song Scope Proprietary Linux, Macintosh, Windows An easy to use spectrogram viewer. Also allows the building of "recognizers" to automatically search field recordings for specific animal vocalizations. Developed by Wildlife Acoustics for bird song but can be used for any species with a consistent vocalization.
Kaleidoscope Proprietary Linux, Macintosh, Windows Kaleidoscope is an integrated suite of bioacoustics tools which allows converting file formats, viewing spectrograms, creating classifiers for birds, bats, frogs, and other species, sorting and categorizing bat data by species in North America, Europe, South Africa and the Neotropics, and generating reports. Developed by Wildlife Acoustics..
Bioacoustics GPL v3 Linux, Macintosh, Windows bioacoustics is a free R package available in CRAN to analyze audio recordings and automatically extract animal vocalizations. ItcContains all the necessary tools to process audio recordings of various formats (e.g., WAV, WAC, MP3, ZC), filter noisy files, display audio signals, detect and extract automatically acoustic features for further analysis such as classification." Developed by WavX
monitoR GPL v2 Linux, Macintosh, Windows monitoR is a package for use in R, and is available for free from CRAN. From its own description: "Acoustic template detection and monitoring database interface. Create, modify, save, and use templates for detection of animal vocalizations. View, verify, and extract results. Upload a MySQL schema to a existing instance, manage survey metadata, write and read templates and detections locally or to the database."
seewave GPL v2 Linux, Macintosh, Windows seewave is a package for use in R, and is available for free from CRAN. From its own description: "seewave provides functions for analysing, manipulating, displaying, editing and synthesizing time waves (particularly sound). This package processes time analysis (oscillograms and envelopes), spectral content, resonance quality factor, entropy, cross correlation and autocorrelation, zero-crossing, dominant frequency, analytic signal, frequency coherence, 2D and 3D spectrograms and many other analyses."
BatScope 4 Freeware Macintosh & Windows Archiving, data management, analysis of sound recordings for bat surveys. Supports files primarily from BatLogger, but also BatCorder and standard .wav files. Developed by Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
BatExplorer Proprietary, Freeware Windows Archiving, data management, analysis of sound recordings for bat surveys. Supports only files from BatLogger.
bcAdmin-bcAnalyze-batident Proprietary Macintosh Archiving, data management, analysis of sound recordings for bat surveys. Supports bat corder raw and wave files.
PAMGuard GPL v3 Windows (parts will run under Linux) Open Source software for the Detection Classification and Localisation (DCL) of marine mammal sounds. Can process hydrophone data in real time or can process files offline. Interactive displays allow the user to annotate data and link sounds for tracking using target motion analysis. Project managed by Doug Gillespie at the Sea Mammal Research Unit, University of St Andrews, Scotland
AviaNZ GPL v3 Linux, Macintosh, Windows Open source software for bioacoustic analysis, focusing on automatic processing of long-term recordings. Includes pre-built detectors for several species of New Zealand bats and birds, and allows creating detectors for any other sounds.

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