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The following is a list of episodes for the investigative show Bitag. Some of the mentioned episodes may have been uploaded here. BITAG has since established its own website where past and present episodes are freely available for viewing.

Season One (2001-2002)[edit]

Title Original airdate
"Operation Red Plate" October 21, 2002
Ben prowls the streets for unauthorized uses of government vehicles or also known as "red plate". This episode pre-dates the LTO-DOTC crackdown on "red plate" vehicles which was enacted the following year. [1]

Season Two (2003)[edit]

Title Original airdate
"N.P.A." April 5, 2003
The Bitag team goes where no other local media has gone before - in the middle of an actual firefight between New People's Army rebels and the military. With nothing more but an APC serving as their cover, Ben and his camera crew films the entire encounter including the rescue of a critically wounded soldier pinned down by enemy fire.
"Barangay Commonwealth" August 9, 2003
In one of the show's controversial episodes, Bitag confronts the tanods of a Barangay in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, who are facing charges of apparent assault on the complainant. Tensions between Ben and the Barangays' board members escalate when their chairman demands for the camera to be turned off, leading to a short but physical scrum. The incident was inaccurately reported by rival TV stations as an ugly melee.
"Pekeng Sekyu" August 9, 2003
The Bitag team tests how easy it was to apply as a guard for a security agency by instructing an undercover to use falsified papers processed at Recto, Manila in his application. To their surprise, the undercover is successfully hired without any formal training or due process. Ben subsequently coordinates with the SAGSD to look on the case.
"Forcibly Taken" October 11, 2003
A man's SUV is stolen in full view of the camera by two men riding a motorcycle while buying food at an adjacent lechon dealer. Ben shows up later on the scene to educate the viewers on, at the time, this new modus carried out by an organized carnap syndicate that waits for the opportune moment.
"Paihi" December 13, 2003
Posing as corrupt representatives for a large oil firm, a pair of Bitag undercovers along with CIDG operatives, pounce on a Paihi (the unethical buying-and-selling of company oil obtained from truck drivers/individuals with connections to oil companies that sell it in the black market) syndicate operating at C-5 Road, Taguig.
"Kawatan" December 20, 2003
A tipster divulges critical information regarding the activities of a family of shoplifters who routinely steals clothing at random department stores and re-sells them for their own profit. Ben plants an undercover and documents the crime as it happens.

Season Three (2004)[edit]

Title Original airdate
"Bus ni Kamatayan" May 29, 2004
On their way back to Manila in the early dawn, a speeding bus swerving and cutting repeatedly catches the attention of the Bitag crew. During a lull, the team sees their chance and boards the vehicle as Ben gives the driver a safety lesson, as only he can.
"Mga Kotongero ng Baclaran" June 14, 2004
A group of Maranaos have claimed Baclaran as their territory, extorting exorbitant fees from bus drivers. Bitag sets the trap to put an end to their glory days.

(Note: ¹ First appearance of the Maranao extortionists)

"Human Trafficking (R.A. 9208)" July 3, 2004
The CIDG tackles the first R.A. 9208 (Anti-Human Trafficking Law) case, responding to tips of a boarding house that recruits and holds several female minors captive under the false pretense of a career in Japan.
"Chess Gang" August 21, 2004
The "Chess gang", a faction that uses staged chess matches to embezzle wagers from unsuspecting victims, has invaded Cubao and the CIDG puts the clamps on their operations.

(Note: ¹ First appearance of the Chess Gang)

"Turo Mo, Katay Ko" September 9, 2004
A tip exposing Montalban's illegal promotion of slaughtering stray dogs for personal consumption is promptly put to an end. Along the way, Ben's patience is tested as the employees of the municipal's district are found sleeping on the job.
"Tupada" September 19, 2004
NBI agents raid an illegal cockfighting arena in Manila. The apparent operator of the arena (known only as "Major") can be seen manipulating the agents, confirming the statement of one of the cockfighters' that they didn't panic because he assured them this will all be taken care of.
"Lungga ng Kalaswaan" September 19, 2004
Complaints of obscenities between callboys and gay individuals occurring inside the dark corners of a decrepit cinema house is raided by police officers in conjunction with Bitag.
"Double Dead" October 17, 2004
An asset tips Bitag to the location of a concealed "double dead" slaughterhouse in Bulacan. After successfully capturing footage of the butchers slaughtering the dead pigs, Ben brings the video to the attention of NMIC and TMG personnel leading to the raid of the slaughterhouse. Inside the facility, a rusty freezer containing several pounds of rotting pig carcase are uncovered as well as their internal organs inside a plastic vat.
"Counterfeit Money" November 6, 2004
Runners for a counterfeit syndicate (fronted by the enigmatic "Kulot") that sells fake 500 peso bills for 200 pesos each at Recto, Manila are collared in an entrapment operation by the CIDG task force along with a Bitag undercover.
"Pirata ng Baklad" November 13, 2004
Ben coordinates with CIDG operatives and the Philippine Coast Guard to plan a cease and desist operation on blast fishers that occupy the Navotas coastline after weeks of surveillance. Several warning shots and an hour-long air and sea search later, the blast fishers are eventually collared one-by-one.
"Abortion" December 11, 2004
An ex-midwife for Marie Stopes, a clinic in Pasay City, informs Bitag of her former occupation's ventures in abortion and their unethical use of the non-profit label to solicit donations. (Elective Abortion is illegal in the Philippines.) Using a fertile undercover, CIDG operatives successfully entrap the guilty parties.

Season Four (2005)[edit]

Title Original airdate
"Shotgun ni Lolo" January 8, 2005
During a scheduled visit to the NFA Ben was surprised to see the office closing at an earlier time and grew even more frustrated as security snubbed his requests for the doors to be opened. The tension further escalates between the two parties when Tulfo entered the premises and heatedly confronts the establishment's staff for what he perceives to be an attempt on their part to hide their transgressions, causing Cecilio Grajo, a security guard to draw his service firearm. The police was called upon Ben's orders, resulting in the confiscation of the shotgun and charges filed against Grajo. ABS-CBN, TV5 and GMA-7 were also called with Ben warning the scalawags that they will press charges.

This is one of the episodes very often replayed and featured in the opening billboards of BITAG.

"Ipis Crackers" January 15, 2005
A large distributor and manufacturer of fish crackers, Mega Ace Food Products, is found responsible through undercover surveillance of using Borax and roach and rat-infested drums of liquid ingredients in their fish crackers. It was later revealed that the owners paid the sanitary inspectors P5,000 each to give a false report.
"Ipis Crackers: Part 2" January 22, 2005
An inspection by BFAD officials was delayed momentarily by the owners' refusal to open the gate. The camera spots a group of Barangay officials suspiciously lurking inside the compound, drawing Ben's interest who confronts one of them while exiting the gate. We learn later that their presence was to clean up the facilities to conceal all traces of evidence which still wasn't enough to prevent the inevitable - a cease and desist order. Later, the owners of Mega Ace Food Products decides to punish the insubordination of their employee (the "asset") by abducting her. She manages to escape.
"Kuryente" January 22, 2005
An SM Southmall branch in Las Piñas alerts the local SWAT team to check up on two suspicious vehicles roaming around in the mall parking lot, unbeknownst to them that Ben and Bitag operatives are inside, planning a surveillance on a nearby Cybersex den. The SWAT team disengaged when they found out that it was Ben (and the whole BITAG crew) who was inside, matters being settled almost instantly with camaraderie. Despite being a dud operation on their own part, Ben still congratulates the SWAT team leader for doing their job, regardless.

This episode is sometimes replayed to remind the public of the perils that BITAG immerses itself into, including being mistaken for a shady group.

"Cybersex" January 22, 2005
The authorities raid a Las Piñas-based cybersex den but their hands are tied with regards to which cases to file because of the lack of a specific law that prohibits cybersex.
"Pekeng Kano" January 29, 2005
A Lebanese national posing as an American citizen replete with fake U.S. passports and name, was apprehended after attempting to exchange his fake traveller's checks at a money changing center.
"Fake Medicines" February 19, 2005
A huge supplier of counterfeit and expired medicines in the country (Codename: Peter) who operates at San Fernando City, Pampanga falls at the hands of the NBI during a buy-bust operation.
"Emy" February 19, 2005
Concerned citizens of Marilao, Bulacan informs Bitag of Emy - a mentally-unbalanced, pregnant woman loitering fully nude in the city and scouring piles of garbage for food. Ben scoffs at the fact that the municipality and DSWD have not taken any action at all despite being only a few metres away from Emy's location.
"Emy (The Reunion)" February 26, 2005
Two different parties identifying themselves as relatives of Emy have come to claim her, and Ben investigates to determine the truth. She is eventually reunited with her legitimate family, much to the chagrin of a caretaker who believes she's not in the proper mental state to determine anything, blowing off Tulfo's cool.
"Kilos Pronto: The Teacher Teaches" March 8, 2005
Ben pays a high school a visit after complaints about a teacher accidentally hitting the wrong student with a blackboard eraser which was intended for another, surfaced. The frightened teacher agrees to meet with Ben and admits to his wrongdoing.
"Mapaminsalang Hipon" March 19, 2005
NBI officials along with a representative from BFAR raid a Taiwanese-owned fish pond at a non-descript location in Zambales that is known to culture the illegal shrimp species Vannamei. A board member from the office of the Mayor tries to intervene in the suspect's behalf drawing Ben's interest as to what his motives really are.
"Mapaminsalang Hipon: Part 2" April 9, 2005
Surveillance footage reveals that the Pangasinan office of BFAR have been maintaining and operating a hatchery for Vannamei for research and experiment. Ben meets with (then) Department of Agriculture secretary Arthur Yap to inquire about it.
"Mapaminsalang Hipon: Part 3" April 16, 2005
Responding to the order that all Vannamei shrimps must be destroyed, the Pangasinan branch of BFAR invites the media to come over and film the live abortion and ensuing feast.
"Chess Gang (Manila Chapter)" April 23, 2005
The "Chess gang" strikes again and some of its members are subsequently arrested as the enraged victims each take turns in getting even with the suspects. The following day, the Bitag investigative team drives to Cubao to look for the remaining members and was unsuccessful, instead relaying a message to those in the vicinity that they'll be watching.
"Condominium" April 23, 2005
Leaky airconditioning units, peeled rooftops, flimsy fire escapes and a faulty elevator are just some of the gripes on what used to be a high-class condominium in Pasay and Ben sets out to correct these mistakes. After a failed attempt by security to escort him out and the tongue-tied answers by the building lawyer and engineers that followed, Ben gives the current Committee of Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement chair Rodolfo Biazon a call.
"Kotongan sa Baclaran" April 30, 2005
Bitag sets up a dummy bus to trap a new group of Maranaos that have made a fortune out of extorting money from hapless PUV-operators plying Baclaran. The extortionists were successfully collared with the exception of the collector who decided to camp out in the middle of an open drainage to elude the authorities.
"Ambulansya" May 14, 2005
The Bitag team tags along with a PCSO-owned ambulance to gauge how motorists would react to it if it were an emergency situation. The test showed how both motorists and pedestrians are completely apathetic to the ambulance by cutting and blocking its path. Later, Ben learns that no governing body exists for ambulances which results in substandard and unqualified ambulance services.
"Riding in Tandem" May 14, 2005
The Sta. Maria police stakes out a gasoline station at Pulang Buhangin, Bulacan early dawn for an impending attack by "riding in tandem" suspects and guesses right, killing one of them and capturing his other companions.
"Sipa" June 12, 2005
Operating on an inside source's tip, the team successfully identifies a package positive for "sipa" ("kick" in English, a slang for allowing certain items to go directly to its owner once it is shipped) during an undercover surveillance at the CMEC division of the NAIA-Bureau of Customs but failed to recover the package during the entrapment. An incensed Tulfo then interrogates the delivery van drivers to catch them on a lie.
"Nissan" June 25, 2005
A factory worker at a Nissan branch in Manila spills the beans at the company's fraudulent use of surplus spare parts on their clients' vehicles and the ensuing complaint of a woman that comprise one of their many victims. An undercover surveillance later confirms that the deception indeed exists.
"Marijuana" July 2, 2005
Numerous tips in their hotline leads to the ambush of a marijuana dealer in the outskirts of Bulacan. The stench of an ongoing pot session pinpointed the exact location of the suspect as his parents openly encourage their son's illegal activities.
"Nissan 2" July 2, 2005
Ben treks to Nissan Manila to meet with their general manager and the service personnel involved in the installation of the surplus parts. Sensing the futility in their lies, they eventually cave in and admit to the wrongdoing, promising to rectify the mistakes as soon as possible.
"Nissan 3" July 9, 2005
Bitag uncovers another potential victim who agrees to come into the open but recants his decision possibly under the persuasion of the dealers. The team then heads to Nissan Manila who replaces the surplus kit with genuine parts as promised. Later in the day, Ben theorizes that there may be a connivance between motor dealers and insurance companies and gives them a call.
"Kilos Pronto: McDonald's Recruiter" July 9, 2005
An LTO employee meets with Ben at the Bitag Action Center in an attempt to clean his name after complaints about him using fabricated letters from McDonald's in Los Angeles, CA on his illegal recruiting scheme have surfaced. After a grueling interrogation that sees the suspect tripping over his own stories, Ben convinces him to just come out on the open.
"Escort Service" July 19, 2005
Benz, a powerful entity in the escort service grid, is surveyed by Bitag operatives after an underaged call girl sought their help regarding his threats of circulating phone videos of him having intercourse with her (and most of his peddled wares) if she decides to leave. Benz demonstrates his formidable influential powers as an entrapment operation is sabotaged by an unspecified team member. Ultimately, Benz is cornered at a different room as the "influential figures" he boldly proclaims will save him, withdraws their support, leaving him in the mercy of an agitated Tulfo and the authorities.
"Taripa" July 30, 2005
Rude jeepney drivers that force passengers to depart their vehicle when pressed about the authenticity of their "taripa" (tariff laminate) are brought to the attention of the LTO. Before leaving, a mob of angry jeepney drivers lining up to secure their own "taripa", protests to Ben who clarifies that their case is not about the controversy surrounding the "taripa" but the drivers' actions as a result of it. The Bitag team (along with a designated attorney) then went to the terminal in question to set things straight with the abusive drivers.
"Delilah" August 6, 2005
A blind man is beaten up and his arm hacked with a bolo knife after the suspect was irritated by his rendition of the song Delilah in a KTV bar. Ben takes up the case and along the way, uncovers lapses in the investigation.
"Ilong" October 8, 2005
A woman complaining about a bogus cosmetic surgeon who refers his botched operations to a legitimate doctor as part of a modus, leads to Bitag planting an undercover to catch the quack in the act.
"Casa" November 12, 2005
One of the victims of a recruiter who promises job opportunities in the big city but in truth, is a prostitution ring, tips Bitag to the operations of the suspect's brothel who employs female minors. Ben and the authorities sets the trap as the victims are eventually rescued and its operator placed behind bars.

Season Five (2006)[edit]

Title Original airdate
"Linta" January 14, 2006
The Bitag Strike Force stakes out a dark corner pass in Sampaloc, Manila where a gang of neighborhood toughies are known to rough up passing drivers if they refuse to pay up. After the others left one of their own by his lonesome, Ben hatches up a plan by intentionally driving by and handing a PHP 20.00 bill to the mark which he promptly took, giving the team an antecedent to carry out street justice on the hapless bully.
"Syria" February 4, 2006
In an attempt to repatriate two Filipino women in Syria, Tulfo confronts the management of the Skyline Placement Agency, the recruitment agent responsible, and in the course of his investigation, unexpectedly uncovers a twisted mess within the structure and operation of the agency itself.
"Lasenggong Enforcer" February 18, 2006
A drunk traffic enforcer gets in hot water for beating up a civilian.
"Text Mate (Stud Mate)" February 18, 2006
Courtesy of a victim's complaint, we are introduced to Lester Untalan: a sex-starved conman that preys on lonely-hearted females. The suspect remains at large and Bitag releases an APB with his face and modus operandi.
"Barangay Kuno" March 11, 2006
A shocking coincidence took place in Bitag's action center in which the sister of the accused and the complainant both arrived at the same time to file their complaints at each other. Forced at such a stalemate, Ben decides to postpone the hearing at another time and demanded that the accused show up instead of their sister.
"Basang Sisiw (Ipit Gang)" March 11, 2006
While in a scheduled meeting at Manila City Hall, a small commotion catches Ben's attention and finds two suspected Ipit Gang members in detention for stealing cellphones. Ben takes this opportunity to embarrass the duo on camera as well as informing the viewers of their modus and how to prevent yourself from being a victim.
"Manok (Patay na Kinatay)" March 18, 2006
Following a tip, Bitag investigates a poultry farm allegedly involved in the sale of "double dead" chickens. While trying to document an official inspection conducted by BFAD officials on one of the farm's retail outlets, Ben ends up in a heated argument with the outlet's proprietor when the latter refuses Bitag its warranted access to cover the inspection. Inside their freezer, several pounds of "double dead" chicken, calf as well as pig carcase in early stages of FMD were seized.
"Cybersex sa Pampanga" March 27, 2006
After several weeks of surveillance involving undercover operatives and a test buy, Ben coordinates with the proper authorities to plan a simultaneous raid on two separate cybersex dens. On site, Ben comes across several drugs and sex paraphernalia and the den's owner who was still high on speed during the arrest.
"Kilos Pronto: Privilege Card" March 27, 2006
A dispute between City Lights corporation and a client ended up being a simple case of miscommunication. Tulfo patches up the two parties and successfully comes into a compromise.
"Aowa" March 27, 2006
Aowa, a store that uses staged raffle contests to distract its customers from the underlying embezzlement that happens simultaneously, is placed under surveillance and Bitag positively identifies the presence of deception.
"Cellphone" March 27, 2006
Infuriated with the merchant's response that "he's on his own" after a cellphone he bought just a few days earlier in a cellphone stall at the Greenhills Shopping Center had malfunctioned, the student decided to turn to Bitag for assistance. Ben escorts the complainant to the mall's management who then calls the store owner and the merchant in question to get their side of the story. In the end, the store eventually agrees to replace the unit.
"Spa" April 1, 2006
In a Mission-X case, Erwin handles the complaint of a woman who was injured while undergoing treatment at a spa center.
"Fried Chicken" April 22, 2006
A family accidentally captures footage (with their digital camera) of a small cockroach in their plastic cup while dining at a Baguio branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The management's lack of action forced the complainant's to bring their case to Tulfo's attention who wasted no time patching up the two parties.
"Butangerong Ama" April 29, 2006
A father accused of beating his wife and children gets a surprise visit in his cell from Ben who assured the victims that he intends to show him the meaning of fear. Ben verbally berates him for his domestic abuse (including the cell guard that attempted to defuse the situation) even going so far as to kick the cell door in anger, finally leaving the suspect with an ominous message: "once you get out of there, you're mine" ("paglabas mo diyan, akin ka").
"Kilos Pronto: Zamboanga Rapist" May 6, 2006
A man on the run for rape is arrested on his hiding spot by police officers. In an iconic scene, Ben leaves a message to the suspect "tapos na maliligayang araw mo na-Bitag ka, ha?" (your happy days are over, you were 'trapped'" as the suspect is on his way to the vehicle.
"Ifugao" May 13, 2006
Ben comes to the aid of an Ifugao desperately searching for his daughter who purportedly eloped with a security guard that resides in a condominium at Mindanao Avenue. Annoyed by the administration's continuous beating around the bush, Ben uses drastic measures to successfully extract a confession from the suspect's brother pertaining to the whereabouts of the girl.
"Credit Card Scam" May 13, 2006
A credit card scammer successfully embezzles a large amount of cash from an unsuspecting victim. Adding intrigue to the complaint is the possible involvement of an anonymous Citibank employee who conspired with the scammer.
"Energy Saver (Katas ng Panggagantso)" May 13, 2006
Ben fields undercover operatives to pose as door-to-door salespersons for ALJA Marketing Group in an attempt to unveil the deception of their bogus energy saving contraption. The team successfully infiltrates the marketing firm and documents' the seminar that details how to fool buyers into buying their product. After the success of the sting operation, Ben personally heads to ALJA Marketing Group to confront its general manager.
"Chairwoman" May 20, 2006
A chairwoman in Sampaloc, Manila that serves as a bridge between local snatchers and their victims is collared in an entrapment operation after she tries to solicit money from a messenger service in return for the BlackBerry stolen from them.
"Taho" May 20, 2006
A derelict taho factory swarming with cockroaches and crude cooking utensils in Manila is stripped by Bitag for the guilty parties that allowed it to perpetuate to see. The DOH dispatches a group of sanitation inspectors to look at the building before finally closing it down. This episode may be viewed in YouTube.
"Red Plate" May 20, 2006
Ben catches a number of abusive government officials using government vehicles for unauthorized uses (a.k.a. "red plate") in the wee hours of the morning. With the compiled footage, Ben turns it over to the city ombudsman who pleads for everyone to cooperate through the use of modern capture devices.
"Pasaway (Kompanyang Lason Sa Pasig)" May 27, 2006
Oil and waste materials exiting from the factory of Boy Bawang, a snack food manufacturer, is freely washing away at the river beds of Bignay, Caloocan and threatening the health of its residents and the nearby Laguna Lake. Ben meets with Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) officials to inquire about their response but is dissatisfied with their answers.
"Total Wreck" May 27, 2006
Bitag travels to the NLEX compound for a special feature on road safety 101, showing mangled vehicles in a scrap heap, why it happened, and how the everyday motorist could avoid being the next in line.
"Kotongan sa Baywalk" May 27, 2006
Following a tip concerning rampant arrests by the Baywalk police on tourists in possession of liquor (which was supposedly a violation of the city ordinance) and extorting money in exchange for their freedom, Tulfo planted an undercover to catch them on the act. However, the plan turned sour when an officer forced open their bags revealing the concealed camera and inadvertently damaging it. An infuriated Tulfo joins the scene shortly, demanding the whereabouts of the officers responsible.
"Laguna Lake" June 3, 2006
The Bitag team along with DENR and PCG personnel participate in an aerial surveillance of Laguna Lake to observe the entry of polluted water from the nearby Pasig River as well as the numerous illegal fish pens scattered as the prime contributors to the lake's regression.
"Reflexology: Alpha Pi Chupapi" June 3, 2006
DIID-QCPD agents and Bitag conduct an entrapment operation on a reflexology center based in Roosevelt Avenue, Quezon City known to field callboys on their clients under the guise of a professional masseuse.
"MMDA (Tulisan ng Bangketa)" June 10, 2006
The MMDA's sidewalk clearing operation, which has gained a notoriety of being violent, have claimed yet another crop of victims, and Tulfo meets with the head of the clearing operation to request a line-up of the team present during that day. The chief refused, but invited Bitag to view their training op for clearing personnel, and it is revealed that ex-convicts (willing to be reformed) comprise most of its crew.
"Kalampag Boys (Kotongero ng Novaliches)" June 10, 2006
An angry bus driver spills the beans on a group of extortionists in Novaliches City that research shows, is earning almost half a million a month alone with their modus. The fact that the traffic enforcers not far away from the scene of the crime are doing nothing to address this matter provides Tulfo with the theory that the two parties might be in cahoots.
"Duhat (Batang Binaril)" June 17, 2006
Barely able to walk, a ten-year-old boy (with assistance from concerned witnesses) recounts how a security guard shot him repeatedly before finally hitting him in the leg after being caught plucking "duhat" (Jambul in most countries) near the compound.
"Off The Record (For The Record)" June 17, 2006
OMA seeks Ben for assistance regarding a Muslim who's being held by corrupt policemen in Camp Karingal for an alleged narcotics violation and their demands of a 200,000 peso ransom in exchange for his release. To their surprise, the captive was freed moments before the entrapment operation was about to take place, suggesting that there may be a tip-off.
"OMB: Pirata" June 17, 2006
Pornographic DVDs have spread like wildfire in Cavite and it is inexplicably linked to the lack of jurisdiction allotted to the local authorities by orders of the OMB who assumed exclusive control of the project. Ben schedules a meeting with OMB chairman Edu Manzano to discuss the matter and learns that lack of funding and personnel are the primary reasons for their supposed inefficiency.
"Cybersex sa Cebu" June 17, 2006
The Bitag team flies to Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu to surveil an alleged cybersex den that exploits minors. Ben coordinates with DSWD and CIDG operatives to plan an entrapment operation to be held the following day.
"Cybersex sa Cebu: Part 2" June 24, 2006
DWSD and CIDG undercover agents immediately swarm the cybersex den's premises and incapacitates its reluctant owner Mark Brickman. Their lack of a search warrant proved to be a small hitch, hindering the inspection momentarily.
"De Lata" June 24, 2006
A woman who claims that she found a rat's severed head inside a can of sardines brings it with her as evidence. The stomach-turning shots of the rat's head and the possible brand of sardines (which was blurred out) led to widespread speculation and controversy and was the topic on major news outlets across the country.
"Road Eye Towing" July 1, 2006
Bitag hunts down the personnel of "Road Eye Towing", a shady towing company responsible for the unauthorized towing of vehicles (including the complainant's) across the metropolis. With Ben swiping their keys, the suspects had no choice but to flee on foot as each RET personnel scampers away leaving a hapless female employee to fend for herself.
"Tanod (Pekeng Enforcer)" July 1, 2006
A pair of Barangay tanods who impersonate traffic enforcers to solicit money from motorists are busted by the Special Operations group of WPD, with one of them causing a scene while resisting arrest inside a convenience store. At the police station, the Barangay chairman comes to their aid, with the trio teaming up to provoke the officers within the vicinity, as well as Bitag operatives. Ben Tulfo arrives shortly and wastes no time putting them in their place.
"Lihim ng Hermosa (Barangay Halay)" July 1, 2006
Ben goes to Hermosa, Bataan to respond to a purported gang rape on a teenager by suspects attached to the Barangay chairman. It is revealed that instead of detaining the suspects after a line-up, the police simply allowed them to leave and failed to blotter the crime. Later, the Barangay chairman (also the father of one of the suspects) meets with Ben at the Bitag Action Center to plead for fairness and impartiality. Insulted by this, Ben launches a tirade on the incompetence of the Hermosa police and how the chairman was wrong to assume he would be just as gullible to deal with.
"Lihim ng Hermosa (Barangay Halay) Part 2" July 8, 2006
Sensing that having the trial in the presence of picketing residents and the obvious mishandling of the case that has transpired will yield unsatisfactory results, Ben sought the help of the VACC to move the case to Manila.
"Hulidap Story: Mga Dupang na Parak" July 8, 2006
Ben along with an officer of OMA acts on the illegal detention of a Muslim by corrupt officers at Camp Karingal in Quezon City on another classic case of "Hulidap".
"Dupang Na Recruiter" July 15, 2006
A female triumvirate that embezzles money from their victims by dangling empty promises of greener pastures in Japan, fall one-by-one via two separate entrapment operations conducted by the NBI and Bitag operatives.
"Bulilyaso (Kidnap for Ransom)" July 15, 2006
Corrupt police officers detains a Muslim woman for peddling drugs which they planted at her and are now demanding that her family pays for her release, essentially making it a kidnap-for-ransom case. Ben along with OMA and the authorities, stages an entrapment operation to foil the suspects to no avail.
"Bitag Kuno" July 22, 2006
A woman who pretends to be a Bitag member to embezzle money from hapless victims, falls in the clutches of the authorities.
"Bulag" July 22, 2006
Rejected by XXX, a blind septuagenarian brings her case to Bitag instead, claiming she was raped by a neighbor. Having mixed opinions about the credibility of her complaint, the team escorts her home and left in the open whether they plan on pursuing the case or not.
"Batang Juice" August 5, 2006
Small children selling juice bottles at the middle of the road, under the orders of a police officer who monitors their progress from the safety of his jeep, is placed under surveillance by Bitag.
"Fixer" August 12, 2006
A "fixer" is apprehended during a buy-bust operation conducted by Bitag operatives and the NBI. As expected, the suspect denied being a "fixer" and identified himself as an LTO official simply helping a client walk his papers, a claim which was soon proven false by the head office.
"Cebu City: Kontrobersyal na Ordinansya" August 12, 2006
Various complaints surrounding an ordinance enacted by the LTFRB in Cebu City that prevents Mandaue City jeepneys from entering the city (a nuisance to both) and the ensuing unlawful arrest of an undercover deployed a week earlier to document the case, forces Ben to fly all the way to Cebu to retrieve his agent and leave no stone unturned for answers.
"Akto: Mag-amang Siga" August 19, 2006
The Bitag team comes across a bleeding mentally-challenged child wounded by a drunk father-and-son tandem that works at the Barangay Hall. The suspects are eventually rounded up by the authorities and charged accordingly.
"Kilos Pronto: Butangero ng Live-in" August 19, 2006
Bitag tracks down a fraternity member known to beat up his live-in partner with a paddle when intoxicated.
"Karayom" August 19, 2006
A suture needle left in a woman's colon by her gynecologist runs to Bitag for help and brings the case to the proper authorities. The needle is successfully removed later. The complaint segues with the country's shortage and lack of quality medical personnel due to the departure of doctors and nurses abroad.
"Tomboy" August 26, 2006
The Bitag team along with DSWD representatives and the Tagaytay City police, tries to repatriate a 17-year-old Canadian immigrant who eloped with a lesbian of legal age.
"Sardinas 2" August 26, 2006
An employee for a large supermarket brings a sealed bottle of sardines containing a small cockroach which was brought to his attention by a customer while looking at the expiration date. With financial settlement in mind, the man purchased the item and immediately brought it to BFAD for inspection. Ben gave him the choice whether he wants to press on with his ulterior motives, or just show it to the public. The man chose the latter.
"Illegal Arrest" August 26, 2006
In yet another case of "huli-dap", OMA notifies Bitag of the illegal arrest of a Muslim by CIDU officers for illegal possession of firearms. However, it later turns out that not only is he a PDEA agent, he also has an existing permit to carry making the arrest moot.
"Bank Syndicate" September 9, 2006
Assuming that the woman asking to have her money exchanged for smaller bills is a legit PNB employee because the call originated from the bank's restricted area, a Jollibee cashier agreed to bring 30,000 pesos to the bank unbeknownst to everyone that the woman is a scammer purportedly working for an organized bank syndicate.
"Fake Attorney" September 9, 2006
A senior-citizen fixer claiming to be an attorney to pilfer money from unsuspecting victims under the pretense that he's helping them with their marriage contracts, birth certificates, and other official documents is collared in an entrapment operation.
"Upa" September 24, 2006
Heremias Poblacion, a man who's been selling parcels of land that he doesn't own for a quick profit, falls in the hands of NPD-DIID operatives during an entrapment operation.
"Principal" September 24, 2006
Unable to explain where the PHP 800.00 peso "graduation fee" she solicited from her students ended up, a principal is now in deep water. It gets deeper when Ben and the Bitag team joins the investigation.
"Huli Mo, Bili Ko, Katay Mo" September 24, 2006
An anonymous source provides Bitag with crucial information regarding the trade of illegal dog meat, including the methodology and transportation of the illegal wares, as well as the main supplier - a non-descript location in Project 6, Quezon City where hundreds of dogs are imprisoned and eventually slaughtered prior to shipment.
"Wanted" October 7, 2006
8-years after killing a 17-year-old boy in cold blood, the suspect who's been hiding in Makati City the entire time is captured and placed behind bars thanks to a tip from a local. On his way to the detachment center, the relatives of the victim take out their anger on the suspect and later in his cell, the inmates get their shot as well.
"Taxi Driver" October 7, 2006
After the ensuing operation in Makati City, Bitag staff members get into a heated confrontation with their taxi driver after the driver tried to add an additional PHP 50.00 pesos to their fare. The following day, the driver courageously showed up in their Action Center to meet up with Ben and explain his side. This episode may be viewed in YouTube.
"Kilos Pronto: KTV Bar" October 7, 2006
S.W.A.T. and WACO operatives (along with the complainant) who came all the way from Pangasinan, goes to Ben for help regarding his runaway teenage daughter who reportedly now works at a karaoke bar in Batangas. The group immediately plans a rescue operation to repatriate the girl with her parents but not without a few kinks along the way after the KTV bar owner who was spying all along, tipped off his subordinates.
"Dupang na Enforcer" October 7, 2006
A corrupt traffic enforcer is collared during an entrapment operation at a Mini-Stop outlet in Project 7, Quezon City. The enforcer's uncooperative nature led to him being dragged around "like a pig" and punched in the face by his victim after his refusal to surrender his drivers' license and the keys to his motorcycle box.
"Torture" October 14, 2006
An FX taxi driver asks Ben for help after Pasay police officers tortured him despite being the one who helped his victim file the complaint, under suspicion he's in cahoots with suspects involved in the holdup that took place. Ben goes to their detachment center and uncovers the rusted baseball bat, metal rods and electro-shock device used in the torture and confronts the personnel who turned a blind eye on their fellow officers' actions.
"Mga Kolokoy sa Express Mail Service" October 21, 2006
A messenger tandem for the Bureau of Customs' Express Mail Service conspires to embezzle money from a hapless victim by replacing her smaller parcel with a bigger box. Ben sets up a sting operation to catch the two on the act and pays their superiors a visit to bring to their attention the wrongdoings of their rogue employees.
"Fall Guy" October 21, 2006
The bagwoman for North Park, a corrupt Korean noodle house, who instructs her to pay off inspectors from various government agencies to lay off them, is turned into a fall guy by her employers once their latest skirmish involving angry subdivision owners proved to be a bigger quandary than they thought.
"Fall Guy Part 2" October 28, 2006
A Bitag operative calls North Park noodle house under the pretext that they are prospective employers conducting a background check on the sacked woman. Human Resources falls for their tricky line of questioning as Ben takes it from there.
"Kilos Pronto: Landlord" October 28, 2006
A landlord comes to Bitag for help regarding her tenants' who kicked her out of the very house she owns in this unique case set in the outskirts of Caloocan. With assistance from the local police, the Bitag Strike team goes to their house and finds the gate padlocked and the landlord's belongings scattered outside. The Barangay Chairman later arrives in the scene and causes even more tension by urging the accused to sue the landlord and Bitag for trespassing.
"Movie Ticket" October 28, 2006
A mob of Jeepney drivers goes to the Bitag Action Center to report a detour route in Novaliches City that involves a terminal that collects PHP 5.00 from them every time they pass. With just a movie ticket as their "receipt" and the dubious destination of the said money, Ben personally surveys the terminal in question and asks the collector on the scene to take him to his superior. Ben unexpectedly uncovers a conspiracy that might extend up to the Mayor's office.
"Kuwait" November 5, 2006
Not willing to send their client home from Kuwait despite suffering from bleeding peptic ulcer and the request of her family, Ben personally heads to the agency in question and gets into a shouting match with their feisty employee.
"Mga Tambay sa China" November 5, 2006
A member of a trio of illegal recruiters that use the name of a legitimate travel agency to fool victims into going to China is arrested in an entrapment operation carried out in NAIA.
"Rainbow Hotel" November 11, 2006
Ben heads to the titular establishment in Malate, Manila to question the hotel's lax security that led to a client's baggage being stolen inside their premises which Ben theorizes is an inside job connected to an organized syndicate.
"Sex Scandal" November 17, 2006
A female performer who works for an American-operated syndicate behind the proliferation of the nation's infamous pornographic sex Scandal videos spills the beans on her employer's illegal practice. After successfully gathering film evidence during an undercover operation, the informant mysteriously disappears leaving the case hanging.
"NBI Torture" November 18, 2006
Upon learning that the man he's talking to during public service day has an existing warrant of arrest to his name and with NBI operatives waiting to detain him, Ben peacefully turns him over trusting in the bureau's clean reputation. To his surprise, Ben finds the man in his cell bruised and with ligature marks in his neck, purportedly the handiwork of the men who detained him.
"Aso" November 25, 2006
Ben sets his sights on the owner of a half-breed dog that's notorious for mutilating innocent bystanders after claiming its fifth and latest victim. Upon inspection, the dog turned out to be a cross-breed between a labrador retriever and rottweiller with the latter being the dominant of the mix. Despite the reluctance of its owners to surrender the dog, the health authorities seize the dog and its survival is up for debate.
"Porno" December 9, 2006
Bothered by his conscience, a writer for the underground smut publication Sagad, reveals the secrets behind the infamous newspaper and demonstrates his ability to write lewd articles in a span of minutes.
"Brgy. Halay (Lihim ng Hermosa) Update" December 9, 2006
Ben updates us on the verdict of the controversial gang rape case and it is revealed that not only was their petition for the case to be moved to a different court ignored, but also dismissed. A petition for review was filed in response by the prosecution.
"Kilos Pronto: Hulidap" December 9, 2006
A Muslim vendor is abducted by corrupt policemen and his brother asks Bitag for assistance in this latest "hulidap" case. Ben brings this matter to the NBI to plan an entrapment on the rogue operatives only for the suspects to free the victim minutes later, indicating the possibility of a "rat" which the victim alluded to upon his release.
"Katas ng Panggagantso 2 (H20 Purifier)" December 17, 2006
Ben puts a water purifying company that uses deceiving advertising techniques to fool buyers and applicants (and whose senior assistant is also accused of sexually harassing a female employee) on a two-week surveillance and successfully plants two female undercovers inside.
"Bitag X-Treme: Year-End Special Part 1" December 30, 2006
A clip show counting down the best episodes of 2006 from the cycle of events generated by Operation: Red Plate to the string of controversial "hulidap" cases they tackled, narrated by Ben in a "talking heads" style documentary.

Season Six (2007)[edit]

Title Original airdate
"Bitag X-Treme: Year-End Special Part 2" January 7, 2007
Conclusion of the Bitag countdown with extra footage not seen on the original broadcast.
"Rescue Special" January 14, 2007
A special episode on the show's famous "rescue operations" during the last three years, narrated by Ben.
"Text Mate/Text Rape" January 27, 2007
An underaged female asks Ben for help after being tricked by a college student through text messaging into an early morning date, only to bring her home (with his grandmother's assistance) and rape her.
"Branded/Brand New (Mga Cellphone na Palpak)" January 27, 2007
Under the guidance of a cellphone technician who's seen it all and the victim's complaint, Ben learns about the seedy operations of unscrupulous cellphone retailers that sell "recon" models to make a quick profit. Bitag immediately heads over to the store in question and confronts its owner, ultimately refunding the unit completely.
"2007 Operation Red Plate" February 3, 2007
Ben fields his undercover agents across the metropolis to compile video evidence of red tape vehicles. The crew caught more than 13 vehicles red handed including the drunk driver who decided to sleep the night away with his door open and two government employees who came all the way from Mindoro who subsequently trailed the team to intimidate them but to no avail.
"Tong sa Antipolo" February 10, 2007
The Bitag team interrogates a group of men caught in the act of extorting money from passing motorists who then names an old man known as "The Sergeant" as the mastermind behind their activities. Before the men could point the location of "Sergeant", he arrives at the scene armed with a .38 caliber revolver, a homemade shotgun, and a hunting knife concealed in a camouflage vest. The team disarms him and turns him over to the authorities for violation of the ongoing election gun ban.
"Tong sa Riles" February 10, 2007
Ben and the Bitag Strike Force heads for a railroad system in Sampaloc, Manila, responding to complaints about unauthorized begging conducted by installed traffic aides. Ben learns that the location is ruled by four different Barangay chairmans, some who are completely apathetic to the activities of the said traffic aides. Ben proclaims that he'll "take care of (the chairman's) business" and gives chase, collaring the traffic aides and pressing them as to where the money goes.
"Baras Sex Scandal" February 17, 2007
A coed cries for justice after her college professor, who's still harboring resentment over the dissolution of their relationship, uploaded her explicit photos on his Friendster account for the entire school community to see. Ben orchestrates a plan to get the teacher out in the open and demand answers.
"Consultancy (Kuno)" February 17, 2007
An entrapment operation catches an illegal recruitment ring redhanded. At the detachment center, the angry victims arrive and confront the perpetrators in a physical melee as the suspects continue to deny their activities and even threatened to sue the Bitag team.
"Kuyog" February 17, 2007
Responding to a large number of text messages on their hotline, Ben heads over to Sta. Mesa, Manila to stake out a jeepney terminal where a large group of men harass passing jeepneys for money in a mob-like ("kuyog") manner. Ben rounds up the "collectors" who claim that all they do is wash windshields and are not extortionists.
"Rent-A-Carnapped" February 24, 2007
Bitag coordinates with the authorities to plan an entrapment operation involving the modus the team dub as "rent-a-carnapped" in which the suspects rent cars under false names only to hold it in exchange for ransom. The suspects are collared and had no choice but to confess to the location of the victim's car along with several other unclaimed vehicles.
"Illegal Recruiter" February 24, 2007
An illegal recruiter is caught red-handed in an entrapment and her disrespectful and nonchalant behavior inside the withholding area tests the patience of one of the officers in charge. In another story, a woman who was maltreated in Abu Dhabi by her employer, asks for Ben's help.
"Child Labor" February 24, 2007
A house owner as well as a former employee tips Bitag to the illegal practice of a paint factory that makes use of minors to manufacture paint thinner in order to cut costs. Ben, along with DSWD representatives, pay the factory a visit and reunite the children with their parents, informing them of an existing law prohibiting child labor.
"KFR (Korean National)" March 3, 2007
Ben and his brother Erwin of Mission X team up to help a distraught woman regarding the kidnapping of a family member. The Tulfo Brothers' coordinate with QCPD operatives to box out the suspects who eventually turned out to be PACER operatives. Ben senses a potential cover-up and gives Colonel Lee of PACER a call and gets into a heated shouting match.
"Notoryus na Callboy" March 3, 2007
The girlfriend of a callboy who robs unsuspecting victims of their valuables unite with Bitag and CIDG operatives to plan an entrapment operation using a faux domestic helper as their would-be victim. After a series of delays, the suspect finally succeeds in his plan and is eventually apprehended.
"Wanted 2" March 10, 2007
The Bitag Strike Force accompanies the authorities in the apprehension of a man wanted for almost a decade for attempted murder. Police officers find the suspect in a dimly-lit alley but before they could take him to their vehicle, family members of the suspect cause a large commotion forcing the officers to draw their firearms.
"KFR Update (Korean National)" March 10, 2007
Ben meets with PACER officials to show them their tape of the entrapment operation the previous week that led to the capture of one of their men and the ensuing witness who iterates the involvement of the officer in the abduction. The officials claim that the officer was escorting the suspect in an official police business and proves that the officer in question was on duty at the time of the kidnapping, debunking the witness's statement.
"Underground Factory" March 17, 2007
Ben plants an undercover to gather incriminating evidence inside a secret factory that employs minors on a seemingly innocent residential house. The team then coordinates with the authorities to plan a surprise inspection, catching the employees off-guard. Later, Ben uncovers the poor living conditions the workers live in.
"Baby Ko, Dukot Mo, Kuha Ko (Rescue Operation)" March 24, 2007
A mother asks for help regarding her estranged husband's assertive custodianship of their child. A rescue operation ensues and the child was released to the mother.
"Chess Gang: Kalaw Part II" March 24, 2007
Under the assumption that the Chess Gang operating in T.M Kalaw are protected by the local police, the Bitag team heads over to the location by themselves to dispense street justice on the suspects. Ben spots one of the suspects' in the act and interrogates them, successfully returning the money of another victim. Before leaving, Ben crowns his head with the chess board, akin to a dunce cap.
"Towing/Carnapping" March 24, 2007
Several complaints regarding a towing company that masquerades as an official MMDA towing service as a ploy to tow vehicles whichever way they choose, infuriates Ben who puts an end to their deceptive practice.
"KKFR: Kenkoy na Kidnap-for-Ransom" March 24, 2007
Bitag deals with what seemed to be a regular kidnap-for-ransom case involving a Muslim that eventually took a bizarre and comedic turn (accentuated by the cartoonish lettering on the episode title) as the KFR suspects released the victim moments later on a dumpsite and even gave him bus fare.
"The Bodyguard" March 31, 2007
Ben confronts the bodyguard of a mayor who assaulted and crippled a woman. Incensed by the bodyguard's carefree attitude and half-baked apology, Ben calls out the bodyguard but eventually cooler heads prevail.
"Bacolod Rescue (Bitag and Mission X Operation)" March 31, 2007
Bitag pairs up with Mission X (a.k.a. Erwin Tulfo) to hold a rescue operation in Bacolod City and retrieve the victim's baby.
"Partners in Crime (Bitag and Mission X Operation)" March 31, 2007
The activities of a husband-and-wife tandem who deceives victims into believing that a lucrative job opportunity at Spain awaits is promptly put to an end. At the police headquarters, the angry victims pour out their anger at the male suspect.
"Gun Running" April 14, 2007
Ben and Erwin team up once again to coordinate with the authorities on a buy-bust operation involving young police officers/gunrunners of high-powered firearms based in Cavite who are tied to influential personalities.
"Arsonista" April 14, 2007
A tipster divulges critical information concerning the location of an arsonist couple responsible for the destruction of more than 12 properties in a Caloocan suburb. The pair are rounded off by police officers and charged accordingly.
"One-Stop Shop (Drug Den sa Taguig)" April 21, 2007
Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) operatives invite Ben and Erwin to cover an impending raid on a drug den in Taguig. The team plans the operation and makes their way to the location and successfully recovers several drug paraphernalias.
"Wanted: Attorney/Illegal Recruiter" April 21, 2007
The Bitag Strike Force immediately goes on a hunt for an attorney-cum-illegal recruiter who's reportedly hiding at a secluded area. The suspect refuses to submit himself to the police initially but after his delaying attempts proved futile, gives up.
"Deadnapped for Ransom (Funeral)" April 28, 2007
Ben confronts the employees of a funeral parlor that refuses to show the complainant their family member's cadaver without paying a certain fee, an act which Ben subsequently tagged as "deadnap-for-ransom". A separate complaint regarding the funeral parlor's sanitation also brings the city health into the picture. Eventually, it has been proven that the cadaver has been left for safekeeping for 3 months without any claims which explains the reason why the funeral parlor requested for some payment. The complaint regarding the sanitation was irrelevant however since the company has been stated on the vicinity with all the proper documentation at hand
"Salot na Babuyan" April 28, 2007
One of the maltreated aides of a large piggery, escapes her domineering employers and runs to the Bitag Action Center for help in freeing her cohort left behind. Ben sends Erwin to the piggery and as the ongoing retrieval takes place, Erwin learns that the owner is a huge movie producer and later receives a call from Ogie Diaz, a gossip reporter, who defames the reputation of the complainants.
"Akto: Kambing at Kotong" April 28, 2007
A short clip (originally aired in BST last year) featuring goats being thrown from the top of a truck to the ground and an amateur video of a traffic enforcer extorting money from a taxi driver.
"Cybersex Angeles, Pampanga (Producers Cut)" May 5, 2007
Bitag and NBI operatives raid a cybersex den in Angeles, Pampanga but the operation becomes a failure after the maintainers escape due to the late arrival of some agents.
"Cybersex Angeles, Pampanga (All-Out Version)" May 12, 2007
The conclusion of last week's raid on a cybersex den in Angeles, Pampanga including blurred footage of an ongoing performance.
"Acceptance Fee" May 12, 2007
Ben responds to a complaint involving a "lawyer" who convinced his victims to give away their van in place of their legal fees. But due to dissatisfaction with his legal services, the victims asked for their van back but the lawyer refuses to comply. With help from the authorities the van is retrieved and brought back to its rightful owner.
"Kambal-Tuko (Notoryus Carnapping Syndicate)" May 19, 2007
A man (Codename: Scorpion) who works for a unique carnapping syndicate, reveals the identities and details of his cohorts' plans and helps Bitag and the NBI set up a buy-bust operation at a gasoline station leading to their arrest.
"Kidnapper na Sekyu (Bitag and Mission-X Operation)" May 19, 2007
Erwin goes to Cavite to repatriate a mother with her infant son that's held captive by a security guard and his live-in partner.
"Bugaw na Call Center" May 26, 2007
A cybersex ring that caters to lonely hearts while posing as a legitimate call center is exposed by a female call center agent under the pseudonym "Black Widow".
"Bus Hold-up" May 26, 2007
In a clip from the now-defunct show "Isumbong mo... Tulfo Brothers", Erwin shows a successful sting operation on a trio of notorious hold-uppers.
"Mga Pesteng Binuhay Pa!" June 2, 2007
Ben heads over to a police precinct to look at the surviving gang members involved in a bus holdup that escalated into a bloody firefight with the police. Knowing that these men will eventually post bail and resume their evil ways, Ben issues a bounty on their heads once they're free.
"Akto: New Yorker in Baclaran" August 5, 2007
A scandalous American (dubbed "Danny Glover" by host Ben Tulfo) who has issues with George W. Bush, is caught in the act by the Bitag Strike team. The presence of local authorities did not faze this man. This episode may be viewed in YouTube.
"Tisoy (Robbery Hold-up Syndicate)" September ?, 2007
With the help of an asset, a former member of the Otso Pares robbery group, BITAG and Mission-X, with law enforcement elements of Quezon City, brings the slick bus holdup crime spree of the Tisoy robbery syndicate to an abrupt end before they could make their next heist. It was also revealed that the ringleader, Tisoy, has evaded the law several times, and that conniving between the outlaws and bus drivers and conductors also takes place.

Season Seven (2008)[edit]

Title Original airdate
"Basag Kotse Gang" (lit. Shatter Car [glass] Gang) March 8, 2008
BITAG helped the police force in Quezon City in ending the operations of this gang based in Taguig. 2 teams were dispatched to arrest the 3 suspects that mainly comprises the gang.
"Shabu Sa Litsunan" (lit. Shabu in the Litsunan) March 15, 2008
Along Calavite Street, Barangay Salvacion, La Loma, Quezon City, a drug den was accidentally discovered, with drug pushing done out in the open within the view of children. Apparently, this was a problem that has been left unsolved for some time. With the help of an informant who offered to pose as an undercover and be wired, and PDEA, BITAG and Mission X successfully documented the raided den and resulted in the arrest of 13 suspects. This episode may be viewed in YouTube.

Parts of this episode was requested to be censored by MTRCB due to the explicit drug usage as seen by the camera hidden within the undercover agent's clothes.

"Nabubulok Na Karne (Processed Meat)" April 27, 2008
BITAG tackles allegations of spoiled processed meat still being resold in Blumentritt, Manila, and criticizes the National Meat Inspection Service's reluctant action towards certain personalities behind this recycling of spoiled meat intended to be re-manufactured as livestock feed. This episode was recapped in "Bahala si Bitag Live" where Ben Tulfo himself shows his disappointment over NMIS.
"Mapanganib na Gusali" (lit. Dangerous Building) May 17, 2008
In the "Kilos Pronto" segment, a complaint stemmed from a tenant whose car got wrecked from bits of concrete that fell from the upper floors of Lansbergh Place Condominium, in Quezon City. The lax movement and lack of compensation from the building administrator and owner forced the hand of the victim to approach BITAG about this matter. Upon the inspection of the City Engineer, (With BITAG operatives barred from entering, save for an undercover agent), it was determined that the building owner is more than liable in the incident.
"Night Market (Bagsakan ng Mga Bulok)" (lit. Rotten Foodstuff drop-off points) May 17, 2008
BITAG undercover agents with Mission-X operatives once again observe the market crowd at night all over Metro Manila, in an underground industry of the sales of spoiled, rotten and double-dead meat products, sold during the ungodly hours of the night, safe from the eyes of the government agencies that watches against these. This episode also exposed a double-dead meat drop-off point in Caloocan City, that was extra cautious in their activities, not to mention witnessing collaboration with corrupt policemen in Divisoria, Manila, for protection against raids. At this point, Ben Tulfo confronts National Meat Inspection Service Commissioner Atty. Jane Bacayo and catches him red-handed in his excuses and alibis. Ben also laments again how NMIS and Department of Agriculture are useless against guarding against sales of rotten meat products.
"Balik Kokeseki Recovery Program" May 17, 2008
BITAG revisits this organization that helps Filipino-Japanese children (called Shin-Nikkei Jins) reunite with their Japanese kins, be it father or mother, as well as teaching them their sense of identity as Japanese citizens. The organization helps them secure dual citizenship and passports as well.
"Sampaguita Gang" May 24, 2008
BITAG tackles the forced and potentially violent sales of sampaguita flowers in Monumento, Caloocan, that preys on public utility vehicles. These people climb into the vehicles and hang the sampaguita at the front, then promptly charging the driver or conductor, regardless if the driver or conductor wants the sampaguita or not. The fact that someone got stabbed and died because of declining from buying the sampaguita led Ben and the police authorities to go out and put an end to the acts of these salesmen from hell, as well as heavily reprimand an MMDA personnel who seems to be protecting these people.
"Cybersex 2008 (Small Time Cybersex na Squatter)" (lit. Small Time Cybersex in the Slums) May 24, 2008
BITAG once again exposes the cybersex industry, this time on the grassroots level, in the squatters area of Taguig. The fact that the industry there is growing large and advanced—too advanced for the authorities and the law to catch up, to the point of competitive rivalry among operators building makes it all the more alarming. The involvement of underage children is what ultimately piqued the interest of BITAG. What's interesting is that the parents actually consent these activities, owing to the large income it produces. Anonymous testimonies, under the condition of non-disclosure, explain how ridiculously easy it is to set up such indecent business at home.
"Pinsan (Sana Mamatay Ka Na!)"(lit. Cousin - I Wish That You Die!) May 24, 2008
Both a Rewind and Kilos Pronto segment, BITAG runs into a complaint in a police station of a woman raped and physically abused by her cousin, Jun Floresca, who offered her a free ride, only to take advantage of the situation. After the arrest, Jun publicly apologizes on television, asking the audience not to emulate him; regardless, the hapless victim pours out her ire on him.
"Police Action Special - 2008 Producer's Cut (January to May 31, 2008)" May 31, 2008
This is a recap episode that featured the Basag Kotse Gang and Shabu sa Litsunan.
"Twins (Minus one?)" Aug 16, 2008
A mistaken ultrasound diagnosis led a mother to believe she had twins. Ben went as far as to consult experts and DOH itself to clarify the matter. It turned out that the ultrasound diagnosis was flawed due to natural human error. This situation is peacefully resolved with the assurance from DOH secretary Fransico Duque III.
"Shabu Tiangge Sa Mabalacat" (Shabu Tiangge in Mabalacat) November 6, 2008
In a very rare occasion, the 4 Tulfo siblings, Ramon, of "Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo", Ben, Erwin and Raffy unite upon invitation by PDEA to document an impending raid of a shabu den in Mabalacat, Pampanga. This episode was uploaded to YouTube by Raffy Tulfo himself and may be viewed here. The episode is also uploaded in the BITAG website.

Later drug raids would have this episode serve as a sort of yardstick or standard in terms of intensity and size.

Season Eight (2009)[edit]

Title Original airdate
"Ang Maitim na Lihim ng Tanay High School (The Black Secret of Tanay High School)" January 17, 2009
BITAG uncovers the black secret of Tanay school wherein Ben discovers of a sexual indecency done by a Tanay HS teacher against a female student. The Tanay High School management's lack of action forced the female complainant to bring the case to Ben Tulfo's attention and he wasted no time patching up the school respondents. (including the principal who remained deaf amidst the issue). According to Usec. Sunga, the teacher, identified as Ernesto Bernabeo III will face administrative and criminal charges.
"Metro" January 10–17, 2009
One of the fake employees of MERALCO succumbs to a trap of BITAG, Mission-X and Meralco Task Force in an ordered entrapment operation after the said fake employee has been reported for performing a "modus operandi" of reducing electricity power.
"Mata"(Maling Pagkatanggal) (Eye) February 11, 2009
Complainants against East Avenue Medical Center, BITAG and chief ophthalmologist of the East Avenue Medical Center faces each other in front of DOH Secretary Francisco Duque as a response to a complaint in BITAG filed against East Avenue eye specialist for operating the wrong eye. According to the said hospital, they didn't directly told the truth of their doctor's mistake in handling a patient, and they asked dispense. The scene ended when the East Avenue chief ophthalmologist promises to answer eternally monitoring of patient's eye and check-up of the eye.
"Sinakripisyo" April 3, 2009
Ben Tulfo and his BITAG operatives uncovers the illegal activities and patterns for identity manipulation and fraudulence done by a pawnshop called Tambunting. At the midst of the operation, there were other agencies connected to it must be liable for the loss of appraiser's dignity according to Atty. Cantilep.
"Cybersex" (Cagayan de Oro) May 1, 2009
The NBI, PNP, BITAG and Mission-X conducts an investigation regarding a first time cybersex den located in Cagayan de Oro City, followed by an entrapment operations that frightened the peaceful communities of CDO and apprehended two Swedish nationals respondents for that cybersex den activities.
"Manlililo" (Mall Predator) May 18, 2009
BITAG sets up a 3-day surveillance to Isetann Mall in U-Belt as a response to complaint against unidentified gays performing bunches of sexual crimes against innocent people. A day after the surveillance, Ben Tulfo and his operatives sets a trap against those respondents for mall predating.
Cyber Predator May 20, 2009
This episode focused a straight investigation on the situation of a 16-year-old teenage girl who has been falling in trap of an internet predator wherein the said predator invited her to engage in online indecent activity in exchange for money. This resulted in the teenage girl's attempt to suicide. BITAG currently handles the investigation as a part of identifying the predator's identity and still at large police manhunt.
"Butangero't Magnanakaw na mga Tanod [Unruly and Thieving Deputies]" May 25, 2009
Poor 18-year-old Dumaguetean teenager went to BITAG to file a complaint against Barangay Pag-asa QC tanods of physical injuries and robbery extortion. After Ben Tulfo hears the latter's complaint, he wasted no time resolving the issue by visiting the hall to set an interrogation against those tough QC tanods.
Abortionista sa Navotas (Abortionist in Navotas) June 18, 2009
Sofronio "Dr. Romy" Victuelles, 50 years old, who has been performing illegal abortion for 15 years and engages in sexual activities to certain female customers right before the act, falls in the clutches of authorities after the BITAG and NPD-DPIOU operatives raided his abortion hideout. During the raid, Ben Tulfo spotted some of the evidences linked to abortion despite denial from the suspect. Evidences found are broken syringes, warm boiling water, dirty forceps, stethoscope, blood stains, infested bed and other stains proving Dr. Romy's recent abortion activity.

After the raid, Ben Tulfo confronts Dr. Romy for his demonic actions, instructing Dr. Romy to remove his own shirt ironically titled "Jesus I Trust In You".

Season Nine (2010)[edit]

Season Ten (2011)[edit]

In its tenure in TV5, the timeslot of BITAG is every Friday.

Title Original airdate
"Kung ano ang nararapat [The proper thing to do]"  ? ?, 2011
During the People's Day in BITAG office, a domestic complaint of an old man stemming from verbal abuse of his very own tomboyish daughter catches Ben Tulfo's attention. After a lengthy spat of grudges between the parties, Ben evicts the tomboy out of the house for her to cool off, and successfully patches up the two.
"Kwarto o Kwatro [Favor or Failing Marks]" November 4, 2011
A student in St. Jude College in Dimasalang, Manila, engages in an illicit relationship with her school's Dean. But after her nude photos were propagated in Facebook by no less than the dean himself, and offering her perpetual passing scores as compensation for losing face, the complainant sought the help of BITAG, and the sexually deviant dean, Alexander Rible is soon collared. To the shock of everyone, even Ben Tulfo, it is Rible's second complaint against him, the first from a prior school as well that expelled him.

The now ex-dean faces two charges both from the complainant and the school.

NOTE: This puts the related Cyber-boso bill (RA 9995), penned by Rep. Irwin Tieng, to the test in its first case, Rible being the accused. Ben Tulfo is an advocate of the bill towards its eventual passing into law.

"Oplan Tumambak (GMA, Cavite)" November 18, 2011
PDEA successfully cracks down on the Tumambak family drug group in Cavite, documented and filmed by BITAG operatives. The local barangay leader of Ramon Cruz in the area thanked the PDEA for arresting the family that he described as a big thorn on the town's collective throat.

Season Eleven (2012)[edit]

Title Original airdate
"Call Center" January 20, 2012
BITAG with NBI cybercrime division dismantles two separate clandestine cybersex call centers operated by Global Infoquest Strategy in Cubao and Marikina, disguising their operations as encoding services, or health assistance services. The Cubao site denies holding such operations, but is soon reeled in after incriminating articles were found. It is revealed that the company operates several more in the country apart from the two.
"Moro-Moro (Oplan: Red Light District, Baguio)" December 1, 2012
BITAG once again escorts and documents yet another drug raid by PDEA in the CAR Region in Northern Luzon. However, the raid suddenly turned into a buy-bust operation when undercover agents were sent to a motel by their targets to meet the pushers, that unfortunately turned out to be a mere runner. The original operation to raid the red light district mysteriously did not continue.
"Pabrika (pananamantala kanila totoy at neneng) [Factory: The exploitation of children]" December 1, 2012
The Human Resources department and ultimately, the entirety of Velprint Corporation tasted the fiery brand of interrogation from Ben Tulfo himself firsthand as complaints of child employment in the company is brought to them, alleging unusually hard work and underpayment, if not nonpayment at all. In the company's defense, the company has no idea that the workers supplied to them were underaged, and promises to rectify the situation. They also denied openly hiring child workers, pointing fingers at an employment agency they tap into, that turned out to be already nonfunctional.

Season Twelve (2013)[edit]

Season Thirteen (2014) - BITAG: The New Generation[edit]

Title Original airdate
"Public Service Special (Attempted Rape)"  ? ?, 2014
During the People's Day in BITAG office, a complaint of attempted rape and physical injury in their communal toilet was brought forward, pointing to their neighbor as the culprit. The suspect however, possibly a drug addict, is a 16 year old minor and could not be jailed due to existing juvenile laws. Ben advises the female and her partner to move out to a safer abode.
"Hiwaga [Enchanted]"  ? ?, 2014
Ben Tulfo interviews a female doctor in Marilao, Bulacan, who swears by the effectivity of King's Herbal, a herbal product previously dared and tested by Ben Tulfo with surprising results. The herbal medicine is claimed to have brought faster relief to her brother and father alongside prescription medicine.

Season Fourteen (2015) - BITAG: The New Generation 2015[edit]

Title Original airdate
"Akin Ka Na! (Serial Molester/Rapist) [You are mine!]" February 28, 2015
This episode focuses on the identity of Mark Soque, a thief who is also infamously known to be a serial molester/rapist. After stealing from several establishments, he then falls to the clutches of the authority. In an exclusive one-on-one interview, host Ben Tulfo confronts the aforementioned thief. Four days after the arrest, Mark Soque gets killed in the hands of a police officer (ironically, a female) after attempting to escape from prison.
"pros friends" May 2, 2015
Pro-Friends, a local developer - receives the ire of complainants who invested their money in building their respective dream houses. These complainants come to the BITAG Action Center and the BITAG team investigates on this case and meets up with the people of Pro-Friends to give their side regarding this issue. The BITAG team also interviews HLURB for tips on how to avoid these kind of "hao-shao" housing.
"Silo" May 8, 2015
BITAG focuses on provocative establishments placed around schools and universities, that targets students - instead of studying, the students succumb to these establishments.
"Utang (Credit Card)" May 16, 2015
BITAG tackles wrongful termination of a man deep in debt of credit card bills, which is certified by DOLE as not a legal basis for termination from work, as well as dubious practices of credit collection agencies.
"Cainta Road Rage" May 30, 2015
BITAG issues a warning against road rager Randy Sison Pangilinan, pointed by his victim as the one responsible for injuring and wrecking the victim's windshield in wanton road rage in Cainta, Rizal, to explain his side or else.
"Piso" June 13, 2015
"Nabili mo, Problema mo, Malas mo (Lemon Car) [Your Purchase, Your Problem, Your Misfortune]" July 11, 2015
BITAG receives complaints from customers from different car dealers who has purchased "lemon cars". This episode also questions the viability of the Philippine Lemon Law (R.A. 10642).
"Putol (CCTV)" July 11, 2015
"Paload" July 18, 2015
The Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Action Task Force (PAIDSATF) taps the BITAG team to document a drug bust operation against a family who might be behind the promulgation of illegal drugs (shabu) in a barangay.
"Poste" July 18, 2015
The BITAG Night Patrol team travels across the metro to document irregularities in places at midnight.
"Extortion or Bribery" July 25, 2015
Receiving numerous complaints from their hotlines, the BITAG team determines as to whether the case between traffic enforcers and motorists is either extortion or bribery.
"Oplan: Red Plate 2015" August 2, 2015
BITAG does again its classic hunt for red plates - In this case, the BITAG Night Brigade team roams around the metro searching for cars with government plates (especially those with "For official use only" sticker slapped on the car) at the wrong place at the wrong time. After gathering enough surveillance footage, host Ben Tulfo then brings this up to the attention of GSO Quezon City Hall and BPLO Quezon City.
"Target: Bogus Ben Tulfo" August 8, 2015
Simultaneous with T3's Public Service Caravan in Davao, The BITAG team heads to Davao City - responding to a case wherein a family from the province was duped by a bogus Ben Tulfo. Host Ben Tulfo gives an APB (All-points bulletin) at Radyo5 101.9 Davao, clearing on the air that it is not the work of him, the Tulfo Brothers and of his staff to do such embezzlement. Ben and the BITAG team then helps the hapless victims and converses with the bogus Ben Tulfo through cellphone. After Ben and the victim deliberately beats around the bush, the real Ben then ends the call with sharp expletives and the bogus Ben Tulfo ends the phone call. This episode serves as an eye-opener to the viewers to be alert for bogus Tulfo's and the common modus operandi of a bogus Tulfo or anyone using their name in exchange for money or anything.
"Davao City Jail" August 22, 2015
The BITAG team investigates a complaint about a jail guard that is wanted for rape and molestation of his two adopted children.
"Sikreto ng Isetann [Secrets of Isetann]" September ?, 2015
6 years after initially investigating the venue for sexual assaults by homosexuals in the mall, BITAG returns to the Isetann Cinerama mall in U-Belt after receiving more complaints over SMS regarding homosexuals picking up minors for a "good time".
"Ordinansa" October 2, 2015
BITAG investigates Quezon City's Citizen's Arrest ordinance, penned by Congressman Rannie Ludovica, and mobile Citizen's Arrest centers along Commonwealth Avenue where vans prominently displaying the Congressman's name are stationed alongside. The ordinance has attracted plenty of complaints and negative reactions particularly in social media, more than enough to merit investigation. The result is initial tension between Ben and the congressman when asked to explain the implementation of the ordinance in the City Hall, which later was settled and detailed between the parties and the vice mayor as calmer heads prevailed.
"Pasay Presinto Dos (Hulidap)" October 10, 2015
"Metro Sa Gabi" October 10, 2015
"Ortigas Invisible People (Mga taong hindi nakikita)" October 17, 2015
BITAG exposes blind beggars along Ortigas Avenue and how they seem to be operated by an organized syndicate, exploiting their disability to make people feel pity for them and give alms, which sadly does not all go to the blind people's pockets. BITAG agents had to masquerade as a production crew for a philanthropic wish-granting public service program when their cover came close to being blown off, and gained way more information than they were originally seeking, and possibly have unearthed irregularities in the Pasig City LGU.
"Kuya, wag po! (Kasambahay rape 2015)" November 7, 2015
Within 24 hours from the rape, BITAG, with the help of local police, collars a house helper's rapist, who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend, Revel Gurget Singh, an Indian national. The rapist also happens to be the brother of her employer, asking her to dissuade the complaint twice. However, the third time saw no mercy this time.
"Pinsan, sana mamatay ka na!" November 7, 2015
The 2015 replay of the Jun Floresca incident.
"Morales Drug Group (Caloocan)" November 14, 2015
Yet another drug raid, this time in Caloocan, with PDEA, and BITAG covering the raid like in previous operations. However, despite seizing guns and drugs, only one suspect was collared, and it was discovered that the target suspects had a mole in the police station and were using discreet CCTV cameras.
"Unfit to Work (Update)" November 14, 2015
After getting no answers, BITAG visits the St. Peter and Paul diagnostic center in Ermita, Manila to investigate, and successfully resolves the UNFIT TO WORK issue brought forward to them, despite initial tension between the company. The liaison person Ben talked to appealed to file disputes directly for immediate remedy.