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This is a list of tribute albums of the American pop punk band, Blink-182. Several bands have listed Blink-182 as an influence, and they are largely considered very influential and key pioneers in the development of contemporary pop punk music.[1] This page lists the tribute albums recorded by other bands in tribute to Blink-182.

Tribute albums[edit]

Title Artist(s) Released Notes
A Tribute to Blink-182 Various 2001 Covers of Blink-182 songs, mostly from the band’s fourth album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.
Grass Stains - A Bluegrass Tribute to Blink-182 Honeywagon 2003 Covers of Blink-182 songs in a bluegrass style, by the band Honeywagon.[2]
A Tribute to Blink-182 Various 2004 An album by a variety of artists covering songs by Blink-182,
A Tribute to Blink 182: Pacific Ridge Records Heroes of Pop-Punk Various 2006 A variety of artists from Pacific Ridge Records performing Blink-182 songs.[3]
Piano Tribute to Blink-182 The Piano Tribute Players 2011
Vitamin String Quartet Performs Blink 182 Vitamin String Quartet 2012
Yoga Tribute to Blink-182 Yoga Pop Ups 2013
I Guess This Is Growing Up Various 2014 Enjoyment Records compilation released digitally in three parts, and scheduled for a later vinyl release.


Morning Woods Future Idiots 2012 Cover of the album Neighborhoods, in the style of earlier Blink-182 albums due to many fans being unhappy with the new sound as well as Tom DeLonge's current vocal style.
Reddit Tribute r/blink182 Community 2016 A collection of over 40 covers of Blink-182 songs, ranging from 1994 to 2016, all of which being provided by the community of the official Blink-182 subreddit on Reddit. All of the albums proceeds goes to the Red Fred Project.


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