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The Belcher family
From left to right: Tina, Gene, Bob, Linda and Louise Belcher

The following is a list of characters from American animated television series Bob's Burgers.

Belcher family[edit]

The Belcher family is a family who runs the family business called Bob's Burgers. Loren Bouchard described their ethnicity:

The Belcher family consists of:


  • Robert "Bob" Belcher, Jr. (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) - Bob Belcher is the husband of Linda, the father of Tina, Gene, and Louise, the son of Big Bob Belcher, and the main character of the series. He is a 44-year-old[citation needed] second generation restaurant owner, as his father owns a diner, and currently the proprietor of his eponymous burger restaurant in a New Jersey shore town. His childhood has been described as "crappy," as his father discouraged play. While poor with business management, and cursed with an unlucky streak, his skills at burger cooking have been shown to be excellent, to the point where he has been referred to as a "beef artist". The burger cooking was something he was inspired to do after Big Bob temporarily left him in charge of the diner while he was getting his prostate checked and he decided to create a burger for one of the diner's regulars who normally ordered a tuna melt, but Big Bob was not amused by his son's effort and threw the burger away in front of the whole diner; Big Bob went on to apologize to the customer and fix him a tuna melt which further embarrassed his son. This eventually led to Bob striking out on his own after Big Bob tried to make him a partner in the diner, because he felt that Big Bob would never have allowed him to cook the way he wanted to. Bob prides himself on giving the customer a quality meal and goes the extra mile to ensure that, choosing fresh ingredients he gets from the local farmer's markets and co-op's. His biggest accomplishment is the Meatsiah, a concoction that consists of a steak tartare center with a medium-well cooked burger surrounding it and a burger Wellington surrounding the burger. Bob is allergic to lobster, as it causes his face to swell any time he touches it. This is problematic, as the town the Belchers live in has an annual lobster festival (which Bob hates because it takes away from his business). Bob, along with Linda, really enjoys drinking and many of the episode gags involve Bob or Linda drinking and getting drunk from alcohol. Bob also has a tendency to take mildly mind-altering substances such as crack in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob? ", absinthe in "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal" and his pain medication in "Burgerboss".


  • Linda Belcher (voiced by John Roberts) - Linda Belcher is Bob's wife and the mother of Tina, Gene, and Louise. Prior to her marriage to Bob, she was engaged to Hugo, who is now a local health inspector ("Human Flesh"). Her age has never been revealed. Linda often calls her husband Bobby, and her attraction to Bob is in part due to his passion for his work. She remains a loyal and devoted wife despite their frequent financial problems and never having had a honeymoon or a day off in 10 years ("Weekend at Mort's"). She has a preference for moustaches, and says Bob "made himself ugly" when he shaved it off ("Sheesh! Cab, Bob?"). Her passions include singing, dinner theater, porcelain baby figurines, Tom Selleck, nautically themed romance novels, and prenatal yoga. She handles the accounting for the restaurant, though her bookkeeping methods are sometimes troublesome. She is very fond of alcohol, but is known to say that "Mommy doesn't get drunk; she has fun." Linda is extroverted, has a thick New York accent, and is somewhat eccentric; she is also fond of tackling problems using unconventional methods, though she is more optimistic than bright and things sometimes go awry. Although her familial instincts are always well-intentioned, they sometimes lead to some sort of chaotic happening or troublesome circumstances for the family. For example, she is devoted to her sister Gayle, hesitating to criticize her artwork ("Art Crawl") and even encouraging Bob to have a mock-affair with her to boost her low self-esteem ("Dr. Yap"). She has an almost endless enthusiasm, especially for her family and novel experiences, her catchphrase being an encouraging "Alriiiiiight!" (which is also the name of her fantasy sailing yacht). She is fond of mediating family "brainstorming sessions," and her belief that there are "no bad ideas" seems to inform her character throughout the series. Bob has described her as a "pushover" because she allows people take advantage of her; Linda is often tricked into doing her children's homework ("Synchronized Swimming"), and after taking a job at a supermarket is left to run the entire supermarket by herself because everyone else took the day off ("Lindapendant Woman"). She has a contentious relationship with Louise and seems to misunderstand her, even once organizing a slumber party for Louise against her will. She is a talented lyricist, as shown in "Lil Hard Dad;" Gene may have inherited his musical predilection from her. She has tendency to spontaneously burst into song, a trait she shares with John Roberts, the actor who voices her character. Many of the songs she is known for are ad-libbed by Roberts, including her "Thanksgiving Song", "Dish-a-Dee-Doo" (a jazzy ditty sung while washing the dishes, as seen in Mother Daughter Laser Razor), and a hair-brushing ditty that references the late Harry Truman. Her songs are frequently remade and set to music for the episode's end credits.


  • Tina Ruth Belcher (voiced by Dan Mintz) - Tina Belcher is the eldest Belcher child. She was said to be autistic in the first episode, but the claim was immediately dismissed by her parents. She generally speaks in a monotonous low voice, works part-time at the restaurant and is often the voice of reason among the Belcher children, though it is made quite clear that she has her own eccentricities that rival those of her siblings. She is trying to come to grips with her entry into adulthood, and claims to have a complicated relationship with zombies. She is obsessed with horses, boys (particularly Jimmy Jr.), and buttocks; in various episodes she writes in her journal about touching people's butts, which, to her, is the height of sexual contact. According to her siblings,[2] Tina has written erotic fanfiction of several television shows and movies and has moved on to "erotic friend fiction", in which she uses real-life people. Tina was aged 12 in early episodes and now 13 since the episode "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?". In the episode "Ear-sy Rider" she states that she is good with history, but has "some problems with math". Tina is generally soft-spoken, sweet, and mostly timid, often in contrast to her more strident siblings. In the show's early stages, the eldest Belcher child was originally written as a boy, Daniel Belcher. Daniel was also voiced by Mintz, whose personality as a child is said to have been similar to that of Tina.


  • Gene Belcher (voiced by Eugene Mirman) - Gene Belcher is the middle child and only son of the family, revealed to be 11 years old in the third season.[3] Like his mother, he has a very enthusiastic attitude about almost everything; however, he closely resembles his father. He often promotes the restaurant by wearing a burger costume and using a toy megaphone to hand out samples. In "It Snakes a Village", it is revealed that he has ophidiophobia. Gene has a variety of interests, the biggest being food and music. Though he has no training, he occasionally demonstrates great skill in music and dreams of one day being a famous musician; he enjoys playing a Casio-type keyboard and creates an elaborate love duet in "Topsy" as well as a one-man show in "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl." He is generally perceived as the dimmest of the Belcher children, being easily misled and portrayed as not very intelligent, but very loving and loyal to his family.


  • Louise Belcher (voiced by Kristen Schaal) - Louise Belcher is the youngest of the Belcher siblings and is revealed to be 9 years old in season 1.[4] She is still 9 by Christmas 5 seasons later.[5] In spite of being the youngest, she usually dominates her two older siblings by "wear[ing] down your self esteem over a period of years." Precociously intelligent, manipulative, and aggressive (even towards adults), she is more than willing to exploit people if there is anything to be gained. She has an offbeat and dark sense of humor and picks locks as a hobby. Louise always wears her signature pink hat with bunny ears, regardless of the time of day or situation; to date, viewers have never seen her uncovered head. In "Ear-sy Rider," when a high-schooler stole her hat from her, the animators used a series of gimmicks to keep the top of her head out of view until she got it back. Louise is not immune to breaking her tough character persona: she called Bob "daddy" until she was eight, felt guilty about almost electrocuting her sister to death, still believes in Santa Claus, has a disturbing crush on a boy-band member, and proclaims she does love her family in the face of death at the end of season 4. She expresses affection by slapping people. Since she was a baby, Louise has always liked Bob more than Linda, opting to spend more time with him as she finds him much more interesting; it can generally be assumed that Louise is Bob's favorite child. In "Carpe Museum", Louise accidentally reveals her plan to take over the family restaurant when Bob retires, after renaming it to "Louise's Burgers."

Relatives of the Belcher Family[edit]

  • Al (voiced by Sam Seder) - The father of Linda, father-in-law of Bob, and the grandfather of Tina, Gene, and Louise. He rarely speaks, is hard of hearing, and wears a hearing aid. He accompanies Gloria everywhere. He has a fetish for the sound of popping balloons.
  • Bob Belcher, Sr. (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin in "Bob Fires the Kids," Bill Hader in "Father of the Bob") - Robert "Big Bob" Belcher, Sr. is the father of Bob, the father-in-law of Linda, and the grandfather of Tina, Gene, and Louise. Like his son, Big Bob is a restaurateur who owns his own business called "Big Bob's Diner." He enjoys linedancing, which he practises at the bar next to his diner,
  • Gloria (voiced by Renée Taylor) - The mother of Linda, mother-in-law of Bob, and grandmother of Tina, Gene, and Louise. Bob doesn't like her very much and he always tries to hide from her when she and Al come over.
  • Gayle (voiced by Megan Mullally) - Linda's neurotic artist sister and the aunt of Tina, Gene, and Louise. Bob dislikes her, much to Linda's consternation. She is desperately lonely and once fell in love with Bob because, Linda explains, she always wants what Linda has. However, men often take an interest in her, including Dr. Yap, Mort, and Mr. Fischoeder. She loves cats and may suffer from some form of factitious disorder, as she often fakes injuries.

Regular customers at Bob's Burgers[edit]

Bob's Burgers features regular ups and downs in customer volume, but 2 loyal customers help keep the restaurant open.

  • Teddy (voiced by Larry Murphy) - Teddy Francisco is a lonely contractor, a regular customer of the Belcher family restaurant, and something of a family friend to them. Long-winded at times, he enjoys telling stories. Bob's burgers seem to be among his favorite foods, if not his absolute favorite, but have caused him health problems that his doctor wants him to get under control. Teddy participates in on-going therapy sessions. He was attractive and physically fit enough in his youth to be cast as a lifeguard in a 1980s exploitation movie filmed at Wonder Wharf, but it took such a psychological toll on him that he resorted to eating and turned into the man he is today.
  • Mort (voiced by Andy Kindler) - Mort is the owner of the "It's Your Funeral" funeral home next to the restaurant and also a regular customer of Bob's Burgers. He is a little odd and has a stereotypically morbid sense of humor. He is good friends with Bob and Teddy, and he has cared for the Belcher children and acted as the Belcher family driver when Tina crashed Bob's car. He has a good sense of humor about the macabre questions to which he is often subjected.

Pesto family[edit]

  • Jimmy Pesto, Sr. (voiced by Jay Johnston) - Jimmy Pesto, Sr., real surname Poplopovich, is the owner of the Italian restaurant across the street called "Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria." Although of eastern European descent he goes by the Italian sounding name of Pesto, presumably to increase the appeal of his restaurant; he and his family members are invariably referred to by the Pesto last name. He is the father of Ollie, Andy, and Jimmy Pesto, Jr., and Bob's personal rival. Their rivalry often seems to border on stalking each other and occasionally descends into violence. Their families actually get along well and apart from a few isolated incidents, neither of their businesses actually endanger the other. This is in part because Bob's burgers are genuinely better than the food Jimmy serves, which is often described as being of subpar quality. In one episode where Jimmy tries to outdo Bob by serving burgers, he can be seen weeping in the middle of the night, knowing that the ruse won't last; in another episode, Jimmy competes in a burger cookoff against Bob and a celebrity chef and his "Oregano Burger" is poorly received. It is revealed in "The Belchies" that he and his children's mother are divorced; she has not yet been seen.
  • Jimmy Pesto, Jr. (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) - Almost always referred to as "Jimmy Junior", Jimmy Pesto, Jr. is Jimmy Pesto, Sr.'s son and Ollie and Andy's older brother and speaks with a lisp. Jimmy works as the busboy at "Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria." He is classmates with Tina, who has a crush on him and tries her best to get his attention (slow dancing with him, forcibly sharing a pasta strand with him, etc.). He switches between thinking Tina is weird and reciprocating her feelings. He is close friends with Zeke, has a noticeable speech impediment, and loves dancing. He appears to be among the most popular students at Wagstaff, though many students turned against him in "The Millie-Churian Candidate" after Louise sabotaged his class president campaign. Louise calls him "brace face" in "Tina and the Real Ghost," implying he wears braces, but these are never seen, as Bob's Burgers rarely shows its characters' teeth.
  • Ollie and Andy Pesto (voiced by Sarah Silverman and Laura Silverman) - Ollie and Andy Pesto are Jimmy Pesto, Sr.'s blonde twin sons who are the brothers of Jimmy Pesto, Jr. They are very childish and care for each other a lot, experiencing extreme anxiety whenever they must be separated– at one point they imply that their backpacks will miss each other when separated and are nearly run over because they were trying to carry each other across the street. They are classmates and good friends with Louise despite the rivalry between their fathers (as well as Louise's tendency to take advantage of them, such as in "Art Crawl"). Ollie and Andy's intense fondness for each other mimics that of Walter and Perry from Loren Bouchard's previous animated television series Home Movies.

Wagstaff School staff[edit]

The following characters work at Wagstaff School:

  • Phillip Frond (voiced by David Herman) - Phillip Frond is the school counselor of Wagstaff School. Bob describes him as a "tall drink of annoying", and he has stuffed animals that he talks to as if they were real. He feels underused and underappreciated at the school, since nobody really likes him and his advice is never sought after. He occasionally concocts harebrained schemes to advance his own career, which usually backfire spectacularly.
  • Coach Blevins - Coach Blevins is the gym teacher that wears shatterproof goggles.
  • Mr. Ambrose (voiced by Billy Eichner) - Mr. Ambrose is the school librarian and the cheerleading coach who has a penchant for dramatism.
  • Mr. Branca (voiced by David Herman) - Mr. Branca is an immigrant janitor from an unknown country. Back in his country, he was its President before a coup d'état occurred.
  • Ms. Jacobson (voiced by Melissa Bardin Galsky) - Ms. Jacobson is an 8th grade teacher who is usually seen teaching Tina's class which often includes Jimmy Pesto, Jr., Jocelyn, Tammy Larsen, and Zeke.
  • Ms. LaBonz (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) - Ms. LaBonz is the 4th grade teacher who is usually teaching Louise's class which also consisted of Andy and Ollie Pesto, Millie Frock, Regular Size Rudy, and Wayne.
  • Ms. Merkin (voiced by Brian Huskey) - Ms. Merkin is a longtime music teacher at Wagstaff. She is a very proficient musician, competent at multiple instruments including drums, ukulele, piano, guitar, and whistling. She is supportive of Gene's talent, defecting to his guerrilla Die Hard musical after being replaced in the school musical. In "Itty Bitty Ditty Committee," Gene enlists her to help him improve his musicianship, but he gives up because of the commitment required.
  • Ms. Schnur (voiced by Sarah Silverman) - Ms. Schnur is the secretary to Principal Spoors who is usually distracted by kids who are sent to Spoors.

Wagstaff School students[edit]

The following students attend Wagstaff school with the Belcher siblings and the Pesto siblings:

  • Choo-Choo (voiced by Brian Posehn) - Choo-Choo is a student at Wagstaff School and Gene's nemesis. He constantly annoys Gene whenever he tells a joke by saying the punchline before him. He first appeared in "Spaghetti Western and Meatballs."
  • Courtney Wheeler (voiced by David Wain) - Courtney Wheeler is an annoying girl who likes Gene in the episode "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene." Gene begins going out with her when he is stuck with answering if he "like-likes" her, so he pairs up with her temporarily. Gene's plans were to dump her until he meets her father Doug who he believes can launch his career in writing jingles. After breaking her heart though, Doug and Courtney play a last prank on Gene and he doesn't get the future he wishes for.
  • Darryl (voiced by Aziz Ansari) - Darryl is a student at Wagstaff School and a video game enthusiast. He goes by DRL in reference to his initials for arcade scoreboards. In the episode Nude Beach, he returns to team up with the Belchers in their attempt to sell tickets to a view of the titular nude beach to children at their school.
  • Henry Haber (voiced by Jim Gaffigan) - Henry Haber is student at Wagstaff School. He first appears in "Carpe Museum" where he is assigned as Tina's buddy for the museum field trip. In "The Millie-churian Candidate " Henry runs for student body president under the campaign "Chess we Can". He later wins by default after Millie and Louise both get disqualified.
  • Jeremy (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) - Jeremy is one of Louise's classmates. He appears in "Topsy".
  • Jocelyn (voiced by John Roberts) - Jocelyn is a student at Wagstaff School. She has blonde curly hair and is a cheerleader as well.
  • Jodi (voiced by Rachel Dratch) - Jodi is a student at Wagstaff School who has a severe fear of germs. It is extreme enough that she struggles to sit down or touch anything without using hand sanitizer or wearing rubber gloves.
  • Large Tommy (voiced by Larry Murphy) - Large Tommy is an overweight nerd-looking student who has brown hair and wears a red shirt and glasses. Like Speedo Guy, he appears randomly in the series, mainly in background roles.
  • Lenny DeStefano (voiced by Larry Murphy) - A student at Wagstaff School. Lenny is an extremely popular and handsome boy, considered the biggest catch at Wagstaff among the girls. His charm apparently extends to adults, as Bob seemed very taken with Lenny during a short car ride together and Ms. Merkin even expressed interest in attending his birthday party.
  • Mabel "Abby" Haddington (voiced by Rachel Dratch) - Mabel Haddington (better known as Abby) is a student who attends Wagstaff School. She is obsessed with braiding.
  • Millie Frock (voiced by Molly Shannon) - Millie Frock is a Wagstaff Middle School student who first appeared in the second Bob's Burgers' Halloween episode "Fort Night." She is Louise's age and is obsessed with her. She displays psychopathic tendencies; in "Fort Night," she traps the Belcher children and their friends in a fort overnight as retaliation for Louise's ill treatment of her
  • Peter Pescadero (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) - Peter Pescadero is a wimpy boy who is one of Gene's classmates. He is a terrible dancer and owns a Sasquatch Mask that Gene borrowed as seen in "Beefsquatch." He has partial hearing loss (as mentioned in "The Unbrearable Like-Likeness of Gene") and is also an award winning magician ("Presto Tina-O")
  • Regular-Sized Rudy (voiced by Brian Huskey) - Regular-Sized Rudy is known by his full name of Rudolph Steiblitz. Rudy's nickname comes from his comparison to another student named Rudy, Pocket-Sized Rudy. Rudy has asthma and needs to use his inhaler every two hours. Despite his condition, he loves to have fun. He keeps cymbals in his backpack. He is a frequent guest on the wine tasting train ("The Kids Rob a Train") where he spends his time with Beanbag the bean bag chair while his father goes on internet dates.
  • Tammy Larsen (voiced by Jenny Slate) - Tammy Larsen is one of the mean girls at Wagstaff and has a history with bullying Tina. She usually wears heavy makeup, has blonde hair she wears in a side ponytail (that she perhaps gets colored; for her first appearance she was a brunette but has not been for any subsequent appearances) and is described as a bad influence. Andy and Ollie once described her as a "bathroom clown" due to her makeup. Tammy comes from a Jewish family and is at least twelve years old, as she has celebrated her bat mitzvah. She is also Wagstaff's head cheerleader and has a problem with passing gas, caused by either laughing at too high a rate of speed or by someone lifting her up wrong.
  • Zeke (voiced by Bobby Tisdale) - Zeke is a boisterous and immature boy with a slight southern accent, who usually hangs out with Jimmy Jr. He's obsessed with wrestling and boobs and makes fart jokes often. He is attracted to Tina, though she does not reciprocate and in fact dislikes him. He may be a gifted chef, as suspected by Bob in "Bob And Deliver."

Other recurring characters[edit]

  • Bryce (voiced by Joe Lo Truglio) - Bryce is a teenage resident of King's Head Island who participates in the annual Hell Hunt on Halloween night as seen in "Full Bars." He appears again in "Speakeasy Rider" where he is an expert in Go-Karting racing under the name "Bryced Lightning." Bryce finished third in the King's Head Island Grand Prix.
  • Calvin Fischoeder (voiced by Kevin Kline) - Calvin Fischoeder is an eccentric local businessman who dresses in a white suit, a white cape, and a white eyepatch over his left eye, and who has a hairstyle similar to Vanity Fair (magazine) publisher Graydon Carter. He owns or has a stake in just about everything on the harbor (and many things in town) including the Belcher and Pesto restaurants. He likes Bob despite Bob always being late with his rent (partially because Bob knows a legendary burger recipe that he greatly enjoys and Bob reminds him of his father due to Bob's hairy arms). Louise describes him as being "one white cat away from being a supervillain". His last name is pronounced "Fish-odor." He smokes marijuana, as revealed in "Bob Fires The Kids." In "Ambergris," it is revealed that Calvin has a brother named Felix who is the reason why Calvin wears an eyepatch.
  • Chuck Charles (voiced by Thomas Lennon) - A daytime talk-show host along with his co-host and (secretly ex-)wife Pam until the Belchers' participation on his show caused their show to be cancelled. He then became the host of a game show called "Family Fracas". He and Pam hid their divorce for the sake of their talk-show, but have an antagonistic relationship behind the scenes. Chuck blames the Belchers for his show being cancelled and harbors a grudge against them that has apparently yet to dissipate, if events of "Best Burger" are any indication.
  • Cynthia Bush (voiced by Lindsey Stoddart) - The mother of Logan Barry Bush. She has appeared in both of the episodes that Logan has appeared in as well and has a similarly contentious relationship with Linda as Logan does with Louise.
  • Dr. Yap (voiced by Ken Jeong) - He works as the Belcher Family's dentist. He appears as a competent professional, but when the surface is scratched, he is fairly irresponsible and erratic. He is shown to be somewhat lonely and socially awkward, which leads him to inappropriate behavior with his patients and his fraternity brothers. He is the subject of one of Tina Belcher's youthful crushes.
  • Edith and Harold Cranwinkle (voiced by Larry Murphy and Sam Seder) - The elderly owners of Reflections (an art sale, supplies, and lessons store). Edith is the chairperson of the Art Crawl (an event where local businesses display art work). She frequently antagonizes Bob, but it's never explained why she hates him.
  • Fanny (voiced by Jordan Peele) - Fanny is Felix Fischoeder's girlfriend. Felix promises her a recording studio at the planned high end condo development along with a nightclub where she can sing. She attempts to kill Calvin Fischoeder and the Belchers, but her plan is ruined by Linda, knocking a rotten wooden pole into the peddle boat that Fanny was on. Fanny is later seen being taken away by the police for attempted murder with the Belchers covering up Felix's attempted murder by stating that Fanny manipulated him.
  • Felix Fischoeder (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) - Felix Fischoeder is the younger brother of Calvin Fischoeder. Felix is known to be rather psychotic and has emotional issues likely stemming from childhood. Felix is the cause of Calvin's poked out eye revealing that he was most likely psychotic. Also to calm him down, they would have to sing a song tributing to Felix, revealing that he is a narcissist. He first appeared in "Ambergris" when he decided to install a new, high-tech bathroom in the restaurant. In the two-part episode "Wharf Horse," he and Bob conspire to convince Calvin to destroy Wonder Wharf in order to put up a condominium and get a nightclub for his girlfriend Fanny. When Bob goes back on his deal to convince Calvin to sell Wonder Wharf, Felix ties them up under the pier with the intention of having them drown when the tide comes in but soon regrets his actions and tries to save them. Felix later returned in "Dawn of the Peck" where he conceived the idea of a Running of the Bulls style event called the "Turkey Trot" for the town's Thanksgiving festival, which turned out to be a disaster when the birds attacked the participants.
  • Gretchen (voiced by Larry Murphy) - She was first introduced in "Lobsterfest". Gretchen has blonde hair, and is Linda's hairstylist. She is somewhat overweight and provocative, speaking frankly about sex and personal issues, to the point of making others uncomfortable. She also is attracted to men with badges or so called "authority-figures". She also goes to the nude beach and has a tattoo of a dolphin on her back.
  • Hugo Habercore (voiced by Sam Seder) - Hugo is a health inspector who used to be engaged to Linda but was jilted by her for Bob, a fact that causes him no end of frustration. This fact alone causes him to target Bob any chance he gets, to the point of malpractice as a health inspector. His last name was revealed on a chyron during a news report in "Human Flesh".
    • Ron (voiced by Ron Lynch) - Ron is Hugo's assistant, a trainee health inspector. Often quiet, he is willing to point out Hugo's malpractices when they go too far.
  • Jen (voiced by Wendy Molyneux) - Jen is the babysitter for Gene and Louise when Tina is unavailable or when Tina isn't trusted to watch them. Tina resents her because she replaced her job as a babysitter in "Purple Rain-Union." In the same episode, she is shown to be extremely ticklish and gives Tina a black eye in reaction to being tickled.
  • Josh (voiced by Ben Schwartz) - A boy that Tina met while in the milk fridge of the supermarket from "Lindapendent Woman." He returns in "Two for Tina" where both he and Jimmy Pesto Jr. both attempt to win over her heart and take her to the dance. He goes to a school for the performing arts and is a ballet dancer.
  • Kevin (voiced by Tim Heidecker) - The manager of Dusty's Feedbag, a burger restaurant that serves the Belt Buckle Belly Buster burger. The 5 lb. burger proves problematic as Bob is concerned for Teddy's cardiac health.
  • Logan Barry Bush (voiced by Kurt Braunohler) - Louise's nemesis and Cynthia's son. He first premiered in "Ear-sy Rider" as a bully to the Belcher kids, eventually stealing Louise's hat. He manages to keep it from her until the climax of the episode where Louise gets a biker gang to get it back. He later appears in the episode "Mother Daughter Laser Razor" attending the Mother Daughter seminar where Dakota calls him a "male daughter." His middle name was chosen to make his full name a play on words based on the loganberry bush; his mother Cynthia admits "we didn't think it through."
  • Marshmallow (voiced by David Herman) - A trans-woman prostitute that first appeared in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?" She is dark-skinned and is always seen in a white monokini. She usually appears in the full swing of something ridiculous, to the point where her presence and appearance aren't that shocking and everyone just greets her with a subdued, "oh, hey, Marshmallow".
  • Mickey (voiced by Bill Hader) - A former bank robber who took a shining to the Belcher kids. In contrast to stereotypes of criminals, he has an amiable demeanor. He later reformed himself enough to get a job as a ride operator at Wonder Wharf. He also has worked as a pedicab driver.
  • Mike Wobbles (voiced by Tim Meadows) - The reticent, reluctant, yet available mailman. One of his legs is shorter than the other.
  • Officer Julia (voiced by Jerry Minor) - Officer Julia is a local police officer. She acts tough with people she arrests. She appears mostly with Officer Cliffany. From the beginning of the season 2, she is written out of the storylines for unknown reasons. Though she does make a few cameo appearances since then.
    • Officer Cliffany (voiced by Sam Seder) - Officer Cliffany is a local tall, androgynous, and overweight police officer. She works frequently with Officer Julia whenever there is a case in town. Like Officer Jullia, she was written out of the show after Season 1. Though she does make some cameo appearances since then.
  • One Eyed Snakes - The One Eyed Snakes are a biker gang who are good friends with the Belcher Family. The One Eyed Snakes was founded by Horny Dave and led by him until his death when his motorcycle collided with a semi-trailer truck. There are a total of 18 members in the One Eyed Snakes.
    • Critter (voiced by Robert Ben Garant) - Critter is the leader of the One Eyed Snakes following the death of Horny Dave.
    • Mudflap (voiced by Wendi McLendon-Covey) - Mudflap is a female member of the One Eyed Snakes. At the beginning of "Ear-sy Rider," she is heavily pregnant with a baby whom everybody assumes is Horny Dave's. After Tom delivers her baby boy, she reveals to Critter that she slept with him nine months ago and that he is the father as Horny Dave had a vasectomy in 1995.
  • Olsen Benner (voiced by Pamela Adlon) - A local news correspondent.
  • Pam (voiced by Samantha Bee) - A daytime talk-show host along with her co-host and (secretly ex-)husband, Chuck. The Belchers cause her show to be cancelled. Pam later gets a daytime court show called "Pam's Court" despite not being a real judge. Unlike Chuck, she does not harbor resentment toward the Belchers (likely because she doesn't have to put up with Chuck as much thanks to them). Despite initially keeping their divorce secret to the public, Pam harbors deep resentment toward Chuck. She claims that fame ruined their marriage. Pam is a binge drinker.
  • The Prince of Persuasia (voiced by Rob Huebel) - The Prince of Persuasia (also known as The Deuce) is a "love guru," or more accurately a "pick-up artist" mentioned in the episode "Dr. Yap". Dr. Yap himself is a graduate of the prince's three-step program known as "The Persuasion Arts: The Ancient Art of Picking Up Women." Yap describes the prince to Bob saying: "He's a prophet, and for 3 payments of $900 he can be your best friend." In the subsequent episode "The Unnatural", it was revealed that he also operates several other instructional businesses, including baseball coaching and close-up magic. He uses a different alias/identity for each of these.
  • Randy (voiced by Paul F. Tompkins) - Randy is a jack-of-all-trades who alternately appears as a friend or enemy of the Belchers. He has held various odd-jobs in his appearances. In "Sacred Cow," Randy worked as a film maker who constantly makes Bob feel guilty about making burgers by putting a cow next to his restaurant and convincing people not to eat there. In "Food Truckin'," Randy worked as a food truck caterer. In "Easy Commercial, Easy Gommercial," Randy helped the Belcher Family film their Super Bowl commercial.
  • Reggie (voices by Eddie Pepitone) - The owner of Reggie's Deli. He appears to be a careless restaurateur, openly admitting to using stale bread.
  • Security Guard (voiced by Robert Smigel) - An unnamed security guard that works at Family Funtime in "Burger Boss." In "Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting," the security guard was seen working at the roller rink indicating that he is a freelancer.
  • Sergeant Bosco (voiced by Gary Cole) - An authoritarian, no-nonsense police sergeant. He arrests Linda in "My Fuzzy Valentine" when she takes his gun in retaliation for his undermining her Speed Dating night. In spite of this, he has a fun-loving side and takes glee in telling his deepest, darkest secrets during speed dating; his partners happily oblige, indicating he might have a way with women. Gretchen is attracted to him.
  • Speedo Guy (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) - A unnamed blonde man in a pink speedo and roller blades. He appears randomly in the series, often seen in background scenes in various episodes such as "Burger Wars"' and "The Deepening."
  • Trev (voiced by David Herman) - Trev is a bartender at Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria. He serves as Pesto's sycophant, often laughing excessively at his terrible jokes.


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