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IBSF Bobsleigh World Cup
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The Bobsleigh World Cup is an annual bobsleigh competitions. It has taken place since the 1984 Winter Olympics. Below is a lists of season champions. Each table shows the country and driver only.

Combined men's[edit]

Debuted: 1985.

Season Winner Runner-up Third place
1984–85  West GermanyAnton Fischer
1985–86   SwitzerlandEkkehard Fasser  United StatesMatt Roy  Great BritainNick Phipps
1986–87  United StatesMatt Roy  East GermanyWolfgang Hoppe  West GermanyAnton Fischer
1987–88  AustriaIngo Appelt  Soviet UnionJānis Ķipurs  East GermanyVolker Dietrich
1988–89   SwitzerlandGustav Weder  East GermanyDetlef Richter   SwitzerlandNico Baracchi
1989–90  Soviet UnionMaris Poikans  CanadaChris Lori  East GermanyWolfgang Hoppe
 West GermanyChristian Schebitz
1990–91   SwitzerlandGustav Weder (2)  AustriaIngo Appelt  CanadaChris Lori
 GermanyWolfgang Hoppe
1991–92  GermanyWolfgang Hoppe   SwitzerlandGustav Weder  CanadaChris Lori
1992–93  United StatesBrian Shimer   SwitzerlandGustav Weder  ItalyGunther Huber
1993–94  CanadaPierre Lueders  AustriaHubert Schösser  Great BritainMark Tout
1994–95  CanadaPierre Lueders (2)   SwitzerlandReto Götschi  ItalyGunther Huber
1995–96  GermanyChristoph Langen  CanadaPierre Lueders  CanadaChris Lori
1996–97  ItalyGunther Huber  United StatesBrian Shimer  CanadaPierre Lueders
1997–98  CanadaPierre Lueders (3)  ItalyGunther Huber  LatviaSandis Prusis
1998–99  GermanyChristoph Langen (2)   SwitzerlandReto Götschi  CanadaPierre Lueders
1999–2000   SwitzerlandMarcel Rohner   SwitzerlandChristian Reich  CanadaPierre Lueders
2000–01  GermanyAndré Lange   SwitzerlandMartin Annen  LatviaSandis Prusis
2001–02   SwitzerlandMartin Annen   SwitzerlandChristian Reich  GermanyAndré Lange
2002–03  GermanyAndré Lange (2)  GermanyRené Spies   SwitzerlandMartin Annen
2003–04  GermanyAndré Lange (3)  CanadaPierre Lueders  United StatesTodd Hays
2004–05   SwitzerlandMartin Annen (2)  RussiaAlexandre Zoubkov  CanadaPierre Lueders
2005–06  CanadaPierre Lueders (4)  RussiaAlexandre Zoubkov  United StatesTodd Hays
2006–07  United StatesSteven Holcomb  CanadaPierre Lueders  GermanyAndré Lange
2007–08  GermanyAndré Lange (4)  RussiaAlexandre Zoubkov  United StatesSteven Holcomb
2008–09  RussiaAlexandre Zoubkov   SwitzerlandBeat Hefti  GermanyAndré Lange
2009–10  United StatesSteven Holcomb (2)   SwitzerlandIvo Rüegg  GermanyThomas Florschütz
2010–11  GermanyManuel Machata  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov  United StatesSteven Holcomb
2011–12  GermanyMaximilian Arndt  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov  GermanyManuel Machata
2012–13  LatviaOskars Melbārdis  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov  GermanyManuel Machata
2013–14  United StatesSteven Holcomb (3)  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov   SwitzerlandBeat Hefti
2014–15  LatviaOskars Melbārdis (2)  GermanyNico Walther  RussiaAlexander Kasjanov
2015–16  GermanyNico Walther  GermanyMaximilian Arndt   SwitzerlandRico Peter
2016–17  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich  RussiaAlexander Kasjanov  United StatesSteven Holcomb
2017–18  CanadaJustin Kripps  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich  GermanyJohannes Lochner
2018–19  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich (2)  LatviaOskars Kibermanis  GermanyNico Walther
2019–20  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich (3)  CanadaJustin Kripps  LatviaOskars Kibermanis

Medal table[edit]

1 Germany (GER)1461333
2  Switzerland (SUI)69419
3 Canada (CAN)55717
4 United States (USA)52512
5 Latvia (LAT)2136
6 Russia (RUS)1719
7 Austria (AUT)1203
8 Italy (ITA)1124
9 Soviet Union (URS)1102
10 Great Britain (GBR)0022
Totals (10 nations)363437107


Unofficial event: 1985–1990. Debuted: 1991.

Season Winner Runner-up Third place
1983–84  East GermanyWolfgang Hoppe
1984–85  West GermanyAnton Fischer
1985–86  Soviet UnionMaris Poikans  Soviet UnionVyacheslav Savlev   SwitzerlandEkkehard Fasser
1986–87  West GermanyAnton Fischer (2)  United StatesMatt Roy  East GermanyWolfgang Hoppe
1987–88  Soviet UnionJānis Ķipurs  East GermanyVolker Dietrich  Soviet UnionZintis Ekmanis
1988–89   SwitzerlandGustav Weder  East GermanyDetlef Richter   SwitzerlandNico Baracchi
1989–90  West GermanyChristian Schebitz  CanadaGreg Haydenluck  Soviet UnionMaris Poikans
1990–91  GermanyWolfgang Hoppe (2)   SwitzerlandGustav Weder  CanadaChris Lori
1991–92  ItalyGunther Huber   SwitzerlandGustav Weder  GermanyRudi Lochner
1992–93  ItalyGunther Huber (2)   SwitzerlandGustav Weder  United StatesBrian Shimer
1993–94  CanadaPierre Lueders  GermanyChristoph Langen  ItalyGunther Huber
1994–95  CanadaPierre Lueders (2)   SwitzerlandReto Götschi  ItalyGunther Huber
1995–96  GermanyChristoph Langen  CanadaPierre Lueders  GermanySepp Dostthaler
1996–97  CanadaPierre Lueders (3)  ItalyGunther Huber  United StatesBrian Shimer
1997–98  CanadaPierre Lueders (4)  ItalyGunther Huber  LatviaSandis Prusis
1998–99  GermanyChristoph Langen (2)   SwitzerlandReto Götschi  CanadaPierre Lueders
1999–2000   SwitzerlandChristian Reich   SwitzerlandReto Götschi   SwitzerlandMarcel Rohner
2000–01   SwitzerlandMartin Annen  GermanyRené Spies  GermanyAndré Lange
2001–02   SwitzerlandMartin Annen (2)  CanadaPierre Lueders   SwitzerlandChristian Reich
2002–03  CanadaPierre Lueders (5)  GermanyRené Spies  GermanyAndré Lange
2003–04  GermanyChristoph Langen (3)  CanadaPierre Lueders  GermanyAndré Lange
2004–05   SwitzerlandMartin Annen (3)  CanadaPierre Lueders  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov
2005–06  CanadaPierre Lueders (6)  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov  United StatesTodd Hays
2006–07  United StatesSteven Holcomb  CanadaPierre Lueders  GermanyAndré Lange
2007–08  GermanyAndré Lange   SwitzerlandIvo Rüegg  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov
2008–09   SwitzerlandBeat Hefti  GermanyAndré Lange  GermanyThomas Florschuetz
2009–10   SwitzerlandIvo Rüegg  GermanyThomas Florschütz  GermanyKarl Angerer
2010–11  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov  GermanyManuel Machata  ItalySimone Bertazzo
2011–12   SwitzerlandBeat Hefti (2)  GermanyMaximilian Arndt  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov
2012–13  CanadaLyndon Rush  LatviaOskars Melbārdis  GermanyManuel Machata
2013–14  United StatesSteven Holcomb (2)   SwitzerlandBeat Hefti  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich
2014–15  LatviaOskars Melbārdis   SwitzerlandBeat Hefti   SwitzerlandRico Peter
2015–16  South KoreaWon Yun-jong  GermanyNico Walther  LatviaUģis Žaļims
2016–17  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich  United StatesSteven Holcomb  South KoreaWon Yun-jong
2017–18  CanadaJustin Kripps  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich  CanadaChristopher Spring
2018–19  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich (2)  LatviaOskars Kibermanis  GermanyNico Walther
2019–20  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich (3)  LatviaOskars Kibermanis  CanadaJustin Kripps

Medal table[edit]

1 Germany (GER)12111235
2  Switzerland (SUI)89522
3 Canada (CAN)86418
4 Italy (ITA)2237
 United States (USA)2237
6 Soviet Union (URS)2125
7 Latvia (LAT)1326
8 Russia (RUS)1135
9 South Korea (KOR)1012
Totals (9 nations)373535107


Unofficial event: 1985–1990. Debuted: 1991.

Season Winner Runner-up Third place
1983–84  East GermanyWolfgang Hoppe
1984–85  United StatesJeffrey Jost
1985–86   SwitzerlandEkkehard Fasser  AustriaWalter Delle Karth  United StatesMatt Roy
1986–87  United StatesMatt Roy  East GermanyWolfgang Hoppe  AustriaPeter Kienast
1987–88  AustriaIngo Appelt none awarded  East GermanyVolker Dietrich
 AustriaPeter Kienast
1988–89  AustriaIngo Appelt (2)   SwitzerlandGustav Weder  AustriaPeter Kienast (2)
1989–90  CanadaChris Lori  Soviet UnionMaris Poikans  East GermanyDietmar Falkenberg
1990–91   SwitzerlandGustav Weder  AustriaIngo Appelt  CanadaChris Lori
1991–92  GermanyWolfgang Hoppe (2)   SwitzerlandGustav Weder (2)  Great BritainMark Tout
1992–93  United StatesBrian Shimer  CanadaChris Lori  GermanyWolfgang Hoppe
1993–94  AustriaHubert Schösser  GermanyDirk Wiese  Great BritainMark Tout (2)
1994–95  CanadaPierre Lueders  Great BritainMark Tout  GermanyDirk Wiese
1995–96  GermanyWolfgang Hoppe (3)  GermanyChristoph Langen  CanadaChris Lori (2)
1996–97   SwitzerlandMarcel Rohner  GermanyWolfgang Hoppe (2)  ItalyGunther Huber
1997–98  GermanyHarald Czudaj   SwitzerlandMarcel Rohner  AustriaHubert Schösser
1998–99  GermanyChristoph Langen   SwitzerlandMarcel Rohner (2)  GermanyAndré Lange
1999–2000   SwitzerlandMarcel Rohner (2)  LatviaSandis Prusis  CanadaPierre Lueders
2000–01  GermanyAndré Lange  LatviaSandis Prusis  GermanyMatthias Benesch
2001–02   SwitzerlandMartin Annen  GermanyAndré Lange   SwitzerlandChristian Reich
2002–03  GermanyAndré Lange (2)  LatviaSandis Prusis (3)   SwitzerlandRalph Rüegg
2003–04  GermanyAndré Lange (3)  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov  United StatesTodd Hays
2004–05  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov   SwitzerlandMartin Annen  CanadaPierre Lueders
2005–06  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov (2)  CanadaPierre Lueders   SwitzerlandMartin Annen
2006–07  RussiaYevgeni Popov  United StatesSteven Holcomb   SwitzerlandMartin Annen (2)
2007–08  GermanyAndré Lange (4)  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov (2)  LatviaJanis Minins
2008–09  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov (3)  LatviaJanis Minins  GermanyAndré Lange
2009–10  United StatesSteve Holcomb  LatviaJanis Minins (2)  GermanyAndré Lange (3)
2010–11  GermanyManuel Machata  United StatesSteven Holcomb  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov
2011–12  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov (4)  GermanyMaximilian Arndt  GermanyManuel Machata
2012–13  RussiaAlexandr Zubkov (5)  LatviaOskars Melbārdis  GermanyManuel Machata (2)
2013–14  GermanyMaximilian Arndt  United StatesSteven Holcomb (3)  GermanyThomas Florschuetz
2014–15  LatviaOskars Melbārdis  RussiaAlexander Kasjanov  GermanyMaximilian Arndt
2015–16  GermanyMaximilian Arndt (2)  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich   SwitzerlandRico Peter
2016–17  RussiaAlexander Kasjanov   SwitzerlandRico Peter  United StatesSteven Holcomb
2017–18  GermanyJohannes Lochner  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich  GermanyNico Walther
2018–19  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich  LatviaOskars Kibermanis  GermanyJohannes Lochner
2019–20  GermanyFrancesco Friedrich (2)  GermanyJohannes Lochner  CanadaJustin Kripps

Medal table[edit]

1 Germany (GER)1591438
2 Russia (RUS)73111
3  Switzerland (SUI)56516
4 United States (USA)43310
5 Austria (AUT)4239
6 Canada (CAN)2259
7 Latvia (LAT)1719
8 Great Britain (GBR)0123
9 Soviet Union (URS)0101
10 Italy (ITA)0011
Totals (10 nations)383435107


Debuted: 1994.

Season Winner Runner-up Third place
1993–94   SwitzerlandBarbara Muriset
1994–95   SwitzerlandClaudia Bühlmann
1995–96   SwitzerlandFrançoise Burdet
1996–97   SwitzerlandFrançoise Burdet (2)
1997–98   SwitzerlandFrançoise Burdet (3)
1998–99   SwitzerlandFrançoise Burdet (4)  United StatesJean Racine  Great BritainMichelle Coy
1999–2000  United StatesJean Racine  United StatesJill Bakken   SwitzerlandFrançoise Burdet
2000–01  United StatesJean Racine (2)  GermanySandra Prokoff  United StatesBonny Warner
2001–02  GermanySusi Erdmann  GermanySandra Prokoff  United StatesJean Racine
2002–03  GermanySusi Erdmann (2)  GermanySandra Prokoff (3)  ItalyGerda Weissensteiner
2003–04  GermanySandra Prokoff  United StatesJean Racine (2)  GermanySusi Erdmann
 ItalyGerda Weissensteiner (2)
2004–05  GermanySandra Prokoff-Kiriasis (2)  GermanyCathleen Martini  GermanySusi Erdmann (2)
2005–06  GermanySandra Kiriasis (3)  CanadaHelen Upperton  United StatesShauna Rohbock
2006–07  GermanySandra Kiriasis (4)  United StatesShauna Rohbock  GermanyCathleen Martini
2007–08  GermanySandra Kiriasis (5)  GermanyCathleen Martini  CanadaHelen Upperton
2008–09  GermanySandra Kiriasis (6)  GermanyCathleen Martini  United KingdomNicole Minichiello
2009–10  GermanySandra Kiriasis (7)  CanadaKaillie Humphries  GermanyCathleen Martini
2010–11  GermanySandra Kiriasis (8)  GermanyCathleen Martini (4)  CanadaKaillie Humphries
2011–12  GermanyCathleen Martini  GermanyAnja Schneiderheinze  GermanySandra Kiriasis
2012–13  CanadaKaillie Humphries  GermanySandra Kiriasis  GermanyCathleen Martini
2013–14  CanadaKaillie Humphries (2)  United StatesElana Meyers  United StatesJamie Greubel
2014–15  United StatesElana Meyers  CanadaKaillie Humphries  United StatesJazmine Fenlator
2015–16  CanadaKaillie Humphries (3)  United StatesJamie Greubel Poser  AustriaChristina Hengster
2016–17  United StatesJamie Greubel Poser  CanadaKaillie Humphries (3)  United StatesElana Meyers Taylor
2017–18  CanadaKaillie Humphries (4)  United StatesElana Meyers Taylor  GermanyMariama Jamanka
2018–19  GermanyMariama Jamanka  GermanyStephanie Schneider  United StatesElana Meyers Taylor
2019–20  GermanyStephanie Schneider  GermanyMariama Jamanka  CanadaChristine de Bruin

Medal table[edit]

1 Germany (GER)1311731
2  Switzerland (SUI)6017
3 United States (USA)47718
4 Canada (CAN)44311
5 Great Britain (GBR)0022
 Italy (ITA)0022
7 Austria (AUT)0011
Totals (7 nations)27222372

All-time medal count[edit]


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