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The Bohemian Club's mascot is an owl, here cast in masonry, and perched over the main club entrance at 624 Taylor Street in San Francisco.

The following list of Bohemian Club members includes both past and current members of note. Membership in the male-only, private Bohemian Club takes a variety of forms, with membership regularly offered to new university presidents and to military commanders stationed in the San Francisco Bay Area. Regular, full members are usually wealthy and influential men who pay full membership fees and dues, and who must often wait 15 years for an opening, as the club limits itself to about 2700 men. Associate members are graphic and musical artists, and actors, who pay lesser fees because of their usefulness in assisting with club activities in San Francisco and at the Bohemian Grove. Professional members are associate members who have developed the ability to pay full dues, or are skilled professionals selected from the arts community.

Honorary members are elected by club members, and pay no membership fees or annual dues. Four women were made honorary members in the club's first two decades, though they were not given the full privileges of regular club members.[1] Several honorary members never availed themselves of the club's offer—there is no record of Mark Twain visiting the club, and Boston resident Oliver Wendell Holmes never visited but he responded immediately with a poem when notified by telegram of the honor, despite being wakened at midnight.[2]

Each member is associated with a "camp", that is, one of 118 rustic sleeping and leisure quarters scattered throughout the Bohemian Grove, where each member sleeps during the two weeks (three weekends) of annual summer encampment in July. These camps are the principal means through which high-level business and political contacts and friendships are formed.[3]

Member Category Camp Ref.
Aitken, Robert I.Robert I. Aitken [4]
Alvarez, Luis WalterLuis Walter Alvarez [5]
Anderson, MartinMartin Anderson Sempervirens [6]
Anthony, Earle C.Earle C. Anthony [7]
Arnott, Peter R.Peter R. Arnott Shoestring [8]
Backus, Samuel W.Samuel W. Backus [4]
Bechtel, Sr., Stephen DavidStephen David Bechtel, Sr. [3]
Bierce, AmbroseAmbrose Bierce Founding [9]
Bloomer, Hiram ReynoldsHiram Reynolds Bloomer Founding [4][10]
Blyth, Charles R.Charles R. Blyth [11]
Boalt, John HenryJohn Henry Boalt [12][13]
Boardman, George C.George C. Boardman [4]
Bocqueraz, LeonLeon Bocqueraz [4]
Bosworth, Henry M.Henry M. Bosworth Honorary Life [4]
Bosqui, EdwardEdward Bosqui Founding [4]
Bourn II, William B.William B. Bourn II [14]
Bowers, Elizabeth CrockerElizabeth Crocker Bowers Honorary [1]
Bowie, Allan St. JohnAllan St. John Bowie [4]
Bowman, James F.James F. Bowman Founding [15]
Bowman, Margaret B.Margaret B. Bowman Honorary [1][15]
Brady, Harry J.Harry J. Brady Honorary Life [4]
Brandi, Frederic H.Frederic H. Brandi [9]
Brayton, Edward LacyEdward Lacy Brayton [14]
Brescia, DomenicoDomenico Brescia [16][17]
Brittan, Nathaniel J.Nathaniel J. Brittan Life [4]
Bromley, George T.George T. Bromley Honorary [15]
Brookes, Samuel MarsdenSamuel Marsden Brookes Founding [18]
Bruguière, EmileEmile Bruguière [14]
Buck, Frank H.Frank H. Buck [14]
Buckingham, Aurelius E.Aurelius E. Buckingham [4]
Buckley, ChristopherChristopher Buckley [19]
Bundschu, CharlesCharles Bundschu [4]
Burgess, Frank GelettFrank Gelett Burgess [4]
Burke, Hugh M.Hugh M. Burke Honorary Life [4][13]
Burns, Daniel M.Daniel M. Burns [4]
Bush, George H. W.George H. W. Bush Hillbillies [9][20]
Bush, NortonNorton Bush [18]
Cadenasso, GiuseppeGiuseppe Cadenasso [18]
Caglieri, Guido E.Guido E. Caglieri [4]
Cameron, George T.George T. Cameron [14]
Canfield, Chauncey L.Chauncey L. Canfield [4]
Capelle, RobertRobert Capelle [4]
Capwell, Harris C.Harris C. Capwell [14]
Carlsen, EmilEmil Carlsen [4]
Carlson, Charles JosephCharles Joseph Carlson [4]
Carlton, Harry P.Harry P. Carlton [4]
Case, Alexander T.Alexander T. Case [21]
Chanslor, Joseph A.Joseph A. Chanslor [14]
Chase, Horace B.Horace B. Chase [4]
Chipman, Ernest D.Ernest D. Chipman [14]
Chismore, GeorgeGeorge Chismore [4][22]
Christeson, AndrewAndrew Christeson [4]
Christopher, WarrenWarren Christopher [23]
Clarke, Harry CorsonHarry Corson Clarke [4]
Clausen, Alden W.Alden W. Clausen Hillbillies [24]
Clawson, John WillardJohn Willard Clawson [4]
Clay, Philip T.Philip T. Clay [14]
Cloman, Sydney A.Sydney A. Cloman [14]
Coburn, CharlesCharles Coburn Honorary [3]
Coldwell, ColbertColbert Coldwell [3]
Coney, Alex K.Alex K. Coney [4]
Cool, Russell H.Russell H. Cool [4]
Coolbrith, InaIna Coolbrith Honorary [1]
Coors, JosephJoseph Coors [3]
Coryell, Joseph B.Joseph B. Coryell [14]
Coutts, GordonGordon Coutts [25]
Cowden, John CheeverJohn Cheever Cowden [14]
Cox, Jennings S.Jennings S. Cox Life [4]
Coyle, Ray F.Ray F. Coyle [15]
Creel, GeorgeGeorge Creel [26]
Cremony, John C.John C. Cremony Founding [15]
Crocker, Charles H.Charles H. Crocker [14]
Crocker, Charles TempletonCharles Templeton Crocker [14]
Crocker, William H.William H. Crocker [14][27]
Crockett, Joseph B.Joseph B. Crockett [4]
Crow, HarlanHarlan Crow [28][29]
Cummings, Melvin EarlMelvin Earl Cummings [14]
Curlett, WilliamWilliam Curlett [4]
Cushing, Charles S.Charles S. Cushing [12]
Cushing, Sidney B.Sidney B. Cushing [4]
Davis, Andrew McFarlandAndrew McFarland Davis Life [15][22]
Davis, Richmond P.Richmond P. Davis [14]
Davis, Willis E.Willis E. Davis [4][30]
de Fremery, Paul W.Paul W. de Fremery [31]
De Long, George BowenGeorge Bowen De Long [4]
De Sabla, Jr., Eugene de JolyEugene de Joly De Sabla, Jr. [14]
De Vecchi, PaoloPaolo De Vecchi [4]
Dean, Walter E.Walter E. Dean Life [4]
Dibble, Henry C.Henry C. Dibble [4]
Dibblee, BenjaminBenjamin Dibblee [14]
Dickman, Charles JohnCharles John Dickman [15]
Dill, Sr., MarshallMarshall Dill, Sr. [3]
Dimond, Edwin R.Edwin R. Dimond [14]
Dixon, MaynardMaynard Dixon [18]
Dornin, George D.George D. Dornin [4]
Draper, T. W. MorganT. W. Morgan Draper [4]
Draper III, William HenryWilliam Henry Draper III Hillbillies [9]
Drum, Frank G.Frank G. Drum [14]
Dunning, William B.William B. Dunning [14]
Earl, Guy C.Guy C. Earl [14]
Eastwood, ClintClint Eastwood [20]
Eberle, Robert M.Robert M. Eberle [4]
Edwards, Henry "Harry"Henry "Harry" Edwards Founding [4][13]
Edwards, J. PauldingJ. Paulding Edwards [14]
Eldredge, Zoeth S.Zoeth S. Eldredge [4]
Elkins, Felton B.Felton B. Elkins [14]
Enriquez, BobbyBobby Enriquez [32]
Evans, George H.George H. Evans [4]
Evans, Richard BungerRichard Bunger Evans [33]
Everett, Sr., Wallace W.Wallace W. Everett, Sr. [14]
Fagan, James J.James J. Fagan [4]
Fay, Charles W.Charles W. Fay [4]
Faymonville, Philip R.Philip R. Faymonville [14]
Felton, Charles N.Charles N. Felton [4]
Fennimore, Watson D.Watson D. Fennimore [14]
Fernald, Chester BaileyChester Bailey Fernald [4]
Fernald, Reginald GoodwinReginald Goodwin Fernald [14]
Ferrer, Manuel Y.Manuel Y. Ferrer [34]
Field, Charles K.Charles K. Field [4]
Field, George RussellGeorge Russell Field [14]
Filer, Walter G.Walter G. Filer [14]
Finnell, BushBush Finnell [14]
Firestone, LeonardLeonard Firestone Mandalay [3][24]
Fitch, Robert N.Robert N. Fitch [14]
Fletcher, Robert HoweRobert Howe Fletcher Honorary [35]
Flood, James L.James L. Flood [14]
Folger, Ernest R.Ernest R. Folger [14]
Fonda, Harry StuartHarry Stuart Fonda [4]
Foote, Lucius HarwoodLucius Harwood Foote Honorary Life [4]
Ford, Joseph C.Joseph C. Ford [4]
Ford, Tennessee ErnieTennessee Ernie Ford [9]
Ford, Tirey L.Tirey L. Ford [14]
Forman, Sands W.Sands W. Forman Founding [4]
Foster, Arthur W.Arthur W. Foster [14]
Freeman, J. EugeneJ. Eugene Freeman [14]
Frenzeny, PaulPaul Frenzeny Founding [18]
Fritz, EmanuelEmanuel Fritz [3]
Fuller, Jacob L.Jacob L. Fuller [4]
Fuller, Jr., William ParmerWilliam Parmer Fuller, Jr. [14]
Garnett, PorterPorter Garnett [36]
Geberding, AlbertAlbert Geberding [12]
Gelbart, LarryLarry Gelbart [19]
Genthe, ArnoldArnold Genthe [4]
George, HenryHenry George Founding [3]
Gergen, DavidDavid Gergen [37]
Glass, LouisLouis Glass [14]
Giannini, MarioMario Giannini [3]
Gilman, Daniel CoitDaniel Coit Gilman Honorary [35]
Gingrich, NewtNewt Gingrich
Goodfellow, George E.George E. Goodfellow [4]
Gove, Charles A.Charles A. Gove [14]
Gow, P. GeorgeP. George Gow [4]
Graham, Donald de V.Donald de V. Graham Honorary Life [4]
Grant, Joseph D.Joseph D. Grant [4]
Grau, EnriqueEnrique Grau [4]
Greathouse, Clarence R.Clarence R. Greathouse [4]
Greene, Clay M.Clay M. Greene Honorary Life [15]
Grey, PercyPercy Grey [18]
Griffin, Willard M.Willard M. Griffin [4]
Grismer, Joseph R.Joseph R. Grismer [4]
Gunter, Archibald ClaveringArchibald Clavering Gunter [4]
Gurley, James F.James F. Gurley [12]
Gutte, IsidoreIsidore Gutte [12][22]
Hackett, RayRay Hackett [38]
Hadley, Henry KimballHenry Kimball Hadley [15]
Hahn, WilliamWilliam Hahn [39]
Hale, Reuben B.Reuben B. Hale [4]
Hall, George Eli PatrickGeorge Eli Patrick Hall [40]
Hammond, Andrew B.Andrew B. Hammond [4]
Hampe, Theodore MichaelTheodore Michael Hampe [4]
Hanchett, Lewis E.Lewis E. Hanchett [4]
Haraszthy, ArpadArpad Haraszthy Founding [12][13]
Harrison, William GreerWilliam Greer Harrison [4]
Hart, Jerome A.Jerome A. Hart [4][22]
Harte, BretBret Harte Honorary [9]
Hartley, Fred L.Fred L. Hartley [9]
Harvey, J. DowneyJ. Downey Harvey [4]
Haven, Charles D.Charles D. Haven [4]
Hawes, Alexander G.Alexander G. Hawes [4][22]
Hearst, William RandolphWilliam Randolph Hearst [3]
Hecht, Marcus H.Marcus H. Hecht [4]
Heney, Francis J.Francis J. Heney [4]
Herold, Jr., RudolphRudolph Herold, Jr. [4]
Herrick, LesterLester Herrick [14]
Herrin, William F.William F. Herrin [4]
Heyman, HenryHenry Heyman [4]
Hill, BartonBarton Hill [4]
Hill, Charles BartonCharles Barton Hill [4]
Hill, Horace L.Horace L. Hill Life [4]
Hill, ThomasThomas Hill Honorary [35]
Hobart, ClarkClark Hobart [41]
Holdredge, Ransom GilletRansom Gillet Holdredge [42]
Hollister, Charles D.Charles D. Hollister [43]
Holmes, Sr., Oliver WendellOliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Honorary [3]
Hood, WilliamWilliam Hood [4]
Hooker, C. OsgoodC. Osgood Hooker [4]
Hoover, HerbertHerbert Hoover Cave Man [3][44]
Hotaling, Richard M.Richard M. Hotaling [12]
Hotchkis, PrestonPreston Hotchkis Lost Angels [3]
Howard, Jack R.Jack R. Howard [9]
Howell, Josiah RowlandJosiah Rowland Howell [4]
Humphrey, Charles FranklinCharles Franklin Humphrey [45]
Hunt, LeRoy P.LeRoy P. Hunt [12]
Huntington, Henry EdwardsHenry Edwards Huntington [46]
Hyde, RothwellRothwell Hyde [4]
Inman, Bobby RayBobby Ray Inman [47]
Irving, HenryHenry Irving Honorary [35]
Irwin, JosephJoseph Irwin Founding [4]
Irwin, WallaceWallace Irwin [4]
Irwin, William HenryWilliam Henry Irwin [12]
Isenberg, Paul R.Paul R. Isenberg [12]
Ives, George I.George I. Ives Life [4]
Jenks, LivingstoneLivingstone Jenks [4]
Jennings, Rufus P.Rufus P. Jennings [4]
Johnson, TomTom Johnson [23]
Jones, Philip MillsPhilip Mills Jones [36]
Jordan, David StarrDavid Starr Jordan Honorary [35]
Jorgensen, ChristianChristian Jorgensen [18]
Jorgenson, Virgil W.Virgil W. Jorgenson [12]
Josselyn, CharlesCharles Josselyn [14][22]
Joullin, AmedeeAmedee Joullin [4]
Judson, Charles ChapelCharles Chapel Judson [4]
Kaiser, Sr., Edgar F.Edgar F. Kaiser, Sr. [3]
Kawānanakoa, DavidDavid Kawānanakoa [4]
Keeler, CharlesCharles Keeler [4]
Keith, WilliamWilliam Keith Honorary [35]
Kendrick, CharlesCharles Kendrick [3]
Kelley, Edgar StillmanEdgar Stillman Kelley Honorary [48]
Kenny, Frank G.Frank G. Kenny Founding [4]
Kerr, ClarkClark Kerr Wayside Log [3]
Kissinger, HenryHenry Kissinger Mandalay [3]
Knowland, JoeJoe Knowland [49]
Knowland, Joseph R.Joseph R. Knowland [50]
Krulak, Victor H.Victor H. Krulak Owl's Nest [51]
Labaudt, LucienLucien Labaudt [15]
Lankershim, James B.James B. Lankershim [4]
Lapham, RogerRoger Lapham [3]
Lathrop, BarbourBarbour Lathrop [14]
Latimer, LorenzoLorenzo Latimer [18]
Lawlor, William P.William P. Lawlor [14]
Lawrence, Ernest O.Ernest O. Lawrence Sons of Toil [3]
Leach, StephenStephen Leach [4]
Lehman, JohnJohn Lehman [3]
Lenczowski, GeorgeGeorge Lenczowski [52]
Lent, William M.William M. Lent [4]
Lette, GeorgeGeorge Lette [4]
Levison, Jacob B.Jacob B. Levison [4]
Lewis, Jr., Charles A.Charles A. Lewis, Jr. [4]
Lilienthal, Philip N.Philip N. Lilienthal [4]
Lipman, Frederick L.Frederick L. Lipman [4]
Lippincott, Sara JaneSara Jane Lippincott Honorary [1][35]
Lisser, LouisLouis Lisser [4]
Lloyd, Reuben H.Reuben H. Lloyd Life [4]
Logan, MauriceMaurice Logan [12]
London, JackJack London Honorary [3]
Lundborg, LouisLouis Lundborg [9]
Lynch, James K.James K. Lynch [4]
McAllister, M. HallM. Hall McAllister [14]
McBean, AthollAtholl McBean [3]
McDonald, James M.James M. McDonald Life [4]
McDonald, Mark L.Mark L. McDonald Life [4]
McDuffie, DuncanDuncan McDuffie [14]
McLaren, N. Loyall "Blackie"N. Loyall "Blackie" McLaren Stowaway [3]
Mascagni, PietroPietro Mascagni Honorary [35]
Mathews, Arthur FrankArthur Frank Mathews [53]
Marcelli, NinoNino Marcelli [54]
Marcelli, UldericoUlderico Marcelli [55]
Marshall, HenryHenry Marshall Honorary Life [4]
Marston, Otis R. "Dock"Otis R. "Dock" Marston [56][57]
Martínez, XavierXavier Martínez [18]
Maybeck, BernardBernard Maybeck [7]
Mayhew, Clarence W. W.Clarence W. W. Mayhew [58]
Menzies, StewartStewart Menzies [12][22]
Meyer, J. HenryJ. Henry Meyer [14]
Miller, JoaquinJoaquin Miller Honorary [3]
Moore, Arthur W.Arthur W. Moore [3]
Morgan, Henry S.Henry S. Morgan [9]
Morrow, William W.William W. Morrow [22]
Morse, Carlton E.Carlton E. Morse [59]
Moulder, Andrew J.Andrew J. Moulder [12][13]
Moulin, GabrielGabriel Moulin [25]
Mullally, ThornwellThornwell Mullally [14]
Musin, OvideOvide Musin Honorary [35]
Napthaly, Benjamin F.Benjamin F. Napthaly Founding [4]
Neumann, PaulPaul Neumann [4]
Newcomb, ThomasThomas Newcomb Founding, Honorary [13][35]
Neylan, John FrancisJohn Francis Neylan Mandalay [3]
Nixon, RichardRichard Nixon
Norris, FrankFrank Norris [18]
O'Connell, DanielDaniel O'Connell Founding [18]
O'Keefe, SeanSean O'Keefe Wayside Log [60]
Oliver, RolandRoland Oliver [3]
Oliver, William LettsWilliam Letts Oliver [36]
Osbourne, SamuelSamuel Osbourne [4][13][22]
Packard, DavidDavid Packard [9]
Paderewski, Ignacy JanIgnacy Jan Paderewski Honorary [21]
Patigian, HaigHaig Patigian [15]
Patterson, Sr., William A.William A. Patterson, Sr. [9]
Pauley, Edwin W.Edwin W. Pauley [9]
Payne, Theodore F.Theodore F. Payne [4]
Payne, Warren R.Warren R. Payne Life [4]
Peixotto, Edgar D.Edgar D. Peixotto [14]
Peterson, Rudolph A.Rudolph A. Peterson [9]
Pflueger, Timothy L.Timothy L. Pflueger [61]
Phelan, James D.James D. Phelan [62]
Phleger, HermanHerman Phleger [3]
Piazzoni, GottardoGottardo Piazzoni [18]
Pichel, IrvingIrving Pichel [63]
Platt, Horace GarvinHorace Garvin Platt [4][22]
Queen, Richard E.Richard E. Queen [14]
Quinn, William WilsonWilliam Wilson Quinn [64]
Raffetto, MichaelMichael Raffetto [59]
Reagan, RonaldRonald Reagan Owl's Nest [9]
Redding, Joseph D.Joseph D. Redding [22][65]
Redman, GranvilleGranville Redman [18]
Rhodes, William HenryWilliam Henry Rhodes [66]
Rickenbacker, EddieEddie Rickenbacker Cave Man [9]
Ritschel, WilliamWilliam Ritschel [18]
Rix, JulianJulian Rix [13][18]
Robertson, PeterPeter Robertson Honorary Life [4]
Rogers, Robert C.Robert C. Rogers Founding [4][13]
Roller, Albert F.Albert F. Roller [12]
Rolph, Jr., JamesJames Rolph, Jr. [14]
Roosevelt, TheodoreTheodore Roosevelt Honorary [35]
Roth, William M.William M. Roth [3]
Sabin, Wallace ArthurWallace Arthur Sabin [36]
Salvini, TommasoTommaso Salvini Honorary [35]
Sayre, J. H.J. H. Sayre Founding [4]
Scheffauer, Herman GeorgeHerman George Scheffauer [25]
Schenck, CasparCaspar Schenck [4]
Seitz, FrederickFrederick Seitz [9]
Seaborg, Glenn T.Glenn T. Seaborg Wayside Log [60]
Sesnon, William T.William T. Sesnon [12]
Sherman, FrederickFrederick Sherman [21]
Shiels, J. WilsonJ. Wilson Shiels [36]
Shoup, PaulPaul Shoup [67]
Shultz, George P.George P. Shultz Mandalay [3]
Sibley, RobertRobert Sibley [12]
Simpson, John L.John L. Simpson [3]
Smith, H. E.H. E. Smith [18]
Smith, William FrenchWilliam French Smith Mandalay [9]
Snow, TonyTony Snow [19]
Spreckels, Adolph B.Adolph B. Spreckels [14]
Spreckels, ClausClaus Spreckels [14]
Sproul, Robert GordonRobert Gordon Sproul Isle of Aves [3]
Starr, KevinKevin Starr Wayside Log [3][60]
Steindorff, PaulPaul Steindorff [15]
Sterling, GeorgeGeorge Sterling [9]
Sterling, WallaceWallace Sterling Cave Man [9]
Stewart, Humphrey JohnHumphrey John Stewart Honorary Life [36]
Stoddard, Charles WarrenCharles Warren Stoddard Honorary [9][13]
Stone, Michael P. W.Michael P. W. Stone Hillbillies [9]
Stoutenborough, C. H.C. H. Stoutenborough Life [4]
Stow, VanderlynnVanderlynn Stow Stowaway [36]
Swan, Benjamin R.Benjamin R. Swan Life [4]
Tavernier, JulesJules Tavernier [18]
Teschemacher, H. F.H. F. Teschemacher Life [4]
Tharp, Newton J.Newton J. Tharp [68]
Thomas, John CharlesJohn Charles Thomas [69]
Thomas, Jr., LowellLowell Thomas, Jr. Cave Man [9]
Thomas, Sr., LowellLowell Thomas, Sr. Cave Man [9]
Tibbett, LawrenceLawrence Tibbett [69]
Tilden, DouglasDouglas Tilden [70]
Tilden, JosephJoseph Tilden [12][13][71]
Unger, F. L.F. L. Unger Honorary Life [4]
van Sloun, FrankFrank van Sloun [18]
Volk, HarryHarry Volk Lost Angels [3]
Waldrop, UdaUda Waldrop [15]
Wallace, William T.William T. Wallace Honorary [35]
Weir, BobBob Weir [20]
Wells, William V.William V. Wells [12]
Wells, F. MarionF. Marion Wells [4]
Weill, RaphaelRaphael Weill [4][22]
Weinberger, CasparCaspar Weinberger Isle of Aves [9]
Wheat, Carl IrvingCarl Irving Wheat [72]
Wheeler, Benjamin IdeBenjamin Ide Wheeler Honorary [35]
Wheeler, Charles StetsonCharles Stetson Wheeler [14]
Whymper, FrederickFrederick Whymper Founding [15]
Wilbur, Ray LymanRay Lyman Wilbur Cave Man [44]
Williams, VirgilVirgil Williams Founding [18][22]
Williamson, J. C.J. C. Williamson Founding [4]
Wilson, Russell J.Russell J. Wilson Life [4][13]
Winter, WilliamWilliam Winter Honorary Life [35]
Witter, Jean C.Jean C. Witter [3]
Wores, TheodoreTheodore Wores [18]
Wouk, HermanHerman Wouk [3]
Yale, Charles G.Charles G. Yale Honorary Life [4][22]
Yoell, Rodney A.Rodney A. Yoell [12]


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