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This is a current listing of the media in Kouhei Kadono's Boogiepop series. This metaseries currently consists of 15 light novels, a four volume light novel spin-off series, a live-action movie, an anime television series, two manga serials, two audio CDs, and other books.

An oddity of the Boogiepop titles is that they are almost always made of more than one title, and often there is a mix of English and Japanese titles. This list provides the English-release title, the Japanese title (and transliteration), with any further sub-titles below.

Light novels[edit]

An alien being chases an escaped clone of itself, a man-eater hiding in Shinyo Academy. As students disappear one-by-one, people begin to wonder if they are being taken by the legendary Boogiepop. As five different students try to understand different aspects of the puzzle, will anyone every truly know the truth of the events?
A year ago, Boogiepop defeated Imaginator, however, it appears to be trying to return: Asakura Jin, who can see people's hearts as plants, is being visited by the phantom of Imaginator's last host. Meanwhile, two agents from the Towa Organisation are trying to find Boogiepop. Whilst Camille tries to lure out Boogiepop indirectly, Spooky E finds himself face-to-face with Shinyo Academy's shinigami.
  • Boogiepop in the Mirror: "Pandora" (ブギーポップ·イン·ザ·ミラー 「パンドラ」?, Bugīpoppu in za Mirā "Pandora")
    Does anybody really know what time is it? Japan 10 December 1998; ISBN 4-07-310350-4
Six children with the ability to predict the future, each in different ways. One day, Boogiepop begins to enter their premonitions.
  • Boogiepop Overdrive: The Piper (ブギーポップ·オーバードライブ 歪曲王?, Bugīpoppu Oobādoraibu Waikyokuō)
    Heartbreaker II Japan 10 February 1999; ISBN 4-07-310887-5
Teratsuki Kyouichiro, a man with connections to the Towa Organisation, constructed The Moon Temple, but has now suddenly died. The building is to be demolished in a month's time, but an accident seals visitors to the building, allowing the King of Distortion to manifest.
The prequel to the Boogiepop series. A serial killer is stalking the streets, meanwhile Kirima Nagi is hospitalised with an unknown disease, and Miyashita Touka begins to exhibit unusual behaviour.
  • Boogiepop Missing: Peppermint Wizard (ブギーポップ·ミッシング ペパーミントの魔術師?, Bugīpoppu Misshingu Pepāminto no Majutsushi)
    Peppermint wizard, or Rize and fall of poor innocent puppet Japan 10 August 1999; ISBN 4-8402-1250-3
After trying the Peppermint ice cream made by Kigawa Tosuke, Teratsuki Kyouichiro uses him to start a chain known as The Peppermint Wizard. The ice cream is able to take away people's pain, but does not go unnoticed by the Towa Organisation.
  • Boogiepop Countdown: Embryo Erosion (ブギーポップ·カウントダウン エンブリオ浸蝕?, Bugīpoppu Kauntodaun Enburio Shinshoku)
    "The Embryo" 1st half -erosion- Japan 10 December 1999; ISBN 4-8402-1358-5
A mysterious virus named Embryo begins infecting portable gaming systems. Anyone exposed to this virus soon begins to develop special abilities.
  • Boogiepop Wicked: Embryo Eruption (ブギーポップ·ウィキッド エンブリオ炎生?, Bugīpoppu Uikiddo Enburio Enjyō)
    "The Embryo" 2nd half -eruption- Japan 10 February 2000; ISBN 4-8402-1414-X
  • Boogiepop Paradox: Heartless Red (ブギーポップ·パラドックス ハートレス·レッド?, Bugīpoppu Paradokkusu Hātoresu Reddo)
    The Unusual Contact of Vermilion Hurt & Fire Witch Japan 10 February 2001; ISBN 4-8402-1736-X
A prequel to Boogiepop and Others and Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator. No sooner does Kirima Nagi return to middle school than a series of strange incidents occurs.
  • Boogiepop Unbalance: Holy & Ghost (ブギーポップ·アンバランス ホーリィ&ゴースト?, Bugīpoppu Anbaransu Hoorī & Goosuto)
    Holy and Ghost are steeped in plastic crimes Japan 10 September 2001; ISBN 4-8402-1896-X
A pair of delinquents seek to release an enemy of the world known as Rock Bottom.
  • Boogiepop Stacatto: Welcome to Jinx Shop (ブギーポップ·スタッカート ジンクス·ショップへようこそ?, Bugīpoppu Sutakkāto Jinkusu Shoppu e Yōkoso)
    Welcome to Jinx Shop Japan 10 March 2003; ISBN 4-8402-2293-2
Meet Oxygen, the head of the Towa Organisation, and learn about the Organisation's agenda: world domination.
  • Boogiepop Bounding: Lost Moebius (ブギーポップ·バウンディング ロスト·メビウス?, Bugīpoppu Baundeingu Rosuto Mebiusu)
    Lost in Moebius Japan 10 April 2005; ISBN 4-8402-3018-8
Crossing over with the Night Watch Trilogy, Orihata Aya and a boy seeking vengeance on Boogiepop become trapped in a world known as 'Kiba no Ato'.
  • Boogiepop Intolerance: The Ark of Orpheus (ブギーポップ·イントレランス オルフェの方舟?, Bugīpoppu Intorerinsu Orufe no Hakobune)
    Ark of Orpheus Japan 10 April 2006; ISBN 4-8402-3384-5
A boy discovers his girlfriend is an MPLS, and both the Towa Organization and Boogiepop are after her.
  • Boogiepop Question: The Pyramid in Silence (ブギーポップ·クエスチョン 沈黙ピラミッド?, Bugīpoppu Kuesuchon Chinmoku Piramiddo)
    The Silent Pyramid Japan 10 January 2008; ISBN 4-8402-4141-4
  • Boogiepop Darkly: The Scat Singing Cat (ブギーポップ·ダークリー 化け猫とめまいのスキャット?, Bugīpoppu Dākurī Bakeneko to Memai no Sukkyatto)
    The Scat Singing Cat Japan 10 December 2009; ISBN 978-4-04-868197-1
  • Boogiepop Question: Into The Lunar Rainbow (ブギーポップ·アンノウン 壊れかけのムーンライト?, Bugīpoppu Announ Kowarekake no Mūnraito)
    Into The Lunar Rainbow Japan 10 January 2011; ISBN 978-4-04-870122-8
  • Boogiepop Within: Paradigm Rust (ブギーポップ·ウィズイン さびまみれのバビロン?, Bugīpoppu Wizuin Sabimamire no Babiron)
    Paradigm Rust Japan 10 September 2013; ISBN 978-4-04-891870-1
  • Boogiepop Changeling: Stalking in Decadent Black (ブギーポップ·チェンジリング 溶暗のデカダント·ブラック?, Bugīpoppu Chenjiringu Youan no Dekadanto Burakku)
    Stalking in Decadent Black Japan 10 November 2014; ISBN 978-4-04-869047-8
  • Boogiepop Antithesis: Revolt of Alternative Ego (ブギーポップ·アンチテーゼ オルタナティヴ·エゴの乱逆?, Bugīpoppu Anchitēze Orutanathibu Ego no Rangyaku)
    Revolt of Alternative Ego Japan 10 March 2016; ISBN 978-4-04-865831-7

These serialized novels take place within the Boogiepop universe:

  • Beat's Discipline Side 1 (ビートのディシプリン SIDE1?, Bēto no Dishipurin SIDE1)
    Beat's discipline Side1 [Exile] Japan 10 March 2002; ISBN 4-8402-2056-5
  • Beat's Discipline Side 2 (ビートのディシプリン SIDE2?, Bēto no Dishipurin SIDE2)
    Beat's discipline Side2 [Fracture] Japan 10 August 2003; ISBN 4-8402-2430-7
  • Beat's Discipline Side 3 (ビートのディシプリン SIDE3?, Bēto no Dishipurin SIDE3)
    Beat's discipline Side3 [Providence] Japan 10 September 2004; ISBN 4-8402-2778-0
  • Beat's Discipline Side 4 (ビートのディシプリン SIDE4?, Bēto no Dishipurin SIDE4)
    Beat's discipline Side4 [Indiscipline] Japan 10 April 2005; ISBN 4-8402-3120-6
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 1 (ヴァルプルギスの後悔 Fire1?, Varpurugisu no Kōkai Fire1)
    Repent Walpurgis Fire 1[Warning Witch]Japan 10 August 2008; ISBN 978-4-04-867171-2
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 2 (ヴァルプルギスの後悔 Fire2?, Varpurugisu no Kōkai Fire2)
    Repent Walpurgis Fire 2[Spitting Witch]Japan 10 August 2009; ISBN 978-4-04-867938-1
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 3 (ヴァルプルギスの後悔 Fire3?, Varpurugisu no Kōkai Fire3)
    Repent Walpurgis Fire 3[Dozing Witch]Japan 10 August 2010; ISBN 978-4-04-868767-6
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 4 (ヴァルプルギスの後悔 Fire4?, Varpurugisu no Kōkai Fire4)
    Repent Walpurgis Fire 4[Freezing Witch]Japan 10 December 2011; ISBN 978-4-04-886187-8
  • The Emperoider Spin 1 (螺旋のエンペロイダー Spin1.?, Rasen no Enperoidā Spin1.)
    The Emperoider Spin 1[Wormy Empire]Japan 10 April 2013; ISBN 978-4-04891414-7
  • The Emperoider Spin 2 (螺旋のエンペロイダー Spin2.?, Rasen no Enperoidā Spin2.)
    The Emperoider Spin 2[Gravelly Empire]Japan 10 June 2014; ISBN 978-4-04-866638-1
  • The Emperoider Spin 3 (螺旋のエンペロイダー Spin3.?, Rasen no Enperoidā Spin3.)
    The Emperoider Spin 3[Haunted Empire]Japan 10 December 2015; ISBN 978-4-04-865590-3

Short stories[edit]

  • Metal Guru (メタル·グゥルー?, Metaru Guuruu)
    Metal Guru Japan 18 June 1999
  • London Calling (ロンドン·コーリング?, Rondon Kooringu)
    LONDON CALLING Japan 18 September 1999
  • My Death Waits (死神を待ちながら?, Shinigami wo Michinagara)
    My Death Waits Japan 18 December 1999
  • Boogiepop Poplife (ブギートーク·ポップライフ?, Bugīpoppu Poppuraifu)
    Boogietalk, Poplife (in Petssounds) Japan 25 February 2000
  • Chariot Choogle (チャリオット·チューグル?, Chariotto Chooguru)
    CHARIOT CHOOGLE Japan 18 March 2000
  • Angel Volume (天使篇 - 真贋について?, Tenshi-hen - Shingan ni Tsuite)
    Japan 25 September 2003


A month ago, a pillar of light pierced the sky. Now, some people are beginning to show signs of highly evolved powers, and others are seeing the apparitions of people who should be dead. Rumours circulate about Boogiepop being involved, but does this urban legend even exist, and does anybody really know what is going on?

DVD Title Episode # Original Release Date
Evolution 1 Portraits from Memory 1 5 January 2000
A month ago, a pillar of light pierced the sky. Masami Saotome disappeared around that time, and Moto Tonomura wondered what had happened to him. One day, she saw him appear, like a ghost. She now looks for Saotome, so that she can confess her love to him.
Light in Darkness 2 12 January 2000
Ever since the pillar of light appeared a month ago, Jounouchi Hisashi was able to see visions of bugs attached to people's hearts. By removing these bugs, he was able to free them from their pain, but the cost of his interference pays a heavy toll on his own heart.
Life can be So Nice 3 19 January 2000
Misuzu Arito is known as Panuru to her friends, and has learned to accept everything in the world, because it is all beautiful. However, she is living a lie, one that even she cannot look to see the truth of.
Evolution 2 My Fair Lady 4 2 February 2000
Yoji Suganuma is pushed by his father to follow a certain path, but he seeks to follow his skills with computers. Isolated from others, he spends his time with a girlfriend he created on his computer. With the assistance of a new drug, he seeks to change his life, but when the lines between fiction and reality blur, it only results in confusion and insanity.
Interlude 5 26 January 2000
Whilst Officer Morita idly discusses rumours of a secret organization with Officer Yamamoto, Kazuko Suema seeks the truth of those events from five years ago from Nagi Kirima.
Mother's Day 6 9 February 2000
Shizue Wakasa's relationship with her mother collapsed after the death of her father, and these issues were left unresolved after her death. As her mother reads Shizue's diaries five years later, she unravels the truth.
Evolution 3 Until Ure in My Arms Again 7 16 February 2000
Mamoru Oikawa is cruel to his sister, Sayoko, but that is nothing compared to how he treats the rest of the world. As he seeks 'useless' things to destroy, the closeness of their relationship becomes clear.
She's So Unusual 8 23 February 2000
From the shadows, Nagi Kirima tries to save the world from whatever may threaten it. It was not until Ichirou Kishida appears that her life is truly troubled, not least because he bears a striking resemblance to her first love, Shinpei Kuroda.
You'll Never be Young Twice 9 1 March 2000
Saki Yoshizawa loves to play the piano more than life itself, but when her confidence is shattered by a private teacher, she wonders if it were all worth it. That is when she hears rumours of Paisley Park, and looks for her salvation.
Evolution 4 Poom Poom 10 8 March 2000
Poom Poom flies between different magical worlds, carrying a balloon of happiness. When he sets up a haven for lost children at Paisley Park, Nagi Kirima investigates the truth behind Poom Poom's perfect world.
Under the Gravity's Rainbow 11 15 March 2000
Manaka Kisaragi had spent her whole life locked away from the world, and died without ever seeing it. When Echoes inadvertently brought her back to life, she set off to learn about the world around her.
A Requiem 12 22 March 2000
A year later, all seems peaceful. Kazuko Suema and Touka Miyashita prepare for entrance exams, but not all the loose ends have been tied off. Everything still remains as a mystery.


CD Release Date Track List
Boogiepop Phantom Original Soundtrack Japan 25 February 2000 1) Happy End, Flare
2) In Heaven, SiLC
3) Penalty Taker, Audio Active
4) Gataway, Susumu Yokota
5) Delirious, SiLC feat 2k+D's of RED LINE
6) Stormy Soup, AOA
7) Boogiepop Me Up, Ming (DJ) & FS
8) A Furrow Dub, Sugar Plant
9) Torso, Sadesper Record
10) Snow Coast, Yoshihiro Sawasaki
11) Unstability, Hidenobu Ito
12) Pone, Rei Harakami
13) Angel in the Dark, M.Y.K.N.
United States 30 April 2002
Music Inspired by Boogiepop and Others Japan 25 March 2000 1) Daphne
2) Sad Bird
3) Nepenthe #1
4) Porcelain
5) Egotism
6) Forget-me-not
7) Nepenthe #2
8) Criss-Cross
9) Embrace
10) Boogiepop
11) Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Boogiepop Version Classical Mix
United States 30 April 2002

Other Boogiepop works[edit]


  • Boogiepop and Others (ブギーポップは笑わない?, Bugīpoppu wa Warawanai)
    Boogiepop and Others Japan 11 March 2000 United States 1 March 2005
Based on the novel of the same name. An alien and a man-eater are playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse at Shinyo Academy, and the students are the ones who suffer as a result of this. Is the legendary shinigami, Boogiepop, somehow involved in this incident?


Based on the Boogiepop and Others novel.



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