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This is a current listing of the media in Kouhei Kadono's Boogiepop series. This metaseries currently consists of 22 light novels, 3 four volume light novel spin-off series, a live-action movie, two anime television series, four manga serials, audio CDs, and other books.

An oddity of the Boogiepop titles is that they are almost always made of more than one title, and often there is a mix of English and Japanese titles. This list provides the English-release title, the Japanese title (and transliteration), with any further sub-titles below.

Light novels[edit]

  • Boogiepop and Others (ブギーポップは笑わない, Bugīpoppu wa Warawanai)
    Boogiepop and Others Japan 10 February 1998; ISBN 4-8402-0804-2 United States 14 February 2006; ISBN 1-933164-16-6
An alien being chases an escaped clone of itself, a man-eater hiding in Shinyo Academy. As students disappear one-by-one, people begin to wonder if they are being taken by the legendary Boogiepop. As five different students try to understand different aspects of the puzzle, will anyone every truly know the truth of the events?
A year ago, Boogiepop defeated Imaginator, however, it appears to be trying to return: Asakura Jin, who can see people's hearts as plants, is being visited by the phantom of Imaginator's last host. Meanwhile, two agents from the Towa Organisation are trying to find Boogiepop. Whilst Camille tries to lure out Boogiepop indirectly, Spooky E finds himself face-to-face with Shinyo Academy's shinigami.
  • Boogiepop in the Mirror: "Pandora" (ブギーポップ·イン·ザ·ミラー 「パンドラ」, Bugīpoppu in za Mirā "Pandora")
    Does anybody really know what time is it? Japan 10 December 1998; ISBN 4-07-310350-4 United States 19 July 2018 (e-book); 5 February 2019; ISBN 978-1-642750-38-6 (print)
Six children with the ability to predict the future, each in different ways. One day, Boogiepop begins to enter their premonitions.
  • Boogiepop Overdrive: The King of Distortion (ブギーポップ·オーバードライブ 歪曲王, Bugīpoppu Oobādoraibu Waikyokuō)
    Heartbreaker II Japan 10 February 1999; ISBN 4-07-310887-5 United States 9 August 2018 (e-book); 5 February 2019; ISBN 978-1-642750-38-6 (print)
Teratsuki Kyouichiro, a man with connections to the Towa Organisation, constructed The Moon Temple, but has now suddenly died. The building is to be demolished in a month's time, but an accident seals visitors to the building, allowing the King of Distortion to manifest.
The prequel to the Boogiepop series. A serial killer is stalking the streets, meanwhile Kirima Nagi is hospitalised with an unknown disease, and Miyashita Touka begins to exhibit unusual behaviour.
  • Boogiepop Missing: Peppermint Wizard (ブギーポップ·ミッシング ペパーミントの魔術師, Bugīpoppu Misshingu Pepāminto no Majutsushi)
    Peppermint wizard, or Rize and fall of poor innocent puppet Japan 10 August 1999; ISBN 4-8402-1250-3
After trying the Peppermint ice cream made by Kigawa Tosuke, Teratsuki Kyouichiro uses him to start a chain known as The Peppermint Wizard. The ice cream is able to take away people's pain, but does not go unnoticed by the Towa Organisation.
  • Boogiepop Countdown: Embryo Erosion (ブギーポップ·カウントダウン エンブリオ浸蝕, Bugīpoppu Kauntodaun Enburio Shinshoku)
    "The Embryo" 1st half -erosion- Japan 10 December 1999; ISBN 4-8402-1358-5
A mysterious virus named Embryo begins infecting portable gaming systems. Anyone exposed to this virus soon begins to develop special abilities.
  • Boogiepop Wicked: Embryo Eruption (ブギーポップ·ウィキッド エンブリオ炎生, Bugīpoppu Uikiddo Enburio Enjyō)
    "The Embryo" 2nd half -eruption- Japan 10 February 2000; ISBN 4-8402-1414-X
  • Boogiepop Paradox: Heartless Red (ブギーポップ·パラドックス ハートレス·レッド, Bugīpoppu Paradokkusu Hātoresu Reddo)
    The Unusual Contact of Vermilion Hurt & Fire Witch Japan 10 February 2001; ISBN 4-8402-1736-X
A prequel to Boogiepop and Others and Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator. No sooner does Kirima Nagi return to middle school than a series of strange incidents occurs.
  • Boogiepop Unbalance: Holy & Ghost (ブギーポップ·アンバランス ホーリィ&ゴースト, Bugīpoppu Anbaransu Hoorī & Goosuto)
    Holy and Ghost are steeped in plastic crimes Japan 10 September 2001; ISBN 4-8402-1896-X
A pair of delinquents seek to release an enemy of the world known as Rock Bottom.
  • Boogiepop Stacatto: Welcome to Jinx Shop (ブギーポップ·スタッカート ジンクス·ショップへようこそ, Bugīpoppu Sutakkāto Jinkusu Shoppu e Yōkoso)
    Welcome to Jinx Shop Japan 10 March 2003; ISBN 4-8402-2293-2
Meet Oxygen, the head of the Towa Organisation, and learn about the Organisation's agenda: world domination.
  • Boogiepop Bounding: Lost Moebius (ブギーポップ·バウンディング ロスト·メビウス, Bugīpoppu Baundeingu Rosuto Mebiusu)
    Lost in Moebius Japan 10 April 2005; ISBN 4-8402-3018-8
Crossing over with the Night Watch Trilogy, Orihata Aya and a boy seeking vengeance on Boogiepop become trapped in a world known as 'Kiba no Ato'.
  • Boogiepop Intolerance: The Ark of Orpheus (ブギーポップ·イントレランス オルフェの方舟, Bugīpoppu Intorerinsu Orufe no Hakobune)
    Ark of Orpheus Japan 10 April 2006; ISBN 4-8402-3384-5
A boy discovers his girlfriend is an MPLS, and both the Towa Organization and Boogiepop are after her.
  • Boogiepop Question: The Pyramid in Silence (ブギーポップ·クエスチョン 沈黙ピラミッド, Bugīpoppu Kuesuchon Chinmoku Piramiddo)
    The Silent Pyramid Japan 10 January 2008; ISBN 4-8402-4141-4
  • Boogiepop Darkly: The Scat Singing Cat (ブギーポップ·ダークリー 化け猫とめまいのスキャット, Bugīpoppu Dākurī Bakeneko to Memai no Sukkyatto)
    The Scat Singing Cat Japan 10 December 2009; ISBN 978-4-04-868197-1
  • Boogiepop Question: Into The Lunar Rainbow (ブギーポップ·アンノウン 壊れかけのムーンライト, Bugīpoppu Announ Kowarekake no Mūnraito)
    Into The Lunar Rainbow Japan 10 January 2011; ISBN 978-4-04-870122-8
  • Boogiepop Within: Paradigm Rust (ブギーポップ·ウィズイン さびまみれのバビロン, Bugīpoppu Wizuin Sabimamire no Babiron)
    Paradigm Rust Japan 10 September 2013; ISBN 978-4-04-891870-1
  • Boogiepop Changeling: Stalking in Decadent Black (ブギーポップ·チェンジリング 溶暗のデカダント·ブラック, Bugīpoppu Chenjiringu Youan no Dekadanto Burakku)
    Stalking in Decadent Black Japan 10 November 2014; ISBN 978-4-04-869047-8
  • Boogiepop Antithesis: Revolt of Alternative Ego (ブギーポップ·アンチテーゼ オルタナティヴ·エゴの乱逆, Bugīpoppu Anchitēze Orutanathibu Ego no Rangyaku)
    Revolt of Alternative Ego Japan 10 March 2016; ISBN 978-4-04-865831-7
  • Boogiepop Doubtful: Rabbit Run Rapidly (ブギーポップ·ダウトフル 不可抗力のラビット・ラン, Bugīpoppu Dautofuru Fukakou no Rabitto Ran)
    Rabbit Run Rapidly Japan 7 July 2017; ISBN 978-4-04-893233-2
  • Boogiepop Beautiful: The Kingcraft of Panic-Cute (ブギーポップ·ビューティフル パニックキューとの帝王学, Bugīpoppu Byutifuru Banikku Kyuto no Teiougaku)
    Kingcraft of Panic-Cute Japan 10 April 2018; ISBN 978-4-04-893800-6

These serialized novels take place within the Boogiepop universe:

  • Beat's Discipline Side 1 (ビートのディシプリン SIDE1, Bēto no Dishipurin SIDE1)
    Beat's discipline Side1 [Exile] Japan 10 March 2002; ISBN 4-8402-2056-5
  • Beat's Discipline Side 2 (ビートのディシプリン SIDE2, Bēto no Dishipurin SIDE2)
    Beat's discipline Side2 [Fracture] Japan 10 August 2003; ISBN 4-8402-2430-7
  • Beat's Discipline Side 3 (ビートのディシプリン SIDE3, Bēto no Dishipurin SIDE3)
    Beat's discipline Side3 [Providence] Japan 10 September 2004; ISBN 4-8402-2778-0
  • Beat's Discipline Side 4 (ビートのディシプリン SIDE4, Bēto no Dishipurin SIDE4)
    Beat's discipline Side4 [Indiscipline] Japan 10 April 2005; ISBN 4-8402-3120-6
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 1 (ヴァルプルギスの後悔 Fire1, Varpurugisu no Kōkai Fire1)
    Repent Walpurgis Fire 1[Warning Witch]Japan 10 August 2008; ISBN 978-4-04-867171-2
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 2 (ヴァルプルギスの後悔 Fire2, Varpurugisu no Kōkai Fire2)
    Repent Walpurgis Fire 2[Spitting Witch]Japan 10 August 2009; ISBN 978-4-04-867938-1
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 3 (ヴァルプルギスの後悔 Fire3, Varpurugisu no Kōkai Fire3)
    Repent Walpurgis Fire 3[Dozing Witch]Japan 10 August 2010; ISBN 978-4-04-868767-6
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 4 (ヴァルプルギスの後悔 Fire4, Varpurugisu no Kōkai Fire4)
    Repent Walpurgis Fire 4[Freezing Witch]Japan 10 December 2011; ISBN 978-4-04-886187-8
  • The Emperoider Spin 1 (螺旋のエンペロイダー Spin1., Rasen no Enperoidā Spin1.)
    The Emperoider Spin 1[Wormy Empire]Japan 10 April 2013; ISBN 978-4-04891414-7
  • The Emperoider Spin 2 (螺旋のエンペロイダー Spin2., Rasen no Enperoidā Spin2.)
    The Emperoider Spin 2[Gravelly Empire]Japan 10 June 2014; ISBN 978-4-04-866638-1
  • The Emperoider Spin 3 (螺旋のエンペロイダー Spin3., Rasen no Enperoidā Spin3.)
    The Emperoider Spin 3[Haunted Empire]Japan 10 December 2015; ISBN 978-4-04-865590-3
  • The Emperoider Spin 4 (螺旋のエンペロイダー Spin4., Rasen no Enperoidā Spin4.)
    The Emperoider Spin 4[Fallen Empire]Japan 10 January 2017; ISBN 978-4-04-892602-7

Short stories[edit]

  • Metal Guru (メタル·グゥルー, Metaru Guuruu)
    Metal Guru Japan 18 June 1999
  • London Calling (ロンドン·コーリング, Rondon Kooringu)
    LONDON CALLING Japan 18 September 1999
  • My Death Waits (死神を待ちながら, Shinigami wo Michinagara)
    My Death Waits Japan 18 December 1999
  • Boogiepop Poplife (ブギートーク·ポップライフ, Bugīpoppu Poppuraifu)
    Boogietalk, Poplife (in Petssounds) Japan 25 February 2000
  • Chariot Choogle (チャリオット·チューグル, Chariotto Chooguru)
    CHARIOT CHOOGLE Japan 18 March 2000
  • Angel Volume (天使篇 - 真贋について, Tenshi-hen - Shingan ni Tsuite)
    Japan 25 September 2003


Boogiepop Phantom[edit]

A month ago, an unknown pillar of light pierced the sky over the city. Now, strange events begin to take place. Some people are disappearing, others are beginning to show signs of highly evolved powers, while others are seeing apparitions of people who should be dead. Rumors circulate about urban legend Boogiepop being involved.

No. Title Original Release date
1"Portraits from Memory"
(Japanese: 記憶の肖像)
5 January 2000 (2000-01-05)
Moto Tonomura, a shy girl with obsessive compulsive habits, has harbored a crush on fellow student Saotome Masami, but never expressed it to him. Saotome disappears, but a month later she sees him appear in an alley, looking like a ghost. She follows the apparition and confesses her love to him, and when he says he wants to eat her, she agrees. However a figure wearing a black stovepipe hat suddenly kills the fake Saotome.
2"Light in the Darkness"
(Japanese: 闇の灯火)
12 January 2000 (2000-01-12)
Since the pillar of light appeared, Hijiridani High School student Jounouchi Hisashi has seen visions of spider-like bugs attached to people's hearts. By removing these bugs, he is able to free them from their pain by removing their memories but he becomes addicted to eating the bugs and his strange behavior attracts the attention of a policeman who begins to follow him. Jounouchi encounters the Boogiepop Phantom who takes him to place of light where he finds happiness.
3"Life Can Be So Nice"
(Japanese: 世界を受け入れし者)
19 January 2000 (2000-01-19)
At Hijiridani High School, Misuzu Arito has taken the nickname of Panuru, her friend who had a great love for the world, but was killed by a serial killer. Misuzu pretends to accept fate, but secretly knows that she is not like Panuru. When her friend Yoko Sasaoka talks about the disappearance of Jounouchi, Misuzu introduces her to Masami Saotome, a shinigami, who kills her while promising to relieve her sadness. Nagi Kirima confronts Misuzu about her actions, but is ignored, so the shinigami sets a trap. However, Boogiepop appears first and confronts Misuzu over her duplicity, leaving her distraught. She runs for help, only to meet a policeman who slaughters her and takes her body just as Kirima appears.
4"My Fair Lady"
(Japanese: けがれなき少女への愛)
26 January 2000 (2000-01-26)
Yoji Suganuma, a loser a school is pushed by his father to do better, but spends his spare time with Rie, a girlfriend in a dating game on his computer. He becomes attracted to a new girl who starts working with him at his part-time job in a restaurant, and the assistance of a new aromatherapy drug, 'Type-S', he becomes emboldened to control he like Rie. However, he becomes addicted to the drug which is designed to make slaves of its users, and the lines between fiction and reality blur, resulting in confusion and insanity. His arrest in the street is witnessed by Misuzu and Yoko.
(Japanese: 間奏)
2 February 2000 (2000-02-02)
Officer Morita idly discusses with Officer Yamamoto rumors of the rumored secret Towa Organization and how they oppose change and dispose of certain humans who have evolved ‘special’ powers. Meanwhile Kazuko Suema seeks the truth of those events from five years ago when she was stalked by a serial killer from Nagi Kirima. Her quest to uncover Nagi's secret leads Suema back to the prefecture’s hospital and a very mysterious girl Touka Miyashita. 70 year old Miyo Kisaragi is found dead in her home which has become overgrown inside with vegetation. Morita mentions how the Towa Organization released a composite human which can change its appearance to hunt down the evolved humans, called "Snake Eye". He reveals that he is the killer, but keeps wiping Yamamoto's memory each time he tells him.
6"Mother's Day"
(Japanese: 汝、母を愛せよ)
9 February 2000 (2000-02-09)
The sad story of the Wakasa family is slowly unfolded, from seven years earlier when the father died, and how the daughter Shizue's relationship with her mother collapsed after she saw her mother with another man. She never reconciled with her mother, and Shizue befriended Mayumi, a pregnant single woman she met during therapy. Shizue was killed two years later by a serial killer and five years after her death her mother reads Shizue's diaries. The diaries unravel the truth about her daughter's personal struggles, and later the spirit of Shizue returns and asks forgiveness for her stubbornness.
7"Until Ure In My Arms Again"
(Japanese: 世にかなわぬ願いなく)
16 February 2000 (2000-02-16)
Mamoru Oikawa is cruel to his sister, Sayoko, his parents and the rest of the world. He seeks 'useless' things following his father's failure to keep his promise and attend Mamoru's school play. After the pillar of light incident, he gained the ability to destroy anything or anyone that meets his criteria. Meanwhile at the police station, Morita has a visit from Spooky Electric who states that Echoes may have followed the Manticore there, and then leaves to pursue the evolved humans. Manaka Kisaragi appears to Mamoru with Mamoru' childhood self, Poom Poom, and Mamoru then decides to destroy his father's failed project, the Paisley amusement park. Morita tracks Manaka Kisaragi to Paisley Park, and prepare to possess Mamoru, but Sayoko destroys him, revealing that she is the one with power to fulfill his wishes.
8"She's So Unusual"
(Japanese: 彼女の生き方)
23 February 2000 (2000-02-23)
Nagi Kirima encounters Ichiro Kishida, thinking that he her first love, Shinpei Kuroda. He follows her as she hunts the Manticore, a flesh eating shape-shifter. They find Echoes who has the appearance of Boogiepop Phantom. They soon run into the Manticore with the appearance of Saotome Masami, but he is not fooled and she attacks him, however, the Boogiepop Phantom intervenes and almost destroys the Manticore. Boogiepop explains that he is responsible for some of the recent disappearances, but it is for their own good.
9"You'll Never Be Young Twice"
(Japanese: 過ぎ去りし我が時)
1 March 2000 (2000-03-01)
Saki Yoshizawa is a piano student who is determined to make it into a music university, but her confidence is shattered by a private music teacher and she loses hope. One day, she receives a strange phone call urging her to "Come play with us" and goes to Paisley Park where Poom Poom gives her a red balloon, and she joins the group of happy children. After she returns home and is confronted by the reality of playing the piano again, she kills herself. Yoshiki, another student unhappy with his life also receives the same strange phone call, and after accepting a red balloon, begins calling others. Eventually, Boogiepop Phantom appears and takes Yoshiki away to prevent him from making more calls.
10"Poom Poom"
(Japanese: プームプーム)
8 March 2000 (2000-03-08)
More and more people accept red balloons, which causes Nagi to go to Paisely Park to investigate. At the park, there are childhood versions of everyone who received a balloon and they attack her. A feminine Boogiepop arrives causes Manaka to fall from the Ferris Wheel. All the lights in the park go out, and Manaka appears to have greatly aged as a result of overusing her powers. With her downfall, all the phantom children disappear and Poom Poom vanishes in a flash of light, leaving Manaka alone with Boogiepop.
11"Under The Gravity's Rainbow"
(Japanese: )
15 March 2000 (2000-03-15)
Manaka's past is revealed, from her birth after her father left and her mother did not recall the birth. She was raised by her grandmother who called her "the devil's child", and spent her whole life locked away from the world, but learning about it through the butterflies of light which only she could see. Manaka was only five when her grandmother grew old and weak and she killed Manaka before she herself died. Manaka was brought back to life when the pillar of light appeared and matured quickly and attained a superior intellect over the next few days before venturing out into the outside world. However, she was prevented from utilizing those faculties, and was reduced to repeating simple words that she heard, and became Echoes. Boogiepop prepares to kill her, but the Boogiepop Phantom intercedes because she is no longer a threat. As Manaka dies, she becomes a stream of light butterflies and visits her mother in hospital before disappearing in a pillar of light.
12"A Requiem"
(Japanese: 眠りによって全てが終わる)
22 March 2000 (2000-03-22)
A year later, the distorted rainbow over the city has disappeared and all seems peaceful, but murders of office ladies still occur. Kazuko Suema and Touka Miyashita travel to Tokyo for university entrance exams, but Touka disappears during the test. Meanwhile the private detective Ichiro Kishida lures an office lady into his apartment, but as he is about to kill her Boogiepop arrives. Boogiepop explains that he is the dead Shinpei Kuroda, a former agent of the Towa Organization, who has assumed the identity of Ichiro Kishida and is possessed by the residual Manticore that was preserved by Manaka. Kuroda prevents Manticore from leaving his body, then Boogiepop destroys them both with an electromagnetic bomb. Later, Kazuko, Touka and Nagi reunite at their school graduation, then farewell each other as they go their separate ways.

Boogiepop and Others[edit]

Marking the 20th Anniversary of Kouhei Kadono's original novel debut, and announced at the Dengeki Bunko 25th Anniversary & New Work Unveiling Stage, a series based on Kouhei Kadono and Kouji Ogata's Boogiepop and Others, Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator, Boogiepop at Dawn, and Boogiepop Overdrive: The King of Distortion aired from January 4 to March 29, 2019.[1][2]

No. Title Original Release date
1"Boogiepop And Others 1"
Transcription: "Bugīpoppu wa Warawanai 1" (Japanese: ブギーポップは笑わない 1)
4 January 2019 (2019-01-04)
Seiji Takeda waits all day for his girlfriend Touka Miyashita who never shows. In the evening a pale zombie-like man stumbles through the crowd, and is saved from falling by someone dressed as Boogiepop, whom Takeda recognizes as Touka. The next day at school, students are told of 4 girls who have gone missing and to be on guard. Seiji eventually finds Touka dressed as Boogiepop who reveals that she has a split personality, and that Touka has no knowledge of her Boogiepop persona which has surfaced to save humanity. She tells Seiji that a man-eating monster resides within someone at the school, meanwhile rumors spread that Boogiepop is the killer. Kamikishiro goes missing, however Boogiepop Touka tells Seiji that the danger has passed and Boogiepop will disappear.
2"Boogiepop And Others 2"
Transcription: "Bugīpoppu wa Warawanai 2" (Japanese: ブギーポップは笑わない 2)
4 January 2019 (2019-01-04)
As Suema walks home from school with Kyouko Kinoshita, Kyouko is attacked by Nagi suspecting that she is the Manticore. Meanwhile, the Manticore kills and devours student Minako Yurihara, observed by Masami Saotome. Later, Kyouko tells Suema that Akiko Kusatsu has been handing out drugs at school, that some of the girls who took them have disappeared and that Nagi Kirima has been investigating. Suema visits Nagi at home and is surprised to find that her father is the famous author, Seiichi Kirima. Flashbacks show that Masami encountered the Manticore and formed a pact to help find other victims or dupes like Akiko who could distribute drugs to turn people into slaves. Meanwhile, Naoko Kamikishiro explains to Nagi that she found the pale zombie-like man who is an alien, captured by an organization which gave him the name Echoes and cloned him, but the clone became a man-eater. When Naoko goes to meet Echoes whom she had sheltered in the school, the Manticore which now inhabits Yurihara's body, accidentally kills her. Later, while looking for Naoko, Nagi finds Echoes but he cannot speak.
3"Boogiepop And Others 3"
Transcription: "Bugīpoppu wa Warawanai 3" (Japanese: ブギーポップは笑わない 3)
11 January 2019 (2019-01-11)
The students Kyouko Kinoshita are concerned about Kyouko Kinoshita who seems to have disappeared. Nagi questions Echoes, but he cannot detect the Manticore's presence. When Niitoki, Masami and Shirou broadcast a message over the public address system Nagi attacks and captures them, thinking one may be the Manticore, but Echoes says they are normal. Suddenly, Masami stabs Echoes with a pen and cuts Nagi’s throat as the Manticore appears in Yurihara's body. Echoes grabs Nagi and escapes and the Manticore pursues thems while Masami threatens Niitoki. The Manticore beats Echoes because poison in Masami's pen weakened him, but Echoes transforms his body into data and transmits himself back to the source. The Manticore prepares to kill Niitoki, however Boogiepop appears, trapping the beast in a web of wires and Shirou kills it by firing an arrow through its head. Later, they find Nagi alive as Echoes had shared some of his life force to save her. Back at school, Nagi and Niitoki recall how Kyouko said that Echoes was and angel sent by God to pass judgement on humanity which seems to have earned a reprieve, and also how humans are very much indebted Boogiepop for saving them.
4"VS Imaginator 1"
Transcription: "VS Imajinētā 1" (Japanese: VSイマジネーター 1)
18 January 2019 (2019-01-18)
Suiko Minahoshi is in the school's rooftop with Boogiepop. The latter tells her that Nagi's father called her type an Imaginator and this is the end for her. Suiko jumps from the roof and dies but her spirit remains in this world and later on appears before Guidance Counselor Jin Asukai on the street. He has always been able to see what was missing in people's hearts, using his skill to make them feel better. Suiko, now calling herself the Imaginator, offers him a chance to develop his power, but he refuses, so she later possesses his cousin and offers him a possible future which he again rejects. She appears again before him as the drug-addicted student Imazaki Shizuko and she slits her throat, highlighting his inability to help others as much as he could. However later, when Jin encounters three boys bullying a girl, he tests the power that the Imaginator offered him. Later, when the female student Komiya prepares to jump from a building to join her friend Suiko in death, Boogiepop appears and says she can not join Suiko as she has not reached the Netherworld. Boogipop then contemplates what the Imaginator's true intentions are.
5"VS Imaginator 2"
Transcription: "VS Imajinētā 2" (Japanese: VSイマジネーター 2)
25 January 2019 (2019-01-25)
The story is told of how Masaki Taniguchi met his girlfriend Aya Orihata, after he was being bullied and she intervened. Aya appears to lack self-confidence, meanwhile Shinjirou Anou follows them, wondering what Masaki sees in Aya. Suddenly one night a Synthetic Human appears and wipes Shinjirou's memory and makes him a "terminal", a servant of the Towa Organization and he is instructed to enroll in the Shinyou Academy. While there, Shinjirou meets Jin Asukai who breaks the Towa control. Later, when the Tower operative tries to "reset" Shinjirou, Boogiepop appears, looking for the Imaginator and saves Shinjirou. Later, Aya agrees to meet Masaki, but the Synthetic Human Spooky-E appears first, calling her Camille.
6"VS Imaginator 3"
Transcription: "VS Imajinētā 3" (Japanese: VSイマジネーター 3)
1 February 2019 (2019-02-01)
Spooky-E grabs Aya and instructs her to advance her relationship with Masaki. Suddenly, Masaki appears and physically attacks Spooky-E, but he is knocked out with an electrical impulse. Masaki awakes with no memory of the previous encounter, and Aya presses him for anything he has heard about Boogiepop. Meanwhile, Kinukawa Kotoe seeks out Suema asking her to help her cousin Jin Asukai who has been behaving strangely. Suema finds a drawing of Suiko Minahoshi in Asukai's office. She then sees Asukai arrive with Yuriko and Kitahara, and he touches them with a blinding red light. As they leave the girls say they no longer fear anything. Later, Suema finds Aya on a rooftop in a suicidal mood over her inability to act on her affection for Masaki. Suema encourages her to take pleasure in life and fulfill her goals, and that Boogiepop may be the answer. Later, Aya suggests to Masaki that he become Boogiepop. He agrees, although he doesn't really understand what that means.
7"VS Imaginator 4"
Transcription: "VS Imajinētā 4" (Japanese: VSイマジネーター 4)
8 February 2019 (2019-02-08)
Aya steals drugs from some street dealers, but when they give chase they are scared off by Boogiepop, who is Misaki in disguise. They continue the charade for some weeks, but it fails to draw out Spooky-E's targets, so he orders Aya to stop seeing Misaki. Spooky-E also orders the girl Sasahara to add drugs to the drinks she serves at a fast food place, and later to activate stage two. As Kotoe Kinukawa reminisces about her past with her cousin Jin, she is suddenly shocked by Spooky-E and her memory is wiped. Later she make inquiries about the Imaginator at the ABBT music studio and is told by the manager that the Imaginators appear to have powers to cause other to turn on each other, and so she hires him to gather some support. Later, Misaki encounters Aya and Kotoe in a café, and is angry that Aya has avoided him. He decides to continue the Boogiepop charade against Aya's wishes. Earlier, Kotoe had told Aya to try to breed with Misaki but she is reluctant to do so. As Aya leaves, she is caught by Spooky-E.
8"VS Imaginator 5"
Transcription: "VS Imajinētā 5" (Japanese: VSイマジネーター 5)
15 February 2019 (2019-02-15)
Jin reflects on a passage about sacrifice from Kirima Seiichi’'s book, The Victor's Principle. Later, Suema questions Jin about the change in Kotoe's demeanour, and he offers to fill the void in her heart, but she declines. After she leaves, Suiko appears, and Jin tells her that he must finally confront Spooky-E. Meanwhile Misaki is followed by Kotoe and hired thugs, but Misaki changes to Boogipop and beats them up. Just as he threatens to kill Kotoe, Nagi arrives and stops him. When Kotoe doesn't recognize her, Nagi realizes that Kotoe is not the same person she was and renders her unconscious. When Kotoe awakes, she sees Jin who, sees into her heart and explains why she was attracted to him and she breaks down. Jin then appears before Spooky-E at his headquarters, revealing that he is the one they call the Imaginator and confronts him about his activities for the Towa Organization in using experimental drugs on people to observe their effects. Jin berates Spooky-E for the suffering and deaths of several people given the drugs. He explains his plan use Spooky-E as the vehicle for the Imaginator to take over the Towa Organization to essentially standardize humanity's psyche and to end disconnections and misunderstandings in the world. When Spooky-E tries to attack him, Jin simply removes his capacity for aggression, but Spooky-E then uses his remaining electrical power to kill himself. Jin then finds Aya in the building, but declines to free her, deciding she will be the sacrifice he needs, now that Spooky-E is dead.
9"VS Imaginator 6"
Transcription: "VS Imajinētā 6" (Japanese: VSイマジネーター 6)
22 February 2019 (2019-02-22)
Misaki telephones Aya who tries to brush him off under instructions from Jin, but Misaki suspects something is wrong. Jin tells Aya that he will remove her heart to sow a seed within the city to remove people's pain. Suema visits Kotoe in hospital and she asks who was controlling her, but all Kotoe recalls is Paisley Park, although she also mentions the name Jin. Meanwhile, Misaki goes to Paisley Park where he assaulted by people wearing theme costumes, but he is saved by Boogiepop who tells him that he has been manipulated. Boogiepop then confronts Jin, blasting him from the park's tower. Boogiepop tells Aya that she is wrong to think that his plan would not have worked because she is not human. Suema arrives at Paisley Park as Misaki regains consciousness and Aya is reunited with Misaki.
10"Boogiepop at Dawn 1"
Transcription: "Yoake no Bugīpoppu 1" (Japanese: 夜明けのブギーポップ 1)
23 February 2019 (2019-02-23)
At dawn on an alien post-apolyptic world, Echoes encounters Boogiepop as if for the first time, and to explain who she is, she begins to tell the story of Scarecrow. Some time ago, at the office of the Kuroda Detective Agency, Pigeon asks Kuroda, the Towa operative known as Scarecrow, to check up on Teratsuki Kyouiyichi who may have betrayed the Towa organization. Teratsuki is head of the influential MCE brand ice cream company and has donated a large sum of money to a hospital, however Kuroda finds nothing suspicious. While investigating the hospital, Kuroda encounters the young Nagi Kirima who has an unknown ailment she describes as growing pains, which is being treated by Dr. Kisugi. Kuroda investigates Nagi and find that she is the wealthy daughter of the deceased writer Seiichi Kirima and suspects that she may be an MPLS. Meanwhile, the Towa assassin Mo Murder using the name Masanori Sasaki, receives orders to eliminate Kuroda for breaking protocol, destroying RS20TTU and stealing drugs. Sasaki attacks Kuroda in the hospital and mortally wounds him after a long chase, but not before Kuroda administers a Towa drug to Nagi to stop her evolving and make her human again. Touka Miyashita finds the dying Scarecrow and as his vision fades, he describes her like a bubble that will pop and disappear at any moment.
11"Boogiepop at Dawn 2"
Transcription: "Yoake no Bugīpoppu 2" (Japanese: 夜明けのブギーポップ 2)
23 February 2019 (2019-02-23)
A patient tells the psychiatrist Dr. Kisugi that he is aware of evil in the world and that lies are being spread to discredit him. Later, Dr. Kisugi encounters Nagi who has had a miraculous recovery from her unknown ailment. Dr. Kisugi continues her experiments on rats with an 'evolution-drug' she has acquired which promotes a regenerative process to heal injuries. Meanwhile at night she walks the corridors of the hospital, looking for opportunities to create fear in patients. The media then begins to report a series of grisly murders happening in the city, targeting young girls. One day, Touka Miyashita's mother takes her to see Dr. Kisugi because of her split personality where a strange man inhabits her psyche. Dr. Kisugi questions Touka and brings out the Boogiepop identity who explains his role which presents a threat to Dr. Kisugi, although Boogiepop doesn't recognize Dr. Kisugi as a threat to humanity.
12"Boogiepop at Dawn 3"
Transcription: "Yoake no Bugīpoppu 3" (Japanese: 夜明けのブギーポップ 3)
23 February 2019 (2019-02-23)
In the past, Seiichi Kirima received a letter from a man who says he had a strange power to help people, but because he posed a threat to some people, he was about to die. When Seiichi asked hid friend Gen Sakakibara to look into it, Gen reveals that the man died a day after the letter was sent, and that people around him achieved much better results that expected by reducing their own impediments to progress. As Seiichi looks further into it, he suspects that he may also be under observation. Later, Seiichi encounters Sukio Minahoshi in a park and he talks about how danger and the unexpected effect change people's lives. That night he is attacked and killed by the Towa assassin Masanori Sasaki. Naagi arrives home and finds him in a pool of blood, his last words being to ask what is "normal". Back in the present Pigeon and Sasaki discuss the recent murders, and Sasaki begins to investigate the murder scenes. He encounters Nagi who is aware of what he is doing and suggests that they work together, unaware that they are being watched by Dr. Kisugi. While investigating the site of Shizue Wakasa's death, they talk to her friend Rika which causes Nagi to suspect Dr. Kisugi.
13"Boogiepop at Dawn 4"
Transcription: "Yoake no Bugīpoppu 4" (Japanese: 夜明けのブギーポップ 4)
23 February 2019 (2019-02-23)
Sasaki shadows Nagi and sees her prepare weapons for a fight. He follows her to the hospital where he appears to see Dr. Kisugi and Nagi, but it is an illusion, Dr. Kisugi tricks Sasaki into killing Pigeon. Dr. Kisugi then stabs Sasaki and throws him from the window. She then chases and then catches Nagi with her superhuman speed and strength. She becomes angry and beats Nagi because shows she no fear as Nagi describes how she deduced that Dr. Kisugi selected victims who were fearless. Dr. Kisugi tells Nagi who Sasaki really was, and that she intends to frame him for the murders. However, Nagi retaliates with a high voltage electric charge which stuns Dr. Kisugi, enabling Nagi to tear her arm off. Just then a female figure appears in a long cloak and stovepipe hat and kills Dr. Kisugi. Later, when Nagi asks the figure's name she decides to call herself Boogiepop after how the Scarecrow described her as a "bubble that will pop and disappear". The scene cuts back to the alien world where Boogiepop finishes her story to Echoes, before he disappears. As the alien world begins to crumble, Boogiepop then departs.
14"Overdrive: The King of Distortion 1"
Transcription: "Oobādoraibu Waikyokuō 1" (Japanese: オーバードライブ 歪曲王 1)
1 March 2019 (2019-03-01)
Huge queues gather for the grand opening of a strange new twisted white building built by Teratsuki Kyouichirou, president of MCE although he died before it was completed. It is called the Moon Temple, but is also described as a "Tower of Babylon". A young boy, Makoto, goes to the toilet and encounters a young man who confusingly says he was just born. Later, a teenager, Habara Kentarou, joins the long queue and meets his friend Shirou whom he knew from middle school. Meanwhile, Takeda Keiji arranges to meet Touka Miyashita, but she appears as Boogiepop, and surprisingly says that she is the "King of Distortion", born to turn the world into gold. Kei Niitoki also sees Boogiepop rushing towards the Moon Temple, and Naoko Kamikishiro sees Boogiepop inside the cavernous building. Suddenly there is an apparent visual distortion and the security shutters lock everyone inside the building. Kei Niitoki sees Saotome Masami who says that he is the King of Distortion. Each person locked inside sees the King of Distortion as someone they know as the result of a lingering in their heart.
15"Overdrive: The King of Distortion 2"
Transcription: "Oobādoraibu Waikyokuō 2" (Japanese: オーバードライブ 歪曲王 2)
8 March 2019 (2019-03-08)
Teratsuki Kyouichirou and a pregnant woman sit drinking in a bar, and he offers her money if she keeps the child, even though she does not know who the father is. Some time later she gives birth to Makoto Hashizaka and she is shown to be the same woman waiting in the queue earlier with her son. Later, Sakiko, a girl trapped in the Moon Temple, meets her dead school friend Hina along a railway line and apologises for offending her years ago. Habara Kentarou meets Nagi Kirima in a café who warn him about his computer hacking activities. However, Habara realizes that it is an illusion and that they are still in the Moon Temple. Habara wakes himself up and finds that everyone in the temple is unconscious, all having their own dreams influenced by the King of Distortion which he suspects is part of Teratsuki's original plan.
16"Overdrive: The King of Distortion 3"
Transcription: "Oobādoraibu Waikyokuō 3" (Japanese: オーバードライブ 歪曲王 3)
15 March 2019 (2019-03-15)
Kei Niitoki tells Boogiepop to eliminate the King of Distortion, but Boogiepop does not see him as a threat. People within the building continue to have interactions with someone they know from their past as the result of a lingering in their heart. A number of shocks vibrate the building and Habara suspects that everything was planned by Teratsuki Kyouichirou. Meanwhile, the boy Makoto Hashizaka is attacked by a dinosaur-like monster which is his vision of what his father looks like, a beast called Zooragi. It starts to destroy the building, and Boogiepop comes to his rescue, wounding the monster. The monster eventually departs while the building appears to come crashing to the ground.
17"Overdrive: The King of Distortion 4"
Transcription: "Oobādoraibu Waikyokuō 4" (Japanese: オーバードライブ 歪曲王 4)
22 March 2019 (2019-03-22)
Habara and Shirou wake up the girl Sakiko Michimoto who is lying on top of a trapdoor and ask her about the King of Distortion but she is noncommittal. When the boys descend to the next level, she locks the trapdoor above them and they find themselves in an area filled with white human statue-like figures. Suddenly the building turns black and the voice of Teratsuki Kyouichirou tells everyone outside that they cannot enter and that the air ducts have been sealed. Also inside the building, Kei Niitoki tells Saotome that he understands why he has appeared in her vision. Meanwhile, Sakiko encounters Boogiepop and she asks Boogiepop to kill her because of her previous cruelty to her friend Hina, but Boogiepop responds that it is her inherent kindness that allowed her to talk with Hina and apologize. Habara and Shirou emerge from the basement and find the building’s control panel, which activates a video of Teratsuki Kyouichirou who says that he is a creation of the Towa Organization, but became a threat to them, so he built the temple, and whoever finds the recording will also be a threat to Towa. He reveals the key to unlocking the building is "Stairway to Heaven", just before he is killed by Eugene which shocks Habara but Shirou seems unpeturbed.
18"Overdrive: The King of Distortion 5"
Transcription: "Oobādoraibu Waikyokuō 5" (Japanese: オーバードライブ 歪曲王 5)
29 March 2019 (2019-03-29)
Shirou tells Habara that he is the King of Distortion. Meanwhile, Boogiepop meets Kei Niitoki and Shirou in the building's control room and explains how the King of Distortion was created by Shirou Tanaka's deeply felt guilt over how Naoko Kamikishiro felt about him and him about her. Even though Naoko was also seeing Kimura Akio, Kei says that she really loved him. Boogiepop explains to Shirou that she is not his enemy as he does not pose a threat to humanity. Shirou then asks Kei to enter the cancellation code into the keyboard of the control panel which also asks for a piece of music. The music starts playing and the building's lock-down is lifted. Those trapped inside slowly regain consciousness as the building, and people's lives, return to normal.


Two audio CDs have been released.

Boogiepop Phantom Original Soundtrack, Japan 25 February 2000, United States 30 April 2002.

Track Title Artist
1  Happy End Flare
2  In Heaven SiLC
3  Penalty Taker Audio Active
4  Gataway Susumu Yokota
5  Delirious SiLC feat 2k+D's of RED LINE
6  Stormy Soup AOA
7  Boogiepop Me Up Ming (DJ) & FS
8  A Furrow Dub Sugar Plant
9  Torso Sadesper Record
10  Snow Coast Yoshihiro Sawasaki
11  Unstability Hidenobu Ito
12  Pone Rei Harakami
13  Angel in the Dark M.Y.K.N.

Music Inspired by Boogiepop and Others, Japan 25 March 2000, United States 30 April 2002.

Track Title Artist
1 Daphne Yuki Kajiura
2 Sad Bird Yuki Kajiura
3 Nepenthe #1 Yuki Kajiura
4 Porcelain Yuki Kajiura
5 Egotism Yuki Kajiura
6 Forget-me-not Yuki Kajiura
7 Nepenthe #2 Yuki Kajiura
8 Criss-Cross Yuki Kajiura
9 Embrace Yuki Kajiura
10 Boogiepop Yuki Kajiura
11 Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Boogiepop Version Classical Mix Richard Wagner / Yuki Kajiura

Other Boogiepop works[edit]


  • Boogiepop and Others (ブギーポップは笑わない, Bugīpoppu wa Warawanai)Japan 11 March 2000 United States 1 March 2005
Based on the novel of the same name. An alien and a man-eater are playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse at Shinyo Academy, and the students are the ones who suffer as a result of this. Is the legendary shinigami, Boogiepop, somehow involved in this incident?


Based on the Boogiepop and Others novel.



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