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Booknotes is an American television series on the C-SPAN network hosted by Brian Lamb, which originally aired from 1989 to 2004.[1] The format of the show is a one-hour, one-on-one interview with a non-fiction author.[2] The series was broadcast at 8 p.m. Eastern Time each Sunday night,[3] and was the longest-running author interview program in U.S. broadcast history.

First broadcast
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transcript / video)
Author Book Subject matter
January 7, 1990 Sig Mickelson From Whistle Stop to Sound Bite Memoir/Autobiography; Journalism; CBS News
January 14, 1990 John Barry The Ambition and the Power Jim Wright; Newt Gingrich
January 21, 1990 Fitzhugh Green George Bush: An Intimate Portrait George H. W. Bush
January 28, 1990 Charles Fecher The Diary of H.L. Mencken H.L. Mencken
February 4, 1990 Jim Mann Beijing Jeep: American Business in China Jeep Cherokee (XJ); Automobile industry in China; U.S.-China economic relations
February 11, 1990 David Burnham A Law Unto Itself: Power, Politics and the IRS the Internal Revenue Service
February 18, 1990 Peggy Noonan What I Saw at the Revolution Ronald Reagan; Reagan Administration
February 25, 1990 Michael Fumento The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS AIDS
February 27, 1990 Hedley Donovan Right Places, Right Times Memoir/Autobiography; Journalism; Time Magazine
March 4, 1990 Richard Barnet The Rockets' Red Glare: When America Goes to War—The Presidents and the People Military history of the United States; Home front; United States home front during World War II
March 11, 1990 Frederick Kempe Divorcing the Dictator: America's Bungled Affairs with Noriega Manuel Noriega; United States invasion of Panama
March 18, 1990 David Halevy Inside the PLO The Palestine Liberation Organization
March 25, 1990 James Abourezk Advise and Dissent: Memoirs of South Dakota and the U.S. Senate Memoir/Autobiography; The United States Senate; South Dakota
April 1, 1990 Fred Graham Happy Talk: Confessions of a TV Newsman Memoir/Autobiography; Journalism; CBS News
April 8, 1990 Leonard Sussman Power, The Press and The Technology of Freedom History of the World Wide Web; Integrated Services Digital Network
April 15, 1990 Helmut Schmidt Men and Powers: A Political Retrospective Memoir/Autobiography; West Germany
April 22, 1990 Michael Barone Our Country: The Shaping of America from Roosevelt to Reagan History of the United States (1918–1945); History of the United States (1945–1964); History of the United States (1964–1980); History of the United States (1980–1991)
April 29, 1990 Robert Caro Means of Ascent Lyndon Johnson
May 6, 1990 Morley Safer Flashbacks on Returning to Vietnam Memoir/Autobiography; Journalism; Aftermath of the Vietnam War
May 13, 1990 Brian Duffy and Steven Emerson The Fall of Pan Am 103: Inside the Lockerbie Investigation Pan Am Flight 103
May 20, 1990 Allister Sparks The Mind of South Africa South Africa
May 27, 1990 Bette Bao Lord Legacies: A Chinese Mosaic Memoir/Autobiography; Tiananmen Square protests of 1989; Television in the People's Republic of China
June 3, 1990 Dusko Doder Gorbachev: Heretic in the Kremlin Mikhail Gorbachev
June 10, 1990 Thomas Sowell Preferential Policies: An International Perspective Affirmative action; Reverse discrimination
June 17, 1990 Judith Miller One, By One, By One: Facing the Holocaust Aftermath of the Holocaust; Holocaust historiography; Holocaust commemoration
June 24, 1990 Kevin Phillips The Politics of Rich and Poor: Wealth and the Electorate in the Reagan Aftermath Reaganomics
July 1, 1990 Chris Ogden Maggie: An Intimate Portrait of a Woman in Power Margaret Thatcher
July 8, 1990 Denton Watson Lion in the Lobby: Clarence Mitchell Jr.'s Struggle for the Passage of Civil Rights Laws Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr.
July 15, 1990 Caspar Weinberger Fighting for Peace: Seven Critical Years in the Pentagon Memoir/Autobiography; Reagan Administration; U.S. Department of Defense
July 22, 1990 Teresa Odendahl Charity Begins at Home: Generosity and Self-Interest Among the Philanthropic Elite Philanthropy in the United States
July 29, 1990 Michael Shapiro In the Shadow of the Sun: A Korean Year of Love and Sorrow Memoir/Autobiography; Economy of South Korea
August 5, 1990 Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman Every Spy a Prince Israeli Intelligence Community
August 12, 1990 Roger Kimball Tenured Radicals Modern liberalism in the United States; Higher education in the United States; Tenure
August 19, 1990 Tad Szulc Then and Now: How the World Has Changed Since WWII Aftermath of World War II; 1940s; 1950s; 1960s; 1970s; 1980s
August 26, 1990 Christopher Wren The End of the Line: The Failure of Communism in the Soviet Union and China Communism; The Soviet Union; China
September 2, 1990 Lee Edwards Missionary for Freedom: The Life and Times of Walter Judd Walter Judd
September 9, 1990 Robert Dole Historical Almanac of the United States Senate History of the United States Senate
September 16, 1990 M.A. Farber Outrage: The Story Behind the Tawana Brawley Hoax Tawana Brawley rape allegations
September 23, 1990 Jannette Dates Split Image: African Americans in the Mass Media Representation of African-Americans in media
October 14, 1990 Harold Stassen Eisenhower: Turning the World Toward Peace Dwight D. Eisenhower
October 21, 1990 Tim Weiner Blank Check: The Pentagon's Black Budget Military budget of the United States
October 28, 1990 Pat Choate Agents of Influence: How Japan's Lobbyists in the United States Manipulate America's Political and Economic System Lobbying in the United States; Japan – United States relations
November 4, 1990 Paul Taylor See How They Run: Electing a President in an Age of Mediaocracy United States presidential election, 1988
November 11, 1990 Blaine Harden Africa: Dispatches From a Fragile Continent Africa
November 18, 1990 Jean Edward Smith Lucius D. Clay: An American Life Lucius D. Clay
November 25, 1990 Martin Mayer The Greatest Ever Bank Robbery: The Collapse of the Savings and Loan Industry Savings and loan crisis
December 2, 1990 Cpt. Carol Barkalow In the Men's House Memoir/Autobiography; Women in the military; United States Military Academy
December 9, 1990 Sally Bedell Smith In All His Glory William S. Paley
December 16, 1990 Shen Tong Almost a Revolution Tiananmen Square protests of 1989
December 23, 1990 John Wallach and Janet Wallach Arafat: In the Eyes of the Beholder Yasser Arafat
December 30, 1990 Garry Wills Under God: Religion and American Politics Religion and politics in the United States


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