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This is a list of notable people associated with Brasenose College, Oxford. Some individuals fall into several categories. They are sorted alphabetically by surname.

This list of notable alumni consists almost entirely of men, due to the fact that for nearly half a millenium (1509–1974) women were barred from studying at Brasenose.[1]


See also Former students of Brasenose College, Oxford.

Politicians and civil servants[edit]

Judges and lawyers[edit]


Military personnel[edit]

Classicists and archaeologists[edit]

Historians and antiquarians[edit]

Language and literature academics[edit]

Philosophers and theologians[edit]

  • John Foxe, English historian and martyrologist
  • Alexander Nowell, Anglican Puritan theologian and clergyman, served as dean of St Paul's
  • David Pearce, Utilitarian philosopher, founder of the World Transhumanist Association
  • Thomas Traherne, English poet, clergyman, theologian, and religious writer
  • Dom Illtyd Trethowan, English priest, philosopher and author
  • William Whittingham, English Biblical scholar and religious reformer, dean of Durham

Mathematicians, medics and scientists[edit]


Artists and writers[edit]

Broadcasters and entertainers[edit]

William Webb Ellis, allegedly the inventor of rugby football


  • Mylo (Myles MacInnes), Scottish electronic musician and record producer

Sports people[edit]

Walter Woodgate, Boat Race winner, eight-time Henley Regatta champion and inventor of the coxless four

Other people in public life[edit]

Fellows and Principals[edit]

See also Fellows of Brasenose College, Oxford.

The Rev. Thomas Adams


The current Principal is John Bowers.

Honorary Fellows[edit]

Other persons associated with Brasenose[edit]


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