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This list of Brigham Young University alumni includes notable graduates, non-graduate former students, and current students of Brigham Young University–Idaho (also known as BYU–Idaho or BYU–I), a four-year private college owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) located in Rexburg, Idaho, United States that prior to 2001 was a two-year junior college known as Ricks College. As of August 2008, BYU–Idaho/Ricks College has approximately 150,000 alumni.[1] Many of the alumni, in particular those before 2001, graduated with a two-year associate's degree or simply attended two years before moving on to another institution to complete their bachelor's degree.

Business and finance[edit]

Name Class year(s) Degree(s) Notability Reference
VanderSloot, Frank L.Frank L. VanderSloot A.A. Entrepreneur, radio network owner, cattle rancher and founder and CEO of multi-level marketing company Melaleuca, Inc. [2][3]

Educators and scholars[edit]

Name Class year(s) Degree(s) Notability Reference
Benedict, JeffJeff Benedict A.A. Author and professor at Southern Virginia University [4]
Katseanes, KoryKory Katseanes A.A. Current director of the School of Music at Brigham Young University [5]
McArthur, PhillipPhillip McArthur A.A. Folklorist and anthropologist with notable work involving the Marshall Islands and elsewhere in Micronesia [6]

Entertainment and media[edit]

Name Class year(s) Degree(s) Notability Reference
Delgadillo, MelissaMelissa Delgadillo 2000–2004 B.A. Beauty queen, philanthropist, and socialite; Miss Houston International 2011 [citation needed]
Hess, Jared and JerushaJared and Jerusha Hess (transferred to BYU before graduating) Directors and screenwriters of Napoleon Dynamite (2004) [citation needed]
Gregg Hale 1996, 1998–2000 A.A. Former guitarist for the multi-platinum band Spiritualized [citation needed]
Holst, TimothyTimothy Holst Former ringmaster for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus [7]
Rascon, ArtArt Rascon A.A. Current news anchor for the five o'clock ABC News in Houston, Texas [8]
Tufts, DarynDaryn Tufts A.A. Writer, director, producer, and actor [9]
Ryan Hamilton A.A. Stand-up comedian and actor [10]

Government, law, and public policy[edit]

Name Class year(s) Degree(s) Notability Reference
Cameron, Dean L.Dean L. Cameron 1984 A.A. Republican member of the Idaho Senate [11]
Luna, TomTom Luna 1981–1982 Current Superintendent of Public Instruction in Idaho [12]
Mortimer, DeanDean Mortimer 1974 A.A. Republican member of the Idaho Senate [13]
Mosman, Michael W.Michael W. Mosman 1979 Judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon [14]


Name Class year(s) Degree(s) Notability Reference
Quinton, WayneWayne Quinton Former developer of over thirty medical devices [15]


Note: All positions listed are within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints unless otherwise noted.
Name Class year(s) Degree(s) Notability Reference
Romney, Marion G.Marion G. Romney Former member of the First Presidency [16]


Name Class year(s) Degree(s) Notability Reference
Andersen, GaryGary Andersen 1984 (transferred to University of Utah before graduating) Current head coach for the Oregon State football team; former head coach for the Wisconsin Badgers football team and Utah State Aggies football team [17]
Buck, JasonJason Buck (transferred to BYU before graduating) Former defensive lineman in the National Football League (NFL), winner of the Outland Trophy in 1986 [18]
Cahoon, BenBen Cahoon (transferred to BYU before graduating) Former slotback for the CFL's Montreal Alouettes, 2002 and 2003 CFL Most Outstanding Canadian, winner of 91st Grey Cup (2003 – MVP). Now the receivers coach at BYU. [19][20][21]
Cate, TroyTroy Cate Retired Major League Baseball pitcher who debuted with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2007 [22]
Denney, JohnJohn Denney Long snapper for the Miami Dolphins in the National Football League [23]
Dunn, MarcMarc Dunn 1999–2000 Former NFL and NFL Europe player [24]
Gardner, RulonRulon Gardner Two-time Olympic medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling (gold in 2000), 1993 NCJAA Heavyweight National Champion [25]
Graves, KellyKelly Graves 1986 Current head coach for the Oregon Ducks women's basketball team [26]
Lindstrom, MattMatt Lindstrom MLB pitcher for the Florida Marlins [27]
Morrill, StewStew Morrill 1970–1972 Current head coach for the Utah State Aggies men's basketball team [28]
Mulitalo, EdwinEdwin Mulitalo NFL offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens (19992006) and the Detroit Lions (20072008) [29]
Portilla, JoseJose Portilla Former football player [30]

Writers and artists[edit]

Name Class year(s) Degree(s) Notability Reference
Buswell, BlairBlair Buswell A.A. Sports sculptor [31]
Crane, BrianBrian Crane (transferred to BYU before graduating) Cartoonist, creator of newspaper comic Pickles [32]
Dorman, BrandonBrandon Dorman BA Author and NY Times bestselling illustrator; illustrated book covers for Glenn Beck's Christmas Sweater, Fablehaven, and several Goosebumps books [33]
Parson, DelDel Parson Painter known for his Latter-day Saint-themed paintings [34]


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  • Blank cells indicate missing information; em-dashes (—) indicate that the alumnus attended but never graduated from BYU–Idaho

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