List of Bristol Beaufighter operators

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The following are operators of the Bristol Beaufighter:

Military operators[edit]


Royal Australian Air Force


Royal Canadian Air Force[1]

 Dominican Republic[edit]

Fuerza Aérea Dominicana
  • Escuadron de Caza-Bombardeo received 10 TF.X (rebuilt back to VIF standard) aircraft in 1948. Aircraft received numbers from 306 to 315 and were used until June 1954.[2]


Israeli Air Force

 New Zealand[edit]

New Zealand Squadrons of the Royal Air Force


Polish Air Forces (in exile in Great Britain)


Portuguese Navy
  • B Squadron of the Navy Air Forces operated 15 TF.X aircraft acquired by Portugal, delivered during March and April 1945. Next two aircraft were delivered in 1946 after overhaul by Bristol company. All aircraft were delivered from RAF stocks.[2]

 South Africa[edit]

South African Air Force


Turkish Air Force
  • First Beaufighters TF.X (at least nine) were delivered in 1944 straight from frontline units. Another 23 TF.X aircraft were bought in 1946.[2]

 United Kingdom[edit]

 United States[edit]

United States Army Air Forces

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