List of Bristol Beaufighter operators

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The following are operators of the Bristol Beaufighter:

Military operators[edit]


Royal Australian Air Force


Royal Canadian Air Force[1]

 Dominican Republic[edit]

Fuerza Aérea Dominicana
  • Escuadron de Caza-Bombardeo received 10 TF.X (rebuilt back to VIF standard) aircraft in 1948. Aircraft received numbers from 306 to 315 and were used until June 1954.[2]


Israeli Air Force

 New Zealand[edit]

New Zealand Squadrons of the Royal Air Force


Polish Air Forces (in exile in Great Britain)


Aviação Naval Portuguesa
  • Portugal bought 15 TF.X aircraft delivered during March and April 1945. Next two aircraft were delivered in 1946 after overhaul by Bristol company. All aircraft were delivered from RAF stocks.[2]

 South Africa[edit]

South African Air Force


Turkish Air Force
  • First Beaufighters TF.X (at least nine) were delivered in 1944 straight from frontline units. Another 23 TF.X aircraft were bought in 1946.[2]

 United Kingdom[edit]

 United States[edit]

United States Army Air Forces

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