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Britain's Got Talent is a British talent reality television series that first aired in 2007. As of 2 June 2019, there have been thirteen completed series. The show has been spun off around the world under the Got Talent franchise. The competition is open to people of all ages who possess a talent. After the initial rounds of auditions, successful contestants are narrowed down by the judges.

In the first series, 30 contestants made it into the three semi-finals, and in subsequent series this has been increased to 40 (45 in series 6-10) contestants across five live shows. The act which receives the most public votes in each semi-final goes through to the final, with the second finalist being decided by the judges from the second and third most popular contestants. In series 6, a "wildcard" element was introduced. This is where judges pick an eliminated act from the semi-finals, and that act is sent through to the final. In series 6, the wildcard act selected was The Mend. In series 7, the wildcard was Steve Hewlett and in series 8,al Jon Clegg. Series 9 featured a second wildcard, voted for by the public from the five acts who lost the judges' vote in the semi-finals.[1] The judges' wildcard was Boyband and the public's wildcard was Jessie-Jane McParland.

In the final, each of the finalists perform again, but this time the result is determined purely from the public vote, with the winner receiving £250,000 (£100,000 in series 1–5, £500,000 in series 6) and the chance to perform their act at the Royal Variety Performance.

Opera singer Paul Potts won the first series of the competition in 2007, street dancer George Sampson won the second series in 2008, dance troupe Diversity won the third series in 2009, gymnast troupe Spelbound won the fourth series in 2010, singer Jai McDowall won the fifth series in 2011, dancing dog act Ashleigh and Pudsey won the sixth series in 2012, shadow theatre group, Attraction won the seventh series in 2013, classical singers Collabro won the eighth series in 2014, and musical canine freestyle act Jules O'Dwyer & Matisse won the ninth series in 2015. Magician Richard Jones won the tenth series in 2016. Pianist Tokio Myers won the eleventh series in 2017. Comedian Lost Voice Guy won the twelfth series in 2018. Korean War Veteran and Singing Chelsea Pensioner Colin Thackery won the thirteenth series in 2019.


For more details on each of the contestants, see the relevant series article.

Name Series Act Finished Ref
2 Grand 3 Singing duo 10th
4MG 13 Magicians 11th
100 Voices of Gospel 10 Gospel choir 8th [2][3]
Alex Magala 10 Sword-swallower 9th [2][3]
Aquabatique 6 Synchronised swimmers 10th
Arisxandra 7 Singer 8th
Asanda 7 Singer 11th
Ashleigh and Pudsey 6 Dancing dog act 1st
Attraction 7 Shadow theatre group 1st
The Addict Initiative 8 Dance troupe 10th
B Positive Choir 12 Choir 11th [4]
Balance Unity 10 Dancer 10th [2][3]
The Bar Wizards 1 Juggling Finalist
Bars & Melody 8 Singing/rapping duo 3rd
Beau Dermott 10 Musical theatre singer 5th [2][3]
Ben Hart 13 Magician 3rd
Boogie Storm 10 Dance troupe 3rd [2][3]
Boyband 9 Dance troupe 12th [5]
Susan Boyle 3 Singer 2nd
Paul Burling 4 Impressionist 5th
Calum Scott 9 Singer 6th [6]
Colin Thackery 13 Singer 1st
Jack Carroll 7 Stand-up comedian 2nd
Daliso Chaponda 11 Stand-up comedian 3rd [7]
Cheeky Monkeys 2 Child dance duo Finalist
Jon Clegg 8 Impressionist 7th
Côr Glanethwy 9 Welsh choir 3rd [6]
Collabro 8 Classical singers 1st
Michael Collings 5 Singer/guitarist 5th [8][9]
Dave & Finn 13 Dog trainer & mentalist 5th
Connected[A] 4 Child singers 8th
Calum Courtney 12 Singer 9th [4]
Craig Ball 10 Impressionist singer 6th [2][3]
Bessie Cursons 1 Musical theatre performer Finalist
Janey Cutler 4 Singer 9th
The D-Day Darlings 12 Vocal group 7th [4]
Donchez Dacres 12 Singer 3rd [4]
Danny Posthill 9 Impressionist 7th [6]
Darcy Oake 8 Magician 5th
Aidan Davis 3 Streetdancer 5th
Diversity 3 Streetdance troupe 1st
DVJ 12 Street dance troupe 6th [4]
DNA 11 Mentalists 11th [7]
Matt Edwards 11 Comedy magician 4th [7]
Entity Allstars 9 Dance troupe 11th [6]
Flakefleet Primary School 13 Choir 6th
Escala 2 String quartet Finalist
Flawless 3 Streetdance troupe 8th
Francine Lewis 7 Impressionist 10th
Gabz 7 Singer/rapper 7th
Kieran Gaffney 4 Drummer 3rd
Paul Gbegbaje 5 Pianist 6th [8][10]
Giang Brothers 12 Acrobatic balancing duo 5th [4]
Jonathan Goodwin 13 Escape artist 8th
Les Gibson 5 Impressionist 9th [8][11]
Libby & Charlie 13 Child dancers 10th
Marc McMullan 13 Opera Singer 7th
Razy Gogonea 5 Breakdancer/Body-Popping 4th [8][9]
Steven Hall 5 Comedy dancer 7th [8][12]
Steve Hewlett 7 Ventriloquist 4th
Isaac Waddington 9 Pianist 5th [6]
Sarah Ikumu 11 Singer 7th [7]
James Hobley 5 Dancer 8th [8][11]
Jack & Tim 12 Guitarists 8th [4]
Jamie Raven 9 Magician 2nd [6]
Shaheen Jafargholi 3 Child Singer 7th
Jasmine Elcock 10 Singer 4th [2][3]
Jessie-Jane McParland 9 Martial artist 8th [6]
Jonathan and Charlotte 6 Opera duo 2nd
Andrew Johnston 2 Child Soprano 3rd
Kai and Natalia 6 Ballroom dancers 11th
Kate and Gin 2 Musical canine freestyle Finalist
Micky P Kerr 12 Comedic guitarist 10th [4]
Lucy & Trip Hazard 10 Dancing dog 7th [2][3]
Lucy Kay 8 Opera singer 2nd
Sam Kelly 6 Singer/guitarist 9th
Kombat Breakers 1 Dance troupe Finalist
Lettice Rowbotham 8 Violinist 8th
Lost Voice Guy 12 Comedian 1st [4]
Loveable Rogues 6 Acoustic vocal group 4th
Luminites 7 Vocal group 5th
Jai McDowall 5 Singer 1st [8][12]
Jules O'Dwyer & Matisse 9 Musical canine freestyle 1st [6]
Jordan O'Keefe 7 Singer/guitarist 6th
Liam McNally 4 Child Soprano 10th
Jean Martyn 5 Organist 10th [8][13]
Tobias Mead 4 Dancer 6th
The Mend 6 Boy band 7th
Mel & Jamie 10 Singers 12th [2][3]
MerseyGirls 11 Dancers 9th [7]
Missing People Choir 11 Choir 8th [7]
Andrew Muir 2 Singer Finalist
Tokio Myers 11 Pianist 1st [7]
The Neales 9 Vocal group 9th [6]
Nemesis 2 Dance troupe Finalist
New Bounce 5 Child Singers 3rd [8][13]
Nu Sxool 6 Dance troupe 8th
Old Men Grooving 9 Dance troupe 4th [6]
Only Boys Aloud 6 Male choir 3rd
Paddy & Nico 8 Salsa dancers 9th
Richard and Adam 7 Opera duo 3rd
Ryan O'Shaughnessy 6 Singer-songwriter/guitarist 5th
Jack Pack 8 Singing group 4th
Ronan Parke 5 Child Singer 2nd [8][10]
The Pensionalities 11 Singers 5th [7]
Paul Potts 1 Opera Singer 1st
Molly Rainford 6 Singer 6th
Richard Jones 10 Close-up magician 1st [2][3][14]
George Sampson 2 Streetdancer 1st
Damon Scott 1 Puppeteer Finalist
Pre Skool 7 Dance troupe 9th
Shannon & Peter 10 Contemporary dancers 11th [2][3]
Signature 2 Bhanghra dancers 2nd
Issy Simpson 11 Child magician 2nd [7]
James Smith 8 Singer 6th
Faryl Smith 2 Classical Singer Finalist
Julian Smith 3 Saxophonist 3rd
Shaun Smith 3 Child Singer 9th
Spelbound 4 Gymnastic troupe 1st
Stavros Flatley 3 Comedy dance duo 4th
Hollie Steel 3 Child singer/dancer 6th
Christopher Stone 4 Singer 7th
Strike 2 Martial arts demo Finalist
Connie Talbot 1 Child Singer Finalist
Kyle Tomlinson 11 Singer 6th [7]
UDI 9 Electronic light dance troupe 10th [6]
Robert White 12 Comedic singer/keyboardist 2nd [4]
Wayne Woodward 10 Swing singer 2nd [2][3]
Ned Woodman 11 Child Stand-up comedian 10th [7]
Gruffydd Wyn Roberts 12 Opera singer 4th [4]
Yanis Marshall, Arnaud & Mehdi 8 Dance troupe 11th
Tina and Chandi 4 Dancing Dog act 4th
Twist and Pulse 4 Dance duo 2nd
X 13 Mentalist 2nd
  1. ^ Connected split up shortly after the competition. Brothers Harry and Max Mondryk, along with friend Matt Fitzgerald, reformed as ReConnected. The remaining members, Myles and Connor Ryan, came together under the name Myles and Connor and have signed a recording contract.


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