List of Britain's Got Talent finalists (series 2)

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The second series of Britain's Got Talent started on 12 April 2008 and finished on 31 May 2008 and was won by street dancer George Sampson.

George Sampson[edit]

George Sampson is a street dancer. He appeared in the first series of auditions in 2007 where he progressed to the next round but failed to make it to the live shows. He returned a year later and advanced to the semi finals. He won the semi final with his routine, a self choreographed dance rendition of singing in the rain involving him dancing underneath a rain machine.

He advanced to the final, where he intended to perform a different routine, but outgrew it[citation needed] and decided to perform his semi final routine again. He won the competition ahead runners-up Signature and third place contender Andrew Johnston.


Signature are an English dance troupe. They became runners-up in the competition.

Andrew Johnston[edit]

Andrew Johnston is a singer from Dumfries, Scotland. He spoke about his experience of being bullied for his love of music prior to his audition. He finished third place in the series.

Faryl Smith[edit]

Faryl Smith is a teen singer from Northamptonshire. She achieved Fourth Place.


Escala are a Violin group from London.

Kate and Gin[edit]

Kate and Gin are a dog dancing duo consisting of Kate Nicholas and her Border Collie Dog Gin.

Andrew Muir[edit]

Andrew Muir is a singer from Fauldhouse, West Lothian, previously a plumber. After his audition when he sang 'Rewind', Simon Cowell stated he had 'no confidence' but he liked the fact he was humble. In the semi-final, he sang 'Last Request', but despite good comments from Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan, Cowell criticised his song choice, and the shoes and watch he was wearing. He landed in the top 3, and all three judges opted to send him through to the final over Jeremy Lynch. He sang 'Imagine' in the final and Holden and Cowell were again to criticise his song choice. He worked with Songphonic after the show.[1]

Cheeky Monkeys[edit]

Cheeky Monkeys were a dance duo consisting of Charlie Dixon and Krista Hyatt (both born in 1999) from Colne.

In their audition aired in April 2008 they performed to "Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)". Simon Cowell stated that they should fire their choreographer. Piers Morgan gave them a no because he felt they were not ready. Amanda gave them a yes, and Cowell, although he felt they were not given a good enough dance routine, decided to give them a second chance. They made it through to the next round and then the semi-finals.

In their semi-final appearance on 27 May 2008, they performed to "Lollipop" by Mika and received much larger praise. Morgan admitted he was wrong in saying they were not good enough, and Cowell teased the duo asking if they were boyfriend/girlfriend. He concluded by saying that they were his favorite performance of the night at the time. The pair hugged upon hearing the comments.

With Andrew Johnston already through, it was down to the judges to choose between them and Flava. Morgan opted for Flava, and Holden and Cowell opted for the Cheeky Monkeys, sending them to the final. They performed to 'We Go Together' in the final, but finished outside the top three.

They made an appearance in the film Nativity!. They appeared on NBC's World's Most Talented Kids. It was stated in 2011 that the duo were not performing together any more because Charlie had been offered a scholarship at the Hammond School in Cheshire.[2]


Strike are a martial arts duo consisting of Liam Richards (age 21) and Danny Ball (age 24).


Nemesis are a street dance group.


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