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The seventh series of Britain's Got Talent started on 13 April 2013 and ended on 8 June 2013. The finalists are given in the order in which they finished, thus Attraction won, Jack Carroll finished second and so on.


Attraction are a Hungarian shadow theatre group who won the competition beating joint favorite, Jack Carroll.

Jack Carroll[edit]

Jack Carroll is a comedian who suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

Richard & Adam[edit]

Richard and Adam Johnson are two opera singing brothers. Their act was disrupted in the final when one of their violinists when out and attacked the judges with eggs. They finished third place. In 2014, they returned for a combined performance with Attraction.

Steve Hewlett[edit]

Steve Hewlett, is a ventriloquist from Sussex. He and his wife Nina have a daughter,[1] who was born in 2011.[2]

He auditioned with a puppet called 'Arthur Lager', depicted as an old man with grey hair. Hewlett's audition was aired in a montage on 18 May 2013. He made it through, and subsequently through to the semi-finals. He appeared again in the semi-final on 1 June with Arthur Lager, and a puppet designed to resemble Simon Cowell, one of the judges. The routine involved Arthur flirting with Amanda Holden. After his performance, people took to Twitter to voice their approval. He landed in the top three, and with eventual winners Attraction already through to the final, it was down to the judges to choose the second place in the final between Hewlett and Jordan O'Keefe. It was a split decision, so it was referred back to the public vote, revealing that with 15.1% of the vote, O'Keefe was through to the final, compared to Hewlett's 12%.

However, earlier in the week, it was revealed that the judges were going to choose a wildcard act out of the third-placed finishers to compete in the final. Hewlett was seen as the popular choice.[3][4][5] It was revealed on the night that Hewlett was indeed the wildcard. He performed again in the final with Arthur Lager (now wearing a Onesie), the puppet of Simon Cowell (wearing a swimsuit and life jacket),as well as a puppet of Sinitta, along with a musical number in the shape of "We Go Together" from Grease at the end, involving the Simon and Sinitta puppets. Despite rave reviews from the judges, Hewlett finished in fourth, just narrowly missing out on the top three with 14.7% of the vote, compared to Richard & Adam's 15.4%.

Hewlett has previously headlined Cromer Pier.[6] It was revealed the day after the final that Hewlett had been signed to entertainment agency ROAR Global.[7]


Luminites are a band consisting of members JJ, Corey, Ben (R Tizt) and Steph. They auditioned with 'Hurts So Good' and were put through to the next round, and the semi-finals. They performed 'To Love Somebody' in the live semi-final on 30 May. They received 35.6% of the vote and won the semi-final, therefore were sent through to the final. They performed 'Hurts So Good' again and finished in fifth place with 6.8% of the vote. They were described as "like a British Black Eyed Peas" by judge Simon Cowell.[8] They also revealed that they had been bullied at school because people deemed their musical aspirations as uncool, but mentioned that they intend to be role models.[9]

The band were founded in 2011. They have uploaded videos of their covers on YouTube. They stated that fans' comments encouraged them to audition.[10] They frequently busked on the streets of London.[11] They also released a charity single in 2011.[11]

It was reported a day after the final that Simon Cowell was intending to sign them to his record label.[12] They announced on 17 June that they were to embark on a 3-day tour, visiting London, Manchester and Birmingham from 24–26 July.[13] On 15 August 2013 the band announced they had been signed to Sony.[14][15]

It was also revealed during their time in the show that had been coaching them.[16] However, during an interview the Luminites absolutely denied that and made it clear they had a 5-second photo opportunity with him and that was the extent of the contact.[17] On 15 August, the group announced that they were signed in an Instagram video. They released their debut single "Do Something" on 10 November.[18]

Jordan O'Keefe[edit]

Jordan O'Keefe (born 1994) is a singer-songwriter from Derry, Northern Ireland. Before the show, he previously worked as an estate agent.

Upon auditioning for BGT (the audition was aired on 20 April 2013), he stated that he initially applied for a music course in college, but his father had it changed to business. He stated that he was 'raging' at the time, but that he had forgiven his father. He auditioned with a guitar-led version of Little Things by One Direction, receiving rave reviews from the judges, receiving four yeses and being put through to the next round, and subsequently the live semi-finals.

He performed in the live semi-final on 1 June, performing "I Will Always Love You", again receiving rave reviews from the judges. He landed in the top three – with Attraction already through to the final (and who became eventual winners), the judges had to pick between O'Keefe and ventriloquist Steve Hewlett. It was a split decision, so was referred back to the public vote, and it was revealed that O'Keefe had the higher amount of votes and was automatically through to the final. Hewlett was chosen as the wildcard for the final a week later.

O'Keefe performed "Firework" in the final on 8 June, and finished in sixth place with 3.7% of the vote.

It was revealed during his time in BGT that he was previously mates with Niall Horan, a member of One Direction and that he was his inspiration to win.[19] He also mentioned that he had audition for X Factor the same year, and just narrowly missed out on being in One Direction. It was revealed the day after the final that O'Keefe, along with many of the other finalists, had been signed to the entertainment agency ROAR Global.

O'Keefe was the support act for Jonathan and Charlotte on their UK arena tour. Jordan is now in the progress of releasing his single. [20]


Gabz is a singer-rapper-songwriter from Stevenage.


Arisxandra Libantino (born 2001) is a Philippines-born English singer from Nottingham of Filipino descent. She attends Trinity School. She moved to the UK at an early age.

In her audition in February (aired on 13 April), she performed 'One Night Only' and received a standing ovation from the judges, as well as a positive response. However, upon the broadcast of her audition during the launch episode of the series, many viewers were outraged at that the fact that she was singing a song about a one-night stand.[21] Vivienne Pattison, director of Mediawatch UK, said the show was "sexualising children" and that "We are sleepwalking into a situation where pornography is the norm."[22] A few weeks later however, she was shown being put through to the semi-finals. Her family stated that they were desperate for her to win to end their poverty.[23]

In the semi-final on 27 May, she performed 'I Have Nothing' and received rave reviews from the judges. She landed in the top three of the semi-final, and it was down to the judges to pick the second place for the final with Richard and Adam Johnson already through. Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon opted for dance group Youth Creation, while David Walliams and Amanda Holden opted for Arisxandra. The judges' vote was a split decision so therefore Arisxandra was announced to have received more public votes and was sent through to the final.

She performed 'The Voice Within' in the final on 8 June. David Walliams said "You have an incredible, natural talent. I think the thing that children often miss is the emotion in a song but you caught it beautifully tonight." Alesha Dixon said "Such a massive song to take on and you did it with ease. The most impressive thing is your control. You rose to the occasion tonight." Amanda Holden said "You did yourself proud, you started off so whispery and quiet but when you went for it, you went for it. It was an electrifying performance." Simon Cowell finished with "You started off a little bit tentative and then you got yourself together. I genuinely, after this, don’t know what’s going to happen tonight." She finished in eighth place with 2.9% of the vote.

Pre Skool[edit]

Pre Skool are a dance group from Neath, Port Talbot in South Wales, and essentially the younger version of Nu Sxool who reached the final the previous year. They finished in ninth place with 2.8% of the vote. They're aged 6–9. They are choreographed by Terry Michael, the man behind last year's Nu Sxool.

Pre Skool have been involved in the Pixar film Planes. Both Pre Skool and Nu Sxool were invited to the premier of Planes in Leicester Square. Pre Skool and Nu Sxool were asked to make a dance routine to one of the songs from Disney Planes. The video is a great success.

Francine Lewis[edit]

Francine Lewis is an impressionist and stand up comedian.


Asanda Jezile (born 2001) is a singer from London. Her parents moved to the UK from Eastern Cape South Africa over 10 years ago.[24]


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