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A range of diesel locomotives (Classes 37, 47, 31, 20 and 56) at Dereham

This article lists the wide variety of locomotives and multiple units that have operated on Great Britain's railway network, since Nationalisation in 1948.

British Rail used several numbering schemes for classifying its steam locomotive types and other rolling stock, before settling on the TOPS computer system in the late 1960s. TOPS has remained in use ever since.

Steam locomotives[edit]

  • Steam locomotives in use after 1968: Class 98

Diesel and electric locomotives[edit]

  • Diesel locomotives: Classes 01–70
  • DC electric and electro-diesel locomotives: Classes 70–79
  • AC electric locomotives: Classes 80–96
  • Departmental locos (those not in revenue-earning use): Class 97
  • Miscellaneous locomotives, including builders' demonstrators.

Shipping fleet[edit]

British Rail's shipping fleet:

Main article: British Rail Class 99

Diesel multiple units[edit]

  • Units with cal or hydraulic transmission: Classes199
  • Units with electric transmission: Classes 200–299

Electric multiple units[edit]

  • Overhead AC units: Classes 300–399
  • Southern Region DC third rail EMUs: Classes 400–499
  • Other DC EMUs: Classes 500–599

Departmental multiple units[edit]

  • Classes 900-999

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