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This is a list of media commentators and writers in the United Kingdom on the sport of Association football.

A number of football players have had a second career as writers or commentators. However, many commentators never played the game at a professional level such as Dale Rowlinson, yet they have gone on to become famous names associated with the game.


Name Playing career Broadcaster/Publication
Scott Booth[1] Aberdeen (1988–1997)
Borussia Dortmund (1997–1999)
FC Utrecht (1998)
Vitesse Arnhem (1999)
FC Twente (1999–2003)
Aberdeen (2003–2004)
Scotland (1993–2001)
Setanta Sports
Steve Bower None BBC Sport (2009–present)
Setanta Sports (2006-2009)
MUTV (1998–2007)
ESPN (2009-present)
BT Sport (2013–present)
NBC Sports (2016-present)
Peter Brackley None BBC (1972–1982, 2009–2011)
ITV Sport (1982–1988, 1992–2010)
British Eurosport/Sky Television (1988–1992)
Channel 4 (1992–2002)
Trevor Brooking West Ham United (1966–1984)
England (1974–1982)
BBC Radio (1984–2003)
BBC Television (1984–2003)
Simon Brotherton None BBC Radio 5 Live (1992–present)
BBC Television (1999–present)
BT Sport (2013–present)
Jock Brown None BBC Scotland
Setanta Sports
Craig Burley[2] Chelsea (1989–1997)
Celtic (1997–1999)
Derby County (1999–2003)
Dundee (2003)
Preston North End (2004)
Walsall (2004)
Scotland (1995–2003)
Setanta Sports
ESPN (2009–present)
ITV (2010–2012)
ESPN FC (2013–present)
Bryon Butler None The Daily Telegraph (1961–1968, 1991–2001)
BBC Radio (1968–1991)
Jon Champion None BBC Radio (1990–1995)
BBC Television (1995–2001, 2013–2015)
ITV (2001–2008, 2010, 2012, 2013–present)
Setanta Sports (2007–2009)
ESPN (2009–present)
BT Sport (2015–present)
David Coleman None BBC Television (1958–1984)
Robyn Cowen[3] None BBC Sport (2017–present)
Pat Crerand Celtic (1956–1963)
Manchester United (1963–1971)
MUTV (2000–present)
Ian Crocker None Sky Sports
Setanta Sports (2006–2009)
ITV (2010)
Ian Darke None Sky Sports (1992–2010)
ESPN (2010–present)
BT Sport (2013–present)
Barry Davies None BBC Radio (1963–1966)
ITV (1966–1969)
BBC Television (1969–2004, 2014)
Peter Drury None BBC Radio (1993–1997)
ITV (1997–2013)
ESPN (2012–2013)
BBC (2012)
BT Sport (2013–present)
BBC Radio 5 Live (2013–present)
Robbie Earle Port Vale (1982–1991)
Wimbledon (1991–2000)
ITV (2001–2010)
NBC (2013–present)
Darren Fletcher none BBC Radio Five Live (2004-present)

BBC Sport (2010-2014)

BT Sport (2013-present)

Toby Gilles None talkSPORT International (2013–present)
Radio City 96.7 (2007-2011)

Manchester City (2010-2011)

Amazon Music (2017-present)

Richard Gordon None Sportsound
Andy Gray Dundee United (1973–1975)
Aston Villa (1975–1978)
Wolves (1978–1983)
Everton (1983–1988)
Rangers (1988–1989)
Cheltenham Town (1989–1990)
Scotland (1975–1985)
Sky Sports (1990–2011)
beIN Sports (2012–present)
Talksport (2011–present)
BT Sport (2014)
Alan Green None BBC Radio (1981–present)
BBC Sport (2013–present)
Stuart Hall None BBC Radio (1959–2012)
Alan Hansen Partick Thistle (1973–1977)
Liverpool (1977–1991)
Scotland (1979–1986)
Sky Sports (1991–1992)
BBC Sport (1992–2014)
John Helm None BBC Radio (1970–1981)
ITV (1981–2001)
Channel 5 (1999–2007)
Jimmy Hill Brentford (1949–1953)
Fulham (1953–1961)
ITV (1968–1972)
BBC Sport (1972–1998)
Sky Sports (1999–2007)
Simon Hill None Fox Sports (Australia) (2006–2014)
Mike Ingham None BBC Radio (1977–2014)
Hugh Johns None ITV (1966–2001)
Peter Jones None BBC Radio (1964–1990)
Tony Jones None Channel 4 (2004–2006) (Occasionally)
ITV (2005–2009) (Occasionally)
Five (2005–2007) (Occasionally)
Sky Sports (2009–present)
Richard Keys None Sky Sports (1990–2011)
beIN Sports (2012–present)
Talksport (2011–present)
Gary Lineker Leicester City (1978–1985)
Everton (1985–1986)
Barcelona (1986–1989)
Tottenham Hotspur (1989–1992)
Nagoya Grampus Eight (1992–1994)
England (1985–1992)
BBC Television (1992–present)
NBC (2013–present)
BT Sport (2015–present)
Kevin McCarra None The Times (1996–1998)
The Guardian (1998–present)
Conor McNamara None TV3 (1998–2002)
BBC Radio 5 Live (2002–present)
BBC Television (2005–present)
Gerry McNee None Scottish Television
Archie Macpherson None Scottish Television
Radio Clyde
Alistair Mann none BBC Television (2006-present)
BT Sport (2013-present)
Paul Mitchell None Sportsound (2005–present)
Arthur Montford None Scottish Television
Brian Moore None The Times (1958–1961)
BBC Radio (1961–1968)
ITV (1968–1998)
Talksport (1998–2001)
John Motson None BBC Radio (1968–1971), (2001–2018)
BBC Sport (1971–2018) (semi-retired in 2008)
Talksport (2018-present)
Guy Mowbray None Eurosport (1997–1999)
ITV (1999–2004)
BBC Sport (2004–present)
Gary Neville Manchester United (1992–2011) ITV Sport (2002 & 2008)
Sky Sports (2011–2016)
Dan O'Hagan None MUTV (1999–2001)
Eurosport (2003–present)
ITV (2001–2005)
BBC Sport (2004–present)
96.3 Radio Aire (2013–present)
Jacqui Oatley[4] None BBC Sport (2009–present)
Michael Owen Liverpool (1996–2004)
Real Madrid (2004–2005)
Newcastle United (2005–2009)
Manchester United (2009–2012)
Stoke City (2012–2013)
BT Sport (2013–present)
Jonathan Pearce None Channel 5 (1997–2004)
BBC Radio 5 Live (2002–2005, 2013–present)
BBC Sport (2004–present)
BT Sport (2013–present)
Derek Rae None ESPN (USA) (2002–present)
ESPN (UK) (2009–2013)
BT Sport (2013–2017)
NBC Sports (2017-present)
Fox Sports (2018-present)
Dave Roberts Professional Game Referee TFM Radio (1986–1995)
Century Radio (1995–1997)
Talk Radio (1997–1998)
Sky Sports (1998–2005)
ESPN (2005–present)
Jim Rosenthal None ITV (1980–2010)
Channel 5 (2009–2012)
Robbie Savage Manchester United (1993–1994)
Crewe Alexandra (1994–1997)
Leicester City (1997–2002)
Birmingham City (2002–2005)
Blackburn Rovers (2005–2008)
Derby County (2008–2011)
Brighton & Hove Albion (2008)
Wales (1995–2004)
ESPN (2009-2013)
BBC Radio 5 Live (2009–present)
BBC Sport (2010–2015)
BT Sport (2013–present)
Angus Scott None ITV Sport (1998–2006, 2010)
Setanta Sports (2007–2009)
beIN Sports (2009–present)
Joe Speight None Setanta Sports (2007–2009)
ESPN (2009–2013)
ITV Sport (2011–present)
Sky Sports (2009–present)
Gary Taphouse None Sky Sports (2005–present)
Talksport (2014–present)
Clive Tyldesley None ITV (1987–1992, 1996–present)
BBC Sport (1992–1996)
Martin Tyler None ITV (1976–1990)
Sky Sports (1990–present)
Arlo White None BBC Radio (2001–2010)
NBC (2013–present)
Bob Wilson Arsenal (1963–1974) BBC Television (1974–1994)
ITV (1994–2002)
Kenneth Wolstenholme None BBC Radio (1946–1948)
BBC Sport (1948–1971)
ITV (1974–1979)