List of British shadow cabinets

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This is a list of the shadow cabinets of the United Kingdom, including the unofficial shadow cabinets of other parties from 1964 to the present date.

Shadow Cabinets[edit]

Party key Conservative
Labour Party
Liberal Democrat
Scottish National Party


Date Leader of the Opposition Official Shadow Cabinet Government Other parties
1964 Douglas-Home, AlecAlec Douglas-Home Douglas-Home First Wilson ministry
1965 Heath, EdwardEdward Heath Heath I
1970 Wilson, HaroldHarold Wilson Wilson II Heath ministry
1974 Heath, EdwardEdward Heath Heath II Second Wilson ministry
1975 Thatcher, MargaretMargaret Thatcher Thatcher Callaghan ministry
1979 Callaghan, JamesJames Callaghan Callaghan First Thatcher ministry
1980 Foot, MichaelMichael Foot Foot
1983 Kinnock, NeilNeil Kinnock Kinnock Second Thatcher ministry
1987 Third Thatcher ministry
1990 Major ministry
1992 Smith, JohnJohn Smith Smith
May 1994 Beckett, MargaretMargaret Beckett Beckett
Jul 1994 Blair, TonyTony Blair Blair
May 1997 Major, JohnJohn Major Major Blair ministry      Ashdown Frontbench Team
Jun 1997 Hague, WilliamWilliam Hague Hague
1999      Kennedy Frontbench Team
2001 Duncan Smith, IainIain Duncan Smith Duncan Smith
2003 Howard, MichaelMichael Howard Howard
2005 Cameron, DavidDavid Cameron Cameron
2006      Campbell Frontbench Team
Oct 2007 Brown ministry      Cable Frontbench Team
Dec 2007      Clegg Frontbench Team
May 2010 Harman, HarrietHarriet Harman Harman I
         First Cameron ministry
Sep 2010 Miliband, EdEd Miliband Miliband
May 2015 Harman, HarrietHarriet Harman Harman II
Second Cameron ministry
     Robertson Frontbench Team
     Farron Frontbench Team
Sep 2015 Corbyn, JeremyJeremy Corbyn Corbyn
Jul 2016 May ministry

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