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Television soap opera Brookside started in 1982 set on a new-build residential cul-de-sac, Brookside Close. In 1991, Brookside Parade was added, bringing businesses to the soap. The programme was discontinued in November 2003.

No 10, 9, 8 and 7 (from left to right)

Brookside Close[edit]

Number 5[edit]

Family Characters Years present
Grant Bobby, Sheila, Barry, Karen, Damon (died 1987) and Clare (born 1986) 1982-89

In 1982 the Grant family owned Number 5 Brookside Close with Bobby Grant as the head of the household. The Grants had some hardships with the death of Damon and the struggling marriage of Bobby and Sheila. By 1989 Bobby and Shiela's marriage finally broke down and Bobby left the close, Even with Barry's help Sheila struggled to keep up the mortgage payments, Number 5 was repossessed and Sheila and Barry moved into Number 10 Brookside Close with Shiela's new boyfriend Billy Corkhill.

Rogers Frank (died 1993), Chrissy (left 1991), Sammy, Katie, Geoff, Lyn McLoughlin (from 1992) 1989-93

In 1989 Frank Rogers and his wife Chrissy decided to upgrade to a bigger house from Number 7 and bought Number 5 Brookside Close at auction. In 1991 Chrissy left Frank and the close after she had an affair with her boss and the pair eventually divorced. In 1992 Frank stated dating Lyn Matthews and the pair soon got engaged. In 1993 on his wedding day to Lyn Frank died in a car crash caused by Jimmy Corkhill and as his wife, Lyn inherited Number 5. Lyn left the close in 1993 to make a fresh start and allowed her stepdaughter Katie to stay in Number 5 until it was sold.

Simon Howe Cult Simon Howe (died 1994), Katie Rogers, Terry Sullivan 1993-94

Katie Rogers met Simon Howe while at church to get over her father's death. When Katie got together with Simon and invited him to move into Number 5 he started to brainwash her. With Terry Sullivan, he formed the Simon Howe cult and transformed Number 5 into a makeshift church. Terry kidnapped Barry Grant and tied him up in the back bedroom of Number 5. He only escaped after Simon detonated a bomb and blew up Number 5 ending the cult.

Grant Barry Grant, Emma Piper (1995) 1994-95

In 1994 following the explosion at Number 5, Barry Grant bought The Grant Families old house from Lyn Rogers and once the house was refurbished he moved in with his girlfriend Emma Piper. By 1995 his relationship with Emma collapsed and he left the close and moved to America signing Number 5 over to Terry Sullivan.

Johnson Mick, Sinbad (to 1997), Elaine Davies (1997), Gladys Charlton (1997), Leo, Gemma (left 2000), Jerome (from 1999), Tim O'Leary (from 1999) 1995-2001

Mick Johnson decided he wanted a bigger place for his kids and decided to rent Number 5 off Terry Sullivan and moved in with lodger Sinbad Sweeney. Mick and the kids made Number 5 their home. In 1996 Mick was finally granted a mortgage by the bank and he purchased Number 5 off Terry Sullivan. In 2000 Mick put Number 5 up for sale and on the eve of his wedding to Susannah Farnham he agreed to move away from the close until he found out she was having an affair with Darren Roebuck. Mick finally sold up in 2001 and moved to London to be near Leo at the police college.

Gordon Alan, Debbie, Kirsty, Ali, Stuart, Ruth Smith, Sean Smith, Luke Smith 2002–03

In 2002 Alan Gordon purchased Number 5 and moved in with his family. The Gordons stayed at Number 5 for three years and in 2003. In the final episode of Brookside, Ruth and Sean sold Number 5 to a property developer who had bought up all the houses on the close and left.

Number 6[edit]

Family Characters Years present
Partridge Alan Partridge, Samantha Partridge 1982-84

When Brookside began in 1982 Alan Partridge and his wife Samantha owned the bungalow on Brookside Close. The Partridges sold up in 1984 and left the close.

Cross Harry Cross, Edna Cross, Ralph Hardwick 1984-89

Harry Cross and his wife Edna bought the bungalow in 1984 and lived there for many years. Harry suffered a loss when Edna died leaving him a widower. Harry couldn't handle living on his own and decided to leave the close to live with his son.

Johnson Mick Johnson, Josie Johnson (1990–91), Leo Johnson, Gemma Johnson 1989-93

Mick Johnson and his wife Josie rented the bungalow off Harry Cross and were happy there until Josie and Mick's marriage ended. In 1991 Mick and his kids moved to the flat above the pizza parlour after Harry Cross decided to sell the bungalow.

Crosbie David Crosbie, Jean Crosbie, Penny Crosbie (1994–95) 1993-95

David Crosbie and his wife Jean purchased the bungalow from Harry Cross so they could be closer to their daughter Patricia Farnham and their grandchildren Tomas and Alice. When David and Jean's marriage broke down she moved to France. David was lonely for a time before marrying his second wife Penny. When his second marriage ended David moved into Number 8 with Ron Dixon.

Jacqui Dixon, Katie Rogers, Rachel Jordache, Sammy Daniels (1996), Louise Daniels (1996) 1995-97

David rented out the bungalow to Jacqui Dixon, Katie Roggers, Rachel Jordache and Sammy Daniels, and the girls remained there for two years before moving to the flats on Brookside Parade.

Ron Dixon, David Crosbie 1997-98

David Crosbie moved back in and took in Ron Dixon as a lodger after selling Number 8 to Sinbad Sweeney. David and Ron lived as lodgers until 1998 when David reunited with his ex-wife Jean and moved to France and selling the bungalow thereafter.

Shadwick Greg Shadwick (died 1999), Margi Shadwick, Jason Shadwick (died 1999), Nikki Shadwick, Emily Shadwick 1998–1999

The Shadwick family purchased the bungalow in 1998 and moved in with their children Nikki, Jason and Emily. In 1999 Greg was killed along with Jason in the gas explosion on brookside parade. Greg had been having an affair with Susannah Farnham and died while in the shower with her. Margi moved away in 1999

Hilton Ray Hilton, Jessie Hilton, Kitty Hilton (2000), Nikki Shadwick, Emily Shadwick 1999-2002

Greg Shadwick's mother Jessie moved into the bungalow following Margi's departure to look after her grandchildren. Jessie's boyfriend Ray moved in eventually married. Jessie and Ray bought the bungalow off Margi and continued to live there until 2002.

Shadwick Nikki Shadwick 2003

In 2003 following her disastrous relationship with much older Jimmy Corkhill, Nikki moved into the bungalow. In the final episode Nikki left the close and moved to Brussels to be near her mum Margi and her grandmother Jessie sold the bungalow to property developers.

Number 7[edit]

Family Characters Years present
Cross Harry Cross, Edna Cross 1983-84

Harry and Edna Cross were the first occupants of Number 7 and lived there until 1984 when they bought the bungalow.

Sandra Maghie, Kate Moses (died 1985), Pat Hancock 1984-85

Harry Cross rented out Number 7 to Sandra Maghie and her friends until Kate Moses' death in 1985.

Sandra Maghie, Pat Hancock, Terry Sullivan 1985-87

Terry Sullivan moved into Kate Moses' old room and shared the house with Sandra and Pat but all three moved out by 1987 when Harry Cross sold Number 7.

Rogers Frank Rogers, Chrissy Rogers, Sammy Rogers, Katie Rogers, Geoff Rogers 1987-89

Frank Rogers moved to Brookside Close and bought Number 7 off Harry Cross and lived there with his wife Chrissy and children for two years before selling Number 7 to buy the much bigger Number 5.

Choi Michael Choi, Caroline Choi, Jessica Choi 1989-90

Widower Michael Choi, his daughter Jessica and his sister Caroline moved into Number 7 and were popular members of the close until they sold up in 1990.

Farnham Max Farnham, Patricia Farnham, Thomas Farnham, Alice Farnham (born 1994), Margaret Clemence (left 1994) 1990-96

Local business man Max Farnham bought Number 5 in 1990 with his second wife Patricia and lived there with their children Tomas and Alice. In 1993 Max had an affair with his former wife Susannah Farnham and when Patricia found out she and Max divorced. In 1994 Max reconciled with Patricia and the pair remarried and had Alice. By 1996 Patricia had moved to France and divorced Max again.

Max Farnham, Susannah Farnham (died 2000), Matthew Farnham (died 1997), Emily Farnham (died 1997), Harry Farnham (born 1998), Emma Farnham (born 1999), David Crosbie (1996) 1996–2001

After Patricia left Max was lonely and invited his former wife Susannah and their children Matthew and Emily to move in. In 1997 Max and Susannah reconciled and remarried. Susannah was involved in a car crash in 1997 that claimed the lives of Matthew and Emily. In 1999 Max and Susannah divorced for a second time after Max had another affair. Susannah gained ownership of Number 7 as a divorce settlement. In 2000 the night before her wedding to Mick Johnson Susannah died after being accidentally pushed down the stairs by Max.

Farnham Max Farnham, Jacqui Farnham (née Dixon), Harry Farnham, Emma Farnham 2001-02

After Susannah's death Harry and Emma were left everything in Susannah's will including Number 7. Max as their father moved back in to look after them. Max fell in love with Jacqui Dixon and she moved in and the pair married soon after.

Dixon Ron Dixon, Bev Dixon (2003), Josh Dixon (2003) 2002-03

In 2002 Ron and his wife Bev swapped houses with Max and Jacqui and moved into Number 7. In 2003 in the last ever episode Ron and Bev sold up to the property developers and moved away from the close.

Number 8[edit]

Family Characters Years present
Collins Paul Collins, Annabelle Collins, Lucy Collins, Gordon Collins 1982-90

When Brookside Close first started upper class man Paul Collins fell on hard times and he and his wife Annabelle had to downsize and they bought Number 8. Paul Collins was not well liked on the close and got into many scraps with the Grant family. Paul suffered humiliation when Annabelle had an affair and left him. By 1990 Paul had had enough and sold up and left the close.

Dixon Ron Dixon, DD Dixon, Mike Dixon, Jacqui Dixon,Tony Dixon (died 1994) 1990-93

In 1990 Ron Dixon and his wife DD arrived on the close having bought Number 8 off Paul Collins. They were joined by their children Mike, Jacqui and Tony. Ron ran a mobile shop called the mobie from an old truck. In 1996 the Dixons suffered heartbreak when Tony died of injuries sustained in a car crash caused by a drug fuelled Jimmy Corkhill. Tony's death caused Ron to have an affair with Bev McLoughlin behind DD's back causing the marriage to end.

Ron Dixon, Bev McLoughlin (left 1996) 1993-97

Following the breakup of his marriage Bev moved into Number 8 and she and Ron made their relationship official. In 1995 Bev had an affair with local hairdresser Peter Phelan and when Ron found out he forgave her. In 1996 Ron had an affair with Jackie Corkhill after she split with Jimmy and he moved Jackie in. Bev found out about the affair and in revenge set the house on fire. In 1997 Ron remortgaged Number 8 so he could buy JC Bradley's share of Bar Brookie. In order to make some income Ron rented out Number 8 to Sinbad and Carmel. In 1998 Ron suffered financial difficulties and was forced to sell Number 8 to Sinbad to pay off his debts.

Sweeney Sinbad, Carmel O'Leary, Ben O'Leary, Tim O'Leary, Melanie O'Leary 1997-98

Sinbad and his girlfriend Carmel O'Leary rented Number 8 off Ron Dixon after Carmel's son Tim destroyed the house they were living in. In 1998 Ron sold Number 8 to Sinbad and he continued to live there with Carmel and her children until the gas explosion on Brookside Parade caused strain on Sinbad's relationship. Carmel left the close with Ben and Melanie in late 1998.

Musgrove Joey Musgrove, Niamh Musgrove, Luke Musgrove, Matt Musgrove, Ryan Musgrove, Kelly Musgrove, Alec O'Brien 1998–2000

Sinbad continued to live at Number 8 with Carmel's son Tim and took in lodger Alec O'Brian. It wasn't long before Alec's daughter Niamh Musgrove and her husband Joey turned up at Number 8 looking for Alec. Seeing that Niamh and her family had nowhere else to go Sinbad saw this as an opportunity to make some well needed cash. Sinbad offered to rent Number 8 to the Musgroves and he and Tim moved into Number 5 with Mick Johnson and his kids. In 1999 the Musgroves were the talk of the close when Luke Musgrove was accused of raping Nikki Shadwick at a party held at Number 5. The Musgroves started a bitter rivalry with the Shadwicks after they claimed Luke's innocence. Nearly a year after the rape Luke finally admitted that he did rape Nikki to the disgust of his family. Shortly after this the Musgroves departed the close in the dead of night never to be seen again.

Dixon Ron Dixon, Mike Dixon, Rachel Dixon (née Jordache), Katie Rogers (2000), Anthea Dixon (2001) 2000-02

In 2000 following the Musgroves' departure Sinbad rented Number 8 to Mike Dixon and his wife Rachel. When Mike's dad Ron the former owner of Number 8 found himself homeless he begged Mike to let him stay with him and Rachel. Ron and Sinbad had become bitter enemies since the gas explosion so Ron had to hide every time Sinbad came round. Sinbad eventually found out and chucked Ron out. In 2000 Sinbad decided to leave the close with his new girlfriend and her son and put Number 8 up for sale. Ron Dixon seeing a chance to buy back his old home went to the auction. Ron's former fiancée Bev McLoughlin was also at the auction and deliberately bid higher to get revenge on Ron to the delight of Sinbad. Ron eventually bought back Number 8 for well over the asking price. Ron moved back into the house and was joined by his new wife Anthea. In 2001 Ron was having trouble with break ins at Number 8 and shot Clint Moffett dead mistaking him for a robber. Before going to court, Ron ended his marriage to Anthea because she could not be 100% supportive of him. Ron was found guilty of manslaughter and was sent to prison for nine months. When Ron was released in 2002 he found that he could no longer live at Number 8 with the memories of what he had done and decided to house swap with Max Farnham and his daughter Jacqui. Ron moved into Number 7 and Max and Jacqui moved into Number 8.

Farnham Max Farnham, Jacqui Farnham (née Dixon) 2002-03

After her father Ron could not bear to live at Number 8 any longer, Jacqui and her husband Max Farnham house swapped with Ron moving into Number 7 and Jacqui and Max moving into Number 8. In early 2003 Max and Jacqui left the close and sold Number 8.

Michaelson Jack Michaelson (died 2003), Suzi Michaelson 2003

Drug dealer Jack Michaelson purchased Number 8 from the Farnhams and moved in with his teenage daughter Suzi. Michaelson ran a drug racket from Number 8 and made enemies of everyone on the close. In the last ever episode Barry Grant returned to the close to help Jimmy Corkhill sell Number 10. Barry heard about Michaelson and told Tim O'Leary about the tale of the stranger's field. Michaelson was eventually hanged out of the bedroom window of Number 8 and was found dead the next morning. His ex-wife sold Number 8 to property developers.

Number 9[edit]

Family Characters Years present
Huntington Heather Haversham, Roger Huntington (left 1983), Nicholas Black (from 1986) 1982-86
Jonathan Gordon-Davies, Laura Wright (1987–88), Terry Sullivan 1987-90
Sullivan Terry Sullivan, Sue Sullivan (died 1991), Danny Sullivan (died 1991) 1990-91
Harrison John Harrison (left 1993), Barbara Harrison (left 1993), Peter Harrison (from 1992), Mike Dixon (from 1993), Keith Rooney (from 1993), Anna Wolska (1993) 1991-94
Banks Eddie Banks, Rosie Banks, Carl Banks (left 1995), Lee Banks, Rachel Jordache (1995) 1994–1996
Simpson Ollie Simpson, Bel Simpson (left 1997), Georgia Simpson (left 1997), Nat Simpson (left 1997), Danny Simpson, Eleanor Kitson (from 1997), Louise Hope (from 1997) 1996-98
Lindsay Corkhill 1998
Jacqui Dixon, Nathan Cuddington, Darren Roebuck, Victoria Wilcox, Deborah Lawson (2000) 1999-2000
Murray Marty Murray, Diane Murray (died 2002), Steve Murray, Adele Murray, Anthony Murray, Jan Murray (from 2002) 2000–2003

Number 10[edit]

A documentary featuring Lloyd Grossman and Carol Smillie and book were produced in 1998 by Mersey Television entitled No. 10, The Unluckiest House in the world?. This featured the mishaps of the residents of Number 10 detailing Gavin Taylor's death, Petra's suicide, George Jackson's wrongful conviction, Billy and Doreen Corkhill's debts, Trevor Jordache's rape of his daughters and murder by his wife and eldest daughter, Jimmy Corkhill's drug addiction and responsibility in the deaths of Frank Rogers and Tony Dixon, and Little Jimmy's murder by drug dealers.

Emily O'Leary was later pushed to her death from an upstairs window during an armed siege in Number 10 in 2002 but this was after the publication so was not featured.

Family Characters Years present
Taylor Gavin Taylor (died 1982), Petra Taylor (died 1983) 1982-83

When Brookside began Number 10 was owned by the Jacksons. Tragedy struck in 1982 when Gavin Taylor died Petra unable to cope without Gavin committed susicide a year later.

Jackson George Jackson, Marie Jackson, Gary Jackson, little George Jackson 1983-1985

Petra Taylor's sister Marie Jackson and her husband George moved into the house after Petra went missing. After Petra's death as her next of kin Marie inherited Number 10. Marie had a long-standing feud with Sheila Grant over the way Sheila's son Barry treated Petra. The Jacksons moved away from the close and rented Number 10 to Terry Sullivan. In 1985 Marie sold Number 10 to The Corkhill Family.

Corkhill Billy Corkhill (left 1990), Doreen Corkhill (left 1987), Sheila Corkhill (1988–90), Rod Corkhill, Tracy Corkhill 1985-90

In 1985 laborer Billy Corkhill and his wife Doreen purchased Number 10 and moved to the close from the council estate. Billy was a scally always getting into dodgy deals with his younger brother Jimmy. When Billy fell behind on mortgage repayments on Number 10 the bank threatened to repossess the house. Doreen had an affair with her boss for money and when Billy found out he chucked Doreen out and drove his car over the neighbors' lawn. Billy then started an affair with Bobby Grant's wife Sheila. Sheila moved in with Billy after her split with Bobby and the pair married in 1990. Billy and Sheila decided to move away from the close in 1990 and moved down south.

Corkhill Rod Corkhill 1985-1993, Diana Corkhill 1990-1993

In 1993 having been looking after the house for three years Rod Corkhill got word from his dad Billy that he and Sheila wanted to put Number 10 up for sale so they could afford a bigger house in Basingstoke. Rod was settled so he applied to the bank for a mortgage and was successful and bought Number 10 off Billy and Sheila. Rod and Diana were happy together for a few months until their marriage broke down and Rod left Brookside Close for a job elsewhere.

Corkhill Diana Corkhill 1993

Following her divorce from Rod, Diana received Number 10 Brookside Close as her divorce settlement and lived in the house and was heavily supported by neighbors of Brookside Close. In late 1993 Diana found love again and was offered a job near to where he lived so in 1993 Diana left Brookside Close to start a new life with her new boyfriend and sold Number 10.

Jordache Trevor Jordache (died 1993), Mandy Jordache, Beth Jordache (died 1995), Rachel Jordache, Sinbad (1995) 1993-95

In 1993 Mrs Shackleton bought Number 10 off Diana Corkhill to be used as a safe house for domestic abuse victims. Mandy Jordache rented Number 10 and her children Beth and Rachel moved in to get away from her abusive husband Trevor. In late 1993 Trevor found Mandy and wormed his way back in and started raping Rachel and hitting Mandy. Beth killed Trevor with a kitchen knife and Sinbad, who had taken a shine to Mandy, helped bury Trevor under the patio. Soon after Sinbad bought Number 10 off the Shackletons to prove to Mandy he is serious about her. In 1994 when Trevor was dug up by Eddie Banks and Jimmy Corkhill, Mandy and Beth were sent to prison where Beth died of heart disease. Mandy won her appeal and returned to Number 10 to be with Sinbad. In 1995 Mandy gave birth to her and Sinbad's daughter Ruth. She and Sinbad sold Number 10 to Jimmy Corkhill. When Mandy left the close in 1995 to work in a women's refuge she left Sinbad devastated.

Corkhill Jimmy Corkhill, Jackie Corkhill, Lindsey Corkhill, Little Jimmy Corkhill (1996), Kylie Corkhill, William Corkhill (born 1997) 1995–2001

In 1995 Jimmy Corkhill used some of his drug money to buy his brother Billy's old house Number 10 off Sinbad Sweeney for £45,000. Jimmy's wife Jackie moved in. Mandy and Sinbad continued to live in the house until Mandy left the close and Sinbad moved into Number 5 with Mick Johnson. Jimmy and Jackie's daughter Lindsey Standow moved in after leaving her husband Gary. By 2001 Jimmy and Jackie's marriage broke down and Jackie moved away from the close in late 2001. The pair later divorced with Jimmy buying Jackie's share of Number 10.

Corkhill Jimmy Corkhill, Tim O'Leary, Emily O'Leary (died 2002) 2001-2003

Following his divorce from Jackie, Jimmy took in lodgers Tim and Emily O'Leary and treated them as if they were his own family. In 2002 following the armed siege on the close, Emily died in hospital leaving Tim devastated. By 2003 Jimmy was in rivalries with both Sinico, who wanted to buy the close to make way for a new road, and drug dealer Jack Michaelson, who had just purchased Number 8. Jimmy was one of the group of residents who hung Michaelson out of the bedroom window of Number 8 leading to his death. Jimmy's daughter Lindsey Corkhill returned to the close along with new fiancée Barry Grant and offered Jimmy the chance to live with her and Barry in Newcastle upon Tyne. After much persuasion, Jimmy finally agreed and sold Number 10 to Sinico. He was the last person to leave the close, painting the words "game over" on all of the houses.

Brookside Parade[edit]

Hairdressing salon[edit]

Occupant Years present Fate Employees
Angela Lambert 1991-92 Sold to Tracy Corkhill
Tracy Corkhill 1992-93
Jacqui Dixon 1995-99 Julia Brogan (1995-96), Peter Phelan, Fee Phelan (1996)
Diane Murray 2000-02

General store[edit]

Business Occupant Years present Fate Employees
Dixon's Trading Post Ron Dixon 1991–1998 Closed due to competition from petrol station Julia Brogan (1991–93), Jackie Corkhill (1992-96), Bev McLoughlin (1993–96), Bel Simpson (1996-97)
NHS Walk-in centre Darren Roebuck (1999-2000), Gary Parr (2002–03) 1999-2003 Nisha Batra (2000–03)

Food outlet[edit]

Business Occupant Years present Fate Employees
Pizza Parade Terry Sullivan 1991–92 Sold to Mick Johnson
Pizza Parade Mick Johnson 1992–97 Flooded by Tim O'Leary Carol Salter (1994), Sarah Banks (1995–96), Lindsey Corkhill (1996), Jimmy Corkhill (1996), Elaine Davies (1997)
Chips with Everything Mick Johnson 1997-99 Owner sold up due to racist attack Sinbad (1998–99)
Trina's Tots Katrina Evans 2000-01

Kowboy Kutz[edit]

Business Occupent Years present Fate
Kowboy Kutz Jimmy Corkhill 1992 Subject to arson attack by landlord Barry Grant
THE Sweeney Sinbad 1996-98 Gutted during parade fire

Gift shop[edit]

Business Occupant Years present Fate Employees
Florist DD Dixon 1992-93 Vacated when DD left Jean Crosbie (1993)
The Gift Box Patricia Farnham 1995-96 Vacated when Patricia left Jean Crosbie (1995)
E. Kitson solicitors Eleanor Kitson 1997-98 Sold to Nathan Cuddington Katie Rogers
N. Cuddington solicitors Nathan Cuddington 1998-2000 Katie Rogers

Petrol station[edit]

Business Occupant Years present Fate Employees
Filling station 1994-97 Rebuilt and franchised to David Crosbie Terry Sullivan, Simon Howe (1993–94), Jacqui Dixon (1993-95)
Filling station David Crosbie 1997-98 Sold to Max Farnham Jackie Corkhill (1997-2001), Tim O'Leary (1997-98), Joey Musgrove (1998)
Filling station Max Farnham 1998–2002 Sold to Alan Gordon Lindsey Corkhill (2000–01)
Filling station Alan Gordon 2002 Destroyed after it was hit by a police helicopter


Prior to the opening of a bar on Brookside Parade residents would often drink at 'The Swan'. This was off-set and residents were usually seen to drive there.

Name Proprietor Years Fate Employees
La Luz Barry Grant, and Jo Halsall and Oscar Dean (1993), managed by Terry Sullivan (1995–97) 1992-96 Sold to Jacqui Dixon and JC Bradley Jimmy Corkhill (1993–94), Mo McGee (1993–97), Sammy Daniels (1996)

When Brookside Parade was built in 1993 local businessman and gangster Barry Grant opened La Luz with business partners Jo Haisall and Oscar Dean. Barry ran La Luz successfully for many years before moving to Florida and signing it over to best mate Terry Sullivan.

Bar Brookie Jacqui Dixon and JC Bradley, then Ron Dixon 1997–2000 Sold to Bev McLoughlin Christian Wright (1997), Mike Dixon, Rachel Jordache, Quiet Paul

In 1997 Terry Sullivan closed down La Luz and decided to redevelop the site into a trendy cafe bar called Bar Brookie. Terry departed the close before the bar was finished and sold it to Jacqui Dixon and JC Bradley. In 1997 needing funds for other business ventures JC Bradley decided to sell his 50% share of Bar Brookie. Not wanting Jacqui to lose the bar her father Ron Dixon bought JC Bradley out. In 1997 Jacqui and Ron had trouble with local gangster Callum Finneigan who forced Jacqui to pay him for security on the door. When Barry Grant the former owner of La Luz returned to the close in 1997 Jacqui enlisted Barry's help to get rid of Callum for £30,000. In 2000 Jacqui Dixon decided to move to London with her wealthy fiancée solicitor Nathan Cuddington and sold Bar Brookie to Bev McLoughlin.

Bev's Bar Bev McLoughlin 2000–02 Sold to Jacqui Farnham Leanne Powell, Lance Powell, Tim O'Leary, Jerome Johnson

Bev McLoughlin used the money she inherited from a wealthy employer to purchase Bar Brookie from Jacqui and Ron Dixon. She renamed it Bev's Bar and employed Leanne Powell and her brother Lance as bartenders. In 2001 Bev took a long holiday in Italy to visit her Italian boyfriend and made Leanne bar manager until she got back. In Bev's absence Leanne stole all of Bev's money from the business accounts and let the bar run out of booze. When Bev returned in 2002 she was shocked at the state of her bar and how much debt Leanne had gotten her into. Bev was forced to sell the bar to Jacqui Farnham to pay off her debts.

Bar Brookie Jacqui Farnham 2002-03 Destroyed by fire

In 2002 Jacqui Farnham buys back her beloved bar from Bev McLoughlin and renames it Bar Brookie again. Bar Brookie is seen in 2003 when Jacqui hold her dad Ron and his new wife Bev's lavish wedding reception.