List of Broom Street Theater Theatrical Productions

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Theatrical Productions
Production Title Year-Chronological Order Director Playwright
1 Lysistrata 1969-01 Stuart Gordon Aristophanes
2 Woyzeck 1969-02 Joel Gersmann Georg Buchner
3 Don Perimplin's Love with Belsa In The Garden (A double feature paired with Wreckers Incopated) 1969-03 - (August 7–10 Thurs - Sun) Based on Federico Garcia Lorca's "Don Periplim
3 Wreckers Incopated (A double feature paired with Don Perimplin's Love with Belsa In The Garden) 1969-03 - (August 7–10 Thurs - Sun) Bill Reese Peter Manesis
4 The Exception and the Rule (A double feature paired with The Madness of Lady Bright) 1969-04 (Mid August) Cind Fritz Bertolt Brecht
4 The Madness of Lady Bright (A double feature paired with The Exception and the Rule) 1969-04 (Mid August) Cind Fritz Lanford Wilson
5 Evergreen 1969-05 - (Late September) Henry (Hank) Haslach Henry (Hank) Haslack
6 Wreckers Incopated 1969-06 - (Late September) Bill Reese Peter Manesis
7 Dutchman 1969-07 Charles Wise Leroi Jones
8 Solemn Communion: A Panic Ceremony 1969-08 Joel Gersmann Fernande Arrabal
9 Orison (Paired with Dr. Kheal and Notes From A Vietnamese Phrase Book as a triple feature titled The Hypotenuse of Angst) 1969-09 Joel Gersmann Fernande Arrabal
9 Dr. Kheal (Paired with Orison and Notes From A Vietnamese Phrase Book as a triple feature titled The Hypotenuse of Angst) 1969-09 Joel Gersmann Maria Irene Fornes
9 Notes From A Vietnamese Phrase Book (Paired with Orison and Dr. Kheal as a triple feature titled The Hypotenuse of Angst) 1969-09 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
10 Sequence 1969-10 - (December) Bill Reese Bill Reese
11 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1970-01 Dennis Coleman Ken Kesey
12 Contempt of the Conspiracy 8 1970-02 Robert Seder Robert Seder
13 Troilus and Cressida 1970-03 Joel Gersmann Shakespeare
14 The Sirens of Titan 1970-04 Bill Reese Kurt Vonnegut
15 A Dream Play 1970-05 Joel Gersmann August Strindberg
16 The Junk Show 1970-06 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
17 The Junk Show II 1970-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
18 The Difficult Hour (II) (Paired with Fool's Flight as a double feature titled The Ozark Doubleheader) 1970-08 Joel Gersmann Par Lagerkvist
18 Fool's Flight (Paired with The Difficult Hour [II] as a double feature titled The Ozark Doubleheader) 1970-08 Louis Rackoff Imre Goldstein
19 Peer Gynt 1971-01 Joel Gersmann Henrik Ibsen
20 The Penal Colony 1971-02 Robert (Bob) Seder Franz Kafka
21 Woyzeck (Re-staged, modified from the 1969 production) 1971-03 Joel Gersmann Georg Buchner
22 Normal Love 1971-04 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
23 Murdock's Rock Palace 1971-05 Henry (Hank) Haslack Henry (Hank) Haslack
24 The Attic Angel (Paired with A Dog Sled as a double feature titled The Eggplant That Ate Chicago) 1971-06 Norman Caplan Rod Clark
24 A Dog Sled (Paired with The Attic Angel as a double feature titled The Eggplant That Ate Chicago) 1971-07 Chris Morris Mike Baron
25 "We Sinned Too Young and Cried Too Late," or "Passion's Willful Curse Caused Our Downfall" (Paired with The Awakening of Amy Brant as a double feature titled Eat Me Tonight) 1971-07 Fred Murray Fred Murray
25 The Awakening of Amy Brant - (Paired with "We Sinned Too Young and Cried Too Late," or "Passion's Willful Curse Caused Our Downfall" as a double feature titled Eat Me Tonight) 1971-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
26 Hot Wankel 1971-08 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
27 A Night at an Inn (Paired with The Only Jealousy of Emer as a double feature titled The Flaxen Crock) 1971-09 John Moe Lord Dunsany
27 The Only Jealousy of Emer (Paired with A Night at an Inn as a double feature titled The Flaxen Crock) 1971-09 John Moe William Butler Yeats
28 Alpha Kappa 1972-01 Joel Gersmann Marjorie Paradis
29 A Midsummer Night's Dream 1972-02 Joel Gersmann Shakespeare
30 The Cavern 1972-03 Joel Gersmann Jean Anouilh
31 Tortured Heart 1972-04 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
32 King of Siam 1972-05 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
33 A Christmas Carol 1972-06 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann and BST
34 The David Cassidy Story 1973-01 Weasel Schuler (Cynthia Schider) Weasel Schuler (Cynthia Schider)
35 Metamorphasis 1973-02 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
36 The Big Ditch 1973-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
37 West Side Story 1973-04 Weasel Schuler (Cynthia Schider) Arthur Laurents
38 Richard III 1974-01 Joel Gersmann Shakespeare
39 Madame Butterfly 1974-02 Joel Gersmann David Belasco
40 The Song of Bernadette 1974-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
41 The Good Woman of Mazomanie 1974-04 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
42 Junior Miss 1975-01 Joel Gersmann Jerome Chodorov
43 Noah's Flood 1975-02 Joel Gersmann Christoffer Morris and Joel Gersmann
44 The Revisionist Gas (Paired with The Applicant and Trouble in the Works as a triple feature titled The Big Sandwich) 1975-03 Thom King Rod Clark
44 The Applicant (Paired with The Revisionist Gas and Trouble in the Works as a triple feature titled The Big Sandwich) 1975-03 Thom King Harold Pinter
44 Trouble in the Works (Paired with The Revisionist Gas and Trouble in the Works as a triple feature titled The Big Sandwich) 1975-03 Thom King Harold Pinter
45 Nancy Drew 1975-04 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
46 Gone With the Wind 1976-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
47 Julius Caesar 1976-02 Joel Gersmann Shakespeare
48 Majorie Morningstar 1976-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
49 Fear Strikes Out 1977-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann and Gary Alyesworth
50 Mildred Pierce 1977-02 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
51 My Son John 1977-03 opened April 15, 1977 Joel Gersmann Roger Grodsky and Joel Gersmann
52 Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar 1977-04 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
53 Self Accusation (A double feature paired with Waiting for Lefty) 1977-05 Howard Waxman Peter Handke
53 Waiting for Lefty (A double feature paired with Self Accusation) 1977-05 Howard Waxman Clifford Odets
54 Smoke (A double feature paired with The Cardboard Camel) 1977-06 - Sept 9, 1977 Rod Clark Rod Clark
54 The Cardboard Camel (A double feature paired with Smoke) 1977-06 - Sept 9, 1977 Rod Clark Rod Clark
55 Fear Strikes Out 1977-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann and Gary Alyesworth
56 A Feast of Snakes 1977-08 - October 14, 1977 Charles Valenza Charles Valenza
57 The Golem 1977-09 - November 4, 1977 Joel Gersmann H. Lievick
58 The Great Little Christmas Show 1977-10 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
59 Beer / Tower of Baraboo 1978-02 - February 9, 1978 Charles Valenza Charles Valenza
60 Home Sweet Home 1978-03 - March 10, 1978 Gary Alyesworth and Jeanette Sarmiento Gary Alyesworth and Jeanette Sarmiento
61 I Want to Live 1978-04 - April 1978 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
62 Romeo and Juliet 1978-05 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
63 Punk Rock 1978-06 - June, 1978 Howard Waxman Howard Waxman
64 Desi Arnaz 1978-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
65 The Chain Letter 1978-08 Rod Clark and Anne Biberman Rod Clark
66 Action Comic 1978-09 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
67 The Ramayana 1979-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
68 Who Did What When? 1979-02 Ada McAllister Ada McAllister
69 Fear Strikes Out 1979-03 - April 20–22 only Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann and Gary Alyesworth
70 It's a Wonderful Life 1979-04 -May 11 - June 17 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
71 Marcus Whitman M.D. 1979-05 Gary Aylesworth Joel Gersmann
72 The Book of Job 1979-06 Gary Aylesworth and Joel Gersmann Gary Aylesworth and Joel Gersmann
73 The Maxwell House Demon 1979-07 Rod Clark Rod Clark
Extended Run Home Sweet Home 1979-08 Gary Alyesworth and Jeanette Sarmiento Gary Alyesworth and Jeanette Sarmiento
74 Running 1979-09 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
Extended Run Running 1980-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
75 Internal Injuries 1980-02 Ada McAllister Ada McAllister
76 The House of Mystery 1980-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
77 Wholly Balls 1980-04 Gary Aylesworth Gary Aylesworth
78 Favorite Son 1980-05 - Aug 29 -Sept 14 Marty Mulhern Marty Mulhern
79 Feel Safe 1980-06 Rod Clark Rod Clark
80 Dick Whittington's Cat 1980-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
81 Houdini the Jew from Appleton 1981-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
82 Brother Animal 1981-02 - May 8, 1981 Gary Aylesworth Gary Aylesworth
83 The Princess and the Shadow or Mama, What's Love? 1981-03 - Ray Olderman Ray Olderman
84 The Taming of the Shrew 1981-04 Nancy A. Phipps Shakespeare
85 The Wonderful World of Jacqueline Susanne 1981-05 - September 18, 1981 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
86 Unhinged! 1981-06 Glenn Miller Glenn Miller
87 Clara Reeve 1982-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
88 Bertha Sister of the Road 1982-02 Ray Olderman Star Olderman
89 Shadowland 1982-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
90 Signalized 1982-04 Adrienne Rabinowitz Danielle Dresden
91 How to Improve Your Lover's Performance 1982-05 - Aug 27 - Oct 3 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
92 The Man Who Laughs 1982-06 Marty Mulhern Marty Mulhern
93 The Day of the Triffids 1982-07 - Dec 3 - Dec 19 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
94 Big Expectations 1983-01 Star Olderman Ray Olderman
95 The Passion of Passover 1983-02 - Mar 18 - May 8 Joel Gersmann, Choreography Donna Peckett, Music Direction - Neil Peckett Joel Gersmann
96 Hans Brinker 1983-03 Joel Gersmann, Choreography Donna Peckett, Music Direction - Neil Peckett Joel Gersmann
97 Might 1983-04 Bryn Magnus Bryn Magnus
98 Bombs Away Enola Gay 1983-05 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
Extended Run Hans Brinker 1983-06 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
99 Peter Pan 1983-07 Frank Furillo Danielle Dresden
100 Ligeia Has Risen From The Grave 1984-01 Frank Furillo Rod Clark
101 The Jesus Gang 1984-02 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
102 Inside the Double Helix 1984-03 Danielle Dresden Danielle Dresden
103 Light My Fire 1984-04 - June 22 - July 29 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
104 Ubik 1984-05 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
105 Packer Glory 1984-06 Tracy Will Tracy Will
106 Miracle of the Dappled Rose 1984-07 Ray Olderman, Marjorie Pomper directed the dance, Casper Sunn directed music Ray Olderman
107 The Black Albatross 1985-01 Mark Peters Mark Peters
108 Junk Mail 1985-02 Star Olderman Star Olderman
109 Portage Potential 1985-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
110 Natural Hostages 1985-04 Callen Harty & Bryn Magnus Bryn Magnus
111 Frankie N. Stein 1985-05 Danielle Dresden Danielle Dresden
112 The Phantom of Shopppko 1985-06 - Sept 7 - Nov 3 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
113 Philoctetes 1985-07 - November 15 - Dec 16 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
114 The Cherry Orchard 1986-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
115 Fatal Time to Final End 1986-02 Tracy Will Tracy Will
116 Sodom or the Quintessence of Debauchery 1986-03 - April 25 - June 1 Joel Gersmann John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
117 Roar 1986-04 Marty Mulhern Putu Wilaya
118 Breakfast for the World 1986-05 Rod Clark and Jennifer Bagnell Rod Clark
119 The Hangwoman 1986-06 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
120 Tee-Vee Guide 1987-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
121 Park Bench 1987-02 Jennifer Bagnell and Williams Robinson Williams Robinson and Jennifer Bagnell
122 Midnight in Moscow 1987-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
123 My Own Sweet Game 1987-04 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
124 The Long Way Home 1987-05 - August 6 - august 30 Thurs-Sun 1987 Jay Indik Harry Schultz
125 Martian Time Slip 1987-06 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann's adaptation of Philip K. Dick novel
126 The Good Yuppie 1987-07 Joel Gersmann Rod Clark
127 Creature Winds 1988-01 Renée Miller Bryn Magnus
128 Nashinul Inquirer 1988-02 - Mar 4 - April 10 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
129 D is for Danger 1988-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
130 The Fat Zip 1988-04 Ron Daley Paul Proch and Charles S. Kaufman
131 The Birds 1988-05 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
132 Joe, A Life 1988-06 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
133 Woods So Wild 1988-07 Douglas Frieden Douglas Frieden and Chuck Pierson
134 Little Women 1989-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
135 Son of Jesus 1989-02 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
136 Everyperson 1989-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann and Rod Clark
137 Secrets of Shorewood Bluff 1989-04 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
138 Heaven on Earth 1989-05 Joel Gersmann Sharon Elder
139 Noah's Arc 1989-06 Ron Daley Mel Brenner
140 Mat Mania 1989-07 Paul Wells Paul Wells and Steven Orlikowski
141 (Restaged) Ligeia has Risen From the Grave 1990-01 Joel Gersmann Rod Clark
142 Hotel Queen 1990-02 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
143 The Chicken and the Chicken Hawk 1990-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
144 Vampire Stewardesses from Hell 1990-04 Paul Wells Paul Wells and Steven Orlikowski
145 Antony and Cleopatra 1990-05 Joel Gersmann Shakespeare
146 The Third Blackhawk War 1990-06 Ron Daley Ron Daley
147 Attack of the Evil Greenheads 1990-07 Paul Wells Ketrick Lehmann
148 Nashinull Inquirer Returns 1991-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
149 How Soon is Now? 1991-02 Paul Wells Paul Wells and Steven Orlikowski
150 The Grant 1991-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
151 The Big Dick 1991-04 Paul Wells Paul Wells
152 The Sitcom Family 1991-05 Marty Mulhern Marty Mulhern
153 Badger Orpheus 1991-06 Ron Daley Ron Daley
154 Hounds on the Hoof 1991-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
155 Hamlet Part 1 1992-01 Joel Gersmann William Shakespeare
156 Hamlet Part 2 1992-02 Joel Gersmann William Shakespeare
157 Iron Bitch 1992-03 Paul Wells Paul Wells
158 Bon Voyage Brendan 1992-04 Marty Mulhern Marty Mulhern
159 Die Lover,Die 1992-05 Catherine Dorl Catherine Dorl
160 Come Back to the 7 11 Elvis Presley Elvis Presley 1992-06 - Paul Wells Paul Wells
161 My Fair Arab 1992-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
162 Dream Quest 1993-01 Callen Harty Callen Harty
163 Peace of My Heart 1993-02 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
164 The Twisted Sex Life of J. Edgar Hoover 1993-03 Paul Wells Paul Wells
165 Sexy Priests 1993-04 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
166 Dr. Kevorkian's Kountry Kitchen 1993-05 Paul Wells Paul Wells
167 In The Matter of John David Hutchins 1993-06 Ron Daley Ron Daley
168 Wuthering Heights (Hot Sex and Leather) 1993-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
169 The Adventures of Ultrahman 1994-01 Callen Harty Callen Harty
170 Real Live Sex on Stage 1994-02 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
171 Ulysses Won't You Please Come Home 1994-03 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
172 Boys in the Basement 1994-04 Paul Wells Paul Wells
173 Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson 1994-05 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
174 The Wizard of Oz 1994-06 Paul Wells Paul Wells
175 The Case of the Nazi Professor 1994-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
176 Tales of the Chicken Legs: An Evening of Russian Folk Tales 1995-01 Nancy Streckert Nancy Streckert ("The Jester" written by Marty Mulhern)
177 Devil in Paradise 1995-02 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
178 Mystery Play 1995-03 Callen Harty Callen Harty
179 Unplugged: The Kurt Cobain Story 1995-04 Paul Wells Paul Wells
180 I am Star Trek 1995-05 Rick Vorndran Rick Vorndran
181 Buck Mulligan's Revenge 1995-06 Marty Mulhern Marty Mulhern
182 The Abortionist 1995-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
183 Let Her get On Top 1996-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
184 The Legend of Pinkbeard: Pirate of Men 1996-02 Callen Harty Callen Harty
185 Dr. Suess I Presume 1996-03 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
186 Cookies For My President 1996-04 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
187 Please Please Please Love Me 1996-05 Rick Vorndran Rick Vorndran
188 Irish Lesbian Vampire 1996-06 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
189 Nazi Boy 1996-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
190 My Favorite Alien 1997-01 Doug Banasky Doug Banasky
191 Muffy the Bitch 1997-02 Callen Harty Callen Harty
192 Sex Drugs Rock & Roll: The Real World 1997-03 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
193 The Three Sisters 1997-04 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
194 Tales for A Millennium 1997-05 Brian Wild Brian Wild
195 Michelangelo Renaissance P.I. 1997-06 Rick Vorndran Rick Vorndran
196 Di Princess Di 1997-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
197 Yoshi's Heroes 1998-01 Rob Matsushita Rob Matsushita
198 Control Freaks in Love 1998-02 Rick Vorndran Rick Vorndran
199 Miracle Play 1998-03 Callen Harty Callen Harty
200 Walgen: A Man And His Sword 1998-04 Joe Weiner Joe Weiner
201 Gay Like Me 1998-05 Callen Harty Callen Harty
202 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Dying 1998-06 Brian Wild Brian Wild
203 Make My Day: The Clint Eastwood Story 1998-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
204 Stiffy 1999-01 Ron Collins Ron Collins
205 Pippi Long Stalking 1999-02 Brian Wild Brian Wild
206 69 1999-03 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
207 Pictures At an Exhibition 1999-04 Callen Harty Callen Harty
208 Meeting Jerry Springer 1999-05 Rob Matsushita Rob Matsushita
209 Trench Coat Mafia 1999-06 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
210 Breathless 1999-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
211 What Ever Happened to Bette and Joan? 2000-01 Rob Matsushita Rob Matsushita
212 That Trollope Woman 2000-02 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
213 As You Like It -or- Free Tibet: The Musical 2000-03 John Sable (Sabljak) Improv
214 The Color of Dust 2000-04 Callen Harty Callen Harty
215 Sex Kittens From Mars 2000-05 Brian Wild Brian Wild
216 Irish Lesbian Vampire 2 2000-06 Rob Matsushita Rob Matsushita
217 The Three Musketeers 2000-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
218 The Last Thief 2001-01 Callen Harty Callen Harty
219 The Ghost and Dr. Liz 2001-02 Brian Wild Brian Wild
220 Men Suck: the Amuse-icle 2001-03 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
221 FACEvalue 2001-04 Rob Matsushita Rob Matsushita
222 Oklahomo 2001-05 Ron Collins Ron Collins
223 Count Fagula 2001-06 Callen Harty Callen Harty
224 Almost A Man 2001-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
225 Tales For A New Millennium 2002-01 Brian Wild Brian Wild
226 Judge 2002-02 Callen Harty Callen Harty
227 Candyland You Slut 2002-03 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
228 My Four Fathers 2002-04 Scott Feiner Scott Feiner
229 10 Little Idiots 2002-05 Querida Funck Querida Funck
230 Orange Murder Suit 2002-06 Rob Matsushita Rob Matsushita
231 The Dumbass 2002-07 Brian Wild Brian Wild
232 The Man Who Loved Sex 2003-01 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
233 Silent Play 2003-02 Callen Harty Callen Harty
234 Why Sex Why Not The Violin 2003-03 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
235 The Alabaster County Little League Beauty Pageant 2003-04 Scott Feiner Scott Feiner
236 Psychos in Love 2003-05 Rob Matsushita Rob Matsushita
237 Frankenstein-Shmankenstein 2003-06 Ron Collins Ron Collins
238 The Ballerina and the Economist 2003-07 Joel Gersmann Joel Gersmann
239 Oriphice 2004-01 Tracy Grzybowski Matthew Grzybowski
240 The Altar Boy 2004-02 Brian Wild Callen Harty
241 Untitled Farce 2004-03 Matthew Grzybowski Matthew Grzybowski
242 Morality Play 2004-04 Callen Harty Callen Harty
243 Audrey Seiler,Where Are You? 2004-05 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
244 Flowers for Dubya 2004-06 Brian Wild Brian Wild
245 Radical Harry 2005-01 Callen Harty Callen Harty
246 Proper: The Series 2005-02 Matthew Grzybowski Matthew Grzybowski
247 Sarah's Spirits 2005-03 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
248 (Restaged) Oklahomo! 2005-04 Ron Collins Ron Collins
249 Sledgehammer Party 2005-05 Rob Matsushita Rob Matsushita
250 667: Number of the Neighbor of the Beast 2005-06 Brian Wild Brian Wild
251 A Wake 2006-01 Callen Harty Callen Harty
252 Fire Exit 2006-02 Greg Johnson Greg Harris
253 Cows Gone Wild 2006-03 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
254 Melvin the Angry Magician 2006-04 Scott Feiner Scott Feiner
255 Oh God, There's Baptists at the Door 2006-05 Heather Renken Heather Renken
256 Just Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale 2006-06 Doug Reed Doug Reed
257 A Very Bitchy Christmas 2006-07 Brian Wild Brian Wild
258 Debs in Prison 2007-01 Callen Harty Callen Harty
259 Dancing in Cleo's Cafe 2007-02 Brian J. Belz Cassi Harris
260 Dr. Faustus 2007-03 Greg Johnson Christopher Marlowe
261 Why We Come Here 2007-04 Terry Lane Megan McGlone
262 Vogue 2007-05 Matt Kenyon Ron Collins
263 Funnel 2007-06 Ethan Mutz Ethan Mutz
264 Dork Side of the Moon 2007-07 Brian Wild Brian Wild
265 The Maple Bluff Mystery 2008-01 Scott Rawson Scott Rawson
266 Leprechaun 2008-02 Callen Harty Callen Harty
267 Multiple O 2008-03 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
268 For What It's Worth 2008-04 Cassi Harris Cassi Harris
269 Shiny Things 2008-05 Heather Renken Heather Renken
270 Run Faggot Run 2008-06 Brian Wild Brian Wild
271 Dancing With My Other 2008-07 Lauri Harty Kathie Rassmussen
272 (Restaged) A Wake 2009-01 Matt Kenyon Callen Harty
273 The birds that are your hands 2009-02 Sol Kelly-Jones Sol Kelly-Jones
274 Where Were You When You Were Stolen? 2009-03 John Sable (Sabljak) Ron Fisher and John Sabljak
275 Lounging Around 2009-04 Ben Doran Siobhan Edge
276 Minglewood Blues 2009-05 Marty Mulhurn Doug Reed
277 Tales From the Dork Side 2009-06 Brian Wild Brian Wild
278 McBeth 2009-07 Greg Johnson Shakesphere, Contemporized by Callen Harty
279 Cattywompus 2010-01 Christina Beller Christina Beller and Justin Lawfer
280 The Wake of Liam Doherty 2010-02 Ndig0 Siobhan Edge
281 Multiple O: The Second Coming 2010-03 John Sable (Sabljak) John Sable (Sabljak)
282 Television: The Play 2010-04 Amanda Jones Amanda Jones
283 A Woman On Paper 2010-06 Heather Renken Heather Renken
284 Invisible Boy 2010-07 Callen Harty Callen Harty
285 Yoo-hoo, Rent-A-Cop, and the Ambulance Chaser's Bitch 2010-08 Ethan Mutz Ethan Mutz
286 Maya & Me 2011-01 Kay Dixon Kay Dixon
287 Riverwest: A Rhapsody 2011-02 Eric Theis Eric Theis
288 Hitler Was Right (The German Shepherd Is A Great Dog!• He Loved DOGS!) And Other Plays 2011-03 Rob Matsushita Rob Matsushita
289 Myth America 2011-04 Matt Kenyon Callen Harty
290 The Lamentable Tragedie of Scott Walker Governour of Wisconsin 2011-05 Doug Reed Doug Reed
291 A Broom Street Halloween 2011-06 Brian Wild Paula Duerksen, Jeff Duerksen, Callen Harty, Rob Matsushita, Scott Rawson, Laszlo Reed Doug Reed, Brian Wild and the cast of A Broom Street Halloween
292 The Ghosts Of Christmas Past 2011-07 Christina Beller and Scott Rawson Christina Beller and Scott Rawson
293 On the corner of clark and vine 2012-01 Autumn Shiley Autumn Shiley
294 Splendor in the Math 2012-02 Scott Feiner Scott Feiner
295 Iceland 2012-03 Collin Erickson and Heather Renken Micheal Tooher
296 900 2012-04 Rob Matsushita Rob Matsushita
297 Tracks: A Cycle in Two Plays 2012-05 Christopher Younggren Christopher Younggren
298 Rubbery with Violets, Or, If You Can See This, Thank Your Optician 2012-06 Jan Levine-Thal Siobhan Edge
299 Pericles 2012-07 Greg Harris William Sheakspeare
300 One Man/One Woman, A Comedy About Marriage Equality 2012-08 Callen Harty Callen Harty
301 Seeking Flight 2012-09 Malissa Lamont and Heather Renken Joan Broadman
302 Tales for Another Millennium 2012-10 Brian Wild Brian Wild
303 Class 2013-01 Tyler Falco Schott Coleman
304 Not the Artist 2013-02 Heather Renken Kurt Mc Ginnis Brown
305 Superhero Boogie 2013-03 Rob Matsushita Rob Matsushita
306 Orphan Train 2013-04 Lindsey Hoel Neds Deanna Reed
307 Lekker Mann 2013-05 Tracy M. Smith Tracy M. Smith
308 The Waiting Room 2013-06 Odari Kimani Michael Tooher
309 Triggered 2013-07 Callen Harty Callen Harty
310 The Sweet Lowdown 2013-08 John Siewert (Two Diabetics), Donald Dexter (The Sweet Lowdown) Matt DeFour (Two Diabetics), Mary Fairweather Dexter (The Sweet Lowdown)
311 Cassandra's Gift 2013-09 Jan Levine-Thal Jan Levine-Thal
312 Requiem for a Dungeon Master 2014-01 Scott Feiner Scott Feiner

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