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Buddha's statue near Belum Caves Andhra Pradesh India

This is a list of writers on Buddhism. The list is intended to include only those writers who have written books about Buddhism, and about whom there is already a Wikipedia article. Each entry needs to indicate the writer's most well-known work. Multiple works should be listed only if each work already has a Wikipedia article.

Early Buddhism[edit]

Main article: Early Buddhism

Early Buddhism is the oldest Buddhism, before the split into several sects. The only surviving school is Theravada. Early Buddhism is still being studied by scholars.

Theravada Buddhism[edit]

Wat Chaiwatthanaram temple in the old city of Ayutthaya in Thailand.
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Dalit Buddhist movement (India)[edit]

Other Theravada writers[edit]


  • B. R. Ambedkar,Religious Leader, an Indian jurist, political leader, Buddhist activist, philosopher, thinker, anthropologist, historian, orator, prolific writer, economist, scholar, editor, revolutionary and the revivalist of Buddhism in India. He was also the chief architect of the Indian Constitution.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi, political activist


Mahayana Buddhism[edit]

Main article: Mahayana

Although Mahayana Buddhism is virtually extinct in India, its philosophical systems, namely the Madhyamaka and Yogacara are still being studied.


Bodhidharma and Huike
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Humanistic Buddhism (China)[edit]

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Nichiren Buddhism (Japan)[edit]

Main article: Nichiren Buddhism

Vajrayana Buddhism[edit]

Main articles: Tantra and Vajrayana

Vajrayana originated as Tantra in India.

Tibetan Buddhism[edit]

Vajrayana was introduced in Tibet, preferring Indian Buddhism over Chinese Buddhism, where it still survives.

Religious writers[edit]


Western Buddhism[edit]

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Writers of fiction and literature[edit]

Writing instructors[edit]

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