List of Buffalo Bills first-round draft picks

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Joe Delamielleure, drafted by the Bills in 1973, became a Hall of Famer in 2003.

The Buffalo Bills are an American football franchise based in Orchard Park, New York. They are members of the American Football Conference (AFC) East division in the National Football League (NFL).[1]

Every year during April, each NFL franchise seeks to add new players to its roster through a collegiate draft known as "the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting", which is more commonly known as the NFL Draft. The NFL Draft, as a whole, gives the advantage to the teams that did poorly the previous season. The 30 teams that did not make the Super Bowl are ranked in order so the team with the worst record picks first and the team with the best record pick last. The two exceptions to this inverse order are made for teams that appeared in the previous Super Bowl; the Super Bowl champion selects 32nd overall, and the Super Bowl loser selects 31st overall. If the franchise so chooses, they may trade their draft picks for any combination of draft picks, players, and money.[2]


Table key
^ Indicates the player was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
The Bills did not draft a player in the first round that year.
Year Each year links to an article about that particular NFL Draft.
Pick Indicates the number of the pick within the first round
Position Indicates the position of the player in the NFL
College The player's college football team

Player selections[edit]

Bruce Smith, drafted by the Bills in 1985, became a Hall of Famer in 2009.
Buffalo Bills first-round draft picks
Year Pick Player name Position College Notes
1966 8 Dennis, MikeMike Dennis Running back Ole Miss
1967 22 Pitts, JohnJohn Pitts Safety Arizona State
1968 9 Moses, HavenHaven Moses Wide receiver San Diego State
1969 1 Simpson, O.J.O.J. Simpson  ^  Running back USC
1970 5 Cowlings, AlAl Cowlings Defensive tackle Southern California
1971 4 Hill, J. D.J. D. Hill Wide receiver Arizona State
1972 1 Patulski, WaltWalt Patulski Defensive end Notre Dame
1973 7 Seymour, PaulPaul Seymour Tight end Michigan
1973 26 DeLamielleure, JoeJoe DeLamielleure  ^  Guard Michigan State
1974 18 Gant, ReubenReuben Gant Tight end Oklahoma State
1975 19 Ruud, TomTom Ruud Linebacker Nebraska
1976 18 Clark, MarioMario Clark Defensive back Oregon
1977 12 Dokes, PhilPhil Dokes Defensive tackle Oklahoma State
1978 5 Miller, TerryTerry Miller Running back Oklahoma State
1979 1 Cousineau, TomTom Cousineau Linebacker Ohio State
1979 5 Butler, JerryJerry Butler Wide receiver Clemson
1980 16 Ritcher, JimJim Ritcher Center North Carolina State
1981 28 Moore, BookerBooker Moore Running back Penn State
1982 19 Tuttle, PerryPerry Tuttle Wide receiver Clemson
1983 12 Hunter, TonyTony Hunter Tight end Notre Dame
1983 14 Kelly, JimJim Kelly  ^  Quarterback Miami (FL)
1984 26 Bell, GregGreg Bell Running back Notre Dame
1985 1 Smith, BruceBruce Smith  ^  Defensive end Virginia Tech
1985 14 Burroughs, DerrickDerrick Burroughs Defensive back Memphis State
1986 16 Harmon, RonnieRonnie Harmon Running back Iowa
1986 20 Wolford, WillWill Wolford Offensive tackle Vanderbilt
1987 8 Conlan, ShaneShane Conlan Linebacker Penn State
1988 No pick
1989 No pick
1990 16 Williams, JamesJames Williams Defensive back Fresno State
1991 26 Jones, HenryHenry Jones Defensive back Illinois
1992 27 Fina, JohnJohn Fina Offensive tackle Arizona
1993 28 Smith, ThomasThomas Smith Defensive back North Carolina
1994 27 Burris, JeffJeff Burris Defensive back Notre Dame
1995 14 Brown, RubenRuben Brown Guard Pittsburgh
1996 24 Moulds, EricEric Moulds Wide receiver Mississippi State
1997 23 Smith, AntowainAntowain Smith Running back Houston
1998 No pick
1999 23 Winfield, AntoineAntoine Winfield Defensive back Ohio State
2000 26 Flowers, ErikErik Flowers Defensive end Arizona State
2001 21 Clements, NateNate Clements Defensive back Ohio State
2002 4 Williams, MikeMike Williams Offensive tackle Texas
2003 23 McGahee, WillisWillis McGahee Running back Miami (FL)
2004 13 Evans, LeeLee Evans Wide receiver Wisconsin
2004 22 Losman, J. P.J. P. Losman Quarterback Tulane
2005 No pick
2006 8 Whitner, DonteDonte Whitner Safety Ohio State
2006 26 McCargo, JohnJohn McCargo Defensive tackle North Carolina State
2007 12 Lynch, MarshawnMarshawn Lynch Running back California
2008 11 McKelvin, LeodisLeodis McKelvin Defensive back Troy
2009 11 Maybin, AaronAaron Maybin Defensive end Penn State
2009 28 Wood, EricEric Wood Center Louisville
2010 9 Spiller, C.J.C.J. Spiller Running back Clemson
2011 3 Dareus, MarcellMarcell Dareus Defensive tackle Alabama
2012 10 Gilmore, StephonStephon Gilmore Cornerback South Carolina
2013 16 Manuel, EJEJ Manuel Quarterback Florida State
2014 4 Watkins, SammySammy Watkins Wide receiver Clemson
2015 No pick [3]
2016 19 Lawson, ShaqShaq Lawson Defensive end Clemson


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