List of Bulgarian military equipment of World War II

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The following is a list of Bulgarian military equipment of World War II which includes artillery, vehicles and vessels. World War II was a global war that was under way by 1939 and ended in 1945. Bulgaria was neutral country until 1 March 1941. Then it allied with Axis Powers until 9 September 1944 and then it aligned with allies for the rest of war.

Knives and bayonets[edit]

Small arms[edit]


Automatic pistols and submachine guns[edit]


Grenades and grenade launchers[edit]

  • Bulgarian defensive hand stick grenade
  • Bulgarian offensive hand stick grenade (Model 24 grenade license-built in Kazanlak)[2]
  • Illegally produced grenades

Recoilless rifles[edit]


Machine guns[edit]

Infantry and dual-purpose machine guns[edit]

Vehicle and aircraft machine guns[edit]


Infantry mortars[edit]

Heavy mortars & rocket launchers[edit]

Field artillery[edit]

Fortress and siege guns[edit]

Anti-tank guns[edit]

Anti-tank weapons (besides anti-tank guns)[edit]

Anti-aircraft weapons[edit]

Light anti-aircraft guns[edit]

Heavy anti-aircraft guns[edit]




Self-propelled guns[edit]



Armored cars[edit]

Engineering and command[edit]


Passenger cars[edit]


Tractors & prime movers[edit]

Miscellaneous vehicles[edit]

  • Stoewer R200 Spezial 40 - 10[10]

Navy ships and war vessels[edit]

  • Gunboat "Dorostor"
  • 3 of 56-ton No. 1 German-built torpedo boats, "Varna", "Rila" and unknown vessel commissioned in July 1941[11]
  • 6 of 97-ton Drazki-class patrol boats
  • 2 of 77-ton French-built patrol boats, "Belomorets" and "Chernomorets"
  • 2 of 41-ton Minyor-class US-built patrol boats, "Kapitan-leytenant K. Minkov" and "Vzriv" (from 1921)
  • 4 of 31-ton No. 4 Dutch-built torpedo boats (6 captured by Germans)[12]
  • 10 of 30-ton Yugoslavia-built Granichar-class motor launches on Lake Ohrid[13]
  • 14 Bulgarian-built MFP-class landing ships[14]
  • 19 auxiliary vessels, including minesweepers, minelayers, tugs, training ships, barges and ferries
  • 38 F-boats (June 1941)[15]
  • List of ships of the Second World War

Also, Bulgaria had a 14 merchant ships, one of which ("Rodina") was sunk near Burgas 19 September 1941[16]



Missiles & bombs[edit]

Nercter 54[citation needed]

Cartridges and shells[edit]

Tuplolev 32 shells-334455 of them

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