List of Burmese Chinese

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Taw Sein Ko was Burma's first recorded archaeologist and served as Superintedent of the Archaeological Survey Department in British Burma.

The following is a list of Burmese Chinese (Chinese of Burmese descent).

Burmese Chinese[edit]

Politics and government[edit]

  • Ne Win (possibly Hakka),[1] paramount leader of Burma, 1960s to 1980s
  • Aung Gyi 陈天旺 (Hokkien), leading army dissident and Ne Win's former deputy/co-conspirator in the 1962 coup
  • San Yu (Hakka), President of Burma (1981–1988)
  • Khin Nyunt (Hakka),[2] Prime Minister (2003–2004); Chief of Intelligence (1983–2004)
  • Kat Sein, former Minister of Health
  • Kyaw Myint, Minister of Health
  • Pheung Kya-shin, (Yunnanese), leader of Kokang Special Region and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army
  • Kyaw Ba (Yunnanese), former Minister for Tourism
  • Daw Khin lay That ( Wife of Former General Thura Shwe Man )




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