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This is a list of notable ethnic Buryats, sorted by field and last name regardless of citizenship / nationality.

Buryat ethnicity is associated with one's father's ethnicity alone. In case mother is of another ethnicity it is not specifically expressed.

Buryats are also sorted in Category:Buryat people. Territorially related are List of Mongolians, Category:People from Buryatia, Category:People from Zabaykalsky Krai.


  • Byambyn Rinchen (1905–1977) — Mongolian linguist and historian, also fiction writer and poet
  • Gombojab Tsybikov (1873–1930) — early photographer of Tibet, ethnographer and historian
  • Tsyben Zhamtsarano (1881–1942) — ethnographer and historian, Corresponding Member of the Academy of USSR, also a politician in Russia and Mongolia, pan-mongolist



Irina Pantaeva


  • Amarkhuu Borkhuu (born 1987) — pop singer
  • Namgar Lhasaranova, female singer, leader of traditional / ethno rock group Namgar

Political figures[edit]

For politicians, only highest achieved positions are given in this list.

Dorzhiyev, before 1917 as Khambo Lama

Religious figures[edit]

Lama Itigelov, before 1917


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