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A List of feature films produced or distributed by the British company Butcher's Film Service. The company began active production during the First World War. In the 1950s and 1960s it developed a reputation as a leading producer of low-budget films, often second features.[1]


Title Release Date Director Notes
A Welsh Singer December 1915 Henry Edwards
Face to Face March 1916 Frank Wilson
A Place in the Sun June 1916 Laurence Trimble
Grim Justice August 1916 Laurence Trimble
East Is East August 1916 Henry Edwards
The Grit of a Jew May 1917 Maurice Elvey
The Woman Who Was Nothing June 1917 Maurice Elvey
Merely Mrs. Stubbs July 1917 Henry Edwards
The Failure August 1917 Henry Edwards
Flames September 1917 Maurice Elvey
Broken Threads December 1917 Henry Edwards
Mary Girl December 1917 Maurice Elvey
Meg o' the Woods February 1918 Bertram Phillips
Goodbye March 1918 Maurice Elvey
Because April 1918 Sidney Morgan
What Would a Gentleman Do? May 1918 Wilfred Noy
Spinner o' Dreams June 1918 Wilfred Noy
Democracy October 1918 Sidney Morgan
After Many Days January 1919 Sidney Morgan
All Men Are Liars January 1919 Sidney Morgan
As He Was Born January 1919 Wilfred Noy
The Nature of the Beast January 1919 Cecil M. Hepworth
The Starting Point June 1919 Edwin J. Collins
The Kinsman June 1919 Henry Edwards
Sunken Rocks August 1919 Cecil M. Hepworth
Possession September 1919 Henry Edwards
Sheba October 1919 Cecil M. Hepworth
Nobody's Child October 1919 George Edwardes-Hall
The Forest on the Hill November 1919 Cecil M. Hepworth
Sweet and Twenty November 1919 Sidney Morgan


Title Release Date Director Notes
Desire January 1920 George Edwardes-Hall
Lady Noggs January 1920 Sidney Morgan
A Temporary Vagabond January 1920 Henry Edwards
Lorna Doone February 1920 Horace Lisle Lucoque
The Black Sheep March 1920 Sidney Morgan
The Scarlet Wooing April 1920 Sidney Morgan
Fate's Plaything May 1920 Maurits Binger
The Black Spider May 1920 William J. Humphrey
Little Dorrit August 1920 Sidney Morgan
The Sword of Damocles August 1920 George Ridgwell
Laddie September 1920 Bannister Merwin
The Woman of the Iron Bracelets September 1920 Sidney Morgan
Two Little Wooden Shoes September 1920 Sidney Morgan
The Law Divine November 1920 Challis Sanderson
By Berwin Banks November 1920 Sidney Morgan
The Children of Gibeon November 1920 Sidney Morgan
The Channings November 1920 Edwin J. Collins
A Man's Shadow December 1920 Sidney Morgan
Kissing Cup's Race December 1920 Walter West
Hard Cash February 1921 Edwin J. Collins
The Scallywag March 1921 Challis Sanderson
Stella April 1921 Edwin J. Collins
Daniel Deronda May 1921 W. Courtney Rowden
Corinthian Jack June 1921 W. Courtney Rowden
Miss Charity August 1921 Edwin J. Collins
Love at the Wheel September 1921 Bannister Merwin
The God in the Garden October 1921 Edwin J. Collins
The Marriage Lines November 1921 Wilfred Noy
The Mayor of Casterbridge November 1921 Sidney Morgan
A Lowland Cinderella December 1921 Sidney Morgan
When Greek Meets Greek May 1922 Walter West
The Lilac Sunbonnet July 1922 Sidney Morgan
A Sporting Double July 1922 Arthur Rooke
Son of Kissing Cup August 1922 Walter West
Fires of Innocence September 1922 Sidney Morgan
Pages of Life November 1922 Adelqui Migliar
Was She Justified? November 1922 Walter West
Weavers of Fortune December 1922 Arthur Rooke
Rogues of the Turf January 1923 Walter West
Hornet's Nest March 1923 Walter West
The Lady Owner April 1923 Walter West
Little Miss Nobody June 1923 Wilfred Noy
Beautiful Kitty July 1923 Walter West
The School for Scandal September 1923 Bertram Phillips
What Price Loving Cup? October 1923 Walter West
M'Lord of the White Road November 1923 Arthur Rooke
In the Blood December 1923 Walter West
The Great Turf Mystery January 1924 Walter West
The Wine of Life May 1924 Arthur Rooke
The Gay Corinthian July 1924 Arthur Rooke
The Stirrup Cup Sensation September 1924 Walter West
The Diamond Man October 1924 Arthur Rooke
Nets of Destiny November 1924 Arthur Rooke
Livingstone January 1925 M.A. Wetherell
The Little People April 1926 George Pearson
Wait and See February 1928 Walter Forde
The Hellcat March 1928 Harry Hughes
Virginia's Husband May 1928 Harry Hughes
What Next? June 1928 Walter Forde
Troublesome Wives August `1928 Harry Hughes
The Silent House January 1929 Walter Forde
Would You Believe It! May 1929 Walter Forde


Title Release Date Director Notes
Red Pearls February 1930 Walter Forde
You'd Be Surprised! April 1930 Walter Forde
The Last Hour June 1930 Walter Forde
Such Is the Law November 1930 Sinclair Hill
Kissing Cup's Race November 1930 Castleton Knight
Deadlock September 1931 George King
The Great Gay Road December 1931 Sinclair Hill
Watch Beverly October 1932 Arthur Maude
The House of Trent December 1933 Norman Walker
Love's Old Sweet Song December 1933 Manning Haynes
Boots! Boots! July 1934 Bert Tracy
Danny Boy July 1934 Oswald Mitchell
Song at Eventide July 1934 Harry Hughes
The Broken Rosary 1934 Harry Hughes
Womanhood 1934 Harry Hughes
Barnacle Bill January 1935 Harry Hughes
Variety March 1935 Adrian Brunel
City of Beautiful Nonsense May 1935 Adrian Brunel
Cock o' the North July 1935 Oswald Mitchell
Father O'Flynn November 1935 Wilfred Noy
Lieutenant Daring R.N. 1935 Reginald Denham
King of Hearts March 1936 Oswald Mitchell
Melody of My Heart April 1936 Wilfred Noy
Annie Laurie 1936 Walter Tennyson
Shipmates o' Mine 1936 Oswald Mitchell
Stars on Parade 1936 Oswald Mitchell
Well Done, Henry 1936 Wilfred Noy
Variety Parade 1936 Oswald Mitchell
Love Up the Pole September 1936 Clifford Gulliver
Rose of Tralee April 1937 Oswald Mitchell
Song of the Forge May 1937 Henry Edwards
Old Mother Riley August 1937 Oswald Mitchell
The Minstrel Boy September 1937 Sidney Morgan
The Schooner Gang 1937 W. Devenport Hackney
Old Mother Riley in Paris May 1938 Oswald Mitchell
Almost a Gentleman June 1938 Oswald Mitchell
Anything to Declare? December 1938 Redd Davis
Many Tanks Mr. Atkins December 1938 Roy William Neill
Mountains O'Mourne 1938 Harry Hughes
Little Dolly Daydream 1938 Oswald Mitchell
Lily of Laguna 1938 Oswald Mitchell
Night Journey 1938 Oswald Mitchell
Sword of Honour March 1939 Maurice Elvey
Old Mother Riley M.P. August 1939 Oswald Mitchell
Music Hall Parade 1939 Oswald Mitchell


Title Release Date Director Notes
The Girl Who Forgot February 1940 Adrian Brunel
Pack Up Your Troubles February 1940 Oswald Mitchell
Jailbirds February 1940 Oswald Mitchell
Somewhere in England August 1940 John E. Blakeley
Three Silent Men December 1940 Thomas Bentley
Garrison Follies October 1940 Maclean Rogers
Sailors Don't Care December 1940 Oswald Mitchell
Cavalcade of Variety December 1940 Thomas Bentley
Danny Boy August 1941 Oswald Mitchell
Facing the Music August 1941 Maclean Rogers
Sheepdog of the Hills December 1941 Germain Burger
Gert and Daisy's Week-end February 1942 Maclean Rogers
Somewhere in Camp February 1942 John E. Blakeley
Bob's Your Uncle March 1942 Oswald Mitchell
Front Line Kids June 1942 Maclean Rogers
Gert and Daisy Clean Up August 1942 Maclean Rogers
Rose of Tralee 1942 Germain Burger
Somewhere on Leave February 1943 John E. Blakeley
Variety Jubilee June 1943 Maclean Rogers
I'll Walk Beside You August 1943 Maclean Rogers
Somewhere in Civvies November 1943 Maclean Rogers
It's in the Bag February 1944 Herbert Mason
Demobbed June 1944 John E. Blakeley
Kiss the Bride Goodbye January 1945 Paul L. Stein
My Ain Folk April 1945 Germain Burger
For You Alone May 1945 Geoffrey Faithfull
Home Sweet Home October 1945 John E. Blakeley
Under New Management May 1946 John E. Blakeley
I'll Turn to You June 1946 Geoffrey Faithfull
Send for Paul Temple December 1946 John Argyle
When You Come Home April 1947 John Baxter
The Hangman Waits June 1947 A. Barr-Smith
The Hills of Donegal September 1947 John Argyle
Night Comes Too Soon May 1948 Denis Kavanagh
Calling Paul Temple June 1948 Maclean Rogers
The Story of Shirley Yorke October 1948 Maclean Rogers
The Monkey's Paw November 1948 Norman Lee
But Not in Vain December 1948 Edmond T. Gréville
Dark Secret October 1949 Maclean Rogers


Title Release Date Director Notes
Paul Temple's Triumph May 1950 Maclean Rogers
Paul Temple's Triumph July 1950 Lewis Gilbert
Something in the City September 1950 Maclean Rogers
Scarlet Thread May 1951 Lewis Gilbert
There Is Another Sun June 1951 Lewis Gilbert
Madame Louise October 1951 Maclean Rogers
Salute the Toff January 1952 Maclean Rogers
Emergency Call May 1952 Lewis Gilbert
Hammer the Toff May 1952 Maclean Rogers
Paul Temple Returns November 1952 Maclean Rogers
There Was a Young Lady January 1953 Lawrence Huntington
The Broken Horseshoe July 1953 Martyn C. Webster
Marilyn November 1953 Wolf Rilla
Operation Diplomat December 1953 John Guillermin
The Black Rider December 1954 Wolf Rilla
Stock Car 1955 Wolf Rilla
It's a Great Day 1955 John Warrington
Cloak Without Dagger February 1956 Joseph Sterling
Assignment Redhead October 1956 Maclean Rogers
You Pay Your Money February 1957 Maclean Rogers
Man from Tangier June 1957 Lance Comfort
Undercover Girl January 1958 Francis Searle
Blind Spot July 1958 Peter Maxwell
The Golden Disc August 1958 Don Sharp
Mark of the Phoenix November 1958 Maclean Rogers
The Secret Man December 1958 Ronald Kinnoch
Them Nice Americans 1958 Anthony Young
In the Wake of a Stranger June 1959 David Eady
The Crowning Touch June 1959 David Eady
Life in Danger September 1959 Terry Bishop
Cover Girl Killer September 1959 Terry Bishop
Naked Fury 1959 Charles Saunders


Title Release Date Director Notes
Trouble with Eve March 1960 Francis Searle
Man Who Couldn't Walk October 1960 Henry Cass
The Gentle Trap October 1960 Charles Saunders
The Hand October 1960 Henry Cass
Rag Doll March 1961 Lance Comfort
Pit of Darkness October 1961 Lance Comfort
The Breaking Point 1961 Lance Comfort
Freedom to Die 1961 Francis Searle
Emergency March 1962 Francis Searle
Gaolbreak April 1962 Francis Searle
Serena June 1962 Peter Maxwell
Danger by My Side September 1962 Charles Saunders
Night of the Prowler December 1962 Francis Searle
Impact February 1963 Peter Maxwell
Echo of Diana May 1963 Ernest Morris
Shadow of Fear July 1963 Ernest Morris
The Hi-Jackers December 1963 Jim O'Connolly
Frozen Alive December 1964 Bernard Knowles
The Sicilians 1964 Ernest Morris
Smokescreen 1964 Jim O'Connolly
The Night Caller December 1965 John Gilling
Some May Live April 1967 Vernon Sewell
Walk a Crooked Path October 1969 John Brason
Night After Night After Night 1969 Lindsay Shonteff

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