List of Canada's Next Top Model contestants

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This is a list of contestants who have appeared on the Canadian television show Canada's Next Top Model. Contestants compete against each other to become the next Canadian top model. They are judged by creative director Jay Manuel (previously judged by model Tricia Helfer) and his panel of judges, and win a modelling contract with a modelling agency, a cover and/or spread in a magazine, and a cosmetics campaign with Procter & Gamble.

The series first aired in 2006 and as of 2009, there have been three cycles that have aired. A total of 31 different participants have been selected as finalists in the show in its four years running, with models Andrea Muizelaar, Rebecca Hardy and Meaghan DeWarrenne-Waller crowned "Canada's Next Top Model".


Andrea Muizelaar, winner of Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
Rebecca Hardy, winner of Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 2
Name Age[1] Hometown Season Finish
Sylvie Majcher 23 Sherwood Park, Alberta Cycle 1 10th
Dawn Buggins 22 Calgary, Alberta Cycle 1 9th
Natalie Talson 22 New Westminster, British Columbia Cycle 1 8th
Heather Dorssers 20 Blenheim, Ontario Cycle 1 7th
Tenika Davis 23 Newmarket, Ontario Cycle 1 6th
Ylenia Aurucci 23 Vancouver, British Columbia Cycle 1 5th
Brandi Alexander 21 Vancouver, British Columbia Cycle 1 4th
Sisi Wang 23 Richmond, British Columbia Cycle 1 3rd
Alanna Shelast 19 Kelowna, British Columbia Cycle 1 Runner-Up
Andrea Muizelaar 19 Whitby, Ontario Cycle 1 Winner
Michelle "Mika" Emmé 25 Toronto, Ontario Cycle 2 10th
Jacqueline Blackman 20 Vancouver, British Columbia Cycle 2 9th
Stefanie "Steff" Groulx 20 Cornwall, Ontario Cycle 2 8th
Gina Guimont 23 Calgary, Alberta Cycle 2 7th
Morayo "Mo" Ninalowo 20 Toronto, Ontario Cycle 2 6th
Corinne "Cori" MacKinnon 18 Val Caron, Ontario Cycle 2 5th
Tia Ayrton-Hill 19 Montreal, Quebec Cycle 2 3rd/4th
Tara-Marie "Tara" Winspur 20 Calgary, Alberta Cycle 2
Sinead Brady 18 Chatham, Ontario Cycle 2 Runner-Up
Rebecca Hardy 22 Mannheim, Ontario Cycle 2 Winner
Alexandra McCallum 22 Penticton, British Columbia Cycle 3 11th (quit)
Tiffany MacDonald 23 Toronto, Ontario Cycle 3 10th
Jillian "Jill" Pukesh 19 Vancouver, British Columbia Cycle 3 9th
Ebonie Finley 21 Repentigny, Quebec Cycle 3 8th
Tara Didon 19 Châteauguay, Quebec Cycle 3 7th
Rebeccah Wyse 18 Cambridge, Ontario Cycle 3 6th
Heather Delaney 21 Halifax, Nova Scotia Cycle 3 5th
Maryam Massoumi 18 North Vancouver, British Columbia Cycle 3 4th
Nikita Kiceluk 19 Calgary, Alberta Cycle 3 3rd
Linsay Willier 22 Edmonton, Alberta Cycle 3 Runner-Up
Meaghan DeWarrenne-Waller 19 Winnipeg, Manitoba Cycle 3 Winner


^1 Contestant's ages are at the time of the season's filming.