List of Canadian Formula Fords

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Several Formula Ford racing cars have been designed or built in Canada.

Name Designed or built by Notes
Aero Dobroslov Hajek (1)
Aero 2 Ed Caroll, Ian Willis, Keith Willis (2) based on the Aero
Ash Wayne Pinney (2) 002 Driven by Ron Fellows, 003 by Randy Packham
Chinook Fejer
Ferret Alec Purdy, Fred Wilken first model built in 1970
Mk IV model built in 1973 still competitive[1]
Harfang Jacques Dulac, Alain Dulac
Hayman Roy Hayman (2)
Jonak Mark Jonak, Vladimir Jonak models 86 and 86B, built in 1986
Locust DWF Percy Adler
Magnum Jean-Pierre St-Jacques Mk I built in 1970
Mk II built in 1971
Mk III built in 1972
Mk IV built in 1989
(a Magnum Mk III was driven to the 1973 Quebec Formula Ford championship by Gilles Villeneuve)[2]
Monoplace CMV Jacques Cadorette, Marc Montmigny, Mario Villenuve
Patterson Mark Patterson one example, built in Belcarra, BC in 1976[3]
Pulsar Bob McCallum modeled after Crossle 32F
Tsunami Bob McCallum, Rob Keur 2 built; first one completed in 1984
Xpit Eric Siegrist the name is pronounced speet[1]


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