List of Canadian airports by location indicator: CP

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Format of entries is:

  • Location indicator – IATA – Airport Name (alternate name) – Airport Location

Airports that are part of the National Airports System are emphasised.

CP – Canada - CAN[edit]

Also see airport category and list.

TC LID   IATA   Airport name   Community and province  
CPA2 Mount Forest (Louise Marshall Hospital) Heliport Mount Forest, Ontario
CPA3 Palmerston (District Hospital) Heliport Palmerston, Ontario
CPA4 Simcoe (Dennison Field) Airport Simcoe, Ontario
CPA5 Toronto/Tarten Heliport Toronto, Ontario
CPA6 Hagersville (West Haldimand General Hospital) Heliport Hagersville, Ontario
CPA7 Meaford (General Hospital) Heliport Meaford, Ontario
CPA8 Simco (Norfolk General Hospital) Heliport Simcoe, Ontario
CPA9 Dunnville (Haldimand War Memorial Hospital) Heliport Dunnville, Ontario
CPB2 Fergus (Groves Memorial Community Hospital) Heliport Fergus, Ontario
CPB3 Welland (County General Hospital) Heliport Welland, Ontario
CPB5 Pilot Butte Airport Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan
CPB6 Pointe au Baril Station Water Aerodrome Pointe au Baril, Ontario
CPB7 Bancroft (North Hastings District Hospital) Heliport Bancroft, Ontario
CPB8 Bistcho Airport Bistcho, Alberta
CPB9 Baldwin Airport Baldwin, York Regional Municipality, Ontario
CPC2 Port Carling Aerodrome Port Carling, Ontario
CPC3 Arthur (Walter's Field) Aerodrome Arthur, Ontario
CPC4 Brampton (National "D") Heliport Brampton, Ontario
CPC6 Teeswater (Thompson Field) Airport Teeswater, Ontario
CPC7 Pontiac Airpark Water Aerodrome Pontiac, Quebec
CPC9 Huntsville (Memorial District Hospital) Heliport Huntsville, Ontario
CPD2 Ethel Airport Ethel, Ontario
CPD3 Durham (Memorial Hospital) Heliport Durham, Ontario
CPD4 Brussels (Armstrong Field) Airport Brussels, Ontario
CPD5 Paudash (Paudash Lake) Water Aerodrome Paudash, Ontario
CPD7 Peggo Devon Canada Aerodrome Peggo, British Columbia
CPD9 Markdale (Centre Grey General Hospital) Heliport Markdale, Ontario
CPE2 Ajax (Pickering General Hospital) Heliport Ajax, Ontario
CPE3 Elk Lake Airport Elk Lake, Ontario
CPE4 Cambridge/Reid's Field Airport Cambridge, Ontario
CPE5 Port Colborne Airport Port Colborne, Ontario
CPE6 South River-Sundridge District Airport South River/Sundridge, Ontario
CPE7 Picton (Prince Edward County Hospital) Heliport Picton, Ontario
CPE8 Oakville (Trafalgar Memorial Hospital) Heliport Oakville, Ontario
CPE9 Armstrong Heliport Armstrong, Ontario
CPF2 Bar River Airport Bar River, Ontario
CPF4 Cobden/Bruce McPhail Memorial Airport Cobden, Ontario
CPF6 Stoney Creek Airport Stoney Creek, Ontario
CPF7 Southampton Aerodrome Southampton, Ontario
CPF9 Lake Rosseau/Arthurlie Bay Water Aerodrome Port Carling, Ontario
CPG3 Fort Erie (Eurocopter Canada) Heliport Fort Erie, Ontario
CPG4 Elmira (East) Airport Elmira, Ontario
CPG5 Hawkesbury (East) Airport Hawkesbury, Ontario
CPG7 Fergus (Juergensen Field) Airport Fergus, Ontario
CPG8 Chatham (Public General Hospital) Heliport Chatham, Ontario
CPG9 Renfew (Victoria Hospital) Heliport Renfew, Ontario
CPH2 Deep River/Rolph Airport Deep River, Ontario
CPH3 Port Hope (Peter's Field) Aerodrome Port Hope, Ontario
CPH4 Dolbeau-Mistassini/Potvin Heli-Base Heliport Dolbeau-Mistassini, Quebec
CPH7 Toronto/Markham Stouffville Heliport Toronto, Ontario
CPH8 Brockville (Medical) Heliport Brockville, Ontario
CPH9 Fordwich Airport Fordwich, Ontario
CPJ2 Alliston Heliport Alliston, Ontario
CPJ3 Hamilton (Chedoke-McMaster Hospital) Heliport Hamilton, Ontario
CPJ4 Geraldton (District Hospital) Heliport Geraldton, Ontario
CPJ5 Stirling Aerodrome Stirling, Ontario
CPJ6 St-Pierre-Jolys (Carl's Field) Aerodrome St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba
CPJ7 Kingston (General Hospital) Heliport Kingston, Ontario
CPJ9 Manitowaning Water Aerodrome Manitowaning, Ontario
CPK2 Strathroy (Blue Yonder) Airport Strathroy-Caradoc, Ontario
CPK3 Hamilton (General Hospital) Heliport Hamilton, Ontario
CPK6 Toronto (Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital) Heliport Toronto, Ontario
CPK7 Ottawa (Children's Hospital) Heliport Ottawa, Ontario
CPK8 Renfrew/Black Donald Lake Water Aerodrome Renfew, Ontario
CPK9 Arthur (Peskett Field) Aerodrome Arthur, Ontario
CPL2 Bracebridge (South Muskoka Memorial Hospital) Heliport Bracebridge, Ontario
CPL3 Kars/Rideau Valley Air Park (Rideau Valley Air Park) Kars, Ontario
CPL4 Grand Bend Airport Grand Bend, Ontario
CPL5 Thessalon Municipal Airport Thessalon, Ontario
CPL6 Parkland Airport Parkland County, Alberta
CPL7 Bowmanville (Memorial Hospital) Heliport Bowmanville, Ontario
CPL8 Toronto/Cardinal Couriers Heliport Toronto, Ontario
CPM3 Pourvoirie Mirage Aerodrome Mirage Lodge, Trans-Taiga Road, Quebec
CPM5 Tottenham/Volk Airport Tottenham, Ontario
CPM7 Bradford Aerodrome (Brantford Municipal Airport) Bradford, Ontario
CPN3 Moose Factory Heliport Moose Factory, Ontario
CPN2 Pontiac Airpark Pontiac, Quebec
CPN4 Hanover/Saugeen Municipal Airport Hanover, Ontario
CPN5 Listowel Airport Listowel, Ontario
CPN6 Algoma Mills Water Aerodrome Algoma Mills, Ontario
CPN7 Carleton Place (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport Carleton Place, Ontario
CPP2 Collingwood (General and Marine Hospital) Heliport Collingwood, Ontario
CPP3 Port Perry/Hoskin Aerodrome Port Perry, Ontario
CPP6 York Aerodrome York, Ontario
CPP7 Ottawa (Civic Hospital) Heliport Ottawa, Ontario
CPQ3 Niagara Falls Heliport Niagara Falls, Ontario
CPQ4 Lefroy Airport Lefroy, Ontario
CPQ6 Lake Rosseau/Cameron Bay Water Aerodrome Rosseau, Ontario
CPQ7 Skeleton Lake Water Aerodrome Skeleton Lake, Ontario
CPR2 Ottawa/Embrun Aerodrome Embrun, Ontario
CPR3 Palmerston Airport Palmerston, Ontario
CPR4 London (University Hospital) Heliport London, Ontario
CPR5 Woodstock Airport (Ontario) Woodstock, Ontario
CPR7 Wingham/Richard W. LeVan Aerodrome Wingham, Ontario
CPR8 Pincher Creek (Hospital) Heliport Pincher Creek, Alberta
CPR9 Fergus (Royland Field) Aerodrome Fergus, Ontario
CPS1 Parry Sound Harbour Water Aerodrome Parry Sound, Ontario
CPS2 Keene/Elmhirst's Resort Airport Keene, Ontario
CPS4 Lucan Airport Lucan, Ontario
CPS5 Miminiska Airport Miminiska, Ontario
CPS6 Cornwall (Community Hospital McConnell Site) Heliport Cornwall, Ontario
CPS7 Orton/Smith Field Airport Orton, Ontario
CPS8 Parry Sound/Huron Island Water Aerodrome Parry Sound, Ontario
CPS9 Parry Sound/Frying Pan Island-Sans Souci Water Aerodrome Parry Sound, Ontario
CPT2 Killarney Airport Killarney, Ontario
CPT3 Rockton Airport Rockton, Ontario
CPT6 Perry Lake Water Aerodrome Perry Lake, Ontario
CPT7 Mattawa Water Aerodrome Mattawa, Ontario
CPT8 Parry Sound/Deep Bay Water Aerodrome Parry Sound, Ontario
CPT9 Pintendre Aerodrome Pintendre, Quebec
CPU2 Kincardine (South Bruce Grey Health Centre) Heliport Kincardine, Ontario
CPU3 Rodney (New Glasgow) Airport Rodney, Ontario
CPU4 Manitouwadge (General Hospital) Heliport Manitouwadge, Ontario
CPU5 Orillia/Matchedash Lake Water Aerodrome Orillia, Ontario
CPU6 Tyendinaga (Mohawk) Airport Tyendinaga, Ontario
CPV2 Orangeville/Castlewood Field Aerodrome Orangeville, Ontario
CPV3 St. Joseph Island Airport St. Joseph Island, Ontario
CPV4 Mansfield Airport Mansfield, Ontario
CPV5 Head Lake Water Aerodrome Head Lake, Ontario
CPV6 Barry's Bay (St. Francis Memorial Hospital) Heliport Barry's Bay, Ontario
CPV7 YHP Poplar Hill Airport Poplar Hill, Ontario
CPV8 KEW Keewaywin Airport Keewaywin, Ontario
CPV9 Poverty Valley Aerodrome Poverty Valley, Saskatchewan
CPW2 London (Victoria Hospital) Heliport London, Ontario
CPW3 Nobleton Airport Nobleton, Ontario
CPW5 Timmins/Porcupine Lake Water Aerodrome Timmins, Ontario
CPW6 Midland (Huronia District Hospital) Heliport Midland, Ontario
CPW8 Powell River (Hospital) Heliport Powell River, British Columbia
CPW9 Port Alberni Water Aerodrome Port Alberni, British Columbia
CPX2 Marathon (Wilson Memorial Hospital) Heliport Marathon, Ontario
CPX6 Port Perry (Community Memorial Hospital) Heliport Port Perry, Ontario
CPX8 Sault Ste. Marie Water Aerodrome Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
CPY2 Milton (District Hospital) Heliport Milton, Ontario
CPY3 Beardmore (Health Centre) Heliport Beardmore, Ontario
CPY5 Toronto/Wilson's Heliport Toronto, Ontario
CPY8 Port Carling/Butterfly Lake Water Aerodrome Port Carling, Ontario
CPY9 Fergus (Holyoake Airfield) Aerodrome Fergus, Ontario
CPZ2 Alliston (Stevenson Memorial Hospital) Heliport Alliston, Ontario
CPZ3 Trenton/Mountain View Airport Mountain View, Ontario
CPZ6 Montréal/Point Zero Heliport Montreal, Quebec
CPZ7 Mac Tier/Francis Island Water Aerodrome Mac Tier, Ontario
CPZ9 Billy Bishop Toronto City Water Aerodrome (Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Water Aerodrome) Toronto, Ontario