List of Canadian airports by location indicator: CT

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Format of entries is:

  • Location indicator – IATA – Airport Name (alternate name) – Airport Location

Airports that are part of the National Airports System are emphasised.

CT – Canada - CAN[edit]

Also see airport category and list.

TC LID   IATA   Airport name   Community and province  
CTA2 Sept-Îles (Hydro-Québec) Heliport Sept-Îles, Quebec
CTA3 Île aux Coudres Airport Île aux Coudres, Quebec
CTA4 Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues Aerodrome Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues, Quebec
CTA5 Val-d'Or/Rivière Piché Water Aerodrome Val-d'Or, Quebec
CTA9 Ottawa/Gatineau (Casino) Heliport Gatineau, Quebec
CTB2 Thunder Bay (Health Science Centre) Heliport Thunder Bay, Ontario
CTB6 ZTB Tête-à-la-Baleine Airport Tête-à-la-Baleine, Quebec
CTB7 Taber (Health Centre) Heliport Taber, Alberta
CTC2 Saint-Alphonse/Lac Cloutier Water Aerodrome Saint-Alphonse, Quebec
CTD3 Lac Sébastien Water Aerodrome Lac Sébastien, Quebec
CTD4 Baie-Saint-Paul Heliport Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec
CTE3 Havre Saint-Pierre Water Aerodrome Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec
CTF2 Tofield (Health Centre) Heliport Tofield, Alberta
CTF3 Causapscal Airport Causapscal, Quebec
CTF4 Dundalk (Tripp Field) Aerodrome Dundalk, Ontario
CTG2 Montréal/Saint-Hubert Helicraft Heliport Montreal, Quebec
CTG3 du Rocher-Percé (Pabok) Airport du Rocher-Percé, Quebec
CTH2 Thor Lake Aerodrome Thor Lake, Northwest Territories
CTH3 Grandes-Bergeronnes Airport Grandes-Bergeronnes, Quebec
CTH5 Harrington Harbour Heliport Harrington Harbour, Quebec
CTH4 Two Hills (Health Centre) Heliport Two Hills, Alberta
CTH6 La Tuque Water Aerodrome La Tuque, Quebec
CTH7 Rivière-aux-Saumons Aerodrome Rivière-aux-Saumons, Quebec
CTH9 Saint-Augustin Heliport Saint-Augustin, Quebec
CTI3 Ottawa/Gatineau Water Aerodrome Gatineau, Quebec
CTJ2 Quebec (Coast Guard) Heliport Quebec City
CTJ5 Quebec/Hôpital de L'Enfant-Jesus Heliport Quebec City
CTK2 Senneterre Airport Senneterre, Quebec
CTK6 Kegaska Airport Kegaska, Quebec
CTK8 Abbotsford (Teck) Heliport Abbotsford, British Columbia
CTM2 Temagami/Mine Landing Water Aerodrome Temagami, Ontario
CTM3 Chutes-des-Passes/Lac Margane Water Aerodrome Chutes-des-Passes, Quebec
CTM4 Toronto (St. Michael's Hospital) Heliport Toronto
CTM6 Timmins (Timmins & District Hospital) Heliport Timmins, Ontario
CTM7 Tundra Mine/Salamita Mine Aerodrome Tundra Mine/Salamita Mine, Northwest Territories
CTN3 Lac Beauregard Water Aerodrome Lac Beauregard, Quebec
CTN6 Treherne (South Norfolk Airpark) Aerodrome Treherne, Manitoba
CTN7 Canton Aerodrome Canton, Ontario
CTP3 Barrage Gouin Water Aerodrome Barrage Gouin Lodge, Quebec
CTP4 Lac Pau (Caniapiscau) Water Aerodrome Caniapiscau, Quebec
CTP5 St. Paul (Health Care Centre) Heliport St. Paul, Alberta
CTP9 YAU Kattiniq/Donaldson Airport Kattiniq, Quebec
CTQ2 Stanstead/Weller Airport Stanstead, Quebec
CTQ3 Aguanish Water Aerodrome Aguanish, Quebec
CTQ6 Saint-Anselme Aerodrome Saint-Anselme, Quebec
CTR3 Tottenham/Ronan Aerodrome Tottenham, Ontario
CTR4 Granby/Artopex Plus Heliport Granby, Quebec
CTR6 Saint-Basile (Marcotte) Aerodrome Saint-Basile, Quebec
CTR7 Ottawa/Rockcliffe Water Aerodrome Ottawa
CTS2 Quebec/Beauport (HQ) Heliport Quebec City
CTS3 Lac Berthelot Water Aerodrome Lac Berthelot, Quebec
CTT5 ZGS La Romaine Airport La Romaine, Quebec
CTU2 Fontages Airport Fontanges, Quebec
CTU5 ZLT La Tabatière Airport La Tabatière, Quebec
CTV2 Lac-des-Écorces Water Aerodrome Lac-des-Écorces, Quebec
CTX2 Lac Trévet Water Aerodrome Lac Trévet, Quebec
CTY3 Cascades Water Aerodrome Cascades, Quebec
CTY5 Rougemont Airport Rougemont, Quebec