List of Canadian insurance companies

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This is a list of Canadian insurance companies.

Current insurance carriers[edit]

Consolidation of former insurance carriers[edit]

  • Aetna Canada Assurance - Purchased by Maritime Life in 1999.
  • Canada Life Assurance Company: Now part of Great-West Co.- Purchased in 2003.
  • Clarica Life Assurance: Formerly known as Mutual Life Assurance Co. Purchased in 2002 by Sun Life Financial.
  • Commercial Union Life Assurance - Purchased by Manulife Financial in 2001.
  • Confederation Life Assurance Co. - Receivership in 1995. Canadian business units purchased by Manulife Financial and Maritime Life.
  • Crown Life Assurance Co. - Purchased by Canada Life Assurance in 1998.
  • Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company, commonly shortened to The Dominion, was acquired by Travelers Canada in November 2013 and had been in operation since 1887. It was founded by Canada's first Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald. Not only was it one of Canada's oldest insurance companies, it was also one of the largest. It was the only company legally licensed to use the Canadian coat of arms in its logo and affiliated material. The company had offices across Canada and was headquartered in Toronto.
  • Hartford Steam Boiler BI&I - now a part of MunichRe
  • Imperial Life - Purchased by Desjardins Group in 1994.
  • Laurentian Life - Absorbed by Imperial Life in 1993.
  • Liberty Health - Purchased by Maritime Life in 2003.
  • London Life Insurance Company - Now part of Great-West Co.- Purchased in 1997.
  • Maritime Life - Purchased by Manulife Financial (as part of the John Hancock Insurance acquisition) in 2004.
  • Metropolitan Life - Canadian operations purchased in 1998 by Mutual Life (which later became Clarica Life Assurance).
  • Mutual of Omaha - Canadian operations purchased by RBC Insurance in 1998
  • New York Life - Canadian operations purchased by Canada Life Assurance Company in 1994.
  • North American Life - Merged into Manulife Financial in 1995.
  • Ontario Blue Cross - Group insurance operations obtained by Liberty Health in 1995.
  • Prudential Assurance Co. - Canadian operations purchased in 1996 by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada.
  • Prudential Insurance Co. of America - Canadian operations purchased by (London Life Insurance Company) in 1995.
  • Royal & SunAlliance Ins. Co. - Canadian operations purchased by Maritime Life in 2001.
  • UnumProvident - Canadian operations purchased by RBC Insurance in 2004.
  • State Farm was purchased by Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company in 2014.
  • Westbury Canadian Life - Purchased by RBC Insurance in 2004.
  • Zurich Life Insurance of Canada - Canadian group life & health business purchased by Manulife Financial in 2001.


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