List of Canadian magazines

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This is a list of magazines published in Canada.

Title Debut End Language Frequency Subject/genre Ownership Former titles
24 images 1979 French Monthly Cinema of Quebec
A\J: Alternatives Journal 1971 English Bi-monthly Environmental issues Alternatives, Inc. Alternatives
abOUT 2003 2011 English Monthly LGBT culture, news
Above&Beyond 1988 English Bi-monthly Northern-related lifestyle and news
Action nationaleL'Action nationale 1917 French Monthly Quebec local interest
ActualitéL'actualité 1976 French 20 per year News Rogers Media Le Maclean
Adbusters 1989[1][2][3] English Bi-monthly Political and cultural activism Adbusters Media Foundation
Advisor's Edge 1998[4] English Bi-monthly Financial advice Transcontinental
Alberta Report 1973[5] 2003[5] English Weekly News and politics St. John's Edmonton Report
Algoma Ink 1996 English Annually Literature Algoma University
Alive Magazine 1974 English Monthly Lifestyle (health and wellness) Teldon Publishing
Auto Atlantic 2002 English Bi-monthly Automotive Robert Alfers
BC Report 1989 2003 English News
Body PoliticThe Body Politic 1971 1987 English Monthly LGBT Pink Triangle Press
Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles 1994 English Ten per year Heavy metal music
Briarpatch 1973 English Bi-monthly Alternative news Notes from the Briarpatch
Brick 1977 English Biannually Literature
Broken Pencil 1995 English Quarterly Arts and culture
Canada World View 1998 2006 Quarterly Foreign policy Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Canada's History 1920 English Bi-monthly History Canada's National History Society The Beaver
Canadian Art 1943 2021 Quarterly Art Canadian Art Foundation Maritime Art; artscanada
Canadian Business 1928 English Bi-weekly Business Rogers Media The Commerce of the Nation
Canadian Dimension 1963 English Quarterly Politics
Canadian Forum 1920 2000 Quarterly Politics, literature, culture
Canadian Geographic 1930 English Bi-monthly Geography, science Royal Canadian Geographical Society Canadian Geographic Journal
Canadian Home & Country 1987 2009 English Eight per year Lifestyle Transcontinental Media
Canadian Immigrant 2004 English Monthly Culture
Canadian Literature 1959 English and French Quarterly Literature University of British Columbia
Canadian Living 1975 English Monthly Women's lifestyle TVA Publications
Canadian Parliamentary Review 1978 English and French Quarterly Government, politics Canadian members of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Canadian Regional Review
Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement 1999 English Triannual Woodworking 'Inspiring Media Inc'
Canadian Yachting 1976 English Bi-monthly recreational Boating Lifestyle CY Media
Cannabis Culture 1995 English Cannabis
CGMagazine 2010 English Video gaming
ChartAttack 1991 2009 English Ten per year Music andPOP National Chart; Chart
Chatelaine 1928 English Quarterly Women's lifestyle Rogers Media
Checkerspot 2007 2009 Bi-annual Environmental (climate change) Canadian Wildlife Federation
Chickadee 1979 Monthly Children's Bayard Presse
CineAction 1985 English Three times per year Film
Ciné-Bulles 1980 French Quarterly Cinema of Quebec Association des cinémas parallèles du Québec
Cinema Canada 1972 1989 English 10 - 12 issues a year Cinema of Canada
Cinema Scope 1999 English Quarterly Cinema and film
Cinema Sewer 1997 2021 English Biannually or annually Cinema and film
Cité Libre 1950 2000 English and French Politics
Contemporary Verse 2 1975 English Quarterly Literature
Corporate Knights 2002 Quarterly Business
Country Music News 1980 2012 Monthly Country music
Criteria: A Critical Review of the Arts 1974 1978 English Irregular Feminist art criticism
Dalhousie ReviewThe Dalhousie Review 1921 Triannually Literature Dalhousie University
Cult MTL 2012 English Monthly Alternative
Dadgar 2013 Persian, English Monthly Legal issues
Dogs in Canada 1899 2012 English Monthly Dogs Apex Publishing Ltd (Canadian Kennel Club)
The Dorchester Review 2011 English Bi-annually History and culture
Downhome Monthly Lifestyle The Downhomer
Driven 2004 Six times a year Men's lifestyle The Downhomer
Drug Facts for Young People English Annual Drug Awareness Regional Maple Leaf Communications
Elementary Safety Book For Children English Annual Kid's Safety Regional Maple Leaf Communications
Esprit de Corps 1988 English Monthly Military
Exclaim! 1991 English Monthly Music
Every Day Fiction 2007 Daily Literature
fps 1991 1999 English Animation Quark
fab 1994 2013 Biweekly LGBT culture, news Pink Triangle Press
Fashion 1977 English Monthly Fashion St. Joseph Media
Faze 2000 English Quarterly Youth-oriented
FiddleheadThe Fiddlehead 1945 Quarterly Literature University of New Brunswick
Flare 1979 English Monthly Fashion Rogers Media
Frank 1987 Biweekly Satire, gossip
Fugues 1984 French Monthly LGBT Editions Nitram
Fuse 1976 2014[6] English Monthly Arts and culture Artons Cultural Affairs Society and Publishing Centerfold November 2000 Entertainment
GayCalgary LGBT
Geez 2006 Quarterly Spirituality, politics Geez Press, Inc.
Geist 1990 English Quarterly Literature The Geist Foundation
Géographica 1997 French Geography, science Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Glow 2002 English Eight per year Health and beauty St. Joseph Media
Golden Words 1967 Weekly Humor Queen's Engineering Society
Graffiti 1984 1986 Music
Harrowsmith 1976 English Rural and city living Moongate Publishing Harrowsmith
HighGrader 1995 Rural lifestyle and culture
The Hockey News 1947 English Weekly Sports Transcontinental Media
Homemakers 1966 2011 English Nine per year Women's, lifestyle Transcontinental Media
Hunter and Cook 2008 Three per year Art and culture
The Idler 1985 1993 English Irregular; monthly in theory Literary
Inuktitut 1959 Inuktitut (syllabics), Inuinnaqtun, English, French Quarterly Inuit culture Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
KidsWorld 1993 English Bi-monthly Children's MIR Communications, Inc. Kids World Magazine
Justice Magazine 1949 1972 English Weekly True crime Justice Weekly
Literary Review of Canada 1991 Ten per year Literary
LOU LOU 2004 English, French Eight per year Women's
Maandblad de Krant 1959 Dutch, West Frisian Eleven per year Dutch immigrant community Mokeham Publishing Inc. De Hollandse Krant
Maclean's 1905 English Monthly News Rogers Media The Business Magazine
MagazineThe Magazine 1993 English Monthly Youth Community Programs Group New Jr. Jays Magazine; The Magazine — Not for Adults
Maisonneuve 2002 English Quarterly General interest
The Malahat Review 1967 English Quarterly Literary
Mehfil Magazine 1993 English Six per year South Asian lifestyle
Memewar 2006 Irregular Alternative, arts
MoneySense 1999 Eight per year Business, financial Rogers Media
Les Mouches fantastiques 1918 1920 English irregular LGBT arts and politics Elsa Gidlow and Roswell George Mills Coal from Hades
Music Express 1976 1996 English Monthly Music, entertainment Rock Express Communications
Muskrat Magazine 2010 English Indigenous arts and culture
Naked Eye 1999 2010 English Entertainment and lifestyle
Natural Life 1976 Environment, lifestyle Life Media
Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine 2003 Science fiction
The New Quarterly 1981 English Quarterly Canadian literature The New Quarterly Literary Society Inc.
Newfoundland Quarterly 1901 English Literary, culture and history Memorial University of Newfoundland
NerveThe Nerve 1999 2007 English Six per year Music
Nightlife 1999 English and French Monthly Lifestyle, culture, arts NEWAD
Northern Ontario Business Local business Laurentian Media Group
On Spec 1989 English Quarterly Science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction The Copper Pig Writers Society
Ontario Out of Doors 1967 Hunting, fishing Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
Opera Canada 1960 English Quarterly Opera Opera Canada Publications
Ottawa Business Journal 1995 Biweekly Regional business Great River Media
Outdoor Canada 1972 English Six per year Angling and hunting Cottage Life Media
Outlooks 1997 Ten per year LGBT culture, news Mint Media Group
Owl 1976 English Ten per year Children's Bayard Canada
Paaras 2002 English, Urdu Monthly Pakistani-Canadian culture, news Meridian Multimedia Network Inc.
Peace Magazine 1985 Quarterly Politics, world affairs Canadian Disarmanent Information Service
Photosho 2007 English Photography Light Leaks Press
Playback 1986 2010 Film, broadcasting, media Brunico Communications
Plenitude 2012 English Biannual LGBT literature Andrea Routley
Popjournalism 2004 Quarterly Entertainment
Pound 1999 Quarterly Hip-hop music, lifestyle
Prairie Fire 1978 Quarterly Literature Prairie Fire Press Writers News Manitoba
Quill & Quire 1935 English Monthly Publishing industry St. Joseph Media
Rites 1984 1992 English 10/year, later 6/year LGBT, Politics Rites Publishing, non-profit collective
Room English Literature
RPM English
Rue Morgue 1997 English horror in culture and entertainment Rodrigo Gudiño
Review of Journalism 1984 English personalities and issues in journalism Toronto Metropolitan University School of Journalism
Saskatchewan History English
Saturday Night 1887 2005 English
SAY 2002 English Bi-monthly Contemporary Indigenous Lifestyle Spirit of Aboriginal Youth
Scoregolf English
Séquences English
Shameless English
Sharp 2008 English Bi-monthly Men's Contempo Media Inc.
Shift 1992 2003 English Monthly, later bi-monthly Technology, culture
Sir John Magazine English
Siren 1995 2004 English Bimonthly Lesbian culture, news in Toronto
Spacing 2003 English Quarterly Urban affairs Spacing Media
Sportsnet Magazine 2011 2016 English Bi-weekly Sports Rogers Media
Stitches: The Journal of Medical Humour English
Straight Goods English
Strategy 1989 Advertising Brunico Communications
Style at Home 1996 English Monthly Lifestyle Transcontinental Media
Swerve 1994 2007 English LGBT culture, news in Winnipeg
Take One English
Tamarack Review English
This Magazine 1966 English Bi-monthly political, arts and cultural writing from a progressive perspective Red Maple Foundation This Magazine Is About Schools
The Marketer 2020 English Virtual marketing, arts, & entrepreneurship
TISH English
Toro 2003 2007 English Men's Interests Black Angus Media
Toronto Life 1966 English Monthly Arts, culture and entertainment in Toronto St. Joseph Media
Tribe English
Tribute 1980 English
TV Guide 1977 2006 English Weekly Listings magazine Transcontinental Media
Up Here 1984 English
Uppercase 2009 English Quarterly Arts, culture, alternative Uppercase
Urban Male Magazine English
Vancouver Magazine English
Vice 160
WalrusThe Walrus 2003 English Eight per year Canadian and international affairs The Walrus Foundation
Wasted Youth English
Wayves English LGBT culture, news in Halifax
Weddingbells English Bi-Annual
The Western Producer English
Western Standard English
What If? English
Xtra! 1984 Fortnightly LGBT culture, news in Toronto Pink Triangle Press
Xtra Ottawa 1993 Three weeks LGBT culture, news in Ottawa Pink Triangle Press Capital Xtra!
Xtra Vancouver 1993 Bi-weekly LGBT culture, news in Vancouver Pink Triangle Press Xtra! West


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