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This is a list of Canadian ministries and their prime ministers since Confederation (1 July 1867).

By convention, each Canadian ministry is formed when the chairing prime minister is appointed and dissolved when s/he leaves office. The one exception occurred during the premiership of Robert Borden whose wartime Unionist government is considered a separate ministry from the one he chaired as head of a Conservative government. Elections do not cause dissolution of the ministry unless they result in the government's defeat – this is in contrast to other Commonwealth realms such as Australia and the United Kingdom where a "new" ministry is considered to have been formed after every election regardless of the winner. Therefore, the twenty-eight ministries that have served Canada represent twenty-six occasions since Canadian Confederation that the premiership has changed hands and one occasion when a coalition government was formed by the sitting prime minister.


Ministry Prime minister Dates
First Canadian Ministry John Alexander Macdonald 1867–1873
Second Canadian Ministry Alexander Mackenzie 1873–1878
Third Canadian Ministry John Alexander Macdonald 1878–1891
Fourth Canadian Ministry John Joseph Caldwell Abbott 1891–1892
Fifth Canadian Ministry John Sparrow David Thompson 1892–1894
Sixth Canadian Ministry Mackenzie Bowell 1894–1896
Seventh Canadian Ministry Charles Tupper 1896
Eighth Canadian Ministry Wilfrid Laurier 1896–1911
Ninth Canadian Ministry Robert Laird Borden 1911–1917
Tenth Canadian Ministry Robert Laird Borden 1917–1920
Eleventh Canadian Ministry Arthur Meighen 1920–1921
Twelfth Canadian Ministry William Lyon Mackenzie King 1921–1926
Thirteenth Canadian Ministry Arthur Meighen 1926
Fourteenth Canadian Ministry William Lyon Mackenzie King 1926–1930
Fifteenth Canadian Ministry Richard Bedford Bennett 1930–1935
Sixteenth Canadian Ministry William Lyon Mackenzie King 1935–1948
Seventeenth Canadian Ministry Louis Stephen St-Laurent 1948–1957
Eighteenth Canadian Ministry John George Diefenbaker 1957–1963
Nineteenth Canadian Ministry Lester Bowles Pearson 1963–1968
Twentieth Canadian Ministry Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1968–1979
Twenty-First Canadian Ministry Charles Joseph Clark 1979–1980
Twenty-Second Canadian Ministry Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1980–1984
Twenty-Third Canadian Ministry John Napier Turner 1984
Twenty-Fourth Canadian Ministry Martin Brian Mulroney 1984–1993
Twenty-Fifth Canadian Ministry Kim Campbell 1993
Twenty-Sixth Canadian Ministry Jean Chrétien 1993–2003
Twenty-Seventh Canadian Ministry Paul Martin 2003–2006
Twenty-Eighth Canadian Ministry Stephen Harper 2006–2015
Twenty-Ninth Canadian Ministry Justin Trudeau 2015–present

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