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The following is a list of Canadian sports personalities.

Nationally recognized honour lists

Olympic athletes[edit]

Uncategorised professional athletes[edit]

Alpine skiing[edit]

Australian rules football[edit]

  • Mike Pyke, former Canada rugby union international and first Canadian to play for an AFL premiership (championship) team

Automobile racing[edit]


Current players[edit]


Current NBA players

Current WNBA players

Playing in overseas leagues

Playing in other North American professional leagues


  • Jay Triano, first Canadian-born coach in the NBA.

Current NCAA Division I players

Former NCAA Division I players awaiting professional play







Cross-country skiing[edit]


Disc sports[edit]

Figure skating[edit]




Horse racing and equestrian sports[edit]

Ice hockey[edit]



Mixed martial arts[edit]

Multiple sports[edit]

Professional rodeo[edit]

  • Earl W. Bascom, designer of hornless bronc saddle (1922) and bareback rigging (1924)

Professional wrestling[edit]

Rowing, kayaking[edit]

Rugby union[edit]



Soccer (football)[edit]

Speed skating[edit]

Long track[edit]

Short track[edit]



Synchronized swimming[edit]


Track and field[edit]

  • Jamie Adjetey-Nelson (born 1984), decathlete and gold medalist at the 2010 Commonwealth Games
  • Dylan Armstrong (born 1981), shot putter, Pan American Games record, second at world championships
  • Donovan Bailey (born 1967), sprinter, former 100m world record holder
  • Simon Bairu (born 1983), distance runner, 2010 IAAF World Cross Country Championships
  • Bryan Barnett (born 1987), sprinter, 100m and 200m
  • Joël Bourgeois (born 1971), 3000 meter Steeplechase, 1996 and 2000 Olympics
  • Nathan Brannen (born 1982), 800m, 2009 World Championships
  • Pierre Browne (born 1980), sprinter, 100m in the Olympics
  • Jared Connaughton (born 1985), sprinter, 100m and 200m
  • Reid Coolsaet born (1979), marathon runner, London 2012 Olympics
  • Bruce Deacon (born 1966), marathon runner, 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games
  • Andre De Grasse (born 1994), sprinter, 100m Bronze, 200m Silver, and 4 × 100 m relay Bronze Medalist at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games
  • Étienne Desmarteau (1873–1905), weight thrower, Olympic champion
  • Jerome Drayton (born 1945), marathon runner; three-time winner of the Fukuoka Marathon; Canadian marathon record holder since 1969; 1968 and 1976 Olympic Games
  • Sam Effah (born 1988), sprinter, 100m
  • Alice Falaiye (born 1978), long jumper, gold medalist at the 2009 Pan American Games and 2010 Commonwealth Games
  • Perdita Felicien (born 1980), 2003 world champion in 100m hurdles
  • Nicole Forrester (born 1976), high jumper, gold medalist at the 2010 Commonwealth Games
  • Sultana Frizell (born 1984), hammer thrower, gold medalist at the 2010 Commonwealth Games
  • Phylicia George (born 1987), 100m hurdles
  • Eric Gillis born (1980), marathon runner, 2008 Beijing & London 2012 Olympics
  • Sasha Gollish (born 1981), competitive runner, bronze medalist in the 2015 Pan American Games 1500m and gold medalist in the 2013 Maccabiah Games half-marathon
  • Nikkita Holder (born 1987), 100m hurdles
  • Harry Jerome (1940–1982), sprinter, bronze medalist in the 100m at the 1964 Olympic Games
  • Ben Johnson (born 1961), sprinter, disqualified from Olympic gold medal for doping
  • Jennifer Joyce (born 1980), hammer thrower, silver medalist at the 2006 Commonwealth Games
  • Robert Kerr (1882–1963), sprinter, Olympic gold and bronze medalist at the 1908 Olympics
  • Michael LeBlanc (born 1987), sprinter, 2012 IAAF World Indoor Championships
  • Cameron Levins (born 1989), distance runner, first Canadian to win the Bowerman Award (NCAA male athlete of the year), London 2012 Olympics
  • Priscilla Lopes-Schliep (born 1982), 100m hurdles, silver medalist at the 2009 World Championships
  • George Orton (1873–1958), first Canadian to become Olympic champion
  • Hank Palmer (born 1985), sprinter, 2008 Olympics
  • Bruno Pauletto (born 1954), shot putter
  • Gary Reed (born 1981), 800m, silver medalist at the 2007 World Championships
  • Fanny Rosenfeld (1904–1969), runner & long jumper, world record (100-yard dash); Olympic champion (4x100-m relay) and silver (100-m)
  • Scott Russell (born 1979), javelin thrower, 2001 World Championships, bronze medalist at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, 2008 Olympic Games
  • Bruny Surin (born 1967), sprinter, tied with Donovan Bailey for Canadian 100m record
  • Brianne Theisen (born 1988), heptathlete, 2009 World Championships
  • Justyn Warner (born 1987), sprinter, 100m
  • Angela Whyte (born 1980), 100m hurdles, silver medalist at the 2007 and 2011 Pan American Games
  • Percy Williams (1908–1982), sprinter, double gold medalist at the 1928 Olympics, former world record holder in the 100m
  • Dylan Wykes (born 1983), marathon runner, 2009 World Championships and London 2012 Olympics
  • Jessica Zelinka (born 1981), heptathlete and pentathlete, gold medalist at the 2007 Pan American Games


  • Paula Findlay (born 1989), bronze medalist at the 2009 ITU World Championships, London 2012 Olympics
  • Kyle Jones (born 1984), London 2012 Olympics
  • Brent McMahon (born 1980), silver at the 2007 Pan American Games, bronze at the 2011 Pan American Games, London 2012 Olympics
  • Kathy Tremblay (born 1982), London 2012 Olympics
  • Simon Whitfield (born 1975), gold at the 2000 Olympics and silver at the 2008 Olympics, competed at the London 2012 Olympics


Water skiing[edit]



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