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For Canadian channels in general presented in list format, see List of Canadian television channels.

Canada has adopted the NTSC and ATSC television transmission standards without any alterations. However, some unique local variations exist for DTH television because of transponder design variation in the Anik series of satellites. Television in Canada has many individual stations and networks and systems.

Networks list[edit]

All of the networks listed below operate a number of terrestrial TV stations. In addition, several of these networks are also aired on cable and satellite services.

Major Networks[edit]

Founded Type of Network Language Number of Owned
and Operated
Number of
Private Affiliates
CBC 1952* Public English 14 7
SRC 1952 Public French 13 2
CTV 1961 Commercial English 22 2
Global 1974 Commercial English 13 1
City 1972** Commercial English 6 OTA + 1 Cable only 3
TVA 1971 Commercial French 6 4
APTN 1992 Commercial, Multicultural Aboriginal, English, French 2 0

Systems list[edit]

Founded Type of System Language Number of Owned
and Operated
Number of
Private Affiliates
CTV Two 2005 Commercial English 5 OTA + 2 cable only None
ICI Television 2013 Multicultural Multilingual 1 OTA None
V 1986 Commercial French 5 4
Omni Television 1979*** Commercial, Multicultural Multilingual 5 None
Yes TV 1998 Christian religious English 3 None
Defunct television systems
A-Channel (merged into Citytv)


* Although the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was founded in 1932, it did not begin television transmissions until 1952.

** CITY-TV launched in 1972. CKVU-TV adopted the moniker in 2002, and the former Craig Media stations also adopted the Citytv moniker when they were bought in 2005.

*** CFMT-TV launched in 1979. CJMT-TV launched in 2002. CHNU-TV (NOW TV) was bought in 2005, and CIIT-TV was purchased before it went on the air, in February 2006.

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