List of Canadian writers

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This is a list of Canadian literary figures, including poets, novelists, children's writers, essayists, and scholars.


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Irving Abella 1940 2022 historian None is Too Many: Canada and the Jews of Europe 1933-1948
Louise Abbott 1950 non fiction author, photographer, filmmaker The Coast Way: A Portrait of the English on the Lower North Shore of the St Lawrence
Mark Abley 1955 poet, journalist Spoken Here: Travels Among Threatened Languages
Carolyn Abraham 1968 journalist, non-fiction Possessing Genius: The Bizarre Odyssey of Eistein's Brain, The Juggler's Children: A Journey Into Family, Legend and the Genes that Bind Us
Marianne Ackerman 1952 playwright, novelist, journalist
Janice Acoose 1954 2020 journalist Iskwewak Kah Yaw Ni Wahkomakanak
Milton Acorn 1923 1986 poet The Island Means Minago
José Acquelin 1956 poet Anarchie de la lumière, L'Oiseau respirable
Ken Adachi 1929 1989 historian, critic The Enemy That Never Was
Barry D. Adam 1952 sociologist
Evan Adams 1966 dramatist Dreams of Sheep, Snapshots, Dirty Dog River
Ian Adams 1937 2021 novelist, non-fiction Agent of Influence
Mary Electa Adams 1823 1898 poet From Distant Shores
Gil Adamson 1961 novelist, short stories, poet The Outlander
Caroline Adderson 1963 novelist, short stories Bad Imaginings, Sitting Practice
Nathan Niigan Noodin Adler horror Wrist, Ghost Lake
Marie-Célie Agnant 1953 poet, novelist Le Silence comme le sang
Freda Ahenakew 1932 2011 linguist, children's literature
Jean Marc Ah-Sen novelist, short stories Grand Menteur, In the Beggarly Style of Imitation, Disintegration in Four Parts
Kate Aitken 1891 1971 journalist, cooking enthusiast Kate Aitken's Cook Book: The All-Time Favourite Canadian Cook Book
Kelley Aitken 1954 short stories Love in a Warm Climate
Will Aitken 1949 novelist, journalist Terre Haute, Realia
Donald Akenson 1941 novelist, historian
Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm 1965 poet My Heart is a Stray Bullet
Omar El Akkad 1982 novelist American War, What Strange Paradise
Linda Aksomitis 1954 children's literature Adeline's Dream
Kamal Al-Solaylee 1964 journalist Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes
Donald Alarie 1945 poet Jérôme et les mots
Robert Arthur Alexie 1957 2014 novelist Porcupines and China Dolls, The Pale Indian
André Alexis 1957 novelist, journalist, short stories Childhood, Asylum, Pastoral
Edna Alford 1947 poet
Mohamed Abdulkarim Ali 1985 memoirist Angry Queer Somali Boy
Nada Alic short stories Bad Thoughts
Sandra Alland 1973 poet, journalist
Donna Allard 1956 poet
Charlotte Vale Allen
(also known as Katherine Marlowe)
1941 romantic novels, expert on child abuse
Grant Allen 1848 1899 science writer, novelist The Woman Who Did
Harper Allen romantic fiction
Lillian Allen 1951 poet Rhythm an' Hardtimes
Ralph Allen 1913 1966 novelist, journalist Peace River Country
Robert Thomas Allen 1911 1990 humorist, children's literature The Grass Is Never Greener, Wives, Children and Other Wild Life
Tom Allen 1964 creative non-fiction Rolling Home
Paul Almond 1931 2015 novelist, screenwriter
Anne-Marie Alonzo 1951 2005 poet Bleus de mine
George Amabile 1936 poet
William Lacey Amy 1877 1962 writer 'Blue Pete' series
Anahareo (Gertrude Moltke Bernard) 1906 1986 autobiographer Devil in Deerskins: My Life With Grey Owl
Marguerite Andersen 1924 2022 poet Courts métrages et instantanés
Debra Anderson novelist, playwright Code White
Doris Anderson 1921 2007 journalist The Unfinished Revolution, Rebel Daughter
Enza Anderson 1964 journalist
Gordon Stewart Anderson 1958 1991 novelist The Toronto You Are Leaving
Hugh Anderson 1890 1965 playwright Auld Lang Syne
Patrick Anderson 1915 1979 poet
Rod Anderson 1935 poet, accounting texts
Trevor Anderson 1972 screenwriter
Gail Anderson-Dargatz 1963 novelist The Cure for Death by Lightning
Maryse Andraos 1988 novelist Sans refuge
Michael Andre 1946 poet
François-Réal Angers 1812 1860 legal texts Décisions des tribunaux du Bas-Canada
Trey Anthony 1974 playwright Da Kink in My Hair
Salvatore Antonio 1976 playwright In Gabriel's Kitchen
Marianne Apostolides novelist, memoirist Swim, Voluptuous Pleasure
Lisa Appignanesi 1946 novelist, biographer Losing the Dead: A Family Memoir
Emmanuel Aquin 1968 novelist
Hubert Aquin 1929 1977 novelist Prochain épisode
Nelly Arcan 1973 2009 novelist Putain
Gilles Archambault 1933 novelist L'obsédante obèse et autres aggressions
Bert Archer 1968 journalist, essayist The End of Gay
Richard Arès 1910 1989
Tammy Armstrong 1974 novelist, poet Bogman's Music
Jeannette Armstrong 1948 novelist, poet Slash
Kelley Armstrong 1968 horror fiction Women of the Otherworld
Rebecca Agatha Armour 1845 1891 novelist, local historian Lady Rosamond's Secret. A Romance of Fredericton
David Arnason 1940 poet, novelist, historian The Imagined City: A Literary History of Winnipeg
Daniel Arnold playwright, screenwriter Lawrence & Holloman, Inheritance: a pick-the-path experience
Joanne Arnott 1960 poet, children's literature Wiles of Girlhood
Lawrence Aronovitch 1974 playwright
Nina Arsenault 1974
Ryad Assani-Razaki 1981 novels, short stories Deux cercles, La main d'Iman
Bernard Assiniwi 1935 2000 novelist, essayist, journalist La Saga des Béothuks, Windigo et la naissance du monde
Damien Atkins 1975 playwright Real Live Girl, Lucy, The Gay Heritage Project
Diana Atkinson 1964 novelist Highways and Dancehalls
Margaret Atwood 1939 novelist, poet, critic The Handmaid's Tale, Alias Grace, Surfacing
Phillipe-Ignace François Aubert du Gaspé 1814 1841 novelist L'influence d'un livre
Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé 1786 1871 novelist, memoirist
Aude (Claudette Charbonneau-Tissot) 1947 2012 novelist, short stories Cet imperceptible mouvement
Jean-Paul Audet 1918 1993 theologian
Noël Audet 1938 2005 poet, novelist Ah, l'amour l'amour, L'Ombre de l'épervier
Larry Audlaluk 1953 memoirist What I Remember, What I Know: The Life of a High Arctic Exile
Ashley Audrain 1982 novelist
Jonathan Auxier 1981 young adult literature The Night Gardener
François Avard 1968 screenwriter Les Bougon
Susan Avingaq screenwriter, children's literature Before Tomorrow, Fishing with Grandma, The Pencil
Margaret Avison 1918 2007 poet The Winter Sun, Concrete and Wild Carrot
Mona Awad 1978 novelist, short stories 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl
Edem Awumey 1975 novelist Port-Mélo, Les Pieds sales
Malcolm Azania 1969 science fiction The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad
Caroline Azar playwright The Surreal Detective


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Todd Babiak novelist The Garneau Block
Ken Babstock 1970 poet Mean, Airstream Land Yacht
Mette Bach novelist, screenwriter
Elizabeth Bachinsky 1976 poet
Bruce Bagemihl 1962 science Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity
Pierre Baillargeon 1916 1967 novelist Le scandale est nécessaire
Martha Baillie 1960 novelist The Incident Report
Irene Baird 1901 1981 novelist, poetry, journalist Waste Heritage
Jacqueline Baker 1967 novelist, short stories A Hard Witching, The Horseman's Graves, The Broken Hours
R. Scott Bakker 1967 fantasy Prince of Nothing
Sharon Bala 1979 novelist, short stories The Boat People
Shauna Singh Baldwin 1962 novelist What the Body Remembers, The Tiger Claw
John Ballem 1925 2010 novelist
Winifred Bambrick 1892 1969 novelist Continental Revue
Catherine Banks c.1960 playwright Bone Cage
Himani Bannerji 1942 poet, academic Dark Side of the Nation: Essays on Multiculturalism, Nationalism and Racism
Kaushalya Bannerji poet
Gary Bannerman 1947 2011 non-fiction Squandering Billions
Nick Bantock 1949 novelist Griffin and Sabine
Simina Banu poet Pop
Marius Barbeau 1883 1969 academic, folklorist
Raymond Barbeau 1930 1992 essayist, literary critic
Victor Barbeau 1896 1994
Bruce Barber 1950 art critic Voices of Fire: Art Rage, Power, and the State
Joan Barfoot 1946 novelist Dancing in the Dark, Luck
Keith Barker playwright The Hours That Remain, This Is How We Got Here
Leslie Gordon Barnard 1890 1961 short stories, fiction
Robert Barr 1849 1912 novelist, short stories, humorist The Measure of the Rule, The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont
Laurent Barré 1886 1964 novelist
Joelle Barron poet Ritual Lights
James Bartleman 1939 memoirist, young adult literature Raisin Wine: A Boyhood in a Different Muskoka, As Long as the Rivers Flow
John Barton 1957 poet Designs from the Interior, Sweet Ellipsis
Gary Barwin 1964 novelist, children's literature, poet Seeing Stars
Earl W. Bascom 1906 1995 cowboy historian The History of Rodeo Bareback Bronc Riding
Rodrigo Bascunan 1976 non-fiction Enter The Babylon System
Jean Basile 1932 1992 novelist, essayist La Jument des mongols, Le Grand Khan, Les Voyages d'Irkoutsk
Michel Basilières 1960 novelist Black Bird
Gurjinder Basran novelist Everything Was Good-bye
Karen Bass 1962 young adult fiction Graffiti Knight
Frédéric Bastien 1972 historian, journalist La Bataille de Londres
Arjun Basu novelist, short stories Squishy, Waiting for the Man
Andrew Battershill novelist Pillow
Claire Battershill short stories Circus
Bill Bauer 1932 2010 poet The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
Nancy Bauer 1934 arts journalist Flora, Write This Down
Jeremy Bates 1978 novelist (suspense/horror) Suicide Forest
Eli Baxter memoirist Aki-wayn-zih: A Person as Worthy as the Earth
Kevin Bazzana 1963 music historian Wondrous Strange: The Life and Art of Glenn Gould
Tara Beagan 1975 playwright Thy Neighbour's Wife, Deer Woman, The Ministry of Grace
Yves Beauchemin 1941 novelist Juliette Pomerleau, Le Matou
Victor-Lévy Beaulieu 1945 novelist, playwright
Doug Beardsley 1941 poet Dancing Star
Jeann Beattie 1922 2005 novelist, journalist Blaze of Noon, Behold the Hour, And the Tiger Leaps
Deni Ellis Béchard 1974 novelist Vandal Love
Peter Behrens 1954 novelist, screenwriter, short-stories The Law of Dreams
Henry Beissel 1929 non-fiction, playwright, poet, short fiction, translator Under Coyote's Eye
Jennifer Bélanger 1991 novelist Menthol
Billy-Ray Belcourt poet, memoirist This Wound Is a World, A History of My Brief Body
Ken Belford 1946 2020 poet Pathways into the Mountains
Donald Bell 1937 2003 journalist, humorist Saturday Night at the Bagel Factory
William E. Bell 1945 2016 children's literature Forbidden City
Winthrop Pickard Bell 1884 1965 historian The "Foreign Protestants" and the Settlement of Nova Scotia
Lesley Belleau poet Indianland
Martin Bellemare playwright Le chant de Georges Boivin, Cœur minéral
Paul Bellini 1959 screenwriter, comedy
John Bemrose 1947 journalist, novelist, playwright, poet The Island Walkers
Gwen Benaway poet Ceremonies for the Dead, Passage
Djemila Benhabib 1972 journalist, non-fiction Ma vie à contre-Coran: une femme témoigne sur les islamistes
Nigel Bennett 1949 fantasy novelist Keeper of the King, His Father's Son
Roxanna Bennett poet Unmeaningable
David Bergen 1957 novelist The Time in Between, A Year of Lesser
S. Bear Bergman 1974 playwright, poet
David Berman 1962 non-fiction Do Good Design
Christophe Bernard 1982 novelist La bête creuse
Jovette Bernier 1900 1981 journalist, novelist, poet Non Monsieur
Sarah Bernstein novelist Study for Obedience
Kris Bertin short stories Bad Things Happen
Pierre Berton 1920 2004 historian, journalist, memoirist The National Dream, The Last Spike
Dennison Berwick 1956 adventure travel Savages, the Life & Killing of the Yanomami, A Walk Along The Ganges
Gérard Bessette 1920 2005 novelist Le libraire, Le Cycle
H. S. Bhabra 1955 2000 novelist The Adversary, Bad Money
Navtej Bharati poet, publisher Third Eye Press Leela
Shashi Bhat novelist, short stories The Family Took Shape, The Most Precious Substance on Earth
Dave Bidini 1963 journalist, non-fiction, songwriter Around the World in 57½ Gigs, Tropic of Hockey
Anthony Bidulka 1962 mysteries Flight of Aquavit, Sundowner Ubuntu
Nicolas Billon 1978 playwright, screenwriter The Elephant Song, Iceland, Butcher
Pierre Billon 1937 novelist, screenwriter
Will R. Bird 1891 1984 novelist, non-fiction Here Stays Good Yorkshire, Judgment Glen
Sandra Birdsell 1942 novelist, short stories The Rüsslander, The Two-Headed Calf
Earle Birney 1904 1995 poet, novelist, playwright, short stories David and Other Poems, Turvey
Charlotte Biron 1990 novelist Jardin radio
Carol Bishop-Gwyn biographer, arts journalist The Pursuit of Perfection: A Life of Celia Franca
bill bissett 1939 experimental poet nobody owns th earth
Lise Bissonnette 1945 novelist, journalist Marie suivait l'été, Choses crus
Neil Bissoondath 1955 novelist A Casual Brutality, Selling Illusions
Persimmon Blackbridge 1951 non-fiction, novelist Prozac Highway
George G. Blackburn 1917 2006 creative non-fiction The Guns of Normandy
Marthe Blackburn 1916 1991 screenwriter, dramatist A Scream from Silence, Beyond Forty, Le retour de l’âge
Peggy Blair non-fiction, novelist Lament for a First Nation, The Beggar's Opera
Marie-Claire Blais 1939 2021 novelist, playwright, poet Une Saison dans la vie d'Emmanuel, La Belle Bête
Clark Blaise 1940 novelist, short stories, memoirist Lunar Attractions, Montreal Stories
Cassandra Blanchard poet Fresh Pack of Smokes
Robin Blaser 1925 2009 essayist, poet
Christie Blatchford 1951 2020 journalist, writer and broadcaster Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army
Lance Blomgren 1970 short stories, essays Walkups, Corner Pieces
Patricia Blondal 1926 1959 fiction, poet A Candle to Light the Sun
Lise Blouin 1944 novelist L'Ors des fous
Michael Blouin 1960 novelist, poet Chase and Haven, Wore Down Trust
Martha Blum 1913 2007 historical fiction The Walnut Tree, The Apothecary
Giles Blunt 1952 mysteries, screenwriter Forty Words for Sorrow, Blackfly Season
Ali Blythe poet Twoism
Selina Boan poet Undoing Hours
Adam Bock 1961 playwright The Receptionist, The Drunken City
Dennis Bock 1964 novelist, short stories The Ash Garden
Maxime Raymond Bock 1981 novelist, short stories Atavismes, Les noyades secondaires
Michel Bock 1971 historian, non-fiction Quand la nation débordait les frontières
Fred Bodsworth 1918 2012 journalist, naturalist The Last of the Curlews
Christian Bök 1966 poet Eunoia
Stephanie Bolster 1969 poet White Stone: The Alice Poems
Carol Bolt 1941 2000 playwright Buffalo Jump, One Night Stand, Red Emma, Queen of the Anarchists
Kenneth Bonert novelist, short stories The Lion Seeker
Shane Book poet Ceiling of Sticks, Congotronic
Walter Borden 1942 playwright, poet
Kathryn Borel 1979 memoirist Corked
Roo Borson 1952 poet Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida
Monique Bosco 1927 2007 journalist, novelist, poet, short stories La femme de Loth
Gérard Bouchard 1943 non-fiction, novelist Genèse des nations et cultures du Nouveau Monde
Michel Marc Bouchard 1958 playwright Lilies, The Orphan Muses
Paul Bouchard 1908 1997 journalist
Eddy Boudel Tan novelist After Elias, The Rebellious Tide
Marsha Boulton 1952 humorist, journalist Letters from the Country
Hédi Bouraoui 1932 poet, novelist Vésuviade, La Femme d'entre les lignes
Pierre Bourgault 1934 2003 essayist, journalist
Arthur Bourinot 1893 1969 poet Under the Sun
Pan Bouyoucas 1946 novelist, playwright, poet The Man Who Wanted to Drink Up the Sea
Gail Bowen 1942 novelist, playwright Joanne Kilbourn series
George Bowering 1935 biographer, novelist, poet The Gangs of Kosmos, Burning Water
Marilyn Bowering 1949 poet, novelist, playwright Visible Worlds, Autobiography
Cedar Bowers novelist, short stories Astra
Bonnie Bowman novelist Skin
Randy Boyagoda 1976 novelist, non-fiction Governor of the Northern Province
David Boyd 1951 children's literature Bottom Drawer
George Boyd 1952 2020 playwright, screenwriter Consecrated Ground
Joseph Boyden 1966 novelist, short stories Three Day Road, Through Black Spruce, The Orenda
Frances Boyle poet, short stories Seeking Shade
Harry J. Boyle 1915 2005 humorist, novelist Homebrew and Patches, Luck of the Irish
D. M. Bradford poet Dream of No One But Myself
Karleen Bradford 1936 children's literature There Will Be Wolves
Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite 1963 2008 essayist, novelist, poet
Max Braithwaite 1911 1995 novelist, non-fiction The Night We Stole the Mountie's Car
Shannon Bramer 1973 poet The Refrigerator Memory
Alan Bradley 1938 mystery Flavia de Luce series
Dionne Brand 1953 essayist, novelist, poet What We All Long For, Land to Light On
Di Brandt 1952 poet, literary critic Jerusalem, beloved, Now You Care
Beth Brant 1941 2015
André Brassard 1946 screenwriter Once Upon a Time in the East, Le soleil se lève en retard
Marie Brassard playwright
Jacques Brault 1933 poet, translator Quand nous serons heureux, Il n'y a plus de chemin
Lois Braun 1949 short stories A Stone Watermelon
Morwyn Brebner playwright, television writer Music for Contortionist, The Optimist, Saving Hope, Rookie Blue
Brian Brett 1950 novelist, memoirist, poet Uproar's Your Only Music, The Fungus Garden
Krista Bridge novelist, short stories The Virgin Spy, The Eliot Girls
Robert Bringhurst 1946 poet, author, typographer The Beauty of the Weapons: Selected Poems 1972–82, Ursa Major
Barry Broadfoot 1926 2003 historian Six War Years, The Immigrant Years
Hélène Brodeur 1923 2010 historical fiction Les chroniques du Nouvel-Ontario, The Saga of Northern Ontario
Eve Brodlique 1867 1949 author, journalist A Training School for Lovers
David Bromige 1933 2009 poet My Poetry
Frances Brooke 1724 1789 novelist, essayist The History of Emily Montague
Bertram Brooker 1888 1955 novelist, artist Think of the Earth
Carellin Brooks novelist, non-fiction One Hundred Days of Rain, Wreck Beach
Nicole Brossard 1943 novelist, poet Double impression, Méchanique jongleuse
Chrystine Brouillet 1958 novelist, children's literature
Sigmund Brouwer 1959 children's literature Watch Out for Joel!
Charles Tory Bruce 1906 1971 poet, novelist, journalist The Mulgrave Road
Julie Bruck 1957 poet The Woman Downstairs, Monkey Ranch
Tyler Brûlé 1968 journalist
Gaétan Brulotte 1945 academic, novelist, playwright, short stories
Nick Brune 1952 historian Defining Canada: History, Identity, and Culture
Carol Bruneau 1956 novelist Purple for Sky
Louis-Ovide Brunet 1826 1876 botany
Michel Brunet 1917 1985 historian Les Canadiens après la conquête
Cathy Marie Buchanan 1963 novelist The Day the Falls Stood Still, The Painted Girls
Ernest Buckler 1908 1984 novelist The Mountain and the Valley
Margaret Buffie 1945 children's literature Who Is Frances Rain?, The Dark Garden, The Watcher
Gilbert Buote 1833 1904 journalist
Kayt Burgess novelist Heidegger Stairwell
Tony Burgess 1959 novelist, screenwriter Pontypool Changes Everything
Nathan Burgoine novelist, short stories Light
Ronnie Burkett 1957 playwright Tinka's New Dress
Mabel Burkholder 1881 1973 historian Before the white man came: Indian legends and stories
Bonnie Burnard 1945 2017 novelist A Good House
Murdoch Burnett 1953 2015 poet Centre of the World: A Plains Journey, We Are Not Romans
Richard Burnett journalist
Lawrence J. Burpee 1873 1946 historian The Oxford Encyclopaedia of Canadian History
Mick Burrs 1940 2021 poet Variations on the Birth of Jacob
Frank Christopher Busch 1978 novelist Grey Eyes
Catherine Bush 1961 novelist Minus Time, The Rules of Engagement
Arthur de Bussières 1877 1913 poet Les Bengalis
Sharon Butala 1940 novelist The Perfection of the Morning
Alec Butler 1959 playwright Black Friday
Michelle Butler Hallett novelist, short stories, non-fiction This Marlowe, Constant Nobody


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Charmaine Cadeau poet Placeholder
Cody Caetano memoirist Half-Bads in White Regalia
Frank Oliver Call 1878 1956 poet, travel Acanthus and Wild Grape, Sonnets for Youth
Barry Callaghan 1937 novelist, journalist Barrelhouse Kings
Morley Callaghan 1903 1990 novelist, short stories A Fine and Private Place
Anne Cameron 1938 novelist, poet, short stories Daughters of Copper Woman
Elspeth Cameron 1943 biographer No Previous Experience
George Frederick Cameron 1854 1885 poet, lawyer, journalist Leo, the Royal Cadet (operetta)
Silver Donald Cameron 1937 2020 non-fiction, fiction, drama, journalist Sailing Away From Winter
Curtis Campbell playwright Gay for Pay with Blake & Clay
Grace Campbell 1895 1963 novelist Thorn-apple Tree
Nicola I. Campbell poetry, children's literature, memoir Shi-shi-etko, Shin-chi's Canoe
Natalee Caple 1970 novelist The Plight of Happy People in an Ordinary World
Pat Capponi 1949 2020 memoirist, mystery novelist Upstairs in the Crazy House
Cliff Cardinal playwright The Land Acknowledgement
Opal Carew 1956 romantic novelist His To Possess
Dave Carley 1953 playwright Writing With Our Feet
Louis Carmain 1983 novelist Guano
Bliss Carman 1861 1929 poet Low Tide on Grand Pré
Louis Caron 1942 novelist, television L'Emmitouflé, Le Canard de bois, La Corne de brume
David Carpenter 1941 novelist, poet, essayist A Hunter's Confession
Emily Carr 1871 1945 novelist, short stories Klee Wyck, The Book of Small, Hundreds and Thousands
Roch Carrier 1937 novelist, short stories La Guerre, Yes Sir!, Le chandail de hockey
Anne Carson 1950 poet Autobiography of Red
Anne Laurel Carter 1953 children's fiction The Shepherd's Granddaughter
Allan Casey non-fiction Lakeland: Journeys into the Soul of Canada
Kate Cayley novelist, dramatist, poet How You Were Born, The Hangman in the Mirror, After Akhmatova
Denys Chabot 1945 novelist, historian L'Eldorado dans les glaces, La Province lunaire
Sébastien Chabot 1976 novelist Noir métal
Perry Chafe 1969 television writer, novelist Republic of Doyle, Closer by Sea
Robert Chafe 1971 playwright Afterimage, Tempting Providence
Soufiane Chakkouche 1977 novelist Zahra
Francis Chalifour 1977 creative non-fiction After
Gillian Chan 1954 children's literature Glory Days and Other Stories
Robert Charbonneau 1911 1967 novelist Ils posséderont la terre, Fontile
David Chariandy 1969 novelist Soucouyant, Brother
Lyne Charlebois screenwriter Borderline
Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix 1682 1761 historian Histoire et description générale de la Nouvelle-France
Normand Chaurette 1954 playwright Provincetown Playhouse, juillet 1919, j'avais 19 ans, Le Passage de l'Indiana, Ce qui meurt en dernier
Évelyne de la Chenelière 1975 playwright, novelist Désordre public, Bashir Lazhar
Herménégilde Chiasson 1946 poet, playwright Conversations
Philip Child 1898 1978 novelist Day of Wrath, Mr. Ames Against Time
Anne Chislett 1942 playwright Quiet in the Land, The Tomorrow Box
Ann Y. K. Choi author Kay's Lucky Coin Variety
Ins Choi playwright Kim's Convenience
Gabriel Cholette memoirist Carnets de l'underground
Denise Chong 1953 memoirist The Concubine's Children
Kevin Chong 1975 novelist, memoirist My Year of the Racehorse, Neil Young Nation, Beauty plus Pity
Wayson Choy 1939 2019 novelist, memoirist The Jade Peony, All That Matters, Paper Shadows
Lesley Choyce 1951 poet, novelist, non-fiction The Republic of Nothing
Michael Christie short stories The Beggar's Garden; If I Fall, If I Die
Jane Christmas 1954 travel, memoirist And Then There Were Nuns
S. D. Chrostowska novelist, non-fiction, aphorist Permission, The Eyelid, Matches: A Light Book
Eliza Clark 1963 novelist Bite the Stars
Greg Clark 1892 1977 humorist War Stories
Joan Clark 1934 novelist Latitudes of Melt, The Hand of Robin Squires
Austin Clarke 1934 2016 novelist The Polished Hoe, Growing Up Stupid Under the Union Jack
George Elliott Clarke 1960 poet, novelist, dramatist Whylah Falls, George and Rue, Black
Stéfanie Clermont 1988 novelist Le jeu de la musique
David Clerson 1978 novelist Frères, En rampant, Dormir sans tête
Mabel Clint 1874 1939 novelist, nurse Our Bit: Memories of War Service by a Canadian Nursing-Sister
Fabien Cloutier 1976 dramatist Pour réussir un poulet
Lynn Coady 1970 novelist Saints of Big Harbour, Strange Heaven, Hellgoing
Mark Coakley true crime Tip and Trade
Devon Code novelist, short stories In a Mist, Involuntary Bliss, Disintegration in Four Parts
Lisa Codrington playwright Cast Iron, Up the Garden Path
Fred Cogswell 1917 2004 poet
Leonard Cohen 1934 2016 poet, novelist, singer-songwriter Beautiful Losers
Matt Cohen 1942 1999 novelist Emotional Arithmetic, Elizabeth and After
Susan G. Cole 1952 journalist Pornography and the Sex Crisis, Power Surge: Sex Violence and Pornography
Trevor Cole 1960 novelist The Fearsome Particles, Practical Jean
Anne Coleman creative non-fiction I'll Tell You a Secret
Layne Coleman playwright Blue City Slammers
Victor Coleman 1944 poet
Don Coles 1927 2017 poet Forests of the Medieval World
Ruth Collie 1888 1936 poet Known as the Poem a Day Lady
John Robert Colombo 1936 poet, reference book compiler Colombo's Canadian Quotations, Colombo's Canadian References
Daria Colonna 1989 poet Ne faites pas honte à votre siècle, La Voleuse
Wayde Compton 1972 poet, essays, short fiction
Bill Conall novelist, humorist The Promised Land
Christy Ann Conlin novelist, short stories Heave, The Memento, Watermark
Jan Conn 1952 poet, insect geneticist South of the Tudo Bem Cafe
Karen Connelly 1969 travel, novelist, poet Touch the Dragon, The Lizard Cage
Kevin Connolly 1962 poet, editor Drift, Revolver
Ralph Connor (also known as Charles William Gordon) 1860 1937 novelist, essayist The Man from Glengarry, Glengarry School Days, The Sky Pilot
Darla Contois playwright The War Being Waged
George Ramsay Cook 1931 2016 historian
Hugh Cook 1942 novelist
Michael Cook 1933 1994 playwright Jacob's Wake
Tim Cook 1971 military historian Shock Troops: Canadians Fighting the Great War 1917-1918, No Place to Run: The Canadian Corps and Gas Warfare in the First World War
Dennis Cooley 1944 poet Irene
Beverley Cooper playwright Thin Ice, Innocence Lost
Douglas Cooper 1960 novelist Amnesia, Delirium
Paige Cooper short stories Zolitude
Ann Copeland 1932 short stories The Golden Thread
Judith Copithorne 1939 poet
Carole Corbeil 1952 2000 novelist, journalist Voice-Over, In the Wings
Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman 1985 playwright Scratch
Amanda Cordner playwright Body So Fluorescent, Wring the Roses
Thomas B. Costain 1885 1965 historical fiction, non-fiction Below the Salt, Ride with Me, The Black Rose, The Silver Chalice
Douglas Coupland 1961 novelist Generation X, Girlfriend in a Coma
Kevin Courrier 1954 2018 biographer, music and film critic Randy Newman's American Dreams, Artificial Paradise: The Dark Side of the Beatles' Utopian Dream
Maya Cousineau Mollen 1975 poet Bréviaire du matricule 082, Enfants du lichen
Saros Cowasjee 1931 2019 novelist Goodbye to Elsa
Hugh Cowan 1867 1943 historian Ontario and the Detroit Frontier 1701–1814
James Alexander Cowan 1901 1978 writer, columnist
Daniel Allen Cox 1976 novelist Shuck, Tattoo This Madness In
Ivan Coyote 1969 spoken-word poet, columnist Bow Grip
Archie Crail 1944 playwright, short stories Exile, The Bonus Deal
Isabella Valancy Crawford 1846 1887 poet, freelance Old Spookses' Pass
Donald Creighton 1902 1979 historian John A. Macdonald
Luella Creighton 1901 1996 historical fiction, children's non-fiction High Bright Buggy Wheels
Octave Crémazie 1827 1879 poet
Eva Crocker short stories Barrelling Forward
Lynn Crosbie 1963 poet, novelist Life Is About Losing Everything
Lorna Crozier 1948 poet Inventing the Hawk, Everything Arrives at the Light
Michael Crummey 1965 poet, novelist, non-fiction Galore, Sweetland, Hard Light, River Thieves, The Innocents
Nancy Jo Cullen poet, short stories Science Fiction Saint, Pearl, Untitled Child, Canary
Alan Cumyn 1960 novelist The Secret Life of Owen Skye, Dear Sylvia
Peter Cureton 1965 1994 playwright Passages
Andrea Curtis creative non-fiction Into the Blue
Herb Curtis 1949 novelist, humorist The Last Tasmanian, Luther Corhern's Salmon Camp Chronicles
Kayla Czaga 1989 poet For Your Safety Please Hold On


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Antonio D'Alfonso 1953 poet, novelist, bilingual writer The Other Shore, L'autre rivage, Fabrizio's Passion, Un vendredi du mois d'aout
Michel Dallaire 1957 2017 novelist, poet Violoncelle pour une lune d’automne
Roméo Dallaire 1946 documentarian, memoirist, activist Shake Hands with the Devil, They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children
Anne Dandurand 1953 novelist
Louis Dantin 1865 1945 poet, critic Le Coffret de Crusoé, Gloses critiques
Jean-Paul Daoust 1946 poet, novelist, short stories Les Cendres bleues, Black Diva
Peter Darbyshire novelist Please
Jill Daum playwright Forget About Tomorrow
Frank Davey 1940
Craig Davidson 1976 novelist, short stories Rust and Bone, Cataract City
True Davidson 1901 1978 poet, fiction, non-fiction The Golden Strings
Blodwen Davies 1897 1966 historian A Study of Tom Thomson
Lynn Davies 1954 poet The Bridge That Carries the Road, Where Sound Pools
Robertson Davies 1913 1995 novelist Fifth Business, What's Bred in the Bone
Lauren B. Davis 1955 novelist, short stories Our Daily Bread, The Grimoire of Kensington Market
Amber Dawn novelist, anthologist Sub Rosa
Nicholas Dawson 1982 novelist, poet, non-fiction Désormais, ma demeure
Frank Parker Day 1881 1950 novelist Rockbound, John Paul's Rock
Claire Dé 1953 novelist, short stories Bonjour, oiseau rare, Le désir comme catastrophe naturel
Alfred Duclos DeCelles 1843 1925 journalist, librarian The 'Patriotes' of ’37: A Chronicle of the Lower Canadian Rebellion
Mazo de la Roche 1879 1961 novelist Jalna
Charles de Lint 1951 fantasy
Elisabeth de Mariaffi short stories, poet How to Get Along With Women
Sadiqa de Meijer 1977 short stories, poet Leaving Howe Island
James de Mille 1833 1880 novelist A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder
Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau 1912 1943 poet, non-fiction, diarist, novelist, short stories Regards et Jeux dans l'espace, Œuvres en prose, Journal 1929-1939
Marq de Villiers 1940 journalist, magazine editor, science Water: The Fate of Our Most Precious Resource
Anthony de Sa novelist, short stories Barnacle Love
Patrick deWitt 1975 novelist The Sisters Brothers
Michael Delisle 1959 novelist, poet, short stories Le sort de fille, Le Feu de mon père
Martine Delvaux 1968 novelist, non-fiction Blanc dehors
David Demchuk playwright, novelist The Bone Mother, Touch, If Betty Should Rise
Sandra Dempsey 1956
Barry Dempster 1952
Dennis Denisoff novelist, poet, academic Dog Years, The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Short Stories
Randall Denley journalist, novelist The Perfect Candidate
Adebe DeRango-Adem poet Terra Incognita, Vox Humana
Martine Desjardins 1957 novelist Le Cercle de Clara, L'Évocation, Maleficium
Roxane Desjardins 1991 writer, editor Ciseaux
Léo-Paul Desrosiers 1896 1967 journalist, novelist Les Engagés du Grand Portage
Henriette Dessaulles 1860 1946 journalist, diarist Fadette: Journal d'Henriette Dessaulles 1874-1881
William Deverell 1937 mysteries, screenwriter Trial of Passion, April Fool
Alexander Dewdney 1941 computer science, philosophy
Christopher Dewdney 1951
Selwyn Hanington Dewdney 1909 1979 novelist, illustrator, non-fiction author Wind Without Rain
Myrna Dey novelist, journalist Extensions
Ranj Dhaliwal 1976 novelist Daaku, The Gangster's Life
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco 1949 2019 poet The Tough Romance, Virgin Science, Living in Paradise
David Di Giovanni playwright Body So Fluorescent, Wring the Roses
Mary di Michele 1949 poet, novelist Stranger in You: Selected Poems and New, Tenor of Love
Ann Diamond 1951 poet, novelist, short stories A Nun's Diary, Evil Eye
Don Dickinson 1947 novelist, short stories Blue Husbands, The Crew
Nicolas Dickner 1972 novelist, short stories Nikolski
Cherie Dimaline 1975 novelist, short stories The Marrow Thieves
Dorothy Dittrich playwright The Dissociates, The Piano Teacher
Sean Dixon playwright 1492, A God in Need of Help
Sandra Djwa 1939 biography, literary criticism Journey with No Maps: A Life of P. K. Page
Kildare Dobbs 1923 2013 short stories
Farzana Doctor novelist Stealing Nasreen, Six Metres of Pavement
Cory Doctorow 1971 science fiction Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Little Brother
Jeramy Dodds 1974 poet Crabwise to the Hounds
Bob Dolman 1949 screenwriter SCTV
Don Domanski 1950 2020
Fernand Dorais 1928 2003 academic literature, erotica Entre Montréal Sudbury, Témoins d'errances en Ontario français, Hermaphrodismes
Candas Jane Dorsey 1952 science fiction Black Wine, A Paradigm of Earth
Clive Doucet 1946
Lily Dougall 1858 1923 author A Question of Faith
Arthur Doughty 1860 1936 historian Canada and its Provinces, (23 vols)
Orville Lloyd Douglas 1976 poet
James Doull 1918 2001 philosopher
Philippa Dowding children's literature Oculum, Firefly
Glen Downey 1969 children's literature
Brian Doyle 1935 young adult fiction
Brian Drader 1960 playwright Prok, The Fruit Machine, The Norbals
Stan Dragland 1942 2022 fiction, poet, literary criticism, essays Floating Voice: Duncan Campbell Scott and the Literature of Treaty 9, Peckertracks, Apocrypha: Further Journeys
Sylvie Drapeau 1962 novelist Le Fleuve, La Terre
Don Druick 1945 playwright Where Is Kabuki?, Through the Eyes
William Henry Drummond 1854 1907 poet The Habitant
Klara du Plessis poet Ekke
Marcel Dubé 1930 2016
Peter Dubé novelist, short stories Hovering World, At the Bottom of the Sky
Réjean Ducharme 1941 2017
Louis Dudek 1918 2001 poet
Margaret Duley 1894 1968 novelist The Eyes of the Gull
Dawn Dumont novelist, short stories Nobody Cries at Bingo, Rose's Run
Dave Duncan 1933 2018
Sandy Frances Duncan 1942 novels, short fiction, mysteries Cariboo Runaway, Gold Rush Orphan, Never Sleep with a Suspect on Gabriola Island
Sara Jeannette Duncan 1861 1922 novelist, journalist The Imperialist
Warren Dunford 1963 novelist Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture, Making a Killing, The Scene Stealer
Nina Dunic short stories, novelist The Clarion
Norma Dunning short stories Annie Muktuk and Other Stories
Kristyn Dunnion 1969 novelist, short stories Big Big Sky, The Dirt Chronicles
Éric Dupont 1970 novelist La Logeuse, La fiancée américaine
Douglas Durkin 1884 1967 novelist, screenwriter The Magpie


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Lawrence Earl 1915 2005 novelist, journalist Yangtse Incident, The Battle of Baltinglass
Edith Maude Eaton 1865 1914 short stories Mrs. Spring Fragrance
Evelyn Eaton 1902 1983 novelist, poet Quietly My Captain Waits
Chris Eaton 1971 novelist, music The Inactivist, The Grammar Architect
Winnifred Eaton 1875 1954 novelist A Japanese Nightingale
James Eayrs 1926 2021 historian In Defence of Canada
Kim Echlin 1955 novelist The Disappeared
David Eddie novelist, humorist Chump Change, Housebroken: Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad, Damage Control
Esi Edugyan 1978 novelist The Second Life of Samuel Tyne, Half-Blood Blues, Washington Black
Caterina Edwards 1948 novelist, playwright, short story writer The Lion's Mouth, Island of the Nightingales, The Sicilian Wife
Modris Eksteins 1943 historian Walking Since Daybreak: A Story of Eastern Europe, World War II and the Heart of Our Century, Solar Dance: Genius, Forgery, and the Eclipse of Certainty
Francesca Ekwuyasi novelist Butter Honey Pig Bread
Rima Elkouri novelist, journalist Manam
George Elliott 1923 1996 short stories The Kissing Man, Crazy Water Boys
Deborah Ellis 1960 non-fiction, young adult fiction The Breadwinner, The Heaven Shop
Sarah Ellis 1952 children's literature Odd Man Out, Pick Up Sticks
Louis Émond 1969 novelist The Manuscript
Marina Endicott 1958 novelist Good to a Fault, The Little Shadows, Close to Hugh, The Difference
Howard Engel 1931 2019 mysteries The Suicide Murders
Marian Engel 1933 1985 novelist Bear
Yves Engler 1979 politics, activist Playing Left Wing
Sharon English 1965 short stories Zero Gravity
Karen Enns poet That Other Beauty, Cloud Physics
Steven Erikson 1959 novelist Malazan Book of the Fallen series
Ann Eriksson 1956 novelist In the Hands of Anubis
Thom Ernst film critic, memoirist The Wild Boy of Waubamik
Gloria Escomel 1941 novelist, dramatist, journalist Pièges, Fruit de la passion
Robin Esrock 1974 travel writer The Great Canadian Bucket List,The Great Global Bucket List
Michael Estok 1939 1989 poet A Plague Year Journal
Hubert Evans 1892 1986 novelist, poet, short stories, journalism, young adult literature Mist on the River
Jon Evans 1973 novelist Dark Places
Stanley Evans 1931 novelist Seaweed series of crime fiction


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Emil Fackenheim 1916 2003 historian, philosopher
Jean Mohsen Fahmy 1942 novelist, short stories, literary criticism L'Agonie des dieux, La sultane dévoilée
Terry Fallis humorist The Best Laid Plans
Alain Farah 1979 novelist, poet Matamore no 29, Pourquoi Boulogne
Abla Farhoud 1945 2021 novelist, playwright Le bonheur a la queue glissante, La Possession du Prince
Edmundo Farolan 1943 poet, playwright, novelist Itinerancias, Hexalogia Teatral, Love, Travels and Other Memoirs of a Filipino Writer
Brian Fawcett 1944 2022 novelist, non-fiction Virtual Clearcut: Or, the Way Things Are in My Hometown, Cambodia: A Book for People Who Find Television Too Slow
Charles Fenerty 1821 1892 poet, journalist, inventor Betula Nigra, Essay on Progress
Linda Rui Feng novelist Swimming Back to Trout River
Ian Ferguson playwright, humorist Village of the Small Houses
Max Ferguson 1924 2013 humorist And Now... Here's Max
Trevor Ferguson aka John Farrow 1947 novelist, playwright
Will Ferguson 1964 humorist, novelist, travel writer Why I Hate Canadians, Happiness, 419
Raoul Fernandes poet Transmitter and Receiver
Jacques Ferron 1921 1985 playwright
Madeleine Ferron 1922 2010 novelist La fin des loups-garous
George Fetherling 1949
Charlotte Fielden 1932 2021
Joy Fielding 1945 novelist
Connie Fife 1961 2017 poet Beneath the Naked Sun, Poems for a New World
Timothy Findley 1930 2002 novelist, dramatist, short stories The Wars, The Piano Man's Daughter
Lois Fine playwright Freda and Jem's Best of the Week
Larry Fineberg 1945 playwright Eve, Human Remains, Failure of Nerve
Joe Fiorito 1948 novelist, columnist, memoirist The Song Beneath the Ice
Sheree Fitch 1956 poet, novelist, children's fiction Mabel Murple, Kiss the Joy As It Flies
James FitzGerald non-fiction Old Boys: The Powerful Legacy of Upper Canada College, What Disturbs Our Blood: A Son's Quest to Redeem the Past
Judith Fitzgerald 1952 2015
Polly Fleck 1933 2019 poet The Chinese Execution
Anne Fleming 1964
May Agnes Fleming 1840 1880 novelist The Midnight Queen, Queen of the Isle, Lost for a Woman
Cynthia Flood 1940 novelist, short stories My Father Took a Cake to France, Making a Stone of the Heart, Red Girl Rat Boy
Lisa Foad short stories, journalist The Night Is a Mouth
Waawaate Fobister playwright Agokwe
Jacques Folch-Ribas 1928 novelist Une aurore boréale, Le silence, ou Le parfait bonheur
Naomi Fontaine 1987 novelist Kuessipan, Manikanetish, Shuni
Dennis Foon 1951
Charles Foran 1960 novelist Butterfly Lovers, Carolan's Farewell, House on Fire
John-James Ford 1972
Paul Serge Forest novelist Tout est ori
André Forget novelist In the City of Pigs
Helen Forrester 1919 2011 novelist
Dominique Fortier 1972 novelist Du bon usage des étoiles, Au péril de la mer
Cecil Foster 1954
Marion Foster 1924 1997 mysteries The Monarchs Are Flying, Legal Tender
Martin Fournier 1954 historian, young adult literature The Adventures of Radisson
Roger Fournier 1929 2012 novelist, screenwriter Le cercle des arènes, A Day in a Taxi
Barbara Fradkin
Tess Fragoulis
Brian Francis 1971 novelist Fruit
Brad Fraser 1959 playwright Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love
John Anderson Fraser 1866 1960
Keath Fraser 1944
Raymond Fraser 1941 2018 Rum River, In a Cloud of Dust and Smoke, When The Earth Was Flat, In Another Life
Sylvia Fraser 1935 novelist
Louis Fréchette 1839 1908 poet, essayist, journalist, dramatist
Pauline Fréchette 1889 1943 poet, dramatist, journalist, Catholic nun
David French 1939 2010 playwright
Maida Parlow French novelist, artist, biographer
Kathy Friedman short stories All the Shining People
Patrick Friesen 1946
Mark Frutkin 1948
Northrop Frye 1912 1991 critic Anatomy of Criticism
Kim Fu 1987 novelist For Today I Am a Boy
Robert Fulford 1932 journalist
Janine Fuller 1958 non-fiction Restricted Entry: Censorship on Trial, Forbidden Passages: Writings Banned in Canada
Pik-Shuen Fung novelist Ghost Forest
Wes Funk 1969 2015 novelist Dead Rock Stars, Baggage
Nicola Furlong


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Brendan Gall 1978 playwright, screenwriter Wide Awake Hearts
Mavis Gallant 1922 2014 short stories From the Fifteenth District, Home Truths, Paris Notebooks
Steven Galloway 1975 novelist The Cellist of Sarajevo
François-Xavier Garneau 1809 1866 historian History of Canada : from the time of its discovery till the union year
Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau 1912 1943 poet, non-fiction, diarist, novelist, short stories Regards et Jeux dans l'espace, Œuvres en prose, Journal 1929-1939
Hugh Garner 1913 1979 novelist Cabbagetown
Alfred Garrioch 1848 1934 novelist First Furrows
Elyse Gasco 1967 short stories Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby?
Bill Gaston 1953 novelist, short stories The Order of Good Cheer, Mount Appetite
C. E. Gatchalian 1974 playwright Motifs & Repetitions, Falling in Time
Connie Gault 1949 playwright, novelist, short stories Sky, Euphoria, A Beauty
Daniel Gawthrop 1963 journalist, biographer Affirmation: The AIDS Odyssey of Dr. Peter
Pauline Gedge 1945 novelist Stargate, House of Illusions
John Geiger non-fiction author The Third Man Factor: Surviving the Impossible, Frozen In Time: The Fate of The Franklin Expedition
Karoline Georges 1970 novelist, poet De synthèse
Camilla Gibb 1968 novelist Sweetness in the Belly
John Murray Gibbon 1875 1952 non-fiction, novelist Canadian Mosaic
Chantal Gibson poet How She Read
Douglas Gibson 1943 editor, publisher, memoirist Stories About Storytellers: Publishing Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Alistair MacLeod, Pierre Trudeau, and Others
Graeme Gibson 1934 2019 novelist Five Legs, Perpetual Motion
Margaret Gibson 1948 2006 novelist, short stories The Butterfly Ward, Opium Dreams
William Gibson 1948 science fiction Neuromancer, All Tomorrow's Parties
Sky Gilbert 1952 playwright Brother Dumb, Drag Queens in Outer Space
Charlotte Gill short stories, non-fiction Ladykiller, Eating Dirt: Deep Forests, Big Timber, and Life with the Tree-Planting Tribe
John Patrick Gillese 1926 1999 novelist, short stories Kirby's Gander
Curtis Gillespie 1960 short stories, non-fiction, novels The Progress of an Object in Motion, Playing Through: A Year of Life and Links Along the Scottish Coast
David Gilmour 1949 novelist A Perfect Night to Go to China
M-E Girard young adult literature Girl Mans Up
Malcolm Gladwell 1963 journalist, sociologist The Tipping Point, Outliers, Talking to Strangers
Joanna Glass 1936 playwright If We Are Women, Trying
John Glassco 1909 1981 poet, translator, memoirist Memoirs of Montparnasse
Paul Glennon short stories, young adult literature The Dodecahedron, Bookweird
Susan Glickman 1953 poet, novelist, critic The Violin Lover, The Picturesque & the Sublime: A Poetics of the Canadian Landscape
Douglas Glover 1948 novelist Elle, The Life and Times of Captain N
Jacques Godbout 1933 novelist Salut Galarneau!, Une histoire américaine
Dave Godfrey 1938 2015 novelist The New Ancestors
Philip H. Godsell 1889 1961 writer Arctic Trader--the account of twenty years with the Hudson's Bay Company
Glenda Goertzen 1967 novelist The Prairie Dogs
Nora Gold 1952 novelist Fields of Exile, The Dead Man
Oliver Goldsmith 1794 1861 poet The Rising Village
Gabriella Goliger 1949 novelist, short stories Song of Ascent, Girl Unwrapped
Leona Gom 1946 novelist, mysteries, poet Housebroken, Freeze Frame
Michelle Good novelist Five Little Indians
Alison Gordon 1943 2015 sports journalist, mysteries The Dead Pull Hitter, Prairie Hardball
Charles Gordon 1940 newspaper columnist, humorist, novelist The Governor General's Bunny Hop, The Canada Trip
Phyllis Gotlieb 1926 2009 poet, science fiction A Judgement of Dragons
Sondra Gotlieb 1936 newspaper columnist True Confections
Hiromi Goto 1966 science fiction Chorus of Mushrooms, The Kappa Child
John Gould short stories Kilter: 55 Fictions
Nora Gould poet I see my love more clearly from a distance, Selah
George R. D. Goulet 1933 historian The Trial of Louis Riel: Justice and Mercy Denied, The Métis: Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities, Louis Hébert and Marie Rollet: Canada's Premier Pioneers, The Métis in British Columbia: From Fur Trade Outposts to Colony
Terry Goulet 1934 historian The Trial of Louis Riel: Justice and Mercy Denied (researcher), The Métis: Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities, Louis Hébert and Marie Rollet: Canada's Premier Pioneers, The Métis in British Columbia: From Fur Trade Outposts to Colony
Katherine Govier 1948 novelist Angel Walk, The Truth Teller
Lee Gowan 1961 novelist Make Believe Love, The Last Cowboy
Barbara Gowdy 1950 novelist, short stories The Romantic, The White Bone
Wayne Grady 1948 novelist, memoir, science Emancipation Day, Breakfast at the Exit Café
Gwethalyn Graham 1913 1965 novelist Earth and High Heaven
Neile Graham 1958 poet Spells for Clear Vision, Blood Memory
Martin Allerdale Grainger 1874 1941 novelist, journalist Woodsmen of the West
Jack Granatstein 1939 historian
Linda Granfield 1950 children's literature In Flanders Fields
E. M. Granger Bennett 1988 historical fiction Short of the Glory
George Grant 1918 1988 historian, philosopher Lament for a Nation
Jessica Grant 1972 novelist, short stories Come, Thou Tortoise
Élise Gravel 1977 children's literature, graphic novels Le Grand Antonio, La clé à molette
François Gravel 1951 novelist Ostende, Fillion et frères, Adieu, Betty Crocker
Charlotte Gray 1948 novelist, non-fiction Mrs. King
R. W. Gray short stories Crisp, Entropic
Ethel Grayson 1890 1980 novelist, poet
Lowell Green 1936 history, fictional, memoir, autobiography, journalism Amazing But True!: 150 Fascinating Stories About Canada!
Nick Green playwright Body Politic
Robert Joseph Greene 1973 children's literature, romantic fiction This High School Has Closets, The Gay Icon Classics of the World
Ed Greenwood 1959 fantasy Forgotten Realms
Darren Greer 1968 novelist Still Life with June, Just Beneath My Skin
James Gregor novelist Going Dutch
Doris Gregory autobiographer How I Won the War For the Allies: One Sassy Canadian Soldier's Story
Daniel Grenier 1980 novelist, short stories L’année la plus longue
Taras Grescoe creative non-fiction Sacré Blues
Grey Owl 1888 1938 conservationist Grey Owl and the Beaver, City of the Ancients
Francis William Grey 1860 1939 novelist, poet, non-fiction The Curé of St. Philippe
Claude-Henri Grignon 1894 1976 novelist, satirist Un Homme et son péché
G. A. Grisenthwaite novelist, short stories, poet Home Waltz
Lionel Groulx 1878 1967 historian The Call of the Race
Frederick Phillip Grove 1879 1948 novelist Settlers of the Marsh, Consider Her Ways
Brett Josef Grubisic 1963 novelist, critic The Age of Cities
Katia Grubisic 1978 poet, short stories what if red ran out
Agnès Gruda journalist, short story writer Onze petites trahisons
Christian Guay-Poliquin 1982 novelist Le fil des kilomètres, Le poids de la neige
Germaine Guèvremont 1893 1968 novelist, short stories Le Survenant, Marie-Didace
Genni Gunn 1949 novelist, poet Tracing Iris, Faceless
Kristjana Gunnars 1948 poet, novelist Settlement Poems, One-Eyed Moon Maps
Stephen Guppy 1951 poet, novelist, short stories Understanding Heaven, The Work of Mercy
David Gurr 1936 novelist, playwright The Ring Master
Ralph Gustafson 1909 1995 poet Fire on Stone
Don Gutteridge 1937 poet, novelist
Guy Lawson 1963 journalist War Dogs
Sandra Gwyn 1935 2000 journalist The Private Capital: Ambition and Love in the Age of Macdonald and Laurier


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Samra Habib photographer, memoirist We Have Always Been Here
Chris Hadfield 1959 scientist, memoirist, essayist, musician An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes: Photographs from the International Space Station
Rawi Hage 1964 novelist De Niro's Game, Cockroach, Carnival
Joan Haggerty 1940
Medina Hahn playwright Inheritance: a pick-the-path experience
Roderick Haig-Brown 1908 1976
Ken Haigh 1962 memoirist Under the Holy Lake, On Foot to Canterbury
Arthur Hailey 1920 2004 novelist Hotel, Airport
Thomas Chandler Haliburton 1796 1865 The Clockmaker
Phil Hall 1953 poet Killdeer
Louis Hamelin 1959 novelist, short stories, literary critic La Rage, Sauvages, La Constellation du Lynx
Ian Hamilton 1946 journalist, mysteries The Water Rat of Wanchai, The Wild Beasts of Wuhan
Jane Eaton Hamilton 1954 Body Rain, July Nights, Hunger
Lyn Hancock 1938 There's a Seal in my Sleeping Bag, There's a Raccoon in my Parka, Tabasco: The Saucy Raccoon
Angeline Hango 1909 1995 novelist, journalist Truthfully Yours
Catherine Hanrahan novelist Lost Girls and Love Hotels
Kevin Hardcastle 1980 novelist, short stories Debris
Robin Hardy 1952 1995 novelist, journalist Call of the Wendigo, Crisis of Desire: AIDS and the Fate of Gay Brotherhood
Robert Harlow 1923 novelist Scann
Liz Harmer novelist The Amateurs
Jennica Harper poet, television writer Wood, Bounce House, Jann
Alexander Harris 1805 1874 novelist Settlers and Convicts: Recollections of sixteen years' labour in the Australian backwoods
Claire Harris 1937 2018
Dorothy Joan Harris 1931 children's literature
Marjorie Harris 1937 gardening Seasons of My Garden
Michael Harris 1944 poet Circus
Michael Harris 1948 journalist Justice Denied: The Law Versus Donald Marshall
Michael Harris 1980 non-fiction, young adult literature The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We’ve Lost in a World of Constant Connection
Keith Harrison 1945 2019 novelist Eyemouth, Furry Creek
Jill Hartman 1974
Diana Hartog 1942 poet, novelist Matinee Light, Candy from Strangers, The Photographer's Sweethearts
Kristen den Hartog 1965
Kenneth J. Harvey 1962 novelist Directions for an Opened Body, Brud, Blackstrap Hawco
Kim Senklip Harvey playwright Kamloopa: An Indigenous Matriarch Story
Elisabeth Harvor 1936 novelist, poet Let Me Be the One, Excessive Joy Injures the Heart
Erum Shazia Hasan novelist We Meant Well
Liedewy Hawke translator
Barbara Haworth-Attard 1953
Elizabeth Hay 1951 novelist, non-fiction Late Nights on Air, A Student of Weather, The Only Snow in Havana
Elliott Hayes 1956 1994
Matthew Hays film critic, journalist The View from Here: Conversations with Gay and Lesbian Filmmakers
Steven Hayward novelist, short stories Buddha Stevens and Other Stories, The Secret Mitzvah of Lucio Burke
Charles Heavysege 1816 1876 poet Saul
Anne Hébert 1916 2000 novelist, poet, short stories, novellas Kamouraska, Les Chambres de Bois, Les Fous de Bassan, Le Torrent
Maurice Hébert 1888 1960 novelist, poet Le Cycle de Don Juan
Steven Heighton 1961 2022 novelist, poet The Shadow Boxer
Sydney Hegele short stories The Pump
William C. Heine 1919 1991 novelist, newspaper editor The Last Canadian
Matthew Heiti novelist, screenwriter, playwright Son of the Sunshine, The City Still Breathing
Tyler Hellard novelist Searching for Terry Punchout
Michael Helm 1961 novelist, editor The Projectionist, In the Place of Last Things
David Helwig 1938 2018 novelist, poet Figures in a Landscape, A Sound Like Laughter
Maggie Helwig 1961
Louis Hémon 1880 1913 novelist, journalist Maria Chapdelaine
Lee Henderson novelist, short stories The Broken Record Technique, The Man Game, Disintegration in Four Parts
Maurice Henrie 1936 novelist, short stories, non-fiction Le Balcon dans le ciel
Sarah Henstra novelist Mad Miss Mimic, The Red Word
John Herbert 1926 2001 playwright Fortune and Men's Eyes
Sarah Herbert 1824 1846 publisher, writer, poet The Æolian harp; or, miscellaneous poems
Catherine Hernandez playwright, novelist Scarborough
Nicholas Herring novelist Some Hellish
Trevor Herriot naturalist River in a Dry Land: A Prairie Passage, Grass, Sky, Song: Promise and Peril in the World of Grassland Birds
Benjamin Hertwig poet Slow War
Sheila Heti 1976 novelist, short stories How Should a Person Be?, The Middle Stories, Ticknor
Paul Hiebert 1892 1987 novelist, humorist Sarah Binks
Tomson Highway 1951 playwright, novelist Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, The Rez Sisters, Kiss of the Fur Queen
Lawrence Hill 1957 novelist, memoirist Black Berry, Sweet Juice, The Book of Negroes
Ernest Hillen journalist, memoirist The Way of a Boy, Small Mercies
Robert Hilles 1951 poet and novelist Cantos from a Small Room, A Gradual Ruin, Partake, Line, Calling the Wild
Jack Hodgins 1938
Robert Hogg 1942 poet, critic The Connexions
Nadia L. Hohn children's literature Malaika's Costume
Susan Holbrook poet Misled, Joy Is So Exhausting, Throaty Wipes
Arthur Holden 1959 playwright, television Father Land, Ars Poetica, The Book of Bob
Clive Holden poet Trains of Winnipeg
Claire Holden Rothman 1958 novelist, short stories The Heart Specialist, My October
Pauline Holdstock
Norah M. Holland 1876 1925 poet, playwright, journalist, editor Spun-yarn and Spindrift, When Half-gods Go, and Other Poems
Greg Hollingshead 1947 novelist, short stories The Roaring Girl, The Healer
Margaret Hollingsworth 1942 playwright Ever Loving, War Babies, Islands
Michael Hollingsworth 1950 playwright The History of the Village of the Small Huts
Nancy Holmes 1959 poet The Adultery Poems, The Flicker Tree
Margaret Lindsay Holton
(a.k.a. Ali-Janna Whyte)
1955 novelist, short stories, poet, social history Economic Sex, Spirit of Toronto: 1834–1984, The Gilded Beaver by Anonymous, On Top of Mount Nemo, Bush Chord: New Poems & Pinhole Photographs
David Homel 1952 novelist, translator Electrical Storms, The Speaking Cure, The Teardown
Hugh Hood 1928 2000 novelist The New Age
Cornelia Hoogland 1952
Hilda Mary Hooke 1898 1978 poet, dramatist
Emma Hooper 1980 novelist Etta and Otto and Russell and James, Our Homesick Songs
Nalo Hopkinson 1960 science fiction, fantasy Midnight Robber, The Salt Roads
Leah Horlick poet Riot Lung, For Your Own Good
Harold Horwood 1923 2006
Karen Houle poet The Grand River Watershed: A Folk Ecology
Liz Howard poet Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent
Stevie Howell poet Sharps, I left nothing inside on purpose
Nazanine Hozar 1978 novelist Aria
David Huebert short stories, poetry Peninsula Sinking, Chemical Valley
Tanya Huff 1957 fantasy
Matt Hughes 1949
Helen Humphreys 1961 novelist Afterimage, The Lost Garden, The Evening Chorus
Aislinn Hunter
Bruce Hunter 1952 poet, novelist, non-fiction Coming Home from Home, Country Music Country, The Beekeeper's Daughter, Two O'Clock Creek Poems New and Selected, In The Bear's House
Catherine Hunter 1957
Maureen Hunter 1948
Mervyn Huston 1912 2001 humorist Gophers Don't Pay Taxes
Nancy Huston 1953 novelist, translator
Linda Hutcheon 1947 critic, academic The Politics of Postmodernism, The Canadian Postmodern, A Theory of Adaptation.
Hazel Hutchins
Chris Hutchinson 1972 poet, novelist, academic Other People's Lives, A Brief History of the Short-lived, Jonas in Frames
Bruce Hutchison 1901 1992
Céline Huyghebaert novelist Le drap blanc
Joel Thomas Hynes 1976 novelist, playwright, screenwriter Down to the Dirt, Right Away Monday
Maureen Hynes poet Rough Skin, Harm's Way, Marrow, Willow


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Ameer Idreis 1999 novelist The Ewald Series
Michael Ignatieff 1947 novelist, academic Scar Tissue, Blood and Belonging
George K. Ilsley 1958 novelist, short stories Random Acts of Hatred, ManBug
Neamat Imam 1971 novelist The Black Coat
Susan Ioannou 1944 poet Clarity Between Clouds
Anosh Irani 1974 novelist The Song of Kahunsha
Ann Ireland 1953 2018 novelist Exile, A Certain Mr. Takahashi
Dionne Irving novelist, short stories Quint, The Islands
Brian Thomas Isaac 1950 novelist All the Quiet Places
Adel Iskandar 1977 media critic Al-Jazeera: The Story of the Network that is Rattling Governments and Redefining Modern Journalism
Doyali Islam poet Yusuf and the Lotus Flower, Heft
Frances Itani 1942 novelist Deafening


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Donald Jack 1924 2003 novelist, playwright The Bandy Papers, Rogues, Rebels, and Geniuses
Suzanne Jacob 1953 novelist, poet Laura Laur, La Part de feu
Heidi L. M. Jacobs novelist Molly of the Mall
Michael Jacot 1924 2006 novelist, screenwriter The Last Act of Martin Weston, The Last Butterfly
Simone St. James novelist The Book of Cold Cases, The Sun Down Motel, The Broken Girls
Anna Brownell Jameson 1794 1860 Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada
J. Robert Janes 1932 mysteries
Mark Anthony Jarman 1955 novelist, short stories 19 Knives, My White Planet
Melynda Jarratt 1961 non-fiction, historian literature Voices of the Left Behind, War Brides: The Stories of the Women Who Left Everything Behind to Follow the Men They Loved, Captured Hearts: New Brunswick's War Brides, Letters From Beauly
Claude Jasmin 1930 2021 novelist, screenwriter, short stories Éthel et le terroriste, La Sablière, Délivrez-nous du mal
Michel Jean novelist, journalist Kukum, Atuk
François Jeanneret 1890 1967 historian
E. A. Jenns 1860 1930 poet Evening to Morning, and Other Poems
Paulette Jiles 1943 novelist, poet Celestial Navigation, Enemy Women
Marthe Jocelyn 1956 children's/young adult literature Aggie Morton, Mystery Queen series
K.V. Johansen 1968 fantasy, science fiction Nightwalker, Torrie series, Pippin series, Cassandra Virus
Jessica Johns novelist, short stories Bad Cree
Linda Johns 1945 non-fiction Sharing a Robin's Life
E. Pauline Johnson 1861 1913 poet Canadian Born
Wentworth M. Johnson 1939 2014 science fiction, mysteries, non-fiction Angel of the Veil, The Curse of Valdi, Bill Reyner Mystery Adventure Series
Aviaq Johnston 1992/1993 children's/young adult literature Those Who Run in the Sky
Julie Johnston children's/young adult literature Adam and Eve and Pinch Me
Wayne Johnston 1958 novelist, non-fiction The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, Baltimore's Mansion
Sean Johnston 1966 novelist, short stories, poet A Day Does Not Go By
Andy Jones 1948 playwright, screenwriter The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood
Alice Jones 1853 1933 novelist, essayist Gabriel Praed's Castle
D. G. Jones 1929 2016 poet, translator Under the Thunder the Flowers Light Up the Earth
Terry Jordan short stories It's a Hard Cow
Eve Joseph 1953 poet The Startled Heart, Quarrels


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Michael Kaan fiction The Water Beetles
Elaine Kalman Naves 1947 non-fiction Putting Down Roots, Shoshonna's Story
Surjeet Kalsey poet, drama, short stories, translator FootPrints of Silence, Speaking to the Wind, Colours of My Heart
Smaro Kamboureli
Alan Kane 1954 Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
Donna Kane poet Orrery
Adeena Karasick 1965 poet This Poem
Ibi Kaslik 1973 novelist Skinny, The Angel Riots
Welwyn Wilton Katz 1948
Aristote Kavungu 1962 fiction, poetry Un train pour l'est, Mon père, Boudarel et moi
Guy Gavriel Kay 1954 fantasy The Fionavar Tapestry, Tigana, A Song for Arbonne, The Lions of Al-Rassan
Greg Kearney short stories, drama Mommy Daddy Baby, Pretty, Cancun
Lionel Kearns 1937 fiction, essays, digital-word-art Birth of God/uniVers (or BoG/uVr), Convergences
Diane Keating poet No Birds or Flowers
Julie Keith short stories The Jaguar Temple, The Devil Out There
Thomas P. Kelley 1910 1982 pulp, true crime The Black Donnellys
Kaie Kellough 1975 poet, novelist, short stories Magnetic Equator, Dominoes at the Crossroads
Cathal Kelly sportswriter, memoirist Boy Wonders
M. T. Kelly 1946 novelist A Dream Like Mine
Sean Kelly 1940 humor Saints preserve us!, Not the Bible, Boom Baby Moon
Olivier Kemeid 1975 playwright L'Éneide, Moi, dans les ruines rouges du siècle, Furieux et désespérés
Howard Angus Kennedy 1861 1938 Historian, journalist The Northwest Rebellion
Michael Kenyon novelist, short stories, poet The Beautiful Children, Kleinberg
Conor Kerr 1988 novelist, poet Avenue of Champions, An Explosion of Feathers
Susan Kerslake 1943 novelist, short stories Middlewatch, The Book of Fears
Joseph Kertes 1951 novelist, journalist Winter Tulips, Gratitude
Craig Kielburger 1982 Canadian human rights activist and social entrepreneur Free the Children, WEconomy, Lessons From A Street Kid
Marc Kielburger 1977 Canadian human rights activist, author, social entrepreneur Me To We: Finding Meaning In A Material World, My Grandma Follows Me on Twitter
William Kilbourn 1926 1995 historian The Firebrand: William Lyon Mackenzie and the 1837 Rebellion
Crawford Kilian 1941 The Last Vikings
Crad Kilodney 1948 2014 short stories Blood Sucking Monkeys from North Tonawanda
Deborah Kimmett playwright, humorist Miracle Mother, Outrunning Crazy
Basil King 1859 1928 novelist; co-founder Canadian Authors Association The Inner Shrine (1909)
Thomas King 1943 novelist, non-fiction Green Grass, Running Water
Wesley King 1987 novelist, fiction OCDaniel, The Wizenard Series
Mark Kingwell 1963 philosopher Dreams of Millennium
W.P. Kinsella 1935 2016 novelist, short stories Shoeless Joe, Dance Me Outside
William Kirby 1817 1906 novelist, poet The Golden Dog
Barbara Klar 1966 poet The Night You Called Me a Shadow
Sarah Klassen 1932 novelist, poet Journey to Yalta, A Curious Beatitude, The Wittenbergs
A. M. Klein 1909 1972 novelist, poet The Second Scroll
Joshua Knelman creative non-fiction Hot Art
Chelene Knight poet, creative non-fiction Dear Current Occupant
Raymond Knister 1899 1932 Grapes (2006)
Alexander Knox 1907 1995 actor, novelist Night Of The White Bear
Tamai Kobayashi 1965 short stories, novelist Prairie Ostrich
Eric Koch 1919 2018 novelist Premonitions: A novel
Joy Kogawa 1935 poet, novelist Obasan, Itsuka
Miodrag Kojadinović 1961 short story writer, poet Érotiques Suprèmes, Under Thunderous Skies
Sergio Kokis 1944 novelist, poet, short stories Le Pavillon des miroirs, Les amants d'Alfama, Culs-de-sac
Pamela Korgemagi novelist The Hunter and the Old Woman
Gordon Korman 1963 children's, young adult literature This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall
Myrna Kostash 1944 Bloodlines: A Journey into Eastern Europe
Shane Koyczan 1976 Our Deathbeds will be Thirsty (2012, House of Parlance Media)
Greg Kramer 1961 2013 novelist, playwright The Pursemonger of fugu, Couchwarmer, Wally
Philip Kreiner 1950 novelist, short stories People Like Us in a Place Like This
Henry Kreisel 1922 1991 novelist The Rich Man
Aaron Kreuter poet, short stories You and Me, Belonging, Shifting Baseline Syndrome
John Krizanc 1956 playwright Tamara
Robert Kroetsch 1927 2011 novelist, poet The Studhorse Man, The Hornbooks of Rita K
Daniel Krolik 1977 playwright Gay for Pay with Blake & Clay
Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer 1965 novelist, short stories Way Up, The Nettle Spinner, All the Broken Things
Janice Kulyk Keefer 1952 novelist, poet Constellations, The Green Library
J. D. Kurtness fiction De vengeance
Michael Kusugak 1948 children's literature The Littlest Sled Dog
Lydia Kwa 1959 fiction, poet This Place Called Absence, The Walking Boy


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Sonnet L'Abbé poet A Strange Relief, Killarnoe
Carole Labarre 1966 novelist L'Or des mélèzes
Richard Labonté 1949 critic, anthologist First Person Queer, Best Gay Erotica series
Rosa Labordé playwright Léo
Marie-Sissi Labrèche 1969 screenwriter, novelist Borderline
Marie-Ève Lacasse 1982 novelist Autobiographie de l'étranger
Edward A. Lacey 1988 1995 poet The Forms of Life
Ben Ladouceur 1987 poet Otter
Chloé LaDuchesse poet Exosquelette
Steven Laffoley 1965 non-fiction, novelist Shadowboxing: the life and times of George Dixon, The Blue Tattoo
Marie-Pier Lafontaine novelist Chienne
Larissa Lai 1967 novelist When Fox Is a Thousand
Angélique Lalonde short stories Glorious Frazzled Beings
Kama La Mackerel poet ZOM-FAM
Vincent Lam 1974 medicine, novelist Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, The Headmaster's Wager
Tsering Yangzom Lama novelist We Measure the Earth with Our Bodies
Guillaume Lambert 1984 novelist, screenwriter Satyriasis : mes années romantiques, Eschatologie, Niagara
Kevin Lambert 1992 novelist Tu aimeras ce que tu as tué, Querelle de Roberval
Gerald Lampert 1920s 1978 novelist, poet Tangle Me No More, Chestnut Flower Eye of Venus
Tim Lander 1938 poet Street Heart Poems
Patrick Lane 1939 2019 poet Poems, New and Selected
André Langevin 1927 2009 novelist, playwright, journalist Évadé de la nuit, Poussière sur la ville, Une Chaîne dans le parc
Marisa Lankester 1963 writer Dangerous Odds
Shari Lapena 1960 novelist Happiness Economics, The Couple Next Door
Annette Lapointe 1978 novelist Stolen
Gilbert La Rocque 1943 1984 novelist, biographer Les masques
Hubert LaRue 1833 1881 writer, physician, scientist Voyage Sentimental Sur La Rue Saint-Jean
Stéphane Larue 1983 novelist Le Plongeur
Evelyn Lau 1971 poet, novelist, memoirist Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid
Margaret Laurence 1926 1987 novelist The Stone Angel, The Diviners
Agnes C. Laut 1871 1936 journalist, novelist, historian, social worker Pioneers of the Pacific Coast, The Quenchless Night, The Blazed Trail of the Old Frontier
Marie-Renée Lavoie 1974 novelist La petite et le vieux, Autopsie d'une femme plate
Karen Lawrence 1951 novelist, poet, short stories The Life of Helen Alone
R.D. Lawrence 1921 2003 naturalist, nature writer Cry Wild
Mary Lawson 1946 novelist Crow Lake
Irving Layton 1912 2006 poet A Wild Peculiar Joy
Jack Layton 1950 2011 non-fiction Homelessness: The Making and Unmaking of a Crisis
Stephen Leacock 1869 1944 humorist Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town
Georgette LeBlanc 1977 poet, translator Alma, Prudent
Gérald Leblanc 1945 2005 poet Complaintes du continent, Moncton Mantra
Perrine Leblanc 1980 novelist L'homme blanc, Malabourg
D. M. LeBourdais 1887 1964 journalist, historian Nation of the North: Canada Since Confederation, Canada and the Atomic Revolution
Isabel LeBourdais 1909 2003 journalist The Trial of Steven Truscott
Félix Leclerc 1914 1988 writer, poet, singer-songwriter Pieds nus dans l'aube, Le calepin d'un flâneur, Moi, mes souliers
Dennis Lee 1939 poet Garbage Delight, Alligator Pie, Civil Elegies
John Alan Lee 1933 2013 sociologist The Colours of Love, Getting Sex
JJ Lee non-fiction The Measure of a Man: The Story of a Father, a Son, and a Suit
Jen Sookfong Lee novelist The End of East
John B. Lee 1951 poet The Pig Dance Dreams, Variations on Herb
Nancy Lee 1970 short stories Dead Girls
Ronald Lee 1934 2020 novelist Goddam Gypsy
Sky Lee 1952 short stories, novelist Disappearing Moon Cafe
Mathyas Lefebure novelist D'où viens tu, berger?
Lily Alice Lefevre 1854 1938 poet The Lions' Gate and Other Verses, A Garden By The Sea
Mark Leiren-Young 1962 playwright, novelist Shylock (play), The Killer Whale Who Changed the World, Never Shoot A Stampede Queen
Roger Lemelin 1919 1992 novelist, essayist The Town Below
Matt Lennox 1980 novelist, short stories Men of Salt, Men of Earth, Knucklehead
John Lent 1948 2006 poet, novelist So it Won't Go Away
Don LePan 1954 novelist Animals: A Novel
Douglas LePan 1914 1998 poet, novelist The Deserter, "Coureurs de Bois," "A Country Without a Mythology"
Catherine Leroux 1979 novelist, short stories Le mur mitoyen, Madame Victoria
Pierre Leroux 1958 novelist Le Rire des femmes,, Cher éditeur
Alex Leslie poet, short stories People Who Disappear, The Things I Heard About You
Mark Leslie 1969 novelist, non-fiction, short stories Haunted Hamilton, One Hand Screaming, Tesseracts Sixteen: Parnassus Unbound, A Canadian Werewolf in New York
Sophie Létourneau 1980 novelist Chasse à l'homme
Carrianne Leung novelist, short stories The Wondrous Woo, That Time I Loved You
J. R. (Roger) Léveillé 1945 novelist, poet, non-fiction The Setting Lake Sun
Yves Lever 1942 2020 film critic, historian, biographer Claude Jutra, Histoire générale du cinéma au Québec
Lilian Leveridge 1879 1953 poetry, short stories, non-fiction articles "Over the Hills of Home"
Norman Levine 1923 2005 short stories One Way Ticket, Thin Ice
Shar Levine 1953 children's science Extreme 3-D Weird Animals, Fun with Your Microscope
Naomi K. Lewis 1976 novelist, non-fiction Cricket in a Fist, I Know Who You Remind Me Of, Tiny Lights for Travellers
Wyndham Lewis 1882 1957 novelist The Apes of God
Katherine Leyton poet All the Gold Hurts My Mouth
Tess Liem poet Obits
Hillar Liitoja playwright The Last Supper, Sick, This Is What Happens in Orangeville
Thea Lim 1981 novelist An Ocean of Minutes
Michael Lista 1983 poet Bloom
Ashley Little 1983 children's, young adult literature The New Normal, Anatomy of a Girl Gang
Jean Little 1932 2020 novelist Mine for Keeps
Dorothy Livesay 1909 1996 poet Day and Night, Poems for People
Billie Livingston 1965 novelist, short stories, poet Going Down Swinging, Cease to Blush, Greedy Little Eyes
Douglas Lochhead 1922 2011 poet High Marsh Road, Shepherds Before Kings, The Millwood Road Poems
Lynette Loeppky memoirist Cease
John Lorinc journalist Dream States: Smart Cities, Technology, and the Pursuit of Urban Utopias
Kevin Loring 1974 playwright Where the Blood Mixes
Jennifer LoveGrove poet, novelist Watch How We Walk
Malcolm Lowry 1909 1957 novelist Under the Volcano
Pat Lowther 1935 1975 poet Milk Stone, A Stone Diary
Jack Ludwig 1922 2018 novelist, short stories, sportswriter Above Ground, The Great American Spectaculars: The Kentucky Derby, Mardi Gras, and Other Days of Celebration
Sidura Ludwig novelist, short stories Holding My Breath, You Are Not What We Expected
Pearl Luke 1958 novelist Burning Ground, Madame Zee
Janet Lunn 1928 2017 children's literature The Root Cellar, The Hollow Tree
Laura Lush 1959 poet, short story writer Hometown, Going to the Zoo
Richard Lush 1934 poet A Manual for Lying Down
Michael Lynch 1944 1991 poet, journalist, academic These Waves of Dying Friends
Annabel Lyon 1971 novels, short stories The Golden Mean
Eswyn Lyster 1923 2009 war brides, war Most Excellent Citizens, A Bloody Miracle


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Rozena Maart 1962 novelist, short stories Rosa's District Six, The Writing Circle
Patrick MacAdam 1934 2015 Gold Medal Misfits
Annick MacAskill poet Shadow Blight
Ann-Marie MacDonald 1958 novelist, playwright Fall on Your Knees, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Bryden MacDonald 1960 playwright Whale Riding Weather, With Bated Breath
D. R. MacDonald 1939 novelist, short stories Cape Breton Road, Lauchlin of the Bad Heart
Elizabeth Roberts MacDonald 1864 1922 poet, children's literature, short stories, essays
Hugh MacDonald 1945 This is a Love Song
Jake MacDonald 1949 2020 The Lake: An Illustrated History of Manitobans' Cottage Country
Janice MacDonald 1959 novelist, children's literature, short stories Condemned to Repeat, Hang Down Your Head, The Ghouls' Night Out
Maggie MacDonald 1979
Wilson MacDonald 1880 1967 poet Song of the Prairie Land
Lee MacDougall playwright High Life
Gwendolyn MacEwen 1941 1987 poet
Mary Esther MacGregor 1872 1961 novelist, non-fiction A Gentleman Adventurer, Courageous Women with Lucy Maud Montgomery and Mabel Burns McKinley.
Roy MacGregor 1948 journalist, non-fiction Home Team: Fathers, Sons and Hockey
Agnes Maule Machar 1837 1927
Linden MacIntyre 1943 novelist, journalist The Bishop's Man, Causeway
Matthew MacKenzie playwright Bears, The First Métis Man of Odesa
Rory Maclean 1954
Hugh MacLennan 1907 1990 novelist, essayist Two Solitudes, Barometer Rising
Matt MacLennan
Michael MacLennan 1968
Alexander MacLeod 1972 short stories Light Lifting
Alison MacLeod fiction Unexploded, All the Beloved Ghosts
Alistair MacLeod 1936 2014 novelist, short stories No Great Mischief
Elizabeth Macleod biographer
Joan MacLeod 1954 playwright Amigo's Blue Guitar, The Hope Slide, The Shape of a Girl
Rick Maddocks 1970 short stories Sputnik Diner
Adriana Maggs screenwriter Grown Up Movie Star
Randall Maggs poet Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems
Michèle Magny 1944 playwright Marina, le dernier rose aux joues, Un carré de ciel
Anand Mahadevan 1979 novelist The Strike
Rabindranath Maharaj 1955 novelist, short stories The Interloper, Homer in Flight, The Lagahoo's Apprentice
Louise Maheux-Forcier 1929 2015 novelist, radio and television drama Amadou, Une Forêt pour Zoé
Keith Maillard 1942 novelist, poet Twin Studies, Difficulty at the Beginning quartet, The Clarinet Polka, Gloria, Dementia Americana, Hazard Zones, Light in the Company of Women, Motet, Two Strand River
Antonine Maillet 1929 novelist, playwright La Sagouine, Pélagie-la-Charrette
André Major 1942 poet, novelist Les Rescapés
Kevin Major 1949
Pasha Malla short stories, journalism The Withdrawal Method
Donato Mancini poet Ligature, Æthel, Same Diff
Eli Mandel 1922 1992 poet Trio, An Idiot Joy, The Family Romance
Miriam Mandel 1930 1982 poet Lions at Her Face, Station 14
Avner Mandelman novelist, finance The Debba
David Manicom 1960 poet, novelist
Lee Maracle 1950 2021 poet, novelist
Blaine Marchand 1949 poet, non-fiction, novelist A Garden Enclosed, The Craving of Knives
Jovette Marchessault 1938 2012 novelist, playwright Le Voyage magnifique d'Emily Carr, Triptyque lesbien
Hubert Marcoux 1941 2009 non-fiction, adventure travel Around the World in 18 Years
Michèle Marineau 1955 novelist, translator La Route de Chlifa
Robert Marinier 1954 playwright, television L'Insomnie, Météo+, Les Bleus de Ramville
Daphne Marlatt 1942
Paul Marlowe novelist, short stories Sporeville
John Marlyn 1912 1985
Nicole Markotic 1962
Tom Marshall 1938 1993 poet, novelist, critic Adele at the End of the Day
Yolanda T. Marshall 1978 children's literature My Soca Birthday Party: with Jollof Rice and Steel Pans
Émile Martel 1941 poet, short stories Pour orchestre et poète seul
Yann Martel 1963 novelist, short stories Life of Pi, The High Mountains of Portugal
Camille Martin 1956 poet, collage artist Sonnets, Looms
Claire Martin 1914 2014 La joue droite
Paul Nicholas Mason 1958 novelist, playwright Battered Soles, The Red Dress, The Night Drummer, A Pug Called Poppy, The Rogue Wave
Vincent Massey 1887 1967 historian On being Canadian, Speaking of Canada, Confederation on the march
Elan Mastai screenwriter, novelist The F Word, All Our Wrong Todays
Carol Matas 1949 novelist After the War, Daniel's Story
Shirlee Smith Matheson 1943
Suzette Mayr 1967 novelist Monoceros, The Sleeping Car Porter
John Bentley Mays 1941 2016 journalist, novelist, memoirist In the Jaws of the Black Dogs, Power in the Blood
Susan Mayse 1948 creative non-fiction Awen, Ginger, Merlin's Web
Julie Mazzieri 1975 novelist Le discours sur la tombe de l'idiot, La Bosco
Melchior Mbonimpa 1955 novelist, non-fiction Les morts ne sont pas morts, Diangombé l'Immortel
Tawiah M'carthy playwright Obaaberima
Colin McAdam novelist Some Great Thing, A Beautiful Truth
Steve McCaffery 1947
Julia McCarthy poet Return from Erebus, All the Names Between
Nellie McClung 1873 1951 journalist
Kathleen McConnell (a/k/a Kathy Mac) poet, academic Nail Builders Plan for Strength and Growth, The Hundefraulein Papers
Derek McCormack 1969 novelist, short stories Dark Rides, The Haunted Hillbilly
Eric McCormack 1938 novelist The Paradise Motel, First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women
Edward McCourt 1907 1972 novelist, non-fiction Music at the Close
John McCrae 1872 1918 poet "In Flanders' Fields"
Kathleen McCracken 1960 poet Blue Light, Bay and College
Derek McCulloch 1964 graphic novelist, children's literature Stagger Lee
Thomas McCulloch 1776 1843 humourist The Stepsure Letters
Colin McDougall 1917 1984 novelist Execution
Franklin D. McDowell 1888 1965 novelist The Champlain Road
Jaimie McEvoy 1965 historian
David McFadden 1940 2018 poet, novelist, short stories The Art of Darkness, What's the Score?
Donna McFarlane 1958 novelist Division of Surgery
Leslie McFarlane (a/k/a Franklin W. Dixon) 1902 1977 children's literature The Hardy Boys
Sheryl McFarlane 1954 children's literature, young adult fiction Waiting for the Whales, Jessie's Island, Eagle Dreams, This is the Dog
Oonah McFee 1916 2006 novels, short stories Sandbars
Peter McGehee 1955 1991 novels, short stories Boys Like Us, Sweetheart
Robin McGrath 1949 novels, short stories, poetry, non-fiction Escaped Domestics, Donovan's Station, Covenant of Salt
Jean McIlwraith 1858 1938 novelist, biographer
Edgar McInnis 1899 1973 poet, historian The Unguarded Frontier, Oxford Periodical History of the War
James McIntyre 1827 1906 poet
Ami McKay 1968 The Birth House
Don McKay 1942 poet, essayist
Leo McKay, Jr. 1964 novelist, short stories Twenty-Six, Like This
Bruce Alistair McKelvie 1889 1960 journalist, historian Magic, Murder and Mystery
Ian McLachlan novelist, playwright The Seventh Hexagram
Stuart McLean 1948 2017 humorist, short stories Welcome Home, Stories from the Vinyl Cafe
Marshall McLuhan 1911 1980 academic
Susan McMaster 1950
Sylvia McNicoll 1954
Florence McNeil 1932 2013 poet, playwright Overlanders, Barkerville, Emily, Miss P. and Me
Marie McPhedran 1904 1974 novelist Cargoes on the Great Lakes
Christopher Meades 1974 novelist, short stories The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark, The Last Hiccup, For The Love of Mary
John Melady
Lee Mellor 1982 true crime, music critic Cold North Killers: Canadian Serial Murder
Judith Merril 1923 1997 science fiction, editor
Edmund Metatawabin 1948 memoirist Up Ghost River: A Chief’s Journey Through the Turbulent Waters of Native History
John Metcalf 1938
Stéfani Meunier 1971 novelist, short stories Une carte postale de l'océan
Sarah Mian poet, novelist, short stories When the Saints
Shayne Michael poet Fif et sauvage
Anne Michaels 1958 poet, novelist Fugitive Pieces
Sean Michaels 1982 novelist, music critic Us Conductors
Andrée A. Michaud 1957 novelist, playwright Le ravissement, Mirror Lake, Bondrée
Marianne Micros 1943 short stories, poet Eye
Jesse Edgar Middleton 1872 1960 journalist, historian, songwriter Huron Carol, Toronto's 100 Years
Stevie Mikayne mystery novelist, children's literature UnCatholic Conduct, Illicit Artifacts
Roy Miki 1942
Ron Miksha 1954 Bad Beekeeping
Eleanor Millard 1942 novelist, memoirist, short stories River Child, Journeys Outside and In, Summer Snow
John Miller 1968 novelist The Featherbed, A Sharp Intake of Breath
Orlo Miller 1911 1993 historian, novelist
Kenneth G. Mills 1923 2004 poet
Christine Miscione novelist, short stories Auxiliary Skins, Carafola
Christian Mistral 1964 novelist, poet, songwriter Vamp
Rohinton Mistry 1952 novelist Such a Long Journey, A Fine Balance
Jared Mitchell 1955
John Wendell Mitchell 1882 1951 novelist The Yellow Briar
W.O. Mitchell 1914 1998 novelist, short stories Who Has Seen the Wind, Jake and the Kid
Rick Mofina 1959 mystery, thriller Blood of Others
Lucy Maud Montgomery 1874 1942 novelist, children's literature Anne of Green Gables
Susanna Moodie 1803 1885 memoirist Roughing it in the Bush
Brian Moore 1921 1999 Black Robe, The Luck of Ginger Coffey
Christopher G. Moore 1952 novelist, short stories Vincent Calvino Private Eye series
Lisa Moore 1964 short stories, novelist
Jeffrey Moore novelist Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain, The Memory Artists,The Extinction Club
Shani Mootoo 1958 novelist Cereus Blooms at Night
Edythe Morahan de Lauzon poet
Pierre Morency 1942 poet, playwright
Bernice Morgan 1935
Dwayne Morgan 1974
Grace Jones Morgan 1884 1977 pulp
Jeffrey Morgan rock critic, biographer, graphic novelist, poet The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper, The Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story, The Brides of Mister X
Tara Lee Morin poet, memoirist As I Remember It
Guillaume Morissette 1983 novelist
Kim Moritsugu novels Looks Perfect, The Glenwood Treasure
Donna Morrissey 1956
Kim Morrissey
Garry Thomas Morse poet, novelist Discovery Passages, Prairie Harbour
Colin Morton 1948
Marie Moser 1948 novelist, short stories Counterpoint
Daniel David Moses 1952 2020 poet and playwright
Tara Moss 1973 novelist Fetish, Split, Covet, Hit, Siren, The Blood Countess, The Spider Goddess
Erín Moure 1955 poet
Farley Mowat 1921 2014 novelist, naturalist Never Cry Wolf, My Discovery of America
Claire Mulligan novelist, short stories The Reckoning of Boston Jim
Alice Munro 1931 short stories The Progress of Love, Lives of Girls and Women, The Love of a Good Woman
Jim Munroe 1945 science fiction Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask, Everyone in Silico
Robert Munsch 1945 children's literature Angela's Airplane, A Promise is a Promise, Love You Forever, The Paperbag Princess
Janet Munsil playwright Be Still, That Elusive Spark
Sachiko Murakami 1980 poet The Invisibility Exhibit, Rebuild, Get Me Out of Here, Render
George Murray 1971 poet The Hunter, The Rush to Here, Glimpse: Selected Aphorisms
Morgan Murray novelist Dirty Birds
Sheila Murray novelist, short stories Finding Edward
John Murrell 1945 2019 playwright
Susan Musgrave 1951 poet, novelist The Charcoal Burners, Cargo of Orchids
Maria Mutch memoirist, short stories Know the Night: A Memoir of Survival in the Small Hours
Téa Mutonji short stories Shut Up You're Pretty


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Ira Nadel 1943 biography, literary criticism Various Positions: A Life of Leonard Cohen, Leon Uris: Life of a Best Seller, Joyce and the Jews: Culture and the Text, David Mamet: A Life in the Theatre, Tom Stoppard: A Life
Noor Naga novelist If an Egyptian Cannot Speak English
Hasan Namir 1987 novelist God in Pink
Shenaaz Nanji 1954 young adult literature Child of Dandelions
Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk 1931 2007 novelist Sanaaq
Akhtar Naraghi novelist, poet The Big Green House
André Narbonne novelist, poet, short stories Twelve Miles to Midnight, Lucien & Olivia
Angela Narth 1946 children's literature, non-fiction Simon With Two Left Feet
Riel Nason young adult novelist The Town That Drowned
Dimitri Nasrallah 1977 novelist Blackbodying, Hotline
Michael Nathanson playwright Talk
Blaise Ndala novelist J'irai danser sur la tombe de Senghor, Sans capote ni kalachnikov
Jen Neale novelist Land Mammals and Sea Creatures
Émile Nelligan 1879 1941 poet Émile Nelligan et son œuvre
Max Nemni political scientist, biographer Young Trudeau, Trudeau Transformed
Monique Nemni 1936 linguist, biographer Young Trudeau, Trudeau Transformed
Pierre Nepveu 1946 poet, novelist Romans-fleuves, Lignes aériennes, Intérieurs du Nouveau Monde : Essais sur les littératures du Québec et des Amériques
Sylvain Neuvel 1973 science fiction Sleeping Giants
John Newlove 1938 2003 poet Lies, The Night the Dog Smiled
Peter C. Newman 1929 journalist The Canadian Establishment
B. P. Nichol 1944 1988 poet Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer, The Martyrology
Cecily Nicholson poet From the Poplars, Wayside Sang
Hal Niedzviecki 1971 novelist, critic Ditch, We Want Some Too
Susin Nielsen children's and young adult literature The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen
Frederick Niven 1878 1944 novelist The Flying Years
Fraser Nixon crime novelist The Man Who Killed, Straight to the Head
Francine Noël 1945 novelist, playwright La Femme de ma vie
Henri Nouwen 1932 1996 theologian The Wounded Healer, The Inner Voice of Love
Mary Novik 1945 novelist Conceit
Alden Nowlan 1933 1983 poet Bread, Wine and Salt, I’m a Stranger Here Myself


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Keith Oatley 1939 novelist, psychology, scholar The Case of Emily V, Understanding Emotions, Towards a cognitive theory of emotions
Sheldon Oberman 1949 2004 children's literature The Shaman's Nephew
Theodore Odrach 1912 1964 novelist Wave of Terror, The Village Teacher and Other Stories
Rohan O'Grady 1922 2014 novelist Let's Kill Uncle, Pippin's Journal
Howard O'Hagan 1902 1982 novelist, short stories Tay John
Alix Ohlin novelist, short stories Inside, Signs and Wonders
Alexandra Oliver 1970 poet Meeting the Tormentors in Safeway
Tolu Oloruntoba poet The Junta of Happenstance
Bryan Lee O'Malley 1979 graphic novelist Scott Pilgrim
Heather O'Neill 1973 novelist Lullabies for Little Criminals
Michael Ondaatje 1943 novelist, poet The English Patient, In the Skin of a Lion, Anil's Ghost
Christopher Ondaatje 1933 writer, publisher The Prime Ministers of Canada, 1867–1967, The Man-eater of Punanai — a Journey of Discovery to the Jungles of Old Ceylon, Sindh Revisited: A Journey in the Footsteps of Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton
Cheluchi Onyemelukwe-Onuobia novelist The Son of the House
Kenneth Oppel 1967 children's literature Airborn Series, Silverwing saga
Stephen Osborne 1947 journalist Ice & Fire: Dispatches from the New World
Gabriel Osson novelist, poet, memoirist Le jour se lèvera
Martha Ostenso 1900 1963 novelist, screenwriter Wild Geese
Lawrence O'Toole film critic, memoirist Heart's Longing: Newfoundland, New York and the Distance Home
Fernand Ouellette 1930 poet, novelist Lucie ou un midi en novembre, Les Heures
Susan Ouriou 1955 novelist, short stories, translator Damselfish
James Macdonald Oxley 1855 1907 novelist (juvenile)


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Frank L. Packard 1877 1942 Novelist The Adventures of Jimmie Dale
Susan Paddon poet Two Tragedies in 429 Breaths
P. K. Page 1916 2010 poet
Basil Papademos 1957 erotica Mount Royal
Aaron Paquette 1974 young adult literature, fantasy Lightfinder
Jivesh Parasram playwright Take d Milk, Nah?
Arleen Paré 1946 poet, novelist Paper Trails, Leaving Now, Lake of Two Mountains
Erna Paris literary non-fiction Long Shadows: Truth, Lies and History
Fawn Parker novelist, poet, short stories What We Both Know
Gilbert Parker 1862 1932 novelist The Seats of the Mighty, The Lane that Had No Turning
Amy Parkinson 1855 1938 poet Love Through All, Best
Jocelyn Parr fiction Uncertain Weights and Measures
Amanda Parris playwright Other Side of the Game
Markoosie Patsauq 1942 2020 fiction Harpoon of the Hunter
Kevin Patterson 1964 novelist, memoirist Country of Cold, Consumption, The Water in Between
Raymond M. Patterson 1898 1984
Philip Kevin Paul poet Taking the Names Down from the Hill, Little Hunger
Kit Pearson 1947 children's literature, young adult literature Awake and Dreaming, The Sky is Falling
Soraya Peerbaye poet, dramatist Poems for the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names, Tell
Francine Pelletier 1959 science fiction, young adult literature
Fred Pellerin 1976 short stories
Karleen Pendleton Jiménez 1971 children's, memoirist, academic Are You a Boy or a Girl?, How to Get a Girl Pregnant
Louise Penny 1958 mysteries Still Life, A Fatal Grace, The Cruelest Month
H. R. Percy 1920 1997 novelist, short stories Painted Ladies
Susan Perly novelist, short stories Love Street, Death Valley
Amanda Peters novelist, short stories The Berry Pickers, Waiting for the Long Night Moon
Jordan Peterson 1962 applied psychology, philosophy, science, scholar Maps of Meaning, 12 Rules for Life, Between Facets and Domains: 10 Aspects of the Big Five
Len Peterson 1917 2008
Zoey Leigh Peterson novelist Next Year, for Sure
Geneviève Pettersen 1982 novelist, blogger La déesse des mouches à feu
Josephine Phelan 1905 1979 History, biography The Ardent Exile: The Life and Times of Thos. Darcy McGee
Edward O. Phillips 1931 2020 novelist Sunday's Child, Buried on Sunday
Wendy Phillips children's literature Fishtailing
Lorne Pierce 1890 1961 literary critic
Joseph Jomo Pierre playwright Shakespeare's Nigga
Leslie Hall Pinder 1948 2021 fiction On Double Tracks
Sarah Pinder poet Cutting Room, Common Place
William Ping fiction Hollow Bamboo
Joseph Pivato 1946 literary critic, editor Echo: Essays on Other Literature, Contrasts: Comparative Essays on Italian-Canadian Writing.
Michel Pleau 1964 poet La lenteur du monde, La traversée de la nuit
Casey Plett 1987 short stories A Safe Girl to Love
Craig Poile poet First Crack, True Concessions
Daniel Poliquin 1953
Sharon Pollock 1936 2021
Michael Poole 1936 2010 non-fiction Romancing Mary Jane
Helen Fogwill Porter 1930 non-fiction, poet, novelist, playwright Below the Bridge, Finishing School
Michelle Porter novelist, poet, non-fiction Inquiries, A Grandmother Begins the Story
Liza Potvin 1958 non-fiction White Lies (for my mother)
Gabrielle Poulin 1929 2015 novelist, poet La Couronne d'oubli, Le Livre de déraison
Jacques Poulin 1937 novelist Volkswagen Blues
Christine Pountney 1971 novelist Last Chance Texaco
Joël Pourbaix 1958 poet Le mal du pays est un art oublié
B.W. Powe 1955 philosopher A Canada of Light
Kerry Lee Powell poet, short stories The Inheritance, Willem de Kooning's Paintbrush
Craig Francis Power novelist Blood Relatives, The Hope, Skeet Love
Paul David Power playwright Crippled
E. J. Pratt 1883 1964 poet
Steven Price poet, novelist Anatomy of Keys, Into That Darkness
Robert Priest 1951 poet
Alex Pugsley 1963 novels, short stories, screenwriter Dirty Singles, Aubrey McKee
Kate Pullinger 1961 novels, experimental/online fiction The Mistress of Nothing
Al Purdy 1918 2000 poet
Andrew Pyper 1968 novelist Lost Girls, The Trade Mission


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley young adult literature Skraelings, How Things Came to Be
Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley young adult literature Skraelings, How Things Came to Be
Darlene Quaife 1948 novelist Bone Bird
Andy Quan 1969 novelist Calendar Boy, Slant, Six Positions
Paul Quarrington 1953 2010 novelist, screenwriter Whale Music, King Leary
Meredith Quartermain 1950 poet, fiction Vancouver Walking, Recipes from the Red Planet
Marion Quednau 1952 novelist, poet, short stories, children's literature The Butterfly Chair, Sunday Drive to Gun Club Road
Sina Queyras 1963 poet, novelist Lemon Hound, MxT, Autobiography of Childhood
Christine Quintana playwright Selfie
Pascale Quiviger 1969 novelist Le Cercle parfait


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Tom Rachman 1974 novelist The Imperfectionists
Thomas Head Raddall 1903 1994 novelist The Pied Piper of Dipper Creek, At the Tide's Turn and Other Stories
Kenneth Radu 1945 novelist, poet, short stories The Cost of Living, Distant Relations, A Private Performance
Nasrin Rahimieh Persian literature Missing Persians: Discovering Voices in Iranian Cultural Heritage
Danny Ramadan 1984 novelist, short stories Death and Other Fools, Aria, The Clothesline Swing
Menaka Raman-Wilms journalist, novelist The Rooftop Garden
Gurcharan Rampuri 1929 2018
Gord Rand playwright Orgy in the Lighthouse, The Trouble with Mr. Adams
Edeet Ravel 1955 novelist A Wall of Light, Ten Thousand Lovers
Angela Rawlings 1978
Ben Rayner music journalist
Mark A. Rayner
James Reaney 1926 2008 poet, playwright The Red Heart, A Suit of Nettles, Colours in the Dark, Black Donnelly's
Kelly Rebar 1956 playwright, screenwriter Bordertown Café
Duke Redbird 1939 poet, academic, journalist
Corey Redekop novelist, short stories Husk
Michael Redhill 1966 novelist, short stories Martin Sloane, Bellevue Square
Beatrice Redpath 1886 1937 poet, short stories Drawn Shutters, White Lilac
Roberta Rees 1954 novelist, poet, short stories Eyes Like Pigeons, Beneath the Faceless Mountain, Long After Fathers
Iain Reid 1980 novelist, memoirist The Truth About Luck, I'm Thinking of Ending Things
Gayla Reid 1945 novels, short stories To Be There With You
Raziel Reid 1990 young adult novelist When Everything Feels Like the Movies
Stephen Reid 1950 2018 memoirist, novelist Jack Rabbit Parole
Zalika Reid-Benta short stories Frying Plantain
Kati Rekai 1921 2010 The Adventures of Mickey, Taggy, Puppo, and Cica and How They Discover Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Budapest, Vienna, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Greece
Maria Reva short stories Good Citizens Need Not Fear
Shane Rhodes poet The Holding Pattern, The Bindery
François Ricard 1947 2022 biographer, essayist La littérature contre elle-même, Gabrielle Roy, une vie
Nino Ricci 1959 novelist Lives of the Saints
Waubgeshig Rice novelist, short stories Midnight Sweatlodge, Legacy, Moon of the Crusted Snow
David Adams Richards 1950 novelist The Bay of Love and Sorrows, Mercy Among the Children, Nights Below Station Street
Evelyn M. Richardson 1902 1976 novelist Desired Haven
Jael Richardson memoirist, playwright The Stone Thrower
John Richardson 1796 1852 novelist Wacousta
Robin Richardson poet Grunt of the Minotaur, Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis, Sit How You Want
Edward Riche 1961 novelist, screenwriter Rare Birds
Daniel Richler 1957 novelist, journalist Kicking Tomorrow
Emma Richler 1961 novelist, short stories Sister Crazy, Feed My Dear Dogs
Jacob Richler journalist
Mordecai Richler 1931 2001 novelist The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Joshua Then and Now, Barney's Version
Nancy Richler 1957 2018 novelist Your Mouth Is Lovely, The Impostor Bride
Noah Richler journalist This Is My Country, What's Yours?, What We Talk About When We Talk About War
Emily Riddle poet The Big Melt
Tanis Rideout poet, novelist Above All Things
T. F. Rigelhof 1944 novelist, memoirist, literary critic A Blue Boy in a Black Dress
Sharon Riis 1947 2016 novelist, short stories, screenwriter The True Story of Ida Johnson, Savage Messiah
Ringuet (Phillipe Panneton) 1895 1960 novelist Thirty Acres
Charles Ritchie 1906 1995 diarist An Appetite for Life, The Siren Years
Thomas Beattie Roberton 1879 1936 journalist, critic TBR: Newspaper Pieces
Charles G.D. Roberts 1860 1943 poet, novelist The Tantramar Revisited, The Iceberg
Ken Roberts 1946
Paul William Roberts 1950 2019
Bill Robertson screenwriter The Events Leading Up to My Death, Apartment Hunting
Lisa Robertson 1961 poet
Margaret Murray Robertson 1823 1897 novelist
John Daniel Robins 1884 1952 humorist The Incomplete Anglers
Eden Robinson 1968 novelist Monkey Beach, Son of a Trickster
J. Jill Robinson 1955 short stories, creative non-fiction Lovely in Her Bones, Residual Desire
Peter Robinson 1950 mystery
Marc Robitaille novels, sports history, film Histoires d'hiver, Un été sans point ni coup sûr, Il était une fois les Expos
Harriet A. Roche 1835 1921 pioneer, traveler On Trek in the Transvaal
Ajmer Rode poet, playwright, translator
Spider Robinson 1948 science fiction, humorist Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
Grace Dean Rogers 1863 1958 Novelist, historian Stories of the Land of Evangeline
Ian Rogers 1976 supernatural and horror fiction Every House Is Haunted
Linda Rogers 1944
Richard Rohmer 1924
Leon Rooke 1934 novelist Shakespeare's Dog, A Bolt of White Cloth
Patrick Roscoe 1967 novelist, short stories Birthmarks, God's Peculiar Care
Rose Reisman nutritiology writer Manhattan's Dessert Scene: New York City's Top Dessert Spots Reveal Their Secret Recipes
Rachel Rose 1970 poet Song and Spectacle
Simon Rose 1961 science fiction and fantasy novelist The Alchemist's Portrait, Sorcerer's Letterbox, The Clone Conspiracy
Rebecca Rosenblum 1978 short stories Once
Leonard Rosmarin novelist
Sinclair Ross 1908 1996 short stories, novelist As for Me and My House Sawbones Memorial
Stuart Ross 1959 poet, novelist, essayist, short story writer Snowball, Dragonfly, Jew; Hey, Crumbling Balcony! New & Selected Poems
Nancy-Gay Rotstein poet, novelist
Jeffrey Round poet, mysteries The P-Town Murders, Death in Key West, Lake on the Mountain
Andrea Routley short stories Jane and the Whales
André Roy 1944 poet, critic Action writing
Gabrielle Roy 1909 1983 novelist The Tin Flute, Children of My Heart
Holley Rubinsky 1943 2015 novelist, short stories At First I Hope For Rescue, Rapid Transits and Other Stores, Beyond This Point
Jane Rule 1931 2007 novelist Desert of the Heart
Alexei Maxim Russell 1976 novelist Trueman Bradley - Aspie Detective
Harley Rustad 1985 non-fiction author, journalist Big Lonely Doug, Lost in the Valley of Death
Elizabeth Ruth 1968 novelist Smoke
Naben Ruthnum novelist, non-fiction Curry: Reading, Eating and Race, Find You in the Dark
Garry Ryan mysteries, historical fiction The Lucky Elephant Restaurant, Malabarista, Blackbirds
George Ryga 1932 1987 playwright and novelist The Ecstasy of Rita Joe
Geoff Ryman 1951


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Michelle Sagara 1963 fantasy
Donna-Michelle St. Bernard playwright Gas Girls, A Man A Fish
Rodney Saint-Éloi poet Jacques Roche, je t'écris cette lettre, Je suis la fille du baobab brûlé
Kerri Sakamoto 1960 novelist The Electrical Field, One Hundred Million Hearts
Mark Sakamoto 1977 memoirist Forgiveness
Trish Salah poet Wanting in Arabic
Rebecca Salazar poet sulphurtongue
G. Herbert Sallans 1895 1960 novelist Little Man
Rick Salutin 1942 columnist, novelist A Man of Little Faith
Laura G. Salverson 1890 1970 novelist The Dark Weaver
Liselle Sambury fantasy, young adult Blood Like Magic
Shelly Sanders 1964 novelist, journalist The Rachel Trilogy
Susan Sanford Blades novelist Fake It So Real
Robyn Sarah 1949 poet, short stories Promise of Shelter, My Shoes Are Killing Me
Mairuth Sarsfield 1925 2013 novelist No Crystal Stair
Jocelyne Saucier 1948 novelist Il pleuvait des oiseaux
John Ralston Saul 1947 essayist, philosopher The Unconscious Civilization
Gloria Sawai 1932 2011 short stories, novelist A Song for Nettie Johnson
Robert J. Sawyer 1960 science fiction The Neanderthal Parallax, Calculating God, Flashforward, Rollback
Dominique Scali novelist À la recherche de New Babylon
Alan Scarfe 1946 novelist The Revelation of Jack the Ripper, The Vampires of Ciudad Juarez, The Demons of 9/11, The Mask of the Holy Spirit
Jacob Scheier 1980 poet More to Keep Us Warm
Libby Scheier 1946 2000 poet, short stories Kaddish for My Father, Saints & Runners
Diane Schoemperlen 1954 novelist In the Language of Love, Forms of Devotion
Stephen Scobie 1943 poet McAlmon's Chinese Opera
Anakana Schofield 1971 novelist Malarky
Adam Lewis Schroeder novelist, short stories In the Fabled East
Andreas Schroeder 1946
Gregory Scofield 1966 poet The Gathering: Stones for the Medicine Wheel
Chris Scott 1945 novelist Antichthon, Jack
Duncan Campbell Scott 1862 1947 poet In the Village of Viger
Frank Scott 1899 1985 poet
Gail Scott 1945 novelist, essayist My Paris, The Obituary, Biting the Error
Jordan Scott poet Silt, blert, Night & Ox
R.T.M. Scott 1882 1966 novelist Secret Service Smith
Richard Scrimger children's writer, novelist
Jasmine Sealy novelist, short stories The Island of Forgetting
Djanet Sears 1959 playwright The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God
Paul Seesequasis novelist, journalist Tobacco Wars, Blanket Toss Under Midnight Sun
Benjamin Sehene 1959 novelist, essayist, political writer
Sarah Selecky 1974 short stories This Cake Is for the Party
Bev Sellars memoirist They Called Me Number One
Shyam Selvadurai 1965 novelist Funny Boy, Cinnamon Gardens
Bruce Serafin 2007 creative non-fiction Stardust
Robert W. Service 1874 1958 poet The Cremation of Sam McGee, The Shooting of Dan McGrew
Ernest Thompson Seton 1860 1946
Mark Shainblum 1963
Lionel Shapiro 1908 1958 novelist, journalist The Sixth Of June, They Left The Back Door Open
Leanne Shapton 1973 graphic novelist Important Artifacts and Personal Property From the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion and Jewelry
Gaurav Sharma 1992 novelist, author God of the Sullied, Gone are the Days, The Indian Story of an Author
Sarah Sheard 1953
Sheung-King novelist You Are Eating an Orange. You Are Naked.
Murphy O. Shewchuk 1943 writer, photographer Okanagan Trips and Trails, Coquihalla Trips and Trails, Cariboo Trips and Trails
Francis Sherman 1871 1926 poet
Valerie Sherrard 1957 children's and young adult literature The Glory Wind
Carol Shields 1935 2003 novelist, short stories The Stone Diaries, Larry's Party
Erin Shields playwright If We Were Birds
Aki Shimazaki 1954
Ann Shin poet, novelist, filmmaker The Last Exiles
Adam Shortt 1859 1931 historian Canada and its Provinces, (23 vols)
Vivek Shraya 1981 short stories God Loves Hair
Eric Siblin journalist, music writer The Cello Suites: J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the Search for a Baroque Masterpiece
Maggie Siggins 1942 historian, biographies Riel
Antanas Sileika 1953 novels, fiction, essays Buying on Time, Woman in Bronze, Underground, The Barefoot Bingo Caller
Ana Siljak historian Angel of Vengeance: The Girl Assassin, the Governor of St. Petersburg and Russia's Revolutionary World
Makeda Silvera 1955 The Heart Does Not Bend
Louise Simard 1950
Jessie Sime 1868 1958 Novelist Our Little Life
Bren Simmers 1976 poet Night Gears
Merilyn Simonds 1949 creative non-fiction, novelist, short stories, memoirist The Convict Lover, The Valour and the Horror, The Paradise Project
Colin Simpson
Bardia Sinaee poet Intruder
Andy Sinclair novelist, short stories Breathing Lessons
Jaspreet Singh 1969
Mark Sinnett novelist, poet, short stories The Landing, The Border Guards, The Carnivore
George Sipos memoirist, poet The Geography of Arrival, Anything But the Moon
Johanna Skibsrud 1980 novelist, poet The Sentimentalists
Marsha Skrypuch 1954 young adult, children's fiction, narrative non-fiction Making Bombs for Hitler, Stolen Child, Last Airlift: A Vietnamese Orphan's Rescue from War
Josef Skvorecky 1924 2012 novelist, essayist The Engineer of Human Souls
Joshua Slocum 1844 1909
Carolyn Smart 1952 poet Hooked
Elizabeth Smart 1913 1986 By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept
Gwen Smid 1979 fiction, picture books Mary's Atlas: Mary Meets Ontario
Jean Edward Smith 1932 2019
Michael V. Smith novelist Cumberland
Neil Smith 1964 short stories Bang Crunch
Russell Smith 1963 journalist, novelist How Insensitive, Muriella Pent
Carrie Snyder short stories Hair Hat, The Juliet Stories
Mary Soderstrom 1942 novelist, short stories, non-fiction The Walkable City: From Haussmann's Boulevards to Jane Jacobs' Streets and Beyond
Caro Soles mystery, science fiction, fantasy, erotica Drag Queen in the Court of Death
Evan Solomon 1968 journalist, novelist Crossing the Distance
Madeline Sonik 1960
J. Dewey Soper 1893 1982 naturalist
Carolyn Marie Souaid 1959 poet, editor Swimming into the Light, Blood is Blood
Gaétan Soucy 1958 2013 novelist L'Immaculée conception, La petite fille qui aimait trop les allumettes
Raymond Souster 1921 2012 poet
Esta Spalding
Linda Spalding 1943 The Follow,The Purchase
Rae Spoon songwriter, short stories First Spring Grass Fire
Michelle Spring 1947 sociologist, mystery fiction Every Breath You Take, Standing in the Shadows, In the Midnight Hour
Birk Sproxton 1943 2007
Amy Spurway novelist Crow
Eva Stachniak 1952 novelist Necessary Lies, The Winter Garden
Edna Staebler 1906 2006 journalist, Mennonite cooking Food That Really Schmecks cookbook series
Harold Standish 1919 1972 poet, novelist
Ted Staunton 1956 children's literature, picture books Puddleman, Who I'm Not, Harry and Clare’s Amazing Staycation
Robert Stead 1880 1959 novelist, poet Grain
John Steffler 1947 poet, novelist The Afterlife of George Cartwright
Fred Stenson 1951
Alexander Maitland Stephen 1882 1942 poet, novelist The Rosary Of Pan, The Kingdom Of The Sun
Arran Stephens 1944 The Compassionate Diet
Angela Sterritt journalist Unbroken: My Fight for Survival, Hope, and Justice for Indigenous Women and Girls'
Richard Stevenson 1952
Robin Stevenson children's/young adult literature
Shannon Stewart poet, children's literature
Walter Stewart 1941 2004 journalist, editor
Bill Stilwell
Kathy Stinson 1952
John Elizabeth Stintzi poet, novelist Vanishing Monuments, Junebat
Cassie Stocks novelist Dance, Gladys, Dance
Aryeh Lev Stollman 1954 novelist, short stories The Far Euphrates, The Illuminated Soul
Anne Stone Indelible
Arthur G. Storey 1915 novelist Prairie Harvest
Allan Stratton 1951 playwright
Arthur John Arbuthnott Stringer 1874 1950 screenwriter, novelist
Cordelia Strube 1960 novelist, dramatist Alex & Zee, Teaching Pigs to Sing, Lemon
Alan Sullivan 1868 1947 poet, novelist Three Came to Ville Marie
Moez Surani 1979 poet Reticent Bodies
Rajiv Surendra 1989 memoirist The Elephants in My Backyard
Joel A. Sutherland 1980 novelist, short stories Frozen Blood
David Suzuki 1936 scientist, writer, environmental activist, television host The Sacred Balance, Genethics, The Legacy: An Elder's vision for a sustainable future
Mary Swan 1953 novelist, short stories The Boys in the Trees
Susan Swan 1945
Anna Swanson poet The Nights Also
Robert Sward 1933
Margaret Sweatman 1953 novelist Fox, The Players
George Swede 1940
Alastair Sweeny 1946
Michael Ernest Sweet 1979 poetry, essay, nonfiction
Guy Sylvestre 1918 2010 journalist, critic
Olivier Sylvestre 1982 playwright, short stories La beauté du monde, La loi de la gravité, Noms fictifs
Harry L. Symons 1892 1962 novelist, humorist Ojibway Melody
Scott Symons 1933 2009 novelist, journalist Place d'Armes, Civic Square
Shawn Syms 1970 journalist, short stories Nothing Looks Familiar
George Szanto 1940 novels, short stories, criticism, biography, plays Not Working, Friends & Marriages, Theater and Propaganda, Never Sleep with a Suspect on Gabriola Island, Bog Tender
Gillian Sze poet Quiet Night Think
Anne Szumigalski 1922 1999 poet Voice


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Tanya Talaga journalist Seven Fallen Feathers
Kenneth Tam 1984 novelist Defense Command, His Majesty's New World, The Champions, Equation Series
Mariko Tamaki 1975 short fiction, plays, graphic novelist Skim, Fake ID, (You) Set Me on Fire
Darcy Tamayose novelist, short stories Odori, Ezra's Ghosts
Shelley Tanaka 1950 editor, children's non-fiction Amelia Earhart: The Legend of the Lost Aviator, On Board the Titanic
Jordan Tannahill 1988 playwright Bravislovia, rihannaboi95, Late Company
Olivia Tapiero 1990 novelist Les Murs, Rien du tout
Jules-Paul Tardivel 1851 1905
Dennis E. Taylor novelist, short stories Bobiverse Series, Outland, The Singularity Trap
Gladys Taylor 1917 2015 novelist, memoirist, newspaper editor Pine Roots, The King Tree, Alone in the Australian Outback, Alone in the Boardroom
Timothy Taylor 1963 novelist, short stories Stanley Park
Saeed Teebi short stories Her First Palestinian
Ningeokuluk Teevee 1963 children's literature Alego
Wayne Tefs 1947 2014
Richard Teleky 1944 novelist, poet, short stories, non-fiction The Paris Years of Rosie Kamin, Pack Up the Moon
Charles Templeton 1915 2001
John Terpstra 1953 poet
Bill Terry non-fiction, gardening Blue Heaven
Adeline Margaret Tesky 1855 1924 novelist, short stories Where the Sugar Maple Grows
Souvankham Thammavongsa 1978 poet, short stories Small Arguments, Light, How to Pronounce Knife
Yasuko Thanh 1971 novelist, short stories Floating Like the Dead
France Théoret 1942 novelist, poet L'homme qui peignait Staline, Cruauté du jeu
Denis Thériault 1959
Yves Thériault 1915 1983 novelist, short stories Agaguk, Ashini, Aaron, La Fille laide
Sharon Thesen 1946 poet The Good Bacteria
Serge Patrice Thibodeau 1959 poet Le Quatuor de l'errance, La Traversée du désert, Seul on est, Le cycle de Prague
Madeleine Thien 1974 short stories, novelist Simple Recipes, Certainty, Dogs at the Perimeter
Kai Cheng Thom 1991 novelist, poet a place called No Homeland, Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars
Audrey Thomas 1935 novelist Songs My Mother Taught Me, Coming Down from Wa
Colin Thomas 1939 playwright One Thousand Cranes, Two Weeks Twice a Year, Flesh and Blood, Sex Is My Religion
Joan Thomas 1949 novelist Reading by Lightning, Curiosity, The Opening Sky, Five Wives
Kai Thomas novelist In the Upper Country
Clayton Thomas-Müller memoirist Life in the City of Dirty Water
John Thompson 1938 1976
Peggy Thompson 1901 2009 screenwriter The Lotus Eaters, Better Than Chocolate
Jan Thornhill 1955 children's literature, science I Found a Dead Bird, The Wildlife ABC
Elizabeth Thornton 1940 2010
Russell Thornton 1959 poet House Built of Rain, Birds, Metals, Stones and Rain
Kim Thúy 1968 novelist Ru
Matthew Tierney 1970 poet Probably Inevitable
Sara Tilley 1978 novelist, playwright Skin Room, Duke
Miriam Toews 1964 novelist A Complicated Kindness, Irma Voth, All My Puny Sorrows
Morley Torgov 1927
Lola Lemire Tostevin
Gérald Tougas 1933 2019 novelist, short stories La Mauvaise foi, Le deuxième train de la nuit
Paul Toupin 1918 1993 playwright, essayist, memoirist Brutus, Souvenirs pour demain
William Toye 1926 author, editor Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature with Eugene Benson
Matthew J. Trafford short stories The Divinity Gene
Michaël Trahan 1984 poet Nœud coulant, La raison des fleurs
Catharine Parr Traill 1802 1899 memoirist Life in the Backwoods of Canada
Rhea Tregebov 1953 poet Remembering History
Lise Tremblay 1957
Michel Tremblay 1942 playwright Les Belles-soeurs
Sylvain Trudel 1963 novelist
Stuart Trueman 1911 1995 journalist, humorist, historian You're Only as Old as You Act
Brian Tucker novelist Big White Knuckles
Aren X. Tulchinsky 1958 novelist, screenwriter The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky, Love Ruins Everything, In Her Nature
Élise Turcotte 1957
Roxane Turcotte 1952 children's and youth literature writer Bilou et la libraire du tonnerre
Pierre Turgeon 1947 novelist, historian, essayist, scenarist, journalist, publisher The First Person, Sweet Poison, Oberon Press 1983
Chris Turner 1973 non-fiction Planet Simpson, The Geography of Hope
Michael Turner 1962 novelist, songwriter American Whiskey Bar, Hard Core Logo
Arielle Twist poet Disintegrate / Dissociate


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Andrew Unger 1979 novelist, satirist Once Removed, The Daily Bonnet
Marie Uguay 1955 1981 poet Signe et rumeur
Priscila Uppal 1974 2018 poet, novelist The Divine Economy of Salvation
Emily Urquhart 1977 non-fiction Beyond the Pale, Ordinary Wonder Tales, The Age of Creativity
Jane Urquhart 1949 novelist Away, The Stone Carvers
Geoffrey Ursell 1943 2021 novelist, playwright, poet Perdue, or How the West Was Lost, Saskatoon Pie
David UU (David W. Harris) 1948 1994 visual poet Chopped Liver


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
W. D. Valgardson 1939 novelist, poet, short stories The Girl with the Botticelli Face, Bloodflowers: Ten Stories
Pierre Vallières 1938 1998 political essayist Les Nègres blancs d'Amérique
Edo Van Belkom 1962 horror Army of the Dead, Wyrm Wolf
Richard Van Camp 1971 novelist, short stories, children's literature The Lesser Blessed
Guy Vanderhaeghe 1951 novelist, short stories The Englishman's Boy, The Last Crossing
Aritha Van Herk 1954 novelist Judith, No Fixed Address
Kasia Van Schaik novelist We Have Never Lived on Earth
A. E. van Vogt 1912 2000 science fiction Children of Tomorrow, Empire of the Atom
Jean Vanier 1928 2019 theologian Becoming Human
Anuja Varghese short stories Chrysalis
Sugith Varughese 1957 playwright, film and television The Postman, Entitlement, Kumar and Mr. Jones
M. G. Vassanji 1950 novelist The Book of Secrets, The In-Between World of Vikram Lall
Caelum Vatnsdal 1970 film history They Came From Within, You Don’t Know Me, But You Love Me
R. M. Vaughan 1965 2020 novelist, poet A Quilted Heart, Spells
Guillermo Verdecchia 1962 playwright Insomnia, The Noam Chomsky Lectures
Robert Verdun non-fiction, investigative reporting The Fox in Charge of the Biggest Henhouse in Canada
Paul Vermeersch 1973 poet Burn
Katherena Vermette 1977 poet, children's literature North End Love Songs
Gilles Vigneault 1928 poet, storyteller, singer-songwriter Mon pays, La manikoutai, Il en est passé
Margaret Visser 1940 philosopher The Geometry of Love, Beyond Fate
Claude Vivier 1948 1983 composer, poet, librettist Kopernikus, Lonely Child, Trois airs pour un opéra imaginaire
Élisabeth Vonarburg 1947 science fiction Chroniques du pays des mères
Garth Von Buchholz 1968 poet, dramatist, dark fiction, non-fiction Mad Shadows, Land of Milk and Honey, The Songs of Songs, 13 Dark Poems
John Voss 1858 1922 memoirs The Venturesome Voyages of Captain Voss
Peter Vronsky 1956 investigative historian, filmmaker Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters, Female Serial Killers, Sons of Cain: A History of Serial Killers from the Stone Age to the Present, Ridgeway: The Fenian-American Invasion and the 1866 Battle That Made Canada, American Serial Killers: The Epidemic Years, 1950-2000
Caroline Vu 1959 fiction Palawan Story, That Summer in Provincetown, Un été à Provincetown
Prvoslav Vujcic 1960 poet, author Thoughts of a Corpse, Castration of the Wind
Dan Vyleta 1974 novelist, historian Pavel & I, The Quiet Twin


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Marie Wadden non-fiction Where the Pavement Ends, Nitassinan
Tracey Waddleton short stories Send More Tourists...the Last Ones Were Delicious
Mark Sweeten Wade 1858 1929 historian The Cariboo Road, The Overlanders of '62
Richard Wagamese 1955 2017 novelist Indian Horse, Medicine Walk
Colleen Wagner 1949 playwright The Monument
Fred Wah 1939 poet, novelist Diamond Grill, Loki is Buried at Smoky Creek, Waiting for Saskatchewan
David Walker 1911 1992 novelist The Pillar, Digby
Joan Walker novelist Pardon My Parka, Repent at Leisure
Aimee Wall novelist We, Jane
Bronwen Wallace 1945 1989 poet, short stories Signs of the Former Tenant, People You'd Trust Your Life To
Frederick William Wallace 1886 1958 journalist, novelist Wooden Ships and Iron Men
William Stewart Wallace 1884 1970 historian The Macmillan Dictionary of Canadian Biography
Paul A. W. Wallace 1891 1967 historian, anthropologist Indians in Pennsylvania
Tom Walmsley 1948 novelist, dramatist, poet Doctor Tin
Natalie Zina Walschots 1983 novelist, poet Hench
Eric Walters 1957 novelist Safe As Houses, Shattered, Camp X, Run
John Leigh Walters 1933 creative non-fiction A Very Capable Life
Jack Wang short stories We Two Alone
Russell Wangersky novelist, short stories, journalist The Hour of Bad Decisions, Burning Down the House, The Glass Harmonica
Ryan Ward 1990 screenwriter Son of the Sunshine
Sabrina Ward Harrison 1975 spirituality, self-help Spilling Open
Dianne Warren 1950 playwright, novelist, short stories Serpent in the Night Sky, Club Chernobyl, Cool Water
David Watmough 1926 2017 playwright, novelist, short stories Names for the Numbered Years, The Time of Kingfishers
Paul Watson 1950 conservationist, author, activist, poet Earth Force, Earth Force 2, The War that Saved the Whales, Quotations, Songs from the Southern Ocean, Desperate Mythologies: Theology, Ecology and the General Insanity of Humanity, The Haunted Mariner, Dealing with Climate Change and Stress, Orcapedia, Captain Paul Watson: Interview With a Pirate, Urgence! Il Faut Sauver Les Océans, Seal Wars, Ocean Warrior
Sheila Watson 1909 1998 novelist The Double Hook
Alison Watt 1957 creative non-fiction, poet The Last Island
Thomas Waugh 1948 academic, art and film historian Out/Lines: Underground Gay Graphics From Before Stonewall, Lust Unearthed: Vintage Gay Graphics from the DuBek Collection
Alison Wearing 1967 travel Honeymoon in Purdah
Jessica L. Webb mysteries Pathogen, Repercussions
Barry Webster 1961 novels, short stories; magic realism The Sound of All Flesh, The Lava in My Bones
Andrew Wedderburn novelist The Milk Chicken Bomb
John Weier 1949 poet Stand the Sacred Tree
Matthew James Weigel poet Whitemud Walking
Steve Weiner 1947 novelist The Museum of Love
William Weintraub 1926 2017
Helen Weinzweig 1915 2010 novelist, short stories Basic Black with Pearls, A View from the Roof
Merrily Weisbord journalist The Love Queen of Malabar, The Valour and the Horror
Elizabeth Wellburn 1955 children's literature Echoes From the Square
Zachariah Wells 1976 poet, critic Fool's Errand, Unsettled
Martin West novelist, short stories Cretacea and Other Stories from the Badlands, Long Ride Yellow
Andrew Westoll science, travel, non-fiction The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary
Robert Paul Weston 1975 poet, children's literature Zorgamazoo, Dust City
Michael Wex 1954 novelist, playwright, non-fiction The Adventures of Micah Mushmelon, Boy Talmudist
Ron Weyman 1915 2007 television, mystery, memoir Sherlock Holmes and the Mark of the Beast, Sherlock Holmes and the Ultimate Disguise, Sherlock Holmes Travels in the Canadian West
Dawud Wharnsby 1972 poet, songwriter Nasheed Artist
Thomas Wharton 1963 novelist Salamander, Icefields
Sherry White screenwriter Crackie, Down to the Dirt
Joshua Whitehead poet, novelist Full-Metal Indigiqueer, Johnny Appleseed
William Whitehead 1931 2018 documentarian, memoirist Words to Live By
Douglas Whiteway novelist, journalist Father Christmas mysteries, Her Majesty Investigates mysteries, Paul is Dead
Zoe Whittall 1976
Armin Wiebe 1948 novelist, playwright The Salvation of Yasch Siemens, Tatsea
Rudy Wiebe 1934 novelist A Discovery of Strangers, The Temptations of Big Bear, Peace Shall Destroy Many
Audrée Wilhelmy 1985 novelist Oss, Les Sangs
Helen Waldstein Wilkes 1936 creative non-fiction Letters from the Lost
Elyse Willems 1986 children's literature A Night in Halloween House
Fred Williams 1863 1944 journalism, history The Canadian Book of Days
Jeffery Williams 1920 2011 military historian Byng of Vimy, Far from Home
Deborah Willis 1982 fiction writer Vanishing, The Dark and Other Love Stories
Jenny Heijun Wills memoirist Older Sister, Not Necessarily Related
Alan R. Wilson novelist, poet Before the Flood
Anne Elizabeth Wilson 1901 1946 poet, short story writer, non-fiction writer Eager Footsteps
Antoine Wilson 1971 novelist Panorama City, Mouth to Mouth
Douglas Wilson 1950 1992 novelist, poet Labour of Love
Eric Wilson 1940 mysteries Tom Austen Series (9 books), Liz Austen Series (6 books), Tom and Liz Austen Series (5 books)
Ethel Wilson 1888 1980 novelist Swamp Angel, Hetty Dorval, The Window
John Wilson 1951 historical fiction Four Steps to Death, Flames of the Tiger, And in the Morning
Jonathan Wilson playwright My Own Private Oshawa, Kilt
Robert Charles Wilson 1953 science fiction Julian Comstock, A Story of 22nd. America, Darwinia, Axis, Spin
Sheri-D Wilson 1958 poet, playwright The Sweet Taste of Lightning, Boy Wonder
Jia Qing Wilson-Yang 1983 novelist Small Beauty
Carol Windley 1947 novelist, short stories Home Schooling
Rob Winger 1974 poet Muybridge's Horse
Kathleen Winter 1960 novelist, short stories Boys, Annabel
Michael Winter 1965 novelist This All Happened, The Big Why
Kari-Lynn Winters 1969 children's literature, dramatist Jeffrey and Sloth, On My Walk
Wyndham Wise 1947 film critic and historian Take One's Essential Guide to Canadian Film
Adele Wiseman 1928 1992 novelist, poet The Sacrifice, Old Women at Play
Lindsay Wong memoirist The Woo Woo
Alan Woo 1977 children's literature, poet, short stories Maggie's Chopsticks
Jaime Woo non-fiction Meet Grindr
George Woodcock 1912 1995 poet, critic Anarchism, The Crystal Spirit
Susan Wood 1948 1980 critic (Canadian literature, science fiction, children's literature), professor, science fiction fan Energumen; criticism
Marnie Woodrow 1969 novelist Spelling Mississippi
Grahame Woods 1935 novelist, screenwriter Bloody Harvest, War Brides, Glory Enough for All
Lance Woolaver 1948 poet, playwright World Without Shadows, Lord Strange
Eric Wright 1929 2015 mysteries The Night the Gods Smiled, Always Give a Penny to a Blind Man
J. F. C. Wright 1904 1970 journalist, historian Slava Bohu, Saskatchewan: The History of a Province
L. R. Wright 1939 2001 mysteries The Suspect, Strangers Among Us
Richard B. Wright 1937 2017 novelist Clara Callan
Tim Wynne-Jones 1948 novelist, children's literature Some of the Kinder Planets, Mischief City, The Maestro
Tim Wynveen novelist Angel Falls, Sweeter Life, Balloon


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Xiaowen Zeng journalist, short stories


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Joel Yanofsky novelist Jacob's Ladder
Pierre Yergeau 1957 novelist L'écrivain public
Ying Chen 1961 novelist L'ingratitude, Immobile
Jean Yoon 1962 poet, playwright The Yoko Ono Project
Alissa York 1970 novelist, short stories Effigy
Elwy Yost 1925 2011 mysteries White Shadows
Graham Yost 1959 screenwriter Speed
David Young 1946 novelist, playwright Inexpressible Island, Glenn
d'bi young 1977 poet, playwright blood.claat: one womban story
Ian Young 1945 poet, non-fiction, journalist The Gay Muse, The Male Homosexual in Literature
Patricia Young 1954 poet, short stories Ruin & Beauty, More Watery Still, Airstream
Scott Young 1918 2005 biographer, sportswriter, mysteries A Writer's Life, Murder in a Cold Climate
Terence Young 1953 novelist, poet, short stories The Island in Winter, Rhymes with Useless, After Goodlake's
Josée Yvon 1950 1994 poet, playwright Danseuse-mamelouk, Maîtresses-Cherokees


Name Born Died Genre Notable works
Eve Zaremba 1930 mysteries A Reason to Kill, The Butterfly Effect
Robert Zend 1929 1985 poet, fiction, multimedia artist Daymares, Oāb
Xiran Jay Zhao Novelist Iron Widow
David Zieroth 1946 poet How I Joined Humanity at Last, The Fly in Autumn
Larry Zolf 1934 2011 journalist Survival of the Fattest: An Irreverent View of the Senate, Scorpions for Sale
Rachel Zolf 1968 poet Human Resources, Masque
Daniel Zomparelli poet, short stories Davie Street Translations, Everything Is Awful and You're a Terrible Person
Carolyn Zonailo 1947 poet The Taste of Giving: New & Selected Poems
Jan Zwicky 1955 poet, essayist Songs for Relinquishing the Earth

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