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This is a list of Canadians of Asian ancestry. Asian Canadians comprise the largest visible minority in Canada, at 11% of the Canadian population.


List of Asian Canadian demographies according to the 2006 Census[1]

Population of various Asian Canadian groups
Ethnic Origins Population
ChinaTaiwan Chinese Canadians 1,364,215 (including 71,705 from Taiwan)
India Indo-Canadians 1,036,813
Philippines Filipino Canadians 436,190
Vietnam Vietnamese Canadians 180,125
Lebanon Lebanese Canadians 165,150
South Korea Korean Canadians 146,550
Pakistan Pakistani Canadians 124,730
Iran Iranian Canadians 121,510
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Canadians 103,625
Japan Japanese Canadians 98,900
Armenia Armenian Canadians 50,500
Afghanistan Afghan Canadians 48,090
Syria Syrian Canadians 31,375
Iraq Iraqi Canadians 29,955
Cambodia Cambodian Canadians 25,245
Bangladesh Bangladeshi Canadians 24,600
State of Palestine Palestinian Canadians 23,975
Laos Laotian Canadians 20,110
Indonesia Indonesian Canadians 14,320
Malaysia Malaysian Canadians 12,165
Israel Israeli Canadians 10,755
Thailand Thai Canadians 10,015
Jordan Jordanian Canadians 6,905
Myanmar Burmese Canadians 4,590
Mongolia Mongolian Canadians 3,965
Nepal Nepali Canadians 3,780
Saudi Arabia Saudi Canadians 2,735
Yemen Yemeni Canadians 2,300
Singapore Canadians of Singaporean descent 1,390

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