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The name “Capcom” spelled out in yellow, with the letters surrounded by a blue outline.
Capcom’s current logo

Capcom is a Japanese video game development and publishing company formed from a merger on June 11, 1983.[1] In addition to arcade and consumer video games, it also produced a number of pinball games and non-video arcade games. The company is known for several game series which became mega-million franchises, such as Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising, Monster Hunter, Sengoku Basara, and Ace Attorney. The company has developed or published hundreds of titles in several video game franchises on numerous gaming platforms.

Capcom released numerous games in regions outside Japan, such as North America, Southeast Asia and Europe. Often the game names were changed for that region. The titles used in the table are the English titles, unless they were released only in Japan.

List of Capcom games, in alphabetical order:


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