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Former Captains Regent Mirko Tomassoni, Alessandro Rossi, Alessandro Mancini, and Alberto Selva. (from left to right)
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The Captains Regent (Italian: Capitani reggenti) of San Marino are elected every six months by the Grand and General Council—the country's parliament. The duo serve as heads of state and government. Normally the Regents are chosen from opposing parties. They serve a six-month term. The investiture of the Captains Regent takes place on 1 April and 1 October every year, beginning in 1243.

The practice of dual heads of government (diarchy) is derived directly from the customs of the Roman Republic, equivalent to the consuls of ancient Rome.[citation needed]

Since 1900[edit]

Year Semester[1] Captain Regent One Captain Regent Two
1900 April Domenico Fattori Antonio Righi
October Giovanni Bonelli Pietro Ugolini
1901 April Luigi Tonnini Marino Nicolini
October Antonio Bellucci Pasquale Busignani
1902 April Onofrio Fattori Egidio Ceccoli
October Gemino Gozi Giacomo Marcucci
1903 April Federico Gozi Nullo Balducci
October Marino Borbiconi Francesco Marcucci
1904 April Menetto Bonelli Vincenzo Mularoni
October Luigi Tonnini Gustavo Babboni
1905 April Antonio Bellucci Pasquale Busignani
October Onofrio Fattori Piermatteo Carattoni
1906 April Giovanni Belluzzi Pietro Francini
October Alfredo Reffi Giovanni Arzilli
1907 April Ciro Belluzzi Francesco Pasquali
October Giuseppe Angeli Francesco Valli
1908 April Menetto Bonelli Gustavo Babboni
October Olinto Amati Raffaele Michetti
1909 April Luigi Tonnini Domenico Suzzi Valli
October Marino Borbiconi Giacomo Marcucci
1910 April Alfredo Reffi Giovanni Arzilli
October Giovanni Belluzzi Luigi Lonfernini
1911 April Moro Morri Cesare Stacchini
October Onofrio Fattori Angelo Manzoni Borghesi
1912 April Gustavo Babboni Francesco Pasquali
October Menetto Bonelli Vincenzo Marcucci
1913 April Giuseppe Angeli Ignazio Grazia
October Cirro Belluzzi Domenico Suzzi Valli
1914 April Domenico Fattori Ferruccio Martelli
October Olinto Amati Cesare Stacchini
1915 April Moro Morri Antonio Burgagni
October Alfredo Reffi Luigi Lonfernini
1916 April Onofrio Fattori Ciro Francini
October Gustavo Babboni Giovanni Arzilli
1917 April Egisto Morri Vincenzo Marcucci
October Angelo Manzoni Borghesi Giuseppe Balducci
1918 April Ferruccio Martelli Ermenegildo Mularoni
October Protogene Belloni Francesco Morri
1919 April Domenico Vicini Pietro Suzzi Valli
October Moro Morri Francesco Pasquali
1920 April Marino Rossi Ciro Francini
Dec. 5 Carlo Balsimelli Simone Michelotti
1921 April Marino Della Balda Vincenzo Francini
October Egisto Morri Giuseppe Lanci
1922 April Eugenio Reffi Giovanni Arzilli
October Onofrio Fattori Giuseppe Balducci
1923 April Giuliano Gozi Filippo Mularoni
October Marino Borbiconi Mario Michetti
1924 April Angelo Manzoni Borghesi Francesco Mularoni
October Francesco Morri Girolamo Gozi
1925 April Marino Fattori Augusto Mularoni
October Valerio Pasquali Marco Marcucci
1926 April Manlio Gozi Giuseppe Mularoni
October Giuliano Gozi Ruggero Morri
1927 April Gino Gozi Marino Morri
October Marino Rossi Nelson Burgagni
1928 April Domenico Suzzi Valli Francesco Pasquali
October Francesco Morri Melchiorre Filippi
1929 April Girolamo Gozi Filippo Mularoni
October Ezio Balducci Aldo Busignani
1930 April Manlio Gozi Marino Lonfernini (died September 10)
Turiddu Foschi (since September 16)
October Valerio Pasquali Gino Ceccoli
1931 April Angelo Manzoni Borghesi Francesco Mularoni
October Domenico Suzzi Valli Marino Morri
1932 April Giuliano Gozi Pompeo Righi
October Gino Gozi Ruggero Morri
1933 April Francesco Morri Settimio Belluzzi
October Carlo Balsimelli Melchiorre Filippi
1934 April Marino Rossi Giovanni Lonfernini
October Angelo Manzoni Borghesi Marino Michelotti
1935 April Federico Gozi Salvatore Foschi
October Pompeo Righi Marino Morri
1936 April Gino Gozi Ruggero Morri
October Francesco Morri Gino Ceccoli
1937 April Giuliano Gozi Settimio Belluzzi
October Marino Rossi Giovanni Lonfernini
1938 April Manlio Gozi Luigi Mularoni
October Carlo Balsimelli Celio Gozi
1939 April Pompeo Righi Marino Morri
October Marino Michelotti Orlando Reffi
1940 April Angelo Manzoni Borghesi Filippo Mularoni
October Federico Gozi Salvatore Foschi
1941 April Gino Gozi Secondo Menicucci
October Giuliano Gozi Giovanni Lonfernini
1942 April Settimio Belluzzi Celio Gozi
October Carlo Balsimelli Renato Martelli
1943 April Marino Michelotti Bartolomeo Manzoni Borghesi
October Marino Della Balda Sante Lonfernini
1944 April Francesco Balsimelli Sanzio Valentini
October Teodoro Lonfernini Leonida Suzzi Valli
1945 April Alvaro Casali Vittorio Valentini
October Ferruccio Martelli Secondo Fiorini
1946 April Giuseppe Forcellini Vincenzo Pedini
October Filippo Martelli Luigi Montironi
1947 April Marino Della Balda Luigi Zafferani
October Domenico Forcellini Mariano Ceccoli
1948 April Arnaldo Para Giuseppe Renzi
October Giordano Giacomini Domenico Tomassoni
1949 April Ferruccio Martelli Primo Bugli
October Vincenzo Pedini Agostino Biordi
1950 April Giuseppe Forcellini Primo Taddei
October Marino Della Balda Luigi Montironi
1951 April Alvaro Casali Romolo Giacomini
October Domenico Forcellini Giovanni Terenzi
1952 April Domenico Morganti Mariano Ceccoli
October Arnaldo Para Eugenio Bernardini
1953 April Vincenzo Pedini Alberto Reffi
October Giordano Giacomini Giuseppe Renzi
1954 April Giuseppe Forcellini Secondo Fiorini
October Agostino Giacomini Luigi Montironi
1955 April Domenico Forcellini Vittorio Meloni
October Primo Bugli Giuseppe Maiani
1956 April Mario Nanni Enrico Andreoli
October Mariano Ceccoli Eugenio Bernardini
1957 April Giordano Giacomini Primo Marani
Oct. 10 Provisional Government: Federico Bigi, Alvaro Casali, Pietro Giancecchi, Zaccaria Giovanni Savoretti
Oct. 27 Marino Valdes Franciosi Federico Micheloni
1958 April Zaccaria Giovanni Savoretti Stelio Montironi
October Domenico Forcellini Pietro Reffi
1959 April Marino Benedetto Belluzzi Agostino Biordi
October Giuseppe Forcellini Ferruccio Piva
1960 April Alvaro Casali Gino Vannucci
October Eugenio Reffi Pietro Giancecchi
1961 April Federico Micheloni Giancarlo Ghironzi
October Giovanni Vito Marcucci Pio Galassi
1962 April Domenico Forcellini Francesco Valli
October Antonio Maria Morganti Agostino Biordi
1963 April Leonida Suzzi Valli Stelio Montironi
October Giovan Luigi Franciosi Domenico Bollini
1964 April Marino Benedetto Belluzzi Eusebio Reffi
October Giuseppe Micheloni Pier Marino Mularoni
1965 April Ferruccio Piva Federico Carattoni
October Alvaro Casali Pietro Reffi
1966 April Francesco Valli Emilio Della Balda
October Giovanni Vito Marcucci Francesco Maria Francini
1967 April Vittorio Rossini Alberto Lonfernini
October Domenico Forcellini Romano Michelotti
1968 April Marino Benedetto Belluzzi Dante Rossi
October Pietro Giancecchi Aldo Zavoli
1969 April Ferruccio Piva Stelio Montironi
October Alvaro Casali Giancarlo Ghironzi
1970 April Francesco Valli Eusebio Reffi
October Simone Rossini Giuseppe Lonfernini
1971 April Luigi Lonfernini Attilio Montanari
October Federico Carattoni Marino Vagnetti
1972 April Marino Benedetto Belluzzi Giuseppe Micheloni
October Rosolino Martelli Bruno Casali
1973 April Francesco Maria Francini Primo Bugli
October Antonio Lazzaro Volpinari Giovan Luigi Franciosi
1974 April Ferruccio Piva Giordano Bruno Reffi
October Francesco Valli Enrico Andreoli
1975 April Alberto Cecchetti Michele Righi
October Giovanni Vito Marcucci Giuseppe Della Balda
1976 April Clelio Galassi Marino Venturini
October Primo Bugli Virgilio Cardelli
1977 April Alberto Lonfernini Antonio Lazzaro Volpinari
October Giordano Bruno Reffi Tito Masi
1978 April Francesco Valli Enrico Andreoli
October Ermenegildo Gasperoni Adriano Reffi
1979 April Marino Bollini Lino Celli
October Giuseppe Amici Germano De Biagi
1980 April Pietro Chiaruzzi Primo Marani
October Giancarlo Berardi Rossano Zafferani
1981 April Gastone Pasolini Maria Lea Pedini-Angelini
October Mario Rossi Ubaldo Biordi
1982 April Giuseppe Maiani Marino Venturini
October Libero Barulli Maurizio Gobbi
1983 April Adriano Reffi Massimo Roberto Rossini
October Renzo Renzi Germano De Biagi
1984 April Gloriana Ranocchini Giorgio Crescentini
October Marino Bollini Giuseppe Amici
1985 April Enzo Colombini Severiano Tura
October Pier Paolo Gasperoni Ubaldo Biordi
1986 April Marino Venturini Ariosto Maiani
October Giuseppe Arzilli Maurizio Tomassoni
1987 April Renzo Renzi Carlo Franciosi
October Rossano Zafferani Gianfranco Terenzi
1988 April Umberto Barulli Rosolino Martelli
October Luciano Cardelli Reves Salvatori
1989 April Mauro Fiorini Marino Vagnetti
October Gloriana Ranocchini Leo Achilli
1990 April Adalmiro Bartolini Ottaviano Rossi
October Cesare Gasperoni Roberto Bucci
1991 April Domenico Bernardini Claudio Podeschi
October Edda Ceccoli Marino Riccardi
1992 April Germano De Biagi Ernesto Benedettini
October Romeo Morri Marino Zanotti
1993 April Patrizia Busignani Salvatore Tonelli
October Gian Luigi Berti Paride Andreoli
1994 April Alberto Cecchetti Fausto Mularoni
October Renzo Ghiotti Luciano Ciavatta
1995 April Marino Bollini Settimio Lonfernini
October Pier Natalino Mularoni Marino Venturini
1996 April Pier Paolo Gasperoni Pietro Bugli
October Maurizio Rattini Giancarlo Venturini
1997 April Paride Andreoli Pier Marino Mularoni
October Luigi Mazza Marino Zanotti
1998 April Alberto Cecchetti Loris Francini
October Pietro Berti Paolo Bollini
1999 April Antonello Bacciocchi Rosa Zafferani
October Marino Bollini Giuseppe Arzilli
2000 April Maria Domenica Michelotti Gian Marco Marcucci
October Gianfranco Terenzi Enzo Colombini
2001 April Luigi Lonfernini Fabio Berardi
October Alberto Cecchetti Gino Giovagnoli
2002 April Antonio Lazzaro Volpinari Giovanni Francesco Ugolini
October Mauro Chiaruzzi Giuseppe Maria Morganti
2003 April Pier Marino Menicucci Giovanni Giannoni
October Giovanni Lonfernini Valeria Ciavatta
2004 April Paolo Bollini Marino Riccardi
October Giuseppe Arzilli Roberto Raschi
2005 April Fausta Morganti Cesare Gasperoni
October Claudio Muccioli Antonello Bacciocchi
2006 April Gianfranco Terenzi Loris Francini
October Antonio Carattoni Roberto Giorgetti
2007 April Alessandro Mancini Alessandro Rossi
October Mirko Tomassoni Alberto Selva
2008 April Rosa Zafferani Federico Pedini Amati
October Ernesto Benedettini Assunta Meloni
2009 April Oscar Mina Massimo Cenci
October Stefano Palmieri Francesco Mussoni
2010 April Marco Conti Glauco Sansovini
October Giovanni Francesco Ugolini Andrea Zafferani
2011 April Maria Luisa Berti Filippo Tamagnini
October Gabriele Gatti Matteo Fiorini
2012 April Italo Righi Maurizio Rattini
October Teodoro Lonfernini Denise Bronzetti
2013 April Antonella Mularoni Denis Amici
October Gian Carlo Capicchioni Anna Maria Muccioli
2014 April Valeria Ciavatta Luca Beccari
October Gianfranco Terenzi Guerrino Zanotti
2015 April Andrea Belluzzi Roberto Venturini
October Lorella Stefanelli Nicola Renzi
2016 April Massimo Andrea Ugolini Gian Nicola Berti
October Marino Riccardi Fabio Berardi
2017 April Mimma Zavoli Vanessa D'Ambrosio
October Enrico Carattoni Matteo Fiorini
2018 April Stefano Palmieri Matteo Ciacci
October Mirko Tomassoni Luca Santolini
2019 April Nicola Selva Michele Muratori
October Luca Boschi Mariella Mularoni

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  1. ^ The six-month term of the captains regent starts on the first day of the month listed (1 April, 1 October), unless another date is indicated.