List of Captains of Deal Castle

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The castle at the end of the 19th century; at the rear are the captain's quarters, since destroyed

Deal Castle is a defensive artillery fortress in Deal, Kent, England, which was built in 1540 by order of Henry VIII. The successive Captains of Deal Castle originally commanded a garrison based at the fortress, initially from quarters within the keep but later from purpose built quarters in a block between the keep and the outer wall. The accommodation block was demolished and rebuilt in 1802 and demolished a second time in 1943 following enemy action during the Second World War.[1]

From the early 1700s the post of Captain became an honorary position benefitting from the residential accommodation provided by the castle's living quarters. After the wartime demolition the accommodation was provided elsewhere.

List of Captains [2][edit]

Appointed Incumbent Notes
1540 Thomas Wingfield First incumbent
1551 Thomas Boys
1569 John Baker
1572 Peter Hammond
1599 Matthew Bredgate
1611 Erasmus Finch
1611 William Byng
1625 Thomas Pulnetby
1643 William Batten Royalist
1648 Col. Thomas Rainsborough Parliamentarian. Dismissed from office.
1648 Capt. Wyne
1648 Maj. Samuel Kemm
1648 Col. Nathaniel Rich Royalist forced to surrender to Parliamentary forces, August, 1648
1653 Samuel Taverner Parliamentarian appointment
1660 William Byng Returned to office at the Restoration of the Monarchy
1661 Col. Silius Titus
1671 Capt. Francis Digby
1672 Francis Hawley, 1st Baron Hawley
1673 Sir John Berry
1690 Lt. Col. Sir John Granville
1690 Sir Francis Wheler Died in office, 1694
1745 John Norris Died 1749
1777 Francis Godolphin Osborne, Marquis of Carmarthen
1786 George Augustus, 9th Lord North
1802 Robert Smith, 1st Baron Carrington
1838 William Wellesley-Pole, Lord Maryborough
1843 James Andrew Brown Ramsey, Earl of Dalhousie
1847 Richard Charles Francis Meade, Earl of Clanwilliam
1879 John Robert Townshend, Earl Sydney
1890 Farrer Herschell, 1st Baron Herschell
1899 Rt. Hon. Lord George Francis Hamilton
1923 Field Marshal John French, Earl of Ypres
1925 Field Marshal Lord Allenby
1927 Rufus Isaacs, 1st Marquess of Reading
1934 Field Marshal Lord Birdwood
1951 Position vacant
1972 General Sir Norman Tailyour
1980 Maj. Gen. Ian Harrison
2008 Maj. Gen. Garry Robison Henceforth tied to the appointment of the Commandant General Royal Marines[3]


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