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List of Carnegie libraries in Arizona

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List of Carnegie libraries in Arizona is located in Arizona
Arizona Carnegie libraries

The following list of Carnegie libraries in Arizona provides detailed information on United States Carnegie libraries in Arizona, where 4 libraries were built from 4 grants (totaling $64,000) awarded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York from 1899 to 1917.


  Building still operating as a library
  Building standing, but now serving another purpose
  Building listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Carnegie libraries[edit]

Library City or
Image Date
Location Notes
1 Phoenix Phoenix Apr 26, 1902 $25,000 1101 W Washington St.
33°26′51.62″N 112°5′13.19″W / 33.4476722°N 112.0869972°W / 33.4476722; -112.0869972 (Phoenix Carnegie Library)
Closed after serving as the Phoenix Public Library from 1908 to 1953. Now the Carnegie Center, a multi-service center which includes the Arizona State Library.[1]
2 Prescott Prescott Jul 4, 1899 $4,000 125 E Gurley St.
34°32′30.02″N 112°28′3.32″W / 34.5416722°N 112.4675889°W / 34.5416722; -112.4675889 (Prescott Carnegie Library)
Open from November 24, 1903, until 1975. The building is now home to several private businesses.[2]
3 Tucson Tucson Oct 27, 1899 $25,000 200 S 6th Ave.
32°13′9.09″N 110°58′8.96″W / 32.2191917°N 110.9691556°W / 32.2191917; -110.9691556 (Tucson Carnegie Library)
Served as the Tucson Public Library from 1901 to 1991. In 1991, it became the Tucson Children's Museum.[3]
4 Yuma Yuma Sep 14, 1917 $10,000 350 S 3rd Ave.
32°43′14.21″N 114°37′26.63″W / 32.7206139°N 114.6240639°W / 32.7206139; -114.6240639 (Yuma Carnegie Library)
Opened February 24, 1921. Although heavily renovated in the 1950s and again in 2008, the original Carnegie library still stands as a branch library for the Yuma County Library District.[4]


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Note: The above references, while all authoritative, are not entirely mutually consistent. Some details of this list may have been drawn from one of the references (usually Jones) without support from the others. Reader discretion is advised.